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Write the correct word that best completes each sentence. Use the words from the word
list. Do not use a word from the word list more than once.
ad cord fair herd sealing
add dew fare hour teas
ate do feat meat tease
ceiling due feet meet waive
chord eight heard our wave

1. I can't tell you what ____ plans are, but we will probably go on
vacation sometime in June.
2. Vegetarians don't eat ____, but get protein from beans, nuts and
3. Dewanna Foster was hurt when the ____ collapsed at 329
Koehne Street.
4. The new assistant performed a remarkable ____ of organization
with the office files.
5. The expansion will ____ 190,224 square feet to the medical
center building.
6. The car accident victims were listed in ____ condition two days
after the crash.
7. When the Metro stopped at the Smithsonian Museum, a ____ of
tourists pushed through the doors.
8. Girls in the 1950s spent hours trying to ____ their hair into
something that looked like a beehive.
I once read a story about a man who ____ a whole car!

Celine Dion's new album is ____ out sometime next month.

Twain's humor struck a universal ____ among his readers.

12. The school board decided not to ____ any of the graduation
requirements for the new student.
Circle the correct spelling of the word whose definition is given.

1. a unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg

carrat caret carat corat carret carrot

2. Having a harsh or rough voice, such as the sound of the voice after excessive use.

harse hoars haore horse hoarse hore

3. To shut something.

clase clothes close clothis clethus clothess

4. The past tense form of the word that means to keep animals or plants in captivity so as to
produce more of them.

bread bredd bre bred brid braed

5. Belonging to us.

ou our huor uor hour hur

6. The flesh of animals when used as food.

meat meett mee meet moet maet

7. To not be strict.

lacks laks lax laax laxx lacs

8. Something that is reasonable. This word can also be used for describing sunny and clear

fair faru faree fare fia fere

9. To be confused and unable to think clearly.

doys dazi daze days deze diys

10. A room or rooms under a building.

cellar seller cillur sellor celler cellarr

11. No one, not one, or not any.

nonne noni nunn nun nuun none