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DocuSign Envelope ID: 5F53207C-F45C-44E5-A264-F2DD0AAEA370

To the Board of Directors of CME Group Inc:

We as B Shareholders understand the intention of reducing the size of the Board of

Directors. “This proposal is designed to enhance the company’s corporate governance
as a global company” *. We are asked to hear a presentation and vote Nov.5,2018.

The wisdom of the original demutualization document granted B Shareholders a

guaranteed voice in the Board room. The voice of B Shareholder directors is a proxy for
many industry special interests. That voice, which was wisely granted in the
demutualization document, combined with management, has taken CME Group to its
record market cap of $59 Billion. The A shares today are at a split adjusted price of
$865.00 per A share.

We are asked to sell our rights in the Board Room for $10 Million. We are asked to go
against the wisdom of the original demutualization document. We are asked to
eliminate nearly one-third of the existing Board of Directors, all of whom specifically
represent B Shareholders. We believe that CME has a fundamental duty to its B
Shareholders concerning proper equitable valuation.

While we agree this action may be in the interests of the future of CME Group globally,
the question of valuation should be determined by a mutually agreed upon financial
third-party analyst. When CME group and the B Shareholders come to an agreed upon
valuation, we should proceed with the proxy vote.

As of now, the current proposal stands without our input. It behooves all B Shareholders
to vote NO.

With all due respect,

DocuSign Envelope ID: 5F53207C-F45C-44E5-A264-F2DD0AAEA370

*CME Group Notice to Class B Shareholders and our Members August 23,2018