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Scallop Seasons Challenge Memory Life List Saltwater Fishing Days
Page 5 Page 8 Page 22 Sept. 1 & Nov. 24
Applies to Florida State Waters of the Gulf and Atlantic | Issued: July 1, 2018 se ally
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Please visit MyFWC.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Recreational for the most current regulations C’ cen ene sec alw our he
FW li r y t
1. Class based on light duty pickups. 2. When properly equipped. 3. Available feature. Ram and RamBox are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.
F ISHIN G R EG UL AT I O NS Contact us
Go to MyFWC.com for up-to-date infor-
mation on recreational saltwater fishing

regulations, news and events as well as
resources, publications and videos.
Visit the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife
Research Institute online at
For federal fishing regulations,
please contact:
■■ Gulf of Mexico Fishery
Management Council
■■ South Atlantic Fishery
Management Council
■■ National Marine Fisheries Service
(NOAA Fisheries)
For additional information
please contact:
Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission
Division of Marine Fisheries Management
2018 FWC Commission Fishing in the Bahamas........................... 17 2590 Executive Center Circle East
Meeting Dates and Locations................... 2 Berkeley Building
Recreational Gear................................... 18 Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Marine Fisheries Comments...................... 2 850-487-0554
Spearing................................................. 19
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis-
Commissioners' Message..............................4 sion does not allow discrimination on the basis of race,
Angler Recognition Programs............. 20-21
color, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability. If
2018 Regional Bay Scallop Season........... 5 you believe you have been discriminated against in any
Saltwater Angler Recognition program, activity or facility of this agency which receives
Know Your Management Zones.............. 6-7 Life List ................................................. 22 Federal financial assistance, you should contact/write to:
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission,
2018 Lionfish Challenge........................... 8 FWC Offices............................................ 23
Office of Human Resources, 620 South Meridian Street,
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600; Telephone 850-488-6411
Basic Regulations: FWC Division of Law Enforcement........... 23
or contact/write to: Civil Rights Accessibility Coordinator
Reef Fish and Pelagics..................... 10-11 Licenses and Permits.............................. 24 for Public Access, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife
and Sport Fish Restoration Program, 5275 Leesburg
Coastal Species.................................... 12 Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041; Telephone 703-358-2349
or 703-358-2131.
Crustaceans and Mollusks..................... 13
Sharks and Prohibited Species............... 13 Wildlife alert
Unregulated Species............................. 15
reward program
Report fish and wildlife law violations
Marine Life Regulations.......................... 14 by calling toll-free 1-888-404-FWCC
(3922); on cell phones, dial *FWC or
Florida Youth Conservation
#FWC depending on service carrier; or
Centers Network..................................... 15
click MyFWC.com/Contact.
New Artificial Reefs................................ 16

On the cover
Devin Sanderson with a permit caught
off Egmont Key, FL and added to his
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This publication is provided as a guide to Florida fishing laws and regulations. The Florida Admin-
istrative Code is the final authority on fishing laws. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission (FWC) strives to ensure information in this booklet is accurate, but assumes no
liability for any errors that occur in this publication. Contact the FWC if you have any questions
on issues not covered in this booklet. A continuously updated electronic version of this publication
is available at MyFWC.com/Fishing by clicking on "Saltwater" and "Recreational Regulations."

How your license fee helps

The money collected from saltwater fishing licenses is used to improve and restore
fish habitat and for marine fisheries research, law enforcement and public education
Williamstown, MA  |  Birmingham, AL
on marine resources. An additional $.50 fee will be charged for any license or permit
not purchased directly from the county tax collector. Obtain immediate license
privileges, 24 hours a day, at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com or by calling toll-free 888-FISH-

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2018 Commission meeting dates and locations This high-quality guide is offered to you by
Subject to change due to availability of appropriate facilities to hold the meeting. the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission's Division of Marine Fisheries
■■ September 26–27, 2018 - Tallahassee through its unique partnership with
■■ December 12–13, 2018 - St. Augustine J.F. Griffin Publishing, LLC.
For more information about Commission meeting dates, times, locations and agendas, visit The revenue generated through ad sales
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Share your marine fisheries comments 413.884.1001 or at www.JFGriffin.com
on new saltwater commenting webpage!
Graphic Design:
Jon Gulley, Dane Fay, John Corey,
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Division of Marine
Evelyn Haddad, Chris Sobolowski
Fisheries Management wants to hear from you. In an effort to keep stakeholders
informed and to gather public input on upcoming issues, a new webpage has been J.F. Griffin Publishing, LLC is proud to print the
created: MyFWC.com/SaltwaterComments. official Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations
summary on post-consumer recycled paper.
Keep track of items expected to be discussed by the Commission in future
meetings and provide your thoughts on fishery management in state waters
(shore to 3 nautical miles in the Atlantic and shore to 9 nautical miles in the
Gulf) by visiting the new webpage.
To comment, fill out the form at
the bottom of the commenting
page. Comments can also be
emailed to Marine@MyFWC.
com or submitted over the
phone at 850-487-0554.

Have a question instead

This guide is also
of a comment? available online at
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2 July 1, 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Ca st
Re e l
Jus t G e t

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New strategies and strong Saltwater Fishing Clinics

partnerships keys to future of fishing
Saltwater Fishing Clinics:
Florida is world famous for its diverse natural resources, offering • Kids’ Fishing Clinics
residents and visitors opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such
as fishing, boating, hunting and shooting sports. Public participation • Women’s Fishing Clinics
in these activities supports conservation by providing funds as well • Adult Fishing Clinics
as encouraging stewardship and civic engagement.
When you purchase a fishing or hunting license, sport fishing equip- Saltwater Fishing Clinics will
be held statewide throughout
ment, pleasure boats, motorboat fuel, firearms, ammunition and archery
2018. For more information,
equipment, you are supporting conservation and the future of fishing.
including dates and locations,
To help encourage this support, Florida is participating in a national
contact the FWC Division of
effort to recruit new anglers, retain current participants, and reactivate Marine Fisheries Management
those who have dropped out of the sport. The FWC’s R3 Fisheries Action at 850-487-0554.
Plan will guide the agency’s outreach, education and marketing efforts,
as well as evaluate its current programs and initiatives.
You can contribute to Florida’s R3 efforts by becoming an ambassador
for fishing. Invite a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or family member who
does not fish to accompany you on your next fishing trip. Share with
family and friends how revenue from fishing licenses and equipment
purchases help fund wildlife and habitat management and promote conservation, ethics and stewardship.
Another way you can help with Florida’s R3 efforts is by volunteering for the FWC’s Kids Fishing Clinics or High School Fishing Program. (To
volunteer, visit MyFWC.com and click on “Get Involved.”) You can also check out one of our many programs funded by license sales, including our
Women and Adult Saltwater Fishing Clinics and our Catch a Florida Memory - Angler Recognition Program (learn more on page 21 & 22). Share
your knowledge and skill with the next generation! We hope you’ll join us and our partners to help secure the future for fishing and conservation.


Once you fish the turquoise Gulf Coast waters

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2 01 8 R E G I O N A L B AY S C A L L O P S E A S O N S

Scallop Feedback
These seasons are only for 2018.
We would love to have your
Please comment at

Know Your Blue Crab Trap Closures

Management The blue crab trap closure map identifies the regions and
time-frames where recreational traps must be removed from

the water or tied to private property. Crabbing can continue
during a trap closure period with other legal gear or with traps
that are attached to private property.
For more information on trap closures please visit:
For most species, Florida's recreational bag
limits apply to all state waters off Florida, which
extend out to 3 nautical miles on the Atlantic
and out to 9 nautical miles on the Gulf. The
following maps provide information regarding
three species that have specific management
zones where bag limits or rules vary by region.
Great barracuda (map not included) also has a
new bag limit of two fish per person and six per
vessel that applies within all state and federal
waters off Collier, Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward,
Palm Beach and Martin counties. Barracuda
is not specifically regulated in other areas.

Red Drum Spotted Seatrout

Management Zones Management Zones
For red drum, there are three management zones. The Spotted seatrout has four management zones and the
daily bag limit is one fish in the northwest and south zones recreational bag limit is six fish in the northeast region,
and two fish in the northeast zone. five fish in the northwest region, and four fish in the
southeast and southwest zones.
Catch-and-release only from Gordon Pass in Collier to the
Pasco – Hernando county line through May 10, 2019.

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Closed Sundays

Sharpen your spears,

the 2018 Lionfish
Challenge is here
Divers: Get ready for another exciting year of additional prizes! Items include customized
lionfish hunting. After two years and nearly harvesting gear, beach towels, Engel tum-
43,000 lionfish removed as part of the previ- blers, TurtleSkin puncture proof gloves, reus-
ous years incentive programs, the 2018 Lionfish able heat packs for lionfish stings and more.
Challenge is sure to follow suit. The program Thanks to our generous sponsors,
kicked off on Lionfish Removal and Awareness participants who harvest and submit an
Day, May 19 and will continue through Labor FWC-tagged lionfish are eligible to win
Day (Sept. 3). Adding to the excitement, this a cash prize up to $5,000. FWC-tagged
year’s Challenge includes a new tagged-lionfish lionfish may be found on 50 randomly
component, encouraging divers to harvest more selected artificial reefs on the Atlantic and
lionfish while in search of FWC-tagged lionfish Gulf coasts of Florida in water depths of
that are worth up to $5,000 in cash. 80-120 ft. Visit ReefRangers.com or the
Lionfish are a nonnative species that have FWC Artificial Reefs webpage for a list of
become well established throughout the Gulf potential reef locations. Be sure to keep
of Mexico, Western Atlantic, and Caribbean an eye out for these valuable tagged fish
Sea. First seen off the coast of Florida in the during your summer harvesting efforts!
mid-1980s, these voracious predators have been The recreational harvester who submits
coined the worst marine invasion to date. Their the most lionfish will be crowned the Lionfish
high reproductive output, 18 venomous spines, King/Queen and the commercial harvester
and gluttony make them a threat to native spe- who submits the most lionfish
cies and ecosystems. by weight will be named the
To participate in the 2018 Lionfish Challenge Commercial Champion. Both
and the tagged-lionfish component, divers must winners will be rewarded and
register at MyFWC.com/Lionfish. Participants recognized for their outstand-
will compete in either the recreational or com- ing removal efforts. Additional
mercial category (note: active Saltwater Prod- rewards and recognition will
ucts License holders with commercial lionfish be given to the second and
sales within the last year can only compete in third place position in each
the commercial category). harvesting category.
Participants in the recreational category that Get recognized for your
submit 25 lionfish (25 lbs. for commercial) will lionfish removal efforts and
receive a 2018 Lionfish Challenge t-shirt, com- compete for the crown in
memorative coin and the opportunity to harvest the 2018 Lionfish Challenge.
an additional spiny lobster per day during the two- Learn more at MyFWC.
day sport season. Submit more lionfish and earn com/Lionfish.

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Florida Recreational Issued: July 2018
New regulations are highlighted in red
Saltwater Fishing Regulations Regulations apply to state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic
(please visit: MyFWC.com/Fishing/Saltwater/Recreational
for the most current regulations)
All art: © Diane Rome Peebles, except snowy grouper (Duane Raver)
Reef Fish

General Snapper
••Snapper Aggregate Bag
Limit - Within state waters
of the Atlantic and Gulf, Snapper, Cubera  u l Snapper, Red  u l X Snapper,Vermilion u l X Snapper, Lane ul
all species of snapper are Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
included in a 10 fish per ••Atlantic and Gulf - 12" (see remarks) ••Atlantic - 20" ••Atlantic - 12" ••Atlantic and Gulf - 8"
harvester per day aggregate ••Gulf - 16" ••Gulf - 10"
bag limit in any combination Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
of snapper species, unless ••Atlantic and Gulf - 10 per harvester Season: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Atlantic - 10 per harvester
stated otherwise. under 30", included within snapper ••Atlantic - Open year-round ••Atlantic - 5 per harvester not included ••Gulf - 100 pounds per harvester, not
••Seasons – If no seasonal aggregate bag limit ••Gulf – June 11 - July 20, 2018 within snapper aggregate bag limit included within snapper aggregate
information is provided, the ••May additionally harvest up to 2 per ••Gulf - 10 per harvester not included bag limit
harvester or vessel-whichever is less- Daily Recreational Bag Limit: within snapper aggregate bag limit
species is open year-round. ••Atlantic and Gulf - 2 per harvester
over 30", and these 2 fish over 30" are
not included within snapper aggregate ••Gulf - Zero daily bag and possession limit
bag limit for captain and crew on for-hire vessels.

Other Snapper ul

Minimum Size Limits:
••Atlantic and Gulf - 12"
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••Atlantic and Gulf - 10 per harvester
••Includes: Blackfin, Dog, Mahogany, Snapper, Gray Snapper, Snapper, Black
Queen, Silk and Yellowtail (Mangrove)  u l Snapper, Mutton  u l Schoolmaster ul & Wenchman l
Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••Atlantic and Gulf - 10" ••Atlantic and Gulf - 18" ••Atlantic and Gulf - 10" ••Atlantic and Gulf - None
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••Atlantic and Gulf - 5 per harvester ••Atlantic and Gulf - 5 per harvester ••Atlantic and Gulf - 10 per harvester ••Atlantic and Gulf - 10 per harvester
Atlantic Grouper
General Regulations:
••Atlantic grouper regulations
apply to all state waters of the
Atlantic and all state waters Grouper, Warsaw
off Monroe County (Gulf and Grouper, Black  u l X Grouper, Snowy l Grouper, Red  u l X & Speckled Hind l
Atlantic sides). Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limit: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••Atlantic Grouper Aggre- ••Atlantic - 24" ••Atlantic and Gulf - None ••Atlantic and Gulf - 20" ••Atlantic and Gulf - None
gate Bag Limit - all species ••Gulf - 24"
of grouper plus golden Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Season: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
tilefish in the Atlantic Season: ••Atlantic - 1 per harvester ••Atlantic - Closed Jan. 1–April 30 ••Atlantic and Gulf - 1 per vessel per day
are included in a 3 fish ••Atlantic - Closed Jan. 1–April 30 ••Gulf - 4 per harvester ••Gulf - Open year-round of each species
per harvester per day ••Gulf - Open year-round
aggregate bag limit in any Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Atlantic - 3 per harvester
combination of grouper/
••Atlantic - 1 per harvester. Only 1 fish ••Gulf - 2 per Harvester*
golden tilefish species.
can be gag or black
••Seasons – If no seasonal
••Gulf - 4 per harvester*
information is provided, the
species is open year-round.
Gulf Grouper
General Regulations:
••Gulf grouper regulations apply Grouper, Yellowfin
to all state waters of the Gulf Grouper, Scamp  u l Gag Grouper ulX Other Grouper  l & Yellowmouth ul
except off Monroe County Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Other Grouper includes: Minimum Size Limits:
(where Atlantic rules apply). ••Atlantic - 20" ••Atlantic - 24" ••Rock Hind, Red Hind, Coney and ••Atlantic and Gulf - 20"
••Gulf Grouper Aggregate ••Gulf - 16" ••Gulf - 24" Graysby, Misty, and Yellowedge
Bag Limit - all species of Season:
grouper in the Gulf are Season: Season: Minimum Size Limit: ••Atlantic - Closed Jan. 1–April 30
included in a 4 fish per har- ••Atlantic - Closed Jan. 1–April 30 ••Atlantic - Closed: Jan. 1–April 30 ••Atlantic and Gulf - None ••Gulf - Open year-round
vester per day aggregate ••Gulf - Open year-round ••Gulf - State waters off Franklin, Wakulla,
Season: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
bag limit in any combina- Jefferson and Taylor counties: Open April 1
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Atlantic - Closed Jan. 1–April 30 ••Atlantic - 3 per harvester
tion of grouper species. –June 30, & Sept 1–Dec. 31.
••Atlantic - 3 per harvester ••Gulf - Open year-round ••Gulf - 4 per harvester
••Seasons – If no seasonal ••Gulf - State waters off all other
••Gulf - 4 per harvester
information is provided, the counties: Open June 1–Dec. 31 Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
species is open year-round. ••Atlantic - 3 per harvester
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••Gulf - 4 per harvester
* Zero bag limit for captain and crew ••Atlantic - 1 per harvester. Only 1 fish
of for-hire vessels applies to gag, can be gag or black
black, and red grouper only. ••Gulf - 2 per harvester*
All art: © Diane Rome Peebles, except golden tilefish (Duane Raver); lionfish (FWC)
Reef Fish
Other Reef Fish (If no season information is provided, the species is open year-round)

Amberjack, Greater lX Great Barracuda u n Hogfish l Triggerfish (Gray) lX

Minimum Size Limits: Regulations only apply in Collier, Monroe, Miami- Atlantic regulations apply to Monroe county Minimum Size Limits:
••Atlantic - 28" fork length Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. ••Atlantic – 12" fork length
••Gulf - 34" fork length Minimum Size Limits: ••Gulf - 15" fork length
Minimum Size Limits: ••Atlantic - 16" fork length
Season: ••Not less than 15" or more than 36" ••Gulf - 14" fork length Season:
••Atlantic - Open year-round ••Atlantic - Open year-round
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Season:
••Gulf - Open May 1–May 31 and Aug. 1–Oct. 31. ••Gulf - March 1–May 31
••2 per person or 6 per vessel ••Atlantic - Open May 1–Oct. 31 Early Closure: Sept. 28-Dec. 31, 2018
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••May possess one over 36" per vessel. ••Gulf - Open year round
••Atlantic and Gulf - 1 per harvester ••Unregulated in all other areas. Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Atlantic - 10 per harvester
Remarks ••Atlantic - 1 per harvester ••Gulf - 1 per harvester
••Unregulated in all other areas see pg. 15 ••Gulf - 5 per harvester

Amberjack, Lesser &

Red Porgy  u l Tilefish, Golden l Banded Rudderfish  l X Black Sea Bass ul
Minimum Size Limits: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••Atlantic - 14" ••Atlantic - 1 per harvester ••Atlantic and Gulf - Cannot be less than 14" or ••Atlantic - 13"
••Gulf - None ••Gulf - 4 per harvester greater than 22" fork length ••Gulf - 10"
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Remarks Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••Atlantic - 3 per harvester ••Golden tilefish included within Atlantic and Gulf ••Atlantic and Gulf - 5 per person aggregate of the ••Atlantic - 7 per harvester
••Gulf - 100 pounds Grouper aggregate bag limits two species ••Gulf - 100 pounds per harvester


Billfish  H Swordfish H Mackerel, King  Mackerel, Spanish 

Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••Sailfish 63"; ••47" lower jaw fork length with head attached or ••24" fork length ••12" fork length
••Blue Marlin 99"; 25" cleithrum to keel length if head removed
••White Marlin 66"; Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••Roundscale Spearfish 66" Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Atlantic (excluding Monroe) - 2 per harvester ••15 per harvester
••1 per harvester per day, not to exceed a maximum ••Gulf (including Monroe) - 3 per harvester
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: of 4 per recreational (not for-hire) vessel or 15 per
••1 per harvester aggregate bag limit for-hire vessel Remarks
••Bag limit reduced to 1 in some state waters if
Remarks Remarks federal waters are closed to recreational harvest.
••Measured tip of lower jaw to fork. All landed ••All landed fish must be reported to NOAA within
fish must be reported to NOAA within 24 hours 24 hours 800-894-5528. HMS permit required
800-894-5528 or hmspermits.noaa.gov. in federal waters. Zero daily bag and possession
••HMS permit required in federal waters. limit for captain and crew of for-hire vessels.

Wahoo  Cobia (Ling)  Tripletail  HuTn Dolphinfish 

Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••None ••33" fork length ••18" ••Atlantic - 20" fork length
••Gulf - None
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••2 per harvester ••1 per harvester, not to exceed 2 per vessel ••2 per harvester Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••10 per harvester per day, not to exceed 60 per
vessel per day. Vessel limit does not apply to
••Hook and line only. No snatch hooks.
for-hire vessels.

Scan this code with your Buy your license online at Report fish and wildlife
mobile device to view the GoOutdoorsFlorida.com or law violations toll free at:
regulations online. toll free at: 1-888-347-4356 1-888-404-3922
Coastal Species

Bluefish  n Blue Runner n Bonefish H n African l H  T n Sheepshead l  u T n
Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits:
••12" fork length ••No minimum ••0 per harvester ••24" fork length ••12"
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Remarks Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••10 per harvester ••100 fish per harvester ••Catch and release only ••2 per harvester per day, not to exceed ••8 per harvester
••Hook and line only 2 per vessel
••Snatching prohibited
••Vessel limit of 50 fish during March
and April

Snook Spotted
Weakfish  H u (All species)  H u T n Seatrout l H u T n Permit l  H T n Tarpon lHTn
Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Recreational Bag Limit:
••Weakfish Management Area (WMA) in ••Not less than 28" or more than 32" ••Not less than 15" or more than 20" ••22" fork Special Permit Zone (SPZ); ••1 per harvester per year. $50 harvest
Nassau County - 12" Atlantic excluding Monroe (See remarks) Not less than 11" or more than 22" tag required. Vessel limit of one fish.
••All other areas - no minimum ••Not less than 28" or more than 33" fork length all other areas Harvest tag can only be used when fish
Gulf and Monroe County Daily Recreational Bag Limit: is retained for potential IGFA record.
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••5 per harvester per day N.W. Zone Closed Season:
••Catch-and-release only from Gordon
••WMA - 1 per harvester ••4 per harvester per day S.W. Zone ••April 1–July 31 SPZ Only Remarks
Pass in Collier to the Pasco – Hernando
••All other areas - 100 pounds per ••4 per harvester per day S.E. Zone ••Tarpon over 40 inches must remain in
county line through May 10, 2019. Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
harvester ••6 per harvester per day N.E. Zone the water during release. Spearing and
••1 per harvester, not to exceed 2 per
Closed Season: snatch hooking prohibited. Bottom
Remarks Remarks vessel SPZ;
••Atlantic (excluding Monroe) closed weighted jigs prohibited in Boca Grande
••Regulations apply in parts of Nassau ••May possess no more than 1 over 20"; ••2 per harvester all other state waters
Dec. 15–Jan. 31 and June 1–Aug. 31. Pass. See: MyFWC.com/Fishing/
County only. included in the regional bag limit. See
••Gulf including Monroe County, Dec. 1– Remarks Saltwater/Recreational/Tarpon for
••See map at: MyFWC.com/Fishing/ management zone map at MyFWC.com.
end of February, and May 1–Aug. 31. ••May possess 1 over 22" fork length additional information.
outside the SPZ, not to exceed 2 over
Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
22" fork per vessel per day. For map of
••1 per harvester
SPZ, please see: MyFWC.com.
Remarks ••Zero daily bag and possession limit for
••Snook permit required for harvest captain and crew on for-hire vessels
when saltwater license required. See
MyFWC.com for snook permit details.
Snatch hooks and spearing prohibited.
••Zero daily bag and possession limit for
captain and crew on for-hire vessels

Mullet, Striped Pompano, Red Drum

Black Drum  u T n Flounder  u T (Black) & Silver Florida  H T n (Redfish) HuT
Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limits: Size Limits:
••Not less than 14" or more than 24" ••12" ••No minimum size ••11" fork length ••Not less than 18" or more than 27"
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
••5 per harvester ••10 per harvester ••50 aggregate per harvester; ••6 per harvester ••2 per harvester per day in the NE zone,
••Aggregate vessel limits and 1 per harvester in the NW and S
Remarks Remarks Remarks
Feb. 1–Aug. 31: 100 per vessel; zone. See map on p. 6
••May possess one over 24". Snatching ••May be harvested by spearing. ••Hook and line, cast net and beach or
Sept. 1–Jan. 31: 50 per vessel ••Off the water possession limit of 6 fish
prohibited. Snatching prohibited. haul seine ONLY.
••Gigging, spearing, snatching prohibited.
Harvest in Federal waters prohibited.
••Catch-and-release only from Gordon
Pass in Collier to the Pasco – Hernando
county line through May 10, 2019.

H Spearing Prohibited l Additional gear rules apply, please see: MyFWC.com

 Must remain in whole condition (removal of gills and guts allowed). T Harvest prohibited by or with the use of any multiple hook (any hook with two or
u Measured as total length. Total length is the straight line distance from the most more points and a common shaft) in conjunction with live or dead natural bait.
forward part of the head with the mouth closed to the farthest tip of the tail with X 
Gulf reef fish survey required when fishing for selected reef species from a private
the tail compressed or squeezed together while the fish is lying on its side. vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.
n State regulations apply in federal waters.
Crustaceans and Mollusks

Bay Scallops l Spiny Lobster H Crab, Stone Hn Oysters

Season: Minimum Size Limit: Minimum Size Limits: Minimum Size Limit:
Gulf County: Aug. 17-Sept. 26, 2018 ••Carapace must be greater than 3" measured in ••2 ¾" claw ••3"
Franklin-NW Taylor & Levy-Hernando: July 1-Sept. 24 the water
SW Taylor-Dixie: June 16-Sept. 10, 2018 Closed Season: Closed Season:
Seasons: ••May 16–Oct. 14 ••June, July, Aug. in Dixie, Wakulla, Levy counties.
Pasco County: July 20-29
••Sport Season open July 25-26, 2018 ••July, Aug., Sept. in all other areas except Apala-
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••Regular Season opens Aug. 6 through March 31 Daily Recreational Bag Limit: chicola Bay which has open areas year-round.
••2 gallons whole or 1 pint meat per harvester; no ••1 gal. claws per harvester or 2 gal. per vessel,
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: whichever is less Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
more than 10 gallons whole, or ½ gallon meat
••Sport Season: 6 per harvester per day in Monroe ••2 bags per harvester or vessel except Apala-
per vessel anytime Remarks
County and Biscayne National Park, 12 in all chicola Bay
Remarks other harvest areas. ••5 traps maximum. Visit MyFWC.com for statewide
••Harvest allowed only in state waters of the Gulf of ••Regular Season: 6 per harvester in all areas trap construction requirements and specific Remarks
Mexico from the Pinellas - Pasco county line, to requirements that apply in Miami-Dade, Monroe ••Aplachicola Bay: special bag limits and other
Remarks and Collier. Illegal to possess whole crab. Harvest harvest restrictions apply. See MyFWC.com for
the west bank of the Mexico Beach Canal in Bay
••Recreational trapping prohibited. Spiny lobster of egg-bearing crabs prohibited. detailed information.
County. It is illegal to harvest, possess and land
bay scallops on waters outside open harvest area. permit required when license required. Harvest ••Apalachicola Bay has summer & winter seasons/
of egg-bearing females prohibited. areas.
••See pg. 5 for regional map
••Harvest from approved shellfish areas during
daylight hours only.
••Go to FloridaAquaculture.com to determine the
Shrimp  Clams (Hard) l Crab, Blue H Open or Closed status of shellfish harvesting
Closed Season: Minimum Size Limits: Closed Season: ••May not harvest half hour after official sunset
••April & May closed in Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, ••1" thick across hinge ••Regional trap closures apply. See map on page 6 until half hour before official sunrise.
Putnam, Flagler & Clay counties or visit MyFWC.com for 2018 trap closure dates ••1 Bag = 60 lbs. or two 5 gal. buckets (whole
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: and locations. in shell)
Daily Recreational Bag Limit: ••One 5 gal. bucket per harvester or 2 per vessel
••Harvest prohibited in any harvest area that
••5 gallons heads on per harvester or vessel, (whole in shell) Daily Recreational Bag Limit:
is in the Closed status as determined by the
whichever is less ••10 gallons whole per harvester
Remarks Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer
Remarks ••Illegal to harvest from closed areas. Remarks Services.
••Visit: MyFWC.com/Fishing and select "Saltwater", ••Go to www.FloridaAquaculture.com for allowable ••5 traps maximum. Trap requirements apply. ••Bay County: Harvest and possession prohibited
"Regulations" and "Shrimp" for additional regula- harvesting areas. Harvest of egg-bearing crabs prohibited. in West Bay Estuarine Habitat Restoration
tions specific to Dade, Nassau and Duval ••May not harvest half hour after official sunset Project Zone
until half hour before official sunrise.

Daily Recreational Bag Limit: Retainable Sharks with a 54" fork length minimum  H T
••1 per harvester or 2 per vessel per day, whichever is less.
Blue, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, shortfin mako (not illustrated).
••The retainable sharks are managed as a group for bag
limit purposes. In other words, you can only harvest one
shark per day and the shark that you harvest must be
one of the retainable species. Bull Common Thresher
••Hook-and-line gear only.
••See list of prohibited species below.
Nurse Spinner
Retainable Sharks with no minimum size limit  T

Atlantic Sharpnose Blacknose Blacktip

Bonnethead Finetooth Smooth Dogfish

Prohibited Species
It is unlawful to harvest, possess, land, purchase, sell or exchange the following species:
Goliath Grouper (Jewfish), Nassau Grouper, Sawfish, Atlantic Angel Shark, Basking Shark, Bigeye Sand Tiger Shark, Bigeye Sixgill Shark, Bigeye Thresher Shark, Bignose Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark, Caribbean Sharpnose Shark,
Dusky Shark, Galapagos Shark, Lemon Shark, Longfin Mako Shark, Narrowtooth Shark, Night Shark, Silky Shark, Sand Tiger Shark, Sandbar Shark, Sevengill Shark, Sixgill Shark, Smalltail Shark, Spiny Dogfish, Whale Shark,
White Shark, Tiger Shark, Greater, Scalloped and Smooth Hammerhead Shark, Manta Ray, Devil Ray, Spotted Eagle Ray, Longbill Spearfish, Mediterranean Spearfish, Sturgeon, Queen Conch, Calico Scallop, Stony, Hard, Black
and Fire Corals, Sea Fans, Bahama Starfish, and Longspine Urchin. Harvest of live rock in state waters is prohibited. Puffer fish harvest is prohibited in Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties.

FWC – Division of Marine Fisheries Management, 2590 Executive Center Circle East, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Phone: 850-487-0554
This publication is provided as a guide to Florida fishing laws and regulations. The Florida Administrative Code is the final authority on fishing laws. The Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission (FWC) strives to ensure information in this booklet is accurate, but assumes no liability for any errors that occur in this publication.

Marine life regulations Marine Life — Fish

Requirements for marine life (total length unless otherwise noted)
(aquarium species) harvest: No more than 5 per person per day in
Gray, French Angelfish: 1½–8" slot limit
■■ Recreational saltwater fishing license Angelfish
any combination
Blue, Queen Angelfish: 1¾–8" slot limit
Rock Beauty: 2–5" slot limit
■■ Organisms must be landed and kept alive
Butterflyfish 1–4" slot limit
■■ A continuously circulating live well, aeration
Except Unicorn Filefish,
or oxygenation system of adequate size to Filefish/Triggerfish
Gray Triggerfish and Ocean Triggerfish
maintain these organisms in a healthy Maximum size limit: 2"
Hamlets/Seabasses Except reef fish2 and Longtail Bass
■■ Allowable Gear: hand-held net, drop net,
Jawfish Maximum size limit: 4"
rod, barrier net, slurp gun (use of quinaldine
Parrotfish Maximum size limit: 12"
is prohibited)*
Porkfish Minimum size limit: 1½"
■■ Bag Limit: 20 organisms per person per day;
only 5 of any one species allowed within the Burrfish,
Includes Sharpnose Pufferfish, Striped
20-organism bag limit Balloonfish,
Burrfish, Spotted Burrfish, Balloonfish,
■■ Possession Limit: 2-day possession limit, Porcupinefish
40 total organisms, no more than 10 of any Tangs and Surgeonfish Maximum size limit (fork length): 9"
one species allowed Spanish Hogfish: 2–8" slot limit
Wrasse/Hogfish/Razorfish Except Hogfish Snapper
■■ Allowable substrate: see species specifica- Cuban Hogfish: 3–8" slot limit
tions in table Other Marine Life fish include 1: Basslets, Batfish, Blackbar Soldierfish, Blennies, Brotulas (Black and Key),
■■ Closed areas: Some closed areas exist** Cardinalfish, Clingfish, Cornetfish, Damselfish, Eels (Moray and Snake), Frogfish, Hawkfish, High-hat/Jackknife-
■■ Sale of recreationally caught marine life fish/Spotted Drum/Cubbyu, Pipefish, Reef Croakers, Seahorses, Sleepers, Yellow Stingray, Sweepers, Toadfish,
organisms is prohibited Trumpetfish and Trunkfish/Cowfish.
■■ Regulations also apply in federal waters

* Some organisms have additional gear limita- Marine Life — Invertebrates

tions, see chart. SPECIES REMARKS1
Corallimorphs and Zoanthids: No more than 5 polyps of each may be landed per
** Various closed areas exist. See regulations person per day, must be harvested with a flexible blade no wider than 2". Coral-
limorphs must be harvested as single polyps only. Zero bag limit on Giant Anemone
for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctu- (Condylactis gigantea).
ary, Everglades National Park, Biscayne Harvest prohibited
Conch, Queen
National Park and Florida’s State Parks
Corals: Hard ,stony, fire
before collecting in these areas. & black
Harvest prohibited

No more than 6 octocoral colonies per person per day in any combination; harvest
Additional rules apply to the collection of Octocorals
of attached substrate within 1" of base is permitted; harvest closes when quota met.
shells containing live organisms in Lee or Crab, Hermit Except Land Hermit Crabs
Manatee counties. Crab, Horseshoe Harvest prohibited
Live Rock Harvest prohibited
Octopods3 Except Common Octopus
Sea Fans Harvest of Venus Sea Fan and Common (Purple) Sea Fan prohibited
Siphonophores/Hydroids Harvest of Fire Coral prohibited
Except Sheepswool, Yellow, Grass, Glove, Finger, Wire, Reef and Velvet Sponges; no
more than 5 sponges per harvester per day in any combination; harvest of substrate
within 1" of base permitted north and west of the southernmost point of Egmont
Key, no substrate allowed south of Egmont Key
Your Starfish3 Harvest of Bahama Starfish (Cushion Sea Star) prohibited
Event Urchins3 Except Sand Dollars & Sea Biscuits; harvest of Longspine Urchin prohibited
Other Marine Life invertebrates include 1: Brittlestars3, Decorator (Furcate Spider) Crab, False Arrow Crab, Green
Clinging (Emerald) Crab, Nimble Spray (Urchin) Crab, Red Mithrax Crab, Red-Ridged Clinging Crab, Spotted Por-
celain Crab, Yellowline Arrow Crab, Fileclams3, Upside-down Jellyfish, Nudibranchs/Sea Slugs3, Sea Cucumbers3,
A QUICK, LOW COST TOURNAMENT AUTOMATION SOLUTION! Sea Lilies, Cleaner/Peppermint Shrimp, Coral Shrimp, Snapping Shrimp, Nassarius Snails3, Starsnails3, Feather-
duster Worms and Calcareous Tube Worms.
We provide a website for sponsors and
organizations to setup your tournament!
During the event we provide a page where
the weights may be entered for each
participant and a leaderboard to rank the
Marine Life — Plants
fish and determine the winners! SPECIES LIMITS
Mobile friendly • $2 per participant Algae, Coralline Red

fishingtournamentsolutions.com Caulerpa One gallon of tropical ornamental marine plants per day in any
combination; 2 gallon maximum possession limit
Halimeda/Mermaid's Fan/
Mermaid's Shaving Brush
On the Little Manatee River
1–Unless otherwise noted, combined bag limit of 20 marine life fish and invertebrates per person per day,
tampasouthrvresort.com only 5 of any one species allowed. A 2-day possession limit also applies (40 total organisms, only 10 of any
one species).
2900 S US Hwy 41
2–Such as groupers, snappers, seabass and amberjacks. Must abide by regulations for these species on
Ruskin, FL 33570 pages 10–11.
813-645-1202 3–Bag limit of 2 live shells of any single species per harvester per day in Manatee County. Harvest prohibited
in Lee County.

14 July 1, 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

2000 !

Unregulated Species

Can't find you fish in Your donations

the regulations?
Florida’s coastal waters are home to thousands of marine
support youth
species, and the majority of these species have no specific
regulations with regard to bag limits, size limits, gear
restrictions or closed seasons. These species are often
fishing programs
referred to as “unregulated species,” although the name can be
a bit misleading. State law provides that for any marine species It’s never been easier
that does not have specific regulations, harvesting more than
100 pounds or two fish (whichever is the greater amount)
to support youth
constitutes a commercial quantity and requires a commercial fishing programs.
license. This means the recreational harvest limit for any Simply add a
unregulated species is 100 pounds or two organisms if the
combined weight of the two organisms exceeds 100 pounds. donation at checkout
when you buy your
fishing license.

Blackfin Tuna Hardhead Catfish

Jack Crevalle White Grunt Gulf Kingfish

Examples of "unregulated species" include:

Ladyfish, bonito, menhaden, white grunt, southern stingray, gulf kingfish
(whiting), pinfish, Atlantic croaker, jack crevalle, cero mackerel, hardhead Florida Youth Conservation
catfish, gafftopsail catfish and blackfin tuna. Centers Network

New Artificial
Reef Locations
Florida manages one of the most diverse, and most active artificial reef programs in the United
States. As of March 2018, the FWC Artificial Reef Program reports over 3,335 artificial reef
deployment locations state-wide. Between August 2017 and March 2018, 16 new artificial reefs
were constructed, and their location listed in the table below. To download a complete list of
Florida’s artificial reef locations in a variety of digital formats, view on an interactive map and
learn more about Florida’s artificial reef program please visit MyFWC.com/ArtificialReefs.

Artifical Reef Highlights

DeployID County Deployment Name Material Tons Relief Depth Lat (DM) Long (DM)
BA0397 Bay 5/9/17 MB 215 10 Ecosystem Pedestal Modules 15 5 21 29° 55.895' N 85° 28.897' W
BA0404 Bay 5/9/17 MB 217 10 Ecosystem Pedestal Modules 15 5 21 29° 55.480' N 85° 28.597' W
BA0424 Bay 5/2/17 Mexico Beach CDC Reef 2 Ecosystem Pedestal Modules 3 5 20 29° 54.474' N 85° 27.836' W
BA0430 Bay 5/2/17 Billy Gillen Memorial Reef 2 Ecosystem Pedestal Modules 3 5 21 29° 54.137' N 85° 27.333' W
Karl Sinclair Franz Memorial
BA0419 Bay 4/26/17 2 Ecosystem Pedestal Modules 3 5 23 29° 54.466' N 85° 28.463' W
BE0066 Brevard 7/17/17 Bernhardt Pyramids 23 Florida Limestone Modules 69 8 79 28° 21.889' N 80° 17.681' W
BO0116 Broward 8/19/17 Okinawa Reef 107' Steel Tugboat, the "Okinawa" 305 33 70 26° 14.011' N 80° 04.210' W
50 Reef Ball Modules & 109 Tons of Limestone
CH0041 Charlotte 7/27/17 Palm Island Ferry Limestone 192 7 61 26° 49.184' N 82° 31.951' W
CO0119 Collier 6/27/17 Foote Family Reef - Turtle Reef 34 Florida Limestone Modules 102 8 54 26° 01.218' N 82° 06.509' W
ES0207 Escambia 9/18/17 Park West Snorkel Reef 2017 5 Reef Ball Modules 2 3 12 30° 19.672' N 87° 10.874' W
ES0200 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-1 5 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 4 Florida Limestones 30 18 58 30° 18.787' N 87° 07.437' W
ES0201 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-2 5 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 4 Florida Limestones 30 18 58 30° 18.798' N 87° 07.394' W
ES0202 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-3 6 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 5 Florida Limestones 33 18 58 30° 18.806' N 87° 07.342' W
ES0203 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-4 5 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 4 Florida Limestones 30 18 58 30° 18.814' N 87° 07.299' W
ES0204 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-5 5 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 4 Florida Limestones 30 18 58 30° 18.823' N 87° 07.251' W
ES0205 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-6 6 Modules; 1 Super Reef & 5 Florida Limestones 33 18 58 30° 18.754' N 87° 07.383' W
ES0206 Escambia 6/27/17 Casino Beach 2017-7 6 Modules; 2 Super Reefs & 4 Florida Limestones 48 18 58 30° 18.762' N 87° 07.333' W
Orchid Island Artificial Reef
IR0013 Indian River 7/18/17 14 Florida Limestone Modules 42 8 55 27° 50.235' N 80° 21.683' W
LE0122 Lee 7/19/17 2017 East Patch 603 Tons of Concrete Culverts 603 8 45 26° 22.045' N 82° 17.121' W
LE0123 Lee 7/17/17 2017 West Patch 398 Tons of Concrete Culverts 399 10 45 26° 22.043' N 82° 17.464' W
ME0093 Manatee 6/30/17 Borden 1N-1706 969 Tons of Limestone Boulders 969 8 39 27° 24.524' N 82° 47.772' W
ME0094 Manatee 6/30/17 Borden 3S-1706 525 Tons of Limestone Boulders 526 8 40 27° 24.452' N 82° 47.795' W
Key Biscayne Connection -
DA0226 Miami-Dade 7/17/17 305 Tons of Limestone Boulders 305 8 59 25° 41.778' N 80° 05.258' W
Pile C
DA0227 Miami-Dade 6/26/17 Eternal Reef #24 16 Reef Ball Modules 11 4 43 25° 57.738' N 80° 05.865' W
OK0275 Okaloosa 9/7/17 Fish Haven 15 - 2017 Concrete Targets from Eglin Air Force Base 370 11 69 30° 21.891' N 86° 42.375' W
OK0276 Okaloosa 9/5/17 Fish Haven 16 - 2017 Concrete Targets from Eglin Air Force Base 395 10 66 30° 20.891' N 86° 46.875' W
Andrew Harris No Shoes Reef 136 Coral Head Modules & 1,000 Tons of Lime-
PB0101 Palm Beach 8/15/17 1,550 10 57 26° 57.859' N 80° 03.271' W
2017 stone Boulders
PB0100 Palm Beach 5/12/17 Flagler Bridge Material - Site 5 Flagler Bridge Material Deployed Between 6 Sites 8,938 10 70 26° 47.480' N 80° 01.079' W
ST0187 Sarasota 8/4/17 M-8 Fallen Heroes - 2017 50 Modules and 116.5 Tons of Limestone Boulders 199 5 60 27° 12.594' N 82° 48.186' W
ST0190 Sarasota 6/12/17 Silvertooth - 25 14 Modules; 10 Bay Ball & 4 Pallet Ball Modules 6 3 30 27° 17.154' N 82° 35.967' W
65' X 30' X 5' Steel Barge & 1,036 Tons of
SL0056 St. Lucie 5/16/17 Kerry L. Dillon Memorial Reef 1,096 19 57 27° 32.184' N 80° 11.112' W
Secondary-Use Concrete
WL0013 Walton 8/22/17 Fish Reef 95 Ecosystem Reef Modules 128 6 17 30° 16.232' N 86° 00.360' W
WL0011 Walton 8/19/17 Seahorse Reef 78 Ecosystem Reef Modules 105 6 18 30° 21.381' N 86° 16.666' W
WL0012 Walton 8/19/17 Grayton Turtle Reef 5 Ecosystem Reef Modules 7 6 19 30° 19.331' N 86° 09.483' W
WL0010 Walton 8/16/17 Dolphin Reef 77 Ecosystem Reef Modules 104 6 20 30° 22.549' N 86° 23.306' W
32 Modules; 1 Super Reef, 16 Florida Limestones,
WL0023 Walton 7/27/17 Fish Haven 1 Center Patch 124 18 75 30° 19.323' N 86° 17.875' W
& 15 Grouper
30 Modules; 1 Super Reef, 15 Florida Limestones,
WL0024 Walton 7/27/17 Fish Haven 2 Center Patch 118 18 89 30° 16.112' N 86° 13.870' W
& 14 Grouper
30 Modules; 1 Super Reef, 15 Florida Limestones,
WL0014 Walton 7/27/17 Miramar Beach Center Patch 98 18 62 30° 21.874' N 86° 23.356' W
& 14 Grouper
31 Modules; 1 Super Reef, 15 Florida Limestones,
WL0015 Walton 7/27/17 Topsail Bluff Center Patch 101 18 61 30° 21.373' N 86° 19.357' W
& 15 Grouper
32 Modules; 1 Super Reef, 16 Florida Limestones,
WL0016 Walton 7/27/17 Fort Panic Center Patch 124 18 61 30° 20.375' N 86° 15.361' W
& 15 Grouper

16 July 1, 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


New options for

anglers fishing
in the Bahamas
Bringing fish caught in the Bahamas back to Florida by water is now
easier than ever. Anglers may now transport and land filleted dolphin,
wahoo and reef fish that were caught in Bahamian waters. These
regulations apply to fish being transported to Florida by water only
and do not apply to fish being transported or shipped by air.
Some things to keep in mind when bringing recreationally-caught
dolphin, wahoo and reef fish managed as snapper-grouper back from
the Bahamas by sea: »» Bahamian regulations may be different than in U.S. state and
»» Skin must remain on the fillet (to aid in identification by law federal waters. Before you return with your catch, make sure you
enforcement) comply with the more restrictive U.S. or Bahamian recreational
»» Anglers must comply with Atlantic federal bag and vessel limits, bag and possession limits.
as well as seasons »» Species that are prohibited from harvest in the U.S. such as queen
»» Two fillets count as one fish toward the bag limit conch, goliath and Nassau grouper, cannot be transported back
»» Vessels must have valid Bahamian cruising and sportfishing into U.S. waters by boat.
permits »» Spiny lobster must be in whole condition and can only be trans-
»» Passengers must possess a valid government passport with cur- ported into U.S. waters during the recreational season (Aug. 6
rent Bahamian stamps and travel dates through March 31).
»» Travel through state and federal waters must be continuous and To learn more about bringing your Bahamian catch back to Florida,
gear must remain stowed. Fishing gear that is appropriately visit MyFWC.com/Fishing and click on “Saltwater Fishing,” “Recre-
stowed means terminal tackle such as hooks, leaders, sinkers, ational Regulations” and “Bahamas.” Federal fishing regulations are
etc. must be disconnected and stowed separately from the rod available from the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council at
and reel. www.SAFMC.net. For more information on Bahamian regulations,
»» Fish landed under these exceptions cannot be sold. visit Bahamas.gov.bs.

BTI AD_JFPublishing_SixthPg_BB_FLSaltwaterIssue_April2018.indd
4/25/2018 4:31:45
1 PM

Recreational gear law to intentionally discard any monofilament than 2 inches stretched mesh size, not con-
Additional regional gear restrictions may apply netting or line into or onto state waters. Mono- structed of monofilament, and legibly marked
in your county. For further clarification, con- filament line can entangle birds, marine mam- at both ends with the harvester’s name and
tact the local regional offices listed on page 23. mals, marine turtles and fish, often injuring or address if a Florida resident. Non-residents
killing them. Trot lines with 10 or fewer hooks using beach or haul seines for recreational
Reef fish gear rules are considered hook-and-line gear and must purposes are required to have a commercial
(applies to species marked with ● on pages be tended at all times while deployed. Species saltwater products license and legibly mark
10-11) identified with "T" on pages 10 through 13 the seine at both ends with the harvester’s
■■ Gulf of Mexico: These regulations require cannot be harvested with multi-hooks (single saltwater products license number.
the use of a dehooking device when recre- hook with two or more points) in conjunction ■■ Cast nets and seines may be used as harvest-
ationally fishing for reef fish in the Gulf of with natural baits. ing gear for the following species only: black
Mexico. All persons aboard a vessel harvest- drum, bluefish, cobia, flounder, mullet, Flor-
ing reef fish must possess and use non- Nets ida pompano, red drum, sheepshead, shrimp,
stainless steel non-offset circle hooks when The following types of nets may be used for Spanish mackerel, weakfish and unregulated
using natural baits. recreational purposes in Florida waters: species (see p. 12).
■■ Atlantic Ocean: Recreational and commer- ■■ Bully nets (for lobster only) no greater than ■■ No more than two nets can be fished from
cial fishers are required to use dehooking 3 feet in diameter and not made of any vessel and no more than one net can be
devices as needed while fishing for reef fish. monofilament. fished by any person not on a vessel.
■■ Frame nets and push nets (for shrimp only)
These rules apply to all members of the reef no greater than 16 feet in perimeter and not Explosives, etc.
fish complex including groupers, snappers, made of monofilament. Frame nets cannot The use of powerheads, explosives, chemicals
amberjacks, red porgy, gray triggerfish, black be used in state waters off Dade County. or the discharge of firearms to kill or harvest
sea bass, golden tilefish, banded rudderfish, ■■ Hand-held landing or dip nets no greater marine life is prohibited in state waters.
speckled hind and others. For a complete spe- than 96 inches in perimeter.
cies list, please visit MyFWC.com. ■■ Cast nets measuring 14 feet or less stretched
length (stretched length is defined as the
Hook-and-line gear distance from the horn at the center of the
Hook-and-line anglers must tend their gear net with the net gathered and pulled taut,
at all times to prevent people, marine life and to the lead line).
shore life from becoming entangled in the line ■■ Beach or haul seines measuring no larger
or injured by the hook. Also, it is against the than 500 square feet of mesh area, no larger

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Florida Saltwater Regulations are
now available online through your
mobile devices!


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Spearing * Volusia County — You may not harvest by fishing piers, or portions of bridges where
Spearing is a general term that includes bow spearing in Volusia County inland waters fishing is allowed.
fishing, gigging, spearfishing (underwater), or with the exception of flounder and sheeps- ■■ Within 100 feet of the unsubmerged portion
the use of any other device to capture a fish by head, and only by the use of a barbed spear of any jetty, except that spearing is allowed
piercing its body. Spearing does not include with three or fewer prongs. along the last 500 yards of any jetty that extends
snagging or snatch hooking by hook and line. * Special Local Laws also prohibit harvest by more than 1,500 yards from the shoreline.
Marine species harvested by spearing are sub- spearing in specific areas (Visit MyFWC.com/ ■■ In or on any body of water under the juris-
ject to the same recreational regulations (e.g., Fishing and select "Saltwater," "Recreational diction of the Division of Recreation and
bag limits, size limits, and closed seasons) as Regulations," "Full Text Rule by Species" and Parks of the Department of Environmental
those marine species that are harvested by any "Local Laws.") Protection. Within these areas, the posses-
other type of recreationally-allowed gear. The sion of spearfishing equipment is also pro-
following is a list of species or groups of species Spearfishing hibited except when such equipment is un-
that are prohibited from harvest by all forms Spearfishing is a specific form of “spearing” loaded and is properly stored upon water-
of spearing in state waters: defined as “the catching or taking of a fish craft passing nonstop through the area.
■■ A ll prohibited species (listed on p. 10-13) through the instrumentality of a hand or ■■ Within the no-take areas of the Florida
■■ Billfish and swordfish (all species) mechanically propelled, single or multi-pronged Keys National Marine Sanctuary (Visit:
■■ Bonefish spear or lance, barbed or barbless, operated by www.floridakeys.noaa.gov.)
■■ Crab (blue, stone) a person swimming at or below the surface ■■ Within any area where spearfishing is pro-
■■ Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) of the water.” In addition to the harvest species hibited by a Special Local Law (Visit MyFWC.
■■ Permit limitations above, you may not spearfish: com/Fishing and select "Saltwater," "Recre-
■■ Pompano (Florida and African) ■■ For any species that cannot be harvested by ational Regulations," "Full Text Rule by Spe-
■■ Red drum spearing (see Spearing above). cies" and "Local Laws.")
■■ Sharks (all species including dogfish) ■■ For any species (freshwater or marine) in
■■ Snook freshwater. Possession of spearfishing equip- Powerheads, Bangsticks, Rebreathers
■■ Spotted seatrout
■■ Tarpon
■■ Tripletail
ment in or on freshwater is also prohibited. Harvest with the use of powerheads, bang-
■■ Within the upper Keys no-spearfishing sticks or rebreathers is prohibited in state
zone, which includes all state waters fromFREE SHIPPING
waters, except that rebreathers are allowed
■■ Weakfish the Miami-Dade County line down to and for the harvest of lionfish. Within state waters,
■■ Marine life species (listed on p. 14) including Long Key. powerheads and bangsticks can be used for
■■ Within 100 yards of any designated public personal protection only, and cannot be used
bathing beaches, commercial or public to harvest any species. B
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water fishing
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• ultra-smooth Dartanium Drag
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Catch a Florida Memory –

Saltwater Angler Recognition
Catch a Florida Memory when you participate in one of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC)
Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs. These programs are designed to entice anglers to get involved in conservation
and learn more about Florida’s diverse marine resources while adding to an exciting day out on the water.
Catch a Florida Memory programs reward anglers for their fishing efforts, cultivate saltwater fishing interest in new anglers, enhance the experience
for seasoned veterans already hooked on fishing, and support marine resource conservation. They also encourage anglers to target more than one species
during fishing trips, thereby decreasing fishing pressure on any given species. Learn more and submit catches at CatchaFloridaMemory.com.

Saltwater Grand Slams ■■ Shoreline Grand Slam – sheepshead, king- in addition to a photo of the angler with the
An FWC Grand Slam is catching three specified fish (whiting), Florida pompano fish. Successful anglers will not only be awarded
fish species in a 24-hour period. Grand Slams ■■ Bay & Estuary Grand Slam – mangrove a certificate and t-shirt, but will also receive
help increase the diversity of fish species tar- (gray) snapper, snook, Spanish mackerel recognition for reaching each of the four levels
geted on fishing trips and recognize anglers for ■■ Nearshore Grand Slam – cobia, tripletail, based on the total number of different Reel Big
their achievements. Successful anglers will not king mackerel Fish species achieved.
only be awarded a certificate and t-shirt, but will ■■ Reefs & Rubble Grand Slam – black sea bass,
also receive recognition for every three or more gag, gray triggerfish Recognition Tiers:
different Grand Slams submitted and will win ■■ Blue Water Grand Slam – dolphinfish, sail- ■■ 5 different species
a Grand Prize if all eligible slams are caught. fish, wahoo ■■ 10 different species
■■ Small Fry Grand Slam – pinfish, catfish, ■■ 15 different species
9 Grand Slam Categories: grunt (only for ages 15 and under) ■■ All 30 different species – Reel Big Master
■■ Inshore Grand Slam – red drum, spotted Angler
seatrout, flounder Recognition Tiers:
■■ Florida Grand Slam – permit, tarpon, ■■ 3 different Grand Slams Florida Saltwater Fishing Records
bonefish ■■ 6 different Grand Slams State all-tackle records for the heaviest fishes
■■ Family Grand Slam – any three fish in the ■■ All eligible Grand Slams – Grand Slam Mas- caught in Florida waters are maintained for 77
same scientific family (i.e. three snapper ter Angler marine species in both conventional tackle and
species) fly fishing categories. Successful anglers receive
Saltwater Fish Life List a certificate for their achievement, not to men-
Similar to a birding life list, the new Saltwa- tion bragging rights. Catches must be made
ter Fish Life List allows anglers to track their according to FWC and IGFA angling rules.
Saltwater Fish Life progress at catching 71 particular species of
saltwater fish. Anglers will be recognized for Monthly Raffle Drawings
List Club Recipients their achievements as they reach each of the four Successful Catch a Florida Memory participants
levels based upon the number of different fish are automatically entered into monthly raffle
caught, beginning with a certificate and t-shirt drawings for each verified program submis-
10-Fish Club Angelia C. Swanson awarded to 10-Fish Club anglers. sion made. Winners are randomly selected and
Dawson A. Alvarez Dana E. Thrower prizes include landing nets courtesy of McLean
Dalton L. Avera James Whitaker Recognition Tiers: Angling, rods and reels courtesy of the Fish
Amy Bueschel Tom Berg ■■ 10 Fish Club & Wildlife Foundation of Florida, fillet knives
Kevin R. Burkhead Jr. Christopher Allen ■■ 30 Fish Club courtesy of Smith’s Consumer Products, fishing
Marlo Amber Cobb Bishop ■■ 50 Fish Club
Elkins W. Dahle William Burrows ■■ 71 Fish Club – Life List Master Angler
Heidi Feinberg Daniel Gibbs
Brooks C. Ferrante Trevor Wayne Hall
Saltwater Reel Big Fish
Brian Fimbel William Martin
This size-based program rewards anglers who
Trey Fleeman Hunkapiller II
catch a memorable-sized saltwater fish in 30
Matthew Hamilton Rick Zack
Mark David Huyett Nathan Gibson
different species categories. To qualify, fish
Matthew Johnson Sean Patrick must be legally caught and meet or exceed a
Kevin Kemp Lawless minimum qualifying length. A photo of the
Kyle Seth Leonard fish on a measuring device must be submitted,
30-Fish Club
Roy Magnuson
Mike Boggs
Leann Marvel
Kevin Council
Stephen P. McGee Jr
Jack J. Nelson
Eric J. Gerlak
Matthew T.R. Johnson
Florida Saltwater
Matthew Peterson
Daniel R. Peterson
Devin Sanderson Fishing Records
Evan Mikel Rexroat
Christopher Allen
Devin Sanderson
B.J. Bueschel
Gary Shaw
Lewis Sapp – Almaco Jack Amy Bueschel with a jack crevalle from
her Saltwater Fish Life List.

20 July 1, 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Saltwater Reel Big Fish Club Recipients

Red Drum Spanish Mackerel Sheepshead
Dalton L. Avera (4) Easton Gage Thompson (2) Landon Jackson Hall
Heather Melissa Carroll Remington Colt Thompson (2) Delaney Kemp
Craig Domko Andy Ray Thompson Jr.
Black Drum
Matthew J. Fekkers Traesyn Mathas Carroll
Easton Gage Thompson (3)
Chris Kettler Emmett Miles Hensley
Remington Colt Thompson (4)
Clay Marrs
Mutton Snapper Dalton L. Avera
Leann Marvel
John Georgiades (2)
Katlyn M. Paul (2) Black Sea Bass
Quranda Johnson
Devin S. Paul Michael Nathan Gibson
Clay Marrs and friends show how to
measure a Reel Big Red Drum.
Matt Preston Snook
Gray Triggerfish
Savannah Tucker Bryon Sean Sineff
Matthew S. Batchelor
Gary W. Wall Robert Alexander Tucker
gear courtesy of Live to Fish, fish art courtesy
Joshua Damon Josh Urban Flounder
of Fish Print Shop and gift certificates from
Jaceten Heath Dean Bridget Shelby McGee
other partners. Spotted Seatrout
Kody Alan Glass
Dalton L. Avera Yellowtail Snapper
Shannon D Swindal
Program Requirements Lucas Williams
Ethan Sonnenberg John Georgiades
■■ All submitted fish must have been caught John Franklin Williams
Eric Todd Anderson
by the angler applying for recognition. Traesyn Mathas Carroll
Traesyn Mathas Carroll
■■ Anglers must follow Florida saltwater rec- Michael Soloyaker Taylor
reational fishing regulations. Lucas Williams Permit
■■ Fish do not have to be harvested and we Stephen Stubbs Bryan Basile
encourage catch-and-release fishing.
■■ Anglers must provide photographs of them-
selves with each fish submitted.
■■ Applications for Reel Big Fish must include
a photo of the fish on a length measuring
■■ Use proper fish handling techniques to mini-
mize stress on fish. Learn more at MyFWC.
com/Fishing by clicking on “Saltwater,”
“Recreational” and “Fish Handling.”

Contributions from our generous partners help
provide recognition and prizes for program
participants. We gratefully acknowledge our Remington Thompson with a Spanish mack- Ron Little with the redfish from his Inshore
partners: McLean Angling, Smith’s Consumer erel (part of the Bay & Estuary Grand Slam). Grand Slam.
Products, Live to Fish, Tony Ivory Art and
Apparel, Warbird Fishing Gear, Ocean Waves
Sunglasses, Fish Print Shop, Martin County, Saltwater Grand Slam Club Recipients
EGO Fishing, Keep Em Wet Fishing, and the
Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. To
become a partner, visit CatchaFloridaMemory. Tier 1 Recognition: Savannah Tucker Daniel Richard Peterson
com/Partners or contact AnglerRecognition@ Eric J. Gerlak Ken Van Doren Matthew John Peterson
MyFWC.com. Todd Wilson Michael Soloyaker Taylor
Small Fry Grand Slam:
Bob Blalock Andy R. Thompson
Easton Gage Thompson
Connect with Us Joshua Damon (4) Easton Gage Thompson
Remington Colt Thompson
For more information on FWC’s Catch a Florida Jaceten Heath Dean Andy Ray Thompson Jr.
Memory - Saltwater Angler Recognition Pro- Clifton C. Gagliano (3) Remington Colt Thompson
grams and to submit catches, visit CatchaFlori- Inshore Grand Slam: Larry Haines Dana Elizabeth Thrower (2)
daMemory.com. Like and follow us on Face- Dalton L. Avera (2) Thomas Miller Shannon L. Avera
Matthew Batchelor David Pochatek Dalton L. Avera
book.com/CatchaFLMemory to view angler
Kevin Council Timothy Sadler Marlo Amber Cobb
photos and get updates on the latest submis-
Michael Craig Dawson Stephen Stubbs Joshua Damon (2)
sions. View fishing how-to videos and more on
Aris Clarke Ford Jr Trey Fleeman
our FWC Saltwater Fishing YouTube channel Family Grand Slam:
Connor Wayne Geiger Adrianne Nichole Kovach
at MyFWC.com/SaltwaterFishing. Drake Booth
Nathan Gibson Cindy McGee
Stephen Bouwer
Jon Hall John S. Soeder III
Kristin Bouwer
Brandon Hite
Kevin Russell Burkhead Jr. Bay & Estuary
Dale C. Melms
Kevin Burkhead Sr. Grand Slam
Christopher Scott Moore
Kevin M. Council (2) Kevin Russell Burkhead Jr
Gary Shaw
John H. Dobbins (2) Eric J. Gerlak
David F. Smith
Clark Georgiades
Michael Soloyaker Taylor Blue Water Grand Slam
John M. Georgiades (4)
Dana Thrower Brandon Edaward Hite
Edward S. Hicks
Dana Elizabeth Thrower
Matthew Johnson (2)
The Florid
a Saltwater L i fe L i s t for Recreationa
l An gl e r s
FWC wants you to Catch a Florida Memory. The Saltwater Fish Life List is a way to document
what you catch and get rewarded for your fishing efforts. To become a member of a Life List
Fish Club, submit photos of you with your catches at CatchaFloridaMemory.com. To learn
more about the Catch a Florida Memory-Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs turn to
pages 20 and 21.

10 Fish Club: 10 different Life List species caught

30 Fish Club: 30 different Life List species caught
50 Fish Club: 50 different Life List species caught
71 Fish Club: Life List Master Angler - all 71 Life List species caught

Need help identifying these species? Visit MyFWC.com/FishingLines and click on “Identification Guide.” Or visit MyFWC.
com/Fishing and click on “Saltwater” and “Fish ID.”

African pompano Gafftopsail catfish Sailfish

Almaco jack Gag Scamp
Atlantic sharpnose Gray (mangrove) snapper Schoolmaster
Banded rudderfish Gray triggerfish Sheepshead
Black drum Great barracuda Shortfin mako
Black grouper Greater amberjack Silk snapper
Black sea bass Gulf flounder Snook
Blackfin snapper Gulf kingfish (whiting) Southern flounder
Blackfin tuna Hardhead catfish Southern kingfish (whiting)
Blacknose shark Hogfish Spanish mackerel
Blacktip shark Horse-eye jack Spinner shark
Blue marlin King mackerel Spotted seatrout
Blue runner Ladyfish Swordfish
Bluefish Lane snapper Tarpon
Bonefish Lesser amberjack Tripletail
Bonnethead shark Little tunny Vermilion snapper
Bull shark Mutton snapper Wahoo
Cero Permit Warsaw grouper
Cobia Queen snapper Weakfish
Crevalle jack Red drum White grunt
Cubera snapper Red grouper White marlin
Dog snapper Red porgy Yellowfin tuna
Dolphinfish Red snapper Yellowtail snapper
Florida pompano Roundscale spearfish

CatchaFloridaMemory.com Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

AnglerRecognition@MyFWC.com Division of Marine Fisheries Management
Facebook.com/CatchaFLMemory 850-487-0554
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Managing fish and wildlife resources for their

long-term well-being and the benefit of people.
620 South Meridian Street NORTHWEST
Farris Bryant Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600
(850) 488-4676 
(800) 955-8771 TDD 

Commissioners FWC regional offices Gil-


Bo Rivard Northwest Region NORTH CENTRAL

Chairman, Panama City 3911 Highway 2321

Panama City, FL 32409 NORTHEAST
Robert A. Spottswood 850-265-3676
Vice Chairman, Key West
North Central Region
Joshua Kellam 3377 East U.S. Highway 90
Palm Beach Gardens Lake City, FL 32055 
Gary Lester 386-758-0525
Oxford Northeast Region
Gary Nicklaus 1239 Southwest 10th Street
Jupiter Ocala, FL 34471 SOUTHWEST
Sonya Rood 
St. Augustine Southwest Region
3900 Drane Field Road
Michael W. Sole Lakeland, FL 33811
Tequesta 863-648-3200
Staff South Region The regions presented on SOUTH

Eric Sutton 8535 Northlake Blvd. this map are not fisheries
Executive Director West Palm Beach, FL 33412 management zones.
561-625-5122 For management zones,
Dr. Thomas H. Eason
please see pages 6-7.
Assistant Executive Director

The FWC’s Division of Law Enforcement are traveling Florida’s coastline and waterways, throughout the state, dial *FWC (*392) depending
patrols Florida’s coastal waters to provide and may issue citations for violations of state on your location, hail on VHF Channel 16 or report
assistance to boaters and anglers as well as to and federal fishing, wildlife and boating laws. violations via text message. Most cell phones allow
enforce Florida’s saltwater fishing and boating In emergencies or if state fisheries, wild- users to send text messages directly to an email
laws. FWC officers assist boaters who are in dis- life or boating laws are being violated, call address. You can text Tip@MyFWC.com; stan-
tress, provide advice and direction to those who 888-404-FWCC (3922) or for cell phone users dard usage fees may apply.

Resource Information At the FWC, it pays to

love the outdoors!
Join the nation’s largest conservation law enforcement agency—become an FWC
law enforcement officer. For more information contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission at 1-866-FWC-HIRE (392-4473) or visit MyFWC.com/Law

• To purchase fishing licenses: • To report sawfish sightings:

888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356) 941-255-7403
GoOutdoorsFlorida.com sawfish@MyFWC.com
• FWC Division of Law Enforcement • Bird entanglement
888-404-FWCC (3922) 888-404-3922
727-391-6211 for Tampa area
• To report fish and wildlife law violations,
call the Wildlife Alert Hotline: • Red tide information hotline
888-404-FWCC (3922) 866-300-9399 toll free in Florida
727-552-2488 nationwide
• FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
727-896-8626 • Aquatic toxins hotline: 888-232-8635
• Shellfish harvesting questions
• To report fish kills: FDACS, 850-488-5471
800-636-0511 www.floridaaquaculture.com
• To report fish tags: • To report lionfish sightings: Visit MyFWC.com
800-367-4461 1-877-786-7267 to learn how to become
TagReturn@MyFWC.com MyFWC.com/Lionfish an FWC officer.

LE_RecruitingAd_SaltWaterReg9c.indd 1 5/13/15 8:23 AM

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission July 1, 2018 23

Costs for licenses

In addition to the cost of licenses and permits specified in this section, license agents may charge an issuance fee for selling licenses or permits. Note: All sales are final.

Florida resident saltwater licenses Florida resident combination licenses

One-Year Saltwater License $17.00 Fishing-Saltwater/Freshwater $32.50
Covers both watercraft and shoreline fishing Fishing-Saltwater/Freshwater & Hunting $48.00
Youth Saltwater Fishing License — valid until 17th birthday $17.00 One-Year Gold Sportsman’s License $100.00
Five-Year Saltwater License $79.00 Five-Year Gold Sportsman’s License $494.00
One-Year Saltwater Shoreline License $0.00 Youth Gold Sportsman’s License — valid until 17th birthday $100.00
Covers saltwater fishing from shorelines and attached structures. Does not cover One-Year Military Gold Sportsman’s License $20.00
fishing from a watercraft, fishing from a shoreline reached by watercraft, or fishing
Includes the same licenses and permits as the Gold Sportsman’s License. Available
while swimming or diving.
at county tax collectors’ offices with current military identification card for Florida
Non-resident saltwater licenses residents who are active duty or fully retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces,
Three-day Saltwater License $17.00 Armed Forces Reserve, Florida National Guard, Coast Guard or Coast Guard Re-
serve. Fully-retired veterans may renew online.
Seven-day Saltwater License $30.00
Florida resident Lifetime Saltwater fishing licenses
One-Year Saltwater License $47.00
Age: 0–4 $126.50
Saltwater permits
Age: 5–12 $226.50
Snook Permit­— residents and non-residents $10.00
Age: 13 or older $301.50
Five-Year Snook Permit (Florida residents only) $50.00
Florida resident Lifetime Gold Sportsman's licenses
Spiny Lobster Permit — residents and non-residents $5.00
Age: 0–4 $401.50
Five-Year Spiny Lobster Permit (Florida residents only) $25.00
Age: 5–12 $701.50
Tarpon Tag (available only at tax collector offices) $51.50
Age: 13 or older $1,001.50
If required to have a license, permits for the take of Snook and Spiny
Lobster also required. Tarpon tags required to land tarpon.

Saltwater fishing in Florida… include take of snook and spiny lobster, state, when home on leave with orders for
What to know before you go: which would otherwise require a separate 30 days or less. This does not include family
Saltwater fishing licenses can be obtained fee. The Lifetime Gold Sportsman’s license members.
online at GoOutdoorsFlorida.com, at county tax further allows the license holder to freshwa- ■■ Fishing for recreational purposes from a pier
collectors’ offices and license agents, or by call- ter fish and hunt in Florida. Further details that has a valid pier saltwater fishing license.
ing toll-free 888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356). are available at MyFWC.com/License. ■■ Fishing from a for-hire vessel (including
Handling fees apply for telephone and Inter- guide, charter, party boat) that has a valid
net services. For current recreational licensing You do not need a license if you are: charter boat or charter captain license.
information, please visit MyFWC.com/License. ■■ A child under 16 years of age, regardless of ■■ A valid saltwater products license holder.
residency. ■■ Fishing from a boat that has a valid recre-
Florida residents: ■■ A Florida resident age 65 or older with proof ational vessel fishing license.
For purposes of saltwater fishing in Florida, a of age and residency, such as a Florida driv- ■■ A Florida resident who is fishing for mullet
resident is defined as: er’s license or ID, or an optional no-cost in freshwater with a valid Florida freshwater
■■ Any person who has declared Florida as his Florida Resident 65+ Hunt/Fish Certificate. fishing license.
or her only state of residence as evidenced by ■■ A Florida resident fishing within his or her
a valid Florida driver license or identifica- tion county of residence with live or natural bait, Other saltwater fishing licenses:
card with both a Florida address and a Florida using poles or lines not equipped with a fish- Charter Boat and Charter Captain licenses are
residency verified by the Department of High- ing line retrieval mechanism. available and required to carry paying custom-
way Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV). A ■■ A Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities ers (where a fee is paid directly or indirectly)
Florida voter registration card, declaration of Hunting and Fishing License holder. Further for the purpose of taking, attempting to take,
domicile, or homestead exemption may also information about this license is available or possessing saltwater fish or organisms.
be used as proof of Florida residency. at MyFWC.com/ADA. Guides must comply with U.S. Coast Guard
■■ Active duty United States military personnel ■■ A resident who has been accepted as a client (USCG) requirements.
stationed in Florida, including spouses and for developmental disabilities services by
dependent children residing in the house- the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, ■■ Four or fewer customers  $201.50
hold, with military orders. provided the agency furnishes proof thereof. ■■ Five to ten customers  $401.50
■■ A resident who is saltwater fishing from ■■ Eleven or more customers  $801.50
Gold Sportsman’s licenses include: land or a structure fixed to land who has
■■ Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing and Hunt- been determined eligible for the food stamp, Recreational Vessel licenses are available for
ing licenses. temporary cash assistance, or Medicaid not-for-hire pleasure crafts that are regis-
■■ Snook, Spiny Lobster, Management Area, Program by the Department of Children tered recreationally for a fee of $2,001.50. Pier
Archery, Crossbow, Muzzleloading Gun, and Family Services. Proof of identification licenses are available to exempt persons fishing
Deer, Turkey and Waterfowl permits. and a benefit issuance or program identifi- from a pier fixed to land from saltwater fishing
cation card issued by the Agency for Per- requirements for a fee of $501.50.
Lifetime licenses: sons with Disabilities or the Agency for More information on these licenses is
■■ Florida residents who invest in a Lifetime Health Care Administration must be in available at county tax collector’s office or at
Saltwater Fishing license or a Lifetime Gold possession when fishing. MyFWC.com/License.
Sportsman’s license may fish in saltwater for ■■ A Florida resident who is a member of the
life with no additional fees. These licenses U.S. Armed Forces and not stationed in this

24 July 1, 2018 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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