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Goal 1 intention practice.

Document and assess children’s So as to find a find a Set up a documenting system

play, learning, dispositions and practical way for me to that is effective for me.
relationships and use this
document children’s learning For example:
on time.  Using developmental
information to inform planning and
Strategies: taking notes, checklists for the area of
practice (ACECQA, 2; APST 1.1,
Time management literacy, math as well as
5.1 & 5.4). physical development.
On going evaluation
 Using note pad to write
draft during the day for
documenting the
Goal 2 intention practice.
Ensuring documentation and Document  Using readings to support
interactions among colleagues are professionally. writing observations, planning
professionally. and evaluation.

 Starting to set up a literature

collection for guiding practice
on laptop (Books, on line
articles, the references I used
On going evaluation for assignments ).(21/09)

 Keep plans writing clear,

simple and linking to KLA.
(05, 10)

 Setting up programming
template to document daily
arrangement of grouping and
interacting with experience (email Jenny to get
children/colleagues-pro approved).(19.10)
fessional and seek
support for  Setting up evaluation of the
implementing day proforma to help
experiences and plans.. evaluating curriculum on a
daily basis.

 Communicating with staffs

about my inclusive plans and
action research. Seeking
support for implementing
changes on a daily basis to
create inclusive environment

 Asking about the usage of

printer, laminator and other
office supplies. (19.10)
Goal 3 intention practice.
Engage professionally with Building confidence in  Building confidence through
parents/carers. the new environment. interacting with parents at the
Conquering time they drop off the children
disturbance and pick up the children.

On going evaluation Collecting information  I have and conversations with

from parents using Chloe’s god mother, Nikayla’s
various ways. mom, Leon’s mother so far.
All of the families are very
supportive and happy to share the
information of children.(20/09)

 Have exchanged e-mails with

Nikayla’s and Leon’s mother
for sharing information.

 Having regular conversations

with all children’s parents.

 Talking through inclusive

plan with Leon’s mother, she
understands what I’m doing
with Leon and shared OT
reports with me verbally.
Goal 4 intention practice.
Apply the principles, practices  To reinforce the  Designing
and learning outcomes of The capability of creating enthusiastic science
Early Years Learning STEM curriculum for experiments that
children. combines art concept to
Framework and draw on their
nurture children’s
own content knowledge in the  To design reasonable interest in science.
areas of science and technology, obstacle courses to
human society, physical strengthen children’s  Using Pinterest and
education health and wellbeing, muscle tone. reading through sun and
creative arts and literacy to star room’s curriculum
 To integrate children’s portfolio to grasp a
engage in interactions with
love for art, color and general idea of students’
children that extend their
music into excitements I prior knowledge on
learning (ACECQA, 3.4 ; APST create, to boost science and form an
3.3 & 3.5). enthusiasm. understanding towards
this center’s practice
 Link plans to proect, towards STEM.
make sure it covers
every KLA’s and extend
on children’s strength  Using technology as well
and interest as environment to
support teaching.

Map--- Ipad, Google map

Using KLA’s ontent to

support plans’ learning
Goal 5 intention practice.
Promoting children’s  Promoting children’s  Learning about emotions
pro-social skills by helping pro-social skills and self by reading book”
them identifying their own emotion regulation. Feelings” and having
emotions. discussion.

 Recognizing different
emotions and how to  Reading “Rainbow
deal with situations that fish”and creating
can involve other rainbow fish friends
people’s emotions. card.
On going evaluation Reinforcing the meaning
of “ sharing”.

 Modelling “sharing” and  Making rainbow fish

“ comfort others’ play-dough
emotions during small
group activities. Hleping
children to deal with
other people’s emotions
in social situations.

 Recognizing different  Reading “Talking

own emotions and what about feelings” by
facts in reality is linking Jayneen Sanders
to those emotions.

 Read story “Zog” to help  Modelling “accepting

children understand different identity” by
being doctor can be as taking princess’ dress up
cool as princess, off and be happy,
challenging their positive about it.
thinking on identity.
Goal 6 intention practice.
 Promoting children;s  Encouraging jumping
Promoting children’s
physical well-being. activities.
Matching the family goals
gross motor /fine motor
and staff’s expectations for
the children.
skills by encouraging

them jumping, climbing,

 Modelling the “squeeze”  Washing toys with sponge
motion, so children can
running etc. and doing 
promote their fingers and
arms muscle strength.
obstacle courses. 
 Modelling the “hold”
 Making squishy sand
“squeeze” “pull”
motion, so children can
promote their fingers and
arms muscle strength.
On going evaluation

 Modelling the “ sticking  Jump and Throw sand

knees together” “sticking bags.
feet together” motion, so
some children can
practice landing two feet
on the group.

 Modelling the  Making Bean bags

“pinch””pick” “squeeze”
motion, so children can
promote their fingers’
 Jumping and throwing:
 Modelling the “ sticking
knees together” “sticking Jumping from rocks.
feet together” motion, so
some children can Throwing bean bags.
practice landing two feet
on the group.
 Modelling “ swing arms”
“throwing” motions
which can assist jumping
the “jumping motion”

 Modelling “squat” jump  Frog jumps

up, jump off something.