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It’s Time for a Change!

By: Abigail Akers, Sage Lorson, Gianna Goodman

New things keep happening to Rommelt. This year there were

lots of changes made. We have a new principal, a new assistant
principal, and a new school counselor. Breakfast, lunch, and specials
have also changed.

To begin with, our new principal’s name is Dr. Loomis. In high

school, she played softball and basketball, but basketball was her
favorite. She went to college at Penn State University and majored in
Secondary English/Communications Education. Then she went to
Wilkes University for her master's degree in Educational Strategies and
Development. Finally, she went to Immaculata University for her
Doctorate in Educational Leadership, which also allowed her to
become a principal. She says her job is exciting because it adds new
challenges. She’s always been a high school teacher or assistant
principal, so for her, moving to elementary school allows her to grow
and learn in many ways. The students are also more excited at the
elementary level. Before she became a principal at Central and
Rommelt, she was an assistant principal and a teacher at the high
school! A long time before that, she worked as a waitress at Perkins, a
cashier at Weis and McDonalds, and even at the Frito Lay factory
packaging chips. She’s fond of being a principal. She said, “It can be
hectic, but at the end of the day, I enjoy the challenge of the job.” She
dislikes not having enough time to really get to know students like she
could as a teacher. She sees students but does not always have the
opportunity to talk with them.

Dr. Loomis has three children, Kaylyn, Jerrin, and Kathleen.

Kaylyn, her oldest daughter, is 17 years old and a senior in high school.
Jerrin is 12 years old and in 7th grade. Kathleen, her youngest daughter,
is 10 years old and in 5th grade. All her children attend Jersey Shore
schools. Her dog is a pug-like mixed breed named Harley, and her
husband’s name is Jay.
Joining our Rommelt staff as the assistant principal is Mr. Hill.
He has two children, one daughter and one son. His daughter is a
doctor in Seattle, and his son is a senior in college at Penn State
University. Mr. Hill attended high school at South Williamsport playing
football, basketball, and baseball. After he graduated high school, he
attended Lycoming College. In college, he majored in Criminal Justice
and received an Elementary Education certificate. He says being a vice
principal can be a challenge and different, but it’s nice to have a
variety. His favorite part of his job is interacting and seeing the 800
kids every day. He also said that he enjoys his job, but once he gets a
routine down, it’ll be easier. The activities he does out of school are
walking, working out, and just being active!

We also have a new school counselor, Mr. Watters. When he was

younger, he played baseball and football. He went to college at Penn
State University to study psychology. Then he went to the University
of Scranton for his master's degree in school counseling. He picked
the job of a counselor because he always wanted to be able to help
people. He realized he wanted to be a counselor when he was sitting
in school, talking about them. He said, “I didn’t have the best
counselors, so I wanted to fix that.” His favorite part of his job is
seeing the kids every day and being able to talk and interact with them.
Kids can confide in him anytime they need someone to talk to. Out of
school, he likes to go to the gym. He also loves sports, and he is a life
guard at the YMCA. He tries to see his friends and family a lot too.

Another change at Rommelt is that kids now go straight up to

their classroom for breakfast, instead of going to the cafeteria. Some
of the teachers, such as Mrs. Flerlage and Mrs. Cruz, think that the
breakfast choices are very unhealthy. A few of the choices are: mini
confetti pancakes, mini waffles filled with syrup, goodie rings, and Trix
Yogurt with cinnamon belly bears. Mrs. Flerlage doesn’t mind that kids
go straight upstairs because they’re still calm in the mornings. She
thinks that breakfast works because more kids are getting it. Mrs.
Cruz thinks they’re not eating healthy and there are some spills. A few
of the positive points are that if kids don’t have the opportunity to eat
at home, they can eat here, and the kids are learning to use manners
as they’re eating.

The specials classes are also different, in the sense that you do
not have specials with your homeroom anymore. The kids in your
specials are randomly selected in the beginning of the year. They are
separated into color groups (white, black, silver, and royal). According
to Gage Hills, one of the problems is not everything gets done. If all
the kids (with the exception of one) act correctly, the group gets a
south ticket. Ethan DeSeau doesn’t think this is a good idea because
they’re going to act good for the reward but then misbehave after. A
few students such as, Olivia Harvey and Mia McNaul, also have the
same opinion on the topic. Many students agree that it is nice to have
specials with different people because they get to see many of their
friends that aren’t in their homeroom or any of their classes.

In addition to these changes, kids are now eating lunch as a

whole grade. Ms. Amanda, the school lunch lady, doesn’t mind having
the whole grade eating lunch together, but it can get a little loud. It
helps the day go by faster. She also thinks lunch can get chaotic
because everybody gets excited to see each other. Ms. Amanda does
not want to go back to having the grade be split into groups because
there is too much down time in between. She does think there should
be one or two more cafeteria monitors because there are too many
kids for only two people to watch.

Lacey Kriebel does not like eating lunch with the whole grade
because there are not enough seats at all the tables, so some people
get left out. Max Wilton agrees because it can get too loud. Callie
Anderson, Maddison Akus, and Gage Hills like to eat with the whole
grade, most of the time. Maddison likes to eat with everybody because
you get to sit and see your friends that aren’t in your homeroom. Callie
likes it for the same reason as Maddison. Maddison and Gage think
that when the kids that don’t behave well get mixed together, it causes
problems. Callie thinks that people get annoying and they leave messes.
She also believes that the three south tickets for a free snack is a good
deal because you can get extras. Lacey thinks that the prices should
be different. She said, “They’re too expensive. It’s outrageous! You’re
paying a dollar for about 12 chips!”

These changes are good for Rommelt. If you think it’s time for
a change at your school, go suggest some to your principal. Hope you
enjoyed learning about the changes to our school!