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Good afternoon. It is my highest delight to present to all of you the 175 candidates
for graduation on their processional march together with their respective parents,
Hibao-an Elementary School’s teaching staff and honored guests. (Mamarcha sila
pakadto sa gym)

(Makaabot na gani ang tanan basaha sa dalum)

Pambansang Awit & Invocation

Dignified guests, my colleagues in the teaching profession, proud parents of our

soon to be confirmed graduating pupils of Hibao-an Elementary School, ladies and
gentlemen welcome to the 63rd Closing Exercises of Hibao-an Elementary School
with the theme: “Sabay-sabay na Hakbang Tungo sa Maunlad na Kinabukasan”

Everybody please rise for the Philippine National Anthem to be conducted

by Mrs. Maria Fe T. Cautivar, Teacher II and please remain standing for the
invocation to be led by Nika Joy C. Serviano, with High Honors.

You may all be seated.

The word graduation simply runs this way …

G – gratitude to your dear parents who work hard to send you to school and are
always there to support you.

R – recognition of your accomplishments throughout these years. You truly

deserve the fruits of your labors.

A – always hold your head up high wherever you may be and be proud of your

D – dedication to your studies that have been instilled on you to let you realize the
importance of education because it is a wealth that can never be stolen.

U – unbelievable childhood behaviors which are sometimes humorous. Our little

angels some other times are also our little rascals. I’m sure that many years from
now you all will remember how naughty you were in your elementary years.
A – another chapter has ended but serves as a new beginning as you continue your
journey for further quality education that will transform you to become responsible
citizens of our country.

T – time to say farewell and till we meet again to your classmates, peers, and
teachers. Thank them for giving memorable colors to your elementary life.

I – in this school, you’ve learned to value your studies, and friendships and your
learnings. Remember your alma mater as your second home.

O – overwhelming joy is now what you feel. Saying, “Yes! I’ve made it!” Indeed
you did. Hats off to you and congratulations for after 6 long years you are now to

N – now it’s high time to end your 6 year elementary and proceed to another
chapter of your education. The road is not easy but because of your foundation
here, we your teachers are confident that you will make it and we are looking
forward that 30 to 40 years from now, you will enter again that same gate bringing
with you the story of your success. Today is one of the most special times of your
lives. Your graduation.

Welcome Address

May you feel the true meaning of this afternoon’s momentous event as Jay Kurt B.
Letran With High Honors of Hibao-an Elementary School’s Class of 2017 will
deliver his welcome address.

(Tapos speech ni Letran)

Well said Mr. Letran. Thank you.

Presentation of Graduates

Let’s now proceed to the presentation of the candidates for graduation. The
graduating pupils will be presented by Mrs. Lilibeth P. Ta-ala, Principal II to Mr.
Arnold R. Tuga, Education Program Supervisor I in English and to Dr. Eva M. De
Juan, District Supervisor. After which, Mr. Arnold R. Tuga will do the
confirmation of our graduates.

(Tapos confirm ni Sir Tuga)

Congratulations Batch 2017 of Hibao-an Elementary School! Friends, let’s

clap our hands one more time to our graduates and their parents.
Introduction of Guest Speaker

It is our tradition to invite one of our successful alumni as our guest speaker whose
speech has the power to give educational experience and serve as our graduates’
Mr. Rogelio S. Cautivar, Master Teacher I, will do the honor to introduce our
prestigious guest speaker.

(Pagkatapos hambal sang speaker)
Thank you Mrs. Ma. Lorna A. Desamero for such a very inspiring and wonderful

May I request Mrs. Desamero to be at the center stage. And may I also
request our principal , Mrs. Lilibeth P. Ta-ala , Mr. Arnold R. Tuga, Dr. Eva M. De
Juan, PTCA President Luzviminda J. Flores, Punong Barangay Romeo P. Bilbao
and Punong Barangay Rodlen Gallenero to assist in awarding this certificate of
recognition to our guest speaker in which the content reads ……. (Basaha ang

My dear friends, another round of applause to our 63rd Closing Exercises

guest speaker, Mrs. Lorna A. Desamero. Thank you.

Conferment of Honors
At this point, we now will proceed to the conferment of honors to our
honor pupils.
These pupils are at the top of their class. They strove hard to reach
the rank they are in now. It is just fitting to validate what they have
achieved. May I request our Education Program Supervisor I in English,
Mr. Arnold R. Tuga to do the conferment of honors.
Awarding of Medals

Awards are given to our deserving pupils for this is one way to
recognize their excellence. All the years of studying hard, burning the
midnight oil and serving as role models to their peers and schoolmates,
while giving fame and honor to the name of our school. Therefore, let us
begin the awarding of medals and certificates to our honor pupils with
their parents. The awarding of medals will be assisted by Mr. Arnold R.
Tuga, our Education Program Supervisor I in English, Dr. Eva M. De
Juan, our District Supervisor, Mrs. Lilibeth P. Ta-ala, Principal II of
Hibao-an Elementary School, Mrs. Ma. Lorna A. Desamero, our guest
speaker, PTCA president, Mrs. Luzviminda Flores, Punong Barangay
Hon. Romeo P. Bilbao of Hibao-an Norte and Punong Barangay Hon,
Rodlen Gallenero of Brgy. Hibao-an Sur. May I request the parents of
the honor pupil called to come up the stage to personally award the
medal to your son or daughter.

Let me begin with …… (Read from the souvenir program. Umpisa

ka sa dalom pasaka)

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, it is a great pleasure to present to you our

pupil with the highest academic rank in the entire graduating class of
Hibao-an Elementary School for school year 2016-2017. Let’s us
together give an energetic applause to Tristeza, Joshua Niog, With High
(Pagkatapos sang tanan nga honor pupils)
To Mr. Tristeza and to the entire roster of honor pupils of Hibao-an
Elementary School, congratulations!
Distribution of Diploma

During our closing exercises, diplomas are given to our graduates.

The diplomas attest that our pupils have completed their elementary
education and are now qualified to be in high school. After six years, our
pupils now deserve to receive their diplomas to be given by Mr. Arnold
R. Tuga, Education Program Supervisor I in English. He will be assisted
by Dr. Eva M. De Juan, District Supervisor; Mrs. Lilibeth P. Ta-ala, our
principal; Mrs. Ma. Lorna A. Desamero our guest speaker; our PTCA
President, Mrs. Luzviminda J. Flores; Punong Barangay Hon. Romeo P.
Bilbao of Hibao-an Norte; Hon. Rodlen G. Gallenero of Hibao-an Sur.
The names of our graduates will be called on by their respective
advisers: Mr. Rogelio S. Cautivar, Mrs. Elsa S. Salaveria, Mrs.
Maryknoll L. Arguelles and yours truly.
(Pagkatapos hatag sang tanan nga diploma)
My dear pupils the persons that will truly be glad that now you are
declared graduates, are no other than your proud parents who from the
very beginning strove hard to send you to school.
At this moment, the diploma that you are holding is a proof that their
hardships, love and care for you have been paid off. It is then proper that
you will present your diploma to your parents saying, “Mama, Papa,
Nanay, Tatay, Tita or Tito, Tuod-tuod na gid ni ya, Graduate na ako!”
and seal it with a loving kiss and a bear hug to your parents.

Message of DepEd Secretary
Mr. Arnold R. Tuga, Education Program Supervisor I in English will
read the message of our DepEd Secretary, Leonor M. Briones.
Closing Address
At this particular time, the hardest if not the saddest part of this
closing exercises is listening to the farewell address. It’s high time for
Mr. Joshua N. Tristeza with High Honors to deliver his farewell address.
(Pagkatapos speech ni Joshua)
Thank you very much Mr. Tristeza and till we meet again.

Commencement Song
Our graduates will now sing their Commencement Song to be conducted
by Mr. Rogelio S. Cautivar, Master Teacher I

Pledge of Loyalty
Ms. Cherry Mae D. Mantac, With Honors will lead the class 2017
on their pledge of loyalty.

Mrs. Lilibeth P. Ta-ala, Principal II of Hibao-an Elementary School will
convey her closing remarks and will have a few announcements.

We will now end this ceremony with the recessional of our notable
guests, PTA officials, faculty of Hibao-an Elementary School, parents
and graduates.