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IELTS FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES: A SHORT INTENSIVE COURSE Malcolm Mann & Steve Taylore-Knowles Ltt 4 @ stun: nt Hill IELTS FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES: A SHORT INTENSIVE COURSE Malcolm Mann & Steve Taylore-Knowles STUDENT'S BOOK CONTENTS Introduction wv Overview of the IELTS Exo vi Placement Test and Results Guidance sentence completion mutiple choice 1 The Arts 1a BamPractce: Exam Practice: multiple choice / sentence completion/ sentence completion summary completion (socal needs dialogue) multiple choice short-answer questions 28 Exam Practice: Exam Practice: short-answer a ties rrubiplechoice/ questions/ multiple choice sentence completion (Socal needs; monologue) choosing headings matching 3 unites 32 BamPacti Exam Practice: choosing headings/ ‘matching short-ansiver questions multiple choice {educational context; dialogue) ‘multiple choice (multiple answers) notes/table completion, ene 43 BramPractice: Exam Pract ‘ Envionmn multiple cho (multiple answers) table completion / matching (choosing headings (educational context; monolegue) inotes/summary completion sentence/summary completion Exam Practice: Exam Practice: 5 Sciences 58 notes completion / summary ‘sentence completion /surmary ‘completion / multiple choice completion short-answer questions (mukipie answers) {educational context: dialogue) Information in toxt/ writer's views _diagramy/flow chart completion i 6s Bam Practice: Exam Practice: diagram completon / 8 The Media Information in text / summary sentence completion completion (edvcational context monolegue) diagram/Pow chart completion _cassifcaton ia 78 Exam Practice: Exam Practice: z mSUASe? flow chart completion / classification / flow chart completion information in txt (educational context dialogue) ‘multiple choice (multiple answers) classification and matching 7 Exam Pract 8 Histories 88 Exam Practice: multiple choice ‘matching /flowchartcompletion (multiple answers) / classification (educational context; monologue) Grammar Reference 98 Speaking Reference 108 Writing Guide and Writing Planners 12