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SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN Words ty ARTHUR FREED Music by NACIO HERB BROWN Moderato oy Fd oy Yin rain, Just sing - is in the rain, What a ~- riedus fel hap = py a- gaia! Tm laugh - iagat clouds, So dark, up 2-bove, The Tye eee Pere == + © Copyright 1929 Renewed 1957) Meuo-Galdeyn Maye a. [Arig sontoled wn aniseed hy Robins Masse Cororaion Used By Permission {ernaons! Copyrat Secured A Riga Reserved sunt in my heart And Vm rea - dy for love. Let the storm - y clouds chase Ev-Iry - one. fromthe place, Come on. withthe rain, [ive a amile—_ onmy face, TH walk down the lane With a hap - py re-frain, And <= ret a Ta 2 to Interlude 3 Laut time g 2 7 ( sing-in’, just sing-in’ inthe rain rain. = x Ss @ ¢ — (Fine) INTERLUDE Bt = oe ae +e 2 + Saw pS LWay am I) smil-in’ acd way ‘do 1 sing? Why does De. cem- ber seem 2Why do they call me the boy with the smite? Wren “did I fing cut that tat tins ot = a4 $ fb Pete — 85 ee Tope op eae oa ¢ ' va Z| —_- Spa ct £ Z ~My _ 6 emma —— ite, i [lo 2 Pa > SSS Why do I get up eachmorn-ing to start ‘Way do I treat all my trou-blew with scorn? e__F| +! fe ioe SS SaaS 4 SS Sr oe ts Fa ps oat eae oe bs 7 Bb or