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Four observations of work-life work-life balance:

balance. spent a year with wife and 4 kids without work
then spent 7 years studying work-life balance

four observations
1. certain job/careers fundamentally not compatible with young

2. govenment/companies not going to solve this issue

3. time frame to strike balance

ideal day not happen so often

4. approach balance in a balanced way

all aspects needs to be balanced; small things matter

The speaker used himself as an example, and shared his insight about work-life balance. He mentioned that
some jobs/careers are fundamentally incompatible with raising a young family. It is not going to be solved
by the usual common approach, such as wearing geans on Friday. Second, companies/governement are not
designed to solve this problem. They are driven by other things. Third, we need a time frame to strike
balance. Lastly, the speaker encouraged the audience to begin with small things in life and approach balance
in a balanced way by taking all aspects of life into account.

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