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P.C.YUVARAJ, S/o. Mr. P.R.Chandrasekar, aged about 30 years, residing
at Door No. 85, Perumalkoil Street, Kancheepuram, do hereby appoint and
retain 1) Mr.E.R.Ravieaandran, S/o.E.Ramachandran aged about 47
years, residing at hennai-, Chennai - 600 033 and 2) M.Lalith Kumar S/o
K.Mari, Baskara Street, Walajabad,., as my lawfully constituted General
Power of Agent,

WHEREAS I am the absolute owner of the schedule mentioned

property to this General Power of Attorney, having purchased the same by
way of sale deeds, dated 9th December 1999, Old S.No.105/5 , New
S.No.21/6 4845 sq.ft. from Mr.R.Punniyakotti Mudaliyar S/o Rajagopal
Mudaliyar duly represented by his power agent Mrs.Susila W/o
R.Punniyakotti mudaliyar, sale deed registered as Doc. Nos. 5741/1999, ,
and I am in continuous possession and enjoyment of the schedule
mentioned property to this General Power of Attorney from the date of its
purchase to till date.

AND WHEREAS I am not in a position to administer, develop or to maintain

the schedule mentioned property to this General Power of Attorney, and since for
better prospects, I do hereby appoint and retain my, Mr. K. Kumar, as my
lawfully constituted General Power of Attorney Agent, empowering him to do the
following acts on my behalf:-

1. To maintain and to develop the schedule mentioned property to this

General power of Attorney in the manner in which my Power Agent thinks fit and

2. To prepare, sign and submit all papers like Building Plans, Affidavits,
Applications, Forms, Letters, Indemnity/ies, Authorizations, Corrections and
Rectifications if any before competent authority/ies of the respective
Department/s or body/ies of the State Government or the Central Government
and all authorities like Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA),
Corporation or Municipal or Local, Village Panchayat or Town Panchayat
authority/ies, Tahsildar, Collector, Tamilnadu Electricity board(TNEB), water
board, sewerage board, Income Tax/Sale Tax authority/ies, Chennai

Telephones, BSNL Authority/ies, Courts and any other Local body/ies as the
case may be for the purpose of obtaining necessary permissions, Plan
approvals, Sanctions, Permits, Licenses, Exemptions etc., connected with the
Item Nos. 1, 2 & 3 of the schedule mentioned property and also for the following

a) Sub division of the plot, reconstitution and/or reunion of the plot;

b) To apply and obtain fresh services in respect of water supply,
drainage, sewerage, power supply, electricity, telephones etc.,
c) To pay, remit and obtain refund of any fees, deposits, taxes etc., to
with or from any of the authority/ies either in cash or by cheque as the case may
be, either in the name of the principal/s or in his name;
d) To apply and obtain permission to demolish the super structure, if
any, of the schedule mentioned property to this General power of Attorney and to
demolish the same and to do all acts for the demolition of the building and to
dispose the debris and waste materials etc.,
e) To apply and obtain cement/steel permits, to dispose the
materials, debris, etc.,
f) To file or defend any suits, complaints, appeals, references,
revisions and to appear and represent before the competent
body/ies or authority/ies.

7. To develop the schedule mentioned property to this General

power of Attorney by construction of Residential flats/ and or
Shops and commercial premises, to apply to get the construction
plan for the same sanctioned by the appropriate authority/ies
such as CMDA, Corporation of Chennai, Local Village/Town
Panchayat, to apply for regularization/modification of the
construction plan to the appropriate authorities.

8. To apply for Income tax clearance certificate if necessary for the

proposed sale;

9. To hand over the possession of the super structure to the

intended purchaser/s of the land either in whole or in parts or by
way of undivided shares,

10. To represent me before the authorities like revenue, urban land

ceiling, Corporation of Madras/ Local authority such as
Panchayat or Village Panchayat, Madras Metropolitan
Development Authority, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Water and
Sewerage Board etc., for getting connections etc., and to
correspond with them on my behalf;

11. To receive the communications and letters etc., addressed to me

in connection with the above;

12. To engage advocates, to sign Vakalat Nama, to sign pleadings,

Affidavits, Petitions, Indemnity Bonds etc., and to give evidence
in court on my behalf and to proceed with the matter till the end;

13. And generally to do such further or other acts which are

necessary and incidental to meet the aforesaid objects;

14. I agree and undertake to ratify and confirm whatever my Power of

Attorney Agent may lawfully do by virtue of the powers hereby

15. The power agent shall keep a true and correct account and has
to produce the same whenever called for. No consideration is
received by me for executing this power of Attorney.

16. This Power of Attorney is IRREVOCABLE.


All that piece and parcel of land bearing old S. No. 105/5 and New
S.No.21/6, Noombal Madura Puliambedu Village Madipakkam Vilalge,
Tambaram Taluk, Kancheepuram District, , to an extent of 4845 Sq. Ft.,
within the Sub Registration, Kundrathur Registration District of Chennai
South, bounded on the:

North by : Noombal Road;

South by : Mr.Siva Thambiran land;
East by : Mr.Selvakumar Land;

West by : Kumaravel Land

measuring about
East to West on the Northern side -51 Sq.Ft ;
East to West on the Southern Side -51 Sq.Ft ;
North to South on the Eastern side -95 Sq.Ft;
North to South on the Western side -95 Sq.Ft;

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Principal/ Party of the First Part has

signed this General Power of Attorney on this the 20th t day of July 2010, in
the presence of the following witnesses; -