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Your views on your

Platinum bankrupt,

A lone ‘entrepreneur’ (right) is fighting a losing battle against the pot-
municipality - p 4 & 5
holes on the Burgersfort - Penge road just past the Dresden turn-off.
Although he is fighting a losing battle on this road, which is now rapidly
degenerating to gravel, it seems on the surface that his efforts is not
much worse than that of a whole ‘maintenance’ team, upsurping his role
on the same road. More about the roads on page 2.

Tubatse Crossing Mall will be a hive of
activity today. Burgersfort will be a hive of
activity. Everybody will be in town, looking
for a special. Take care, be careful with your
money and decisions. Businesses want to do
business. They want your money. In the end,
be wide awake and enjoy yourself (if you can
afford it).

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Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Apel 23 November 2018 Fax 0865549031 editorial@platinumgazette.com

The Steelpoort to Lydenburg road past Lapeng Lodge.

This is a tarred road ... The government’s people
formally promised to fix. As usual it proved to be an
empty promise for now. A losing battle on the same
road (right).

Road rules still apply. Don’t forget to stop at the railway The most recently painted white line and some of the road marks
crossing. This is not funny. on the R555 (top and bottom) between Burgersfort and Ohrigstad.
This is also not funny. People actually get paid for it ...

Add Hope making it count in Mabotsha

A small group of volunteer workers at a care centre in Limpopo are committed to fuelling
children’s bodies and minds. Mabotsha Home Based Care provides balanced meals to 64
children, helps them with homework, and teaches extra-mural activities such as music, dance
and poetry.
Based in Burgersfort, Mabotsha Home Based Care recently received R96 000 from Add
Hope, which will allow them to continue to assist the vulnerable and orphaned children in their
Christinah Makhini, Mabotsha’s project manager, says that the two-year partnership with
Add Hope has helped them significantly to feed and nurture the growing number of children at
the centre. “When we started Mabotsha in 2002, it was without any funding,” says Makhini. In
2005, we received a grant from the Department of Health, which enabled us to continue our
work. It is with thanks to Add Hope and our two-year partnership with them that enables us to
do greater work in the community, and to not turn anyone away.”
The Add Hope initiative has raised more than R492 million since 2009, and has reached
more than 120 000 children who benefit from sustainable feeding programmes across South
Africa. Add Hope has partnered with 143 national and local organisations, and is able to reach
so many children thanks to each R2 customer donation.
Thabisa Mkhwanazi, the KFC Corporate Affairs Director for Africa and Add Hope Champion
says, “Feeding children and fostering their health and development is a critical concern for us.
Currently, one in five children in the country is suffering from learning difficulties and stunted
growth as a result of hunger and malnutrition, and we remain committed to helping organisa-
tions like Mabotsha Home Based Care continue with their outstanding work.”

Water tanks for Mokutung

Wildevy Manne kies
nuwe bestuur vir 2019

Mokutung Village is one of those villages new pump to ensure the community will get
that has been struggling for years to get a the benefit of potable water supply.
constant and proper supply of water. This week the village headman, Mr Emma-
The Sekhukhune District Municipality respon- nuel Mmopane told Platinum Gazette that
sible for the supply of water is however in the they are happy with the progress so far and
process of addressing these problems. is hoping the project will be completed soon
Part of this has been the delivery of brand as they are thirsty for the water supply that
new water tanks that will be installed with a was promised.

With all Burgersfort’s municipal service problems, a proper landfill site is still lacking. This
is not a landfill site. This is next to the Penge road near Alverton. The skips are used by
residents, but are not adequate to handle all the waste. They also seem to be emptied on Die Wildevy Manne het ‘n baie suksesvol- – Finansies – Dewald Pretorius – raadslid,
a regular basis, but exactly how regular is not certain. le jaar afgesluit, maar voor hulle ‘n wel Pieter Strydom – raadslid, Wim Barnard –
verdiende ruskans neem het hulle ‘n nuwe raadslid.
kommitee gekies. Dié groep sal vroeg in 2019 reeds begin
Die manne wat in die volgende jaar aan beplan aan die verskillende aktiwiteite
die stuur van sake gaan staan is: Jacques waarby die Wildevy Manne betrokke is.
Gouws voorsitter, Jan Louw – onder-voor- Die hoogtepunt sal natuurlik weer die jaar-
sitter, Fritz Pretorius – Sekretaris, Hannes likse Wildevy 4x4 Gesinsdag wees.
Venter – Finansies – Willem Montgomery (Foto: Willem Montgomery)

2 Timothy
1:7 King
James Ver-
sion (KJV)

For God
hath not
given us the
spirit of fear;
but of power,
and of love,
and of a
sound mind.

Timoteus 1:7

“Want God
het ons nie
’n gees van
heid gegee
nie, maar van
krag en liefde
en selfbe-

graph: Martie

Your views on the woes facing

The Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality status deteriorates in our municipalities. As
(FTLM) has experienced financial strain for Government, we remain focused in ensuring
many months and is currently seen as tech- that our communities continue to have unin-
nically bankcrupt. This week the Provincial terrupted access to basic services.”
government announced that it will be inter- In simple terms this means that the
vening in the affairs of FTLM to try and get municipality will be placed under administra-
the municipality back on track as a possible tion, but that the council will not be dissolved.
economic hub. They will be kept in place and will be required
They issued the following statement: to still fulfill their duties.
“Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality To bring things from bad to worse, mu-
was identified among the seven (7) dis- nicipal employees belonging to the workers
tressed Municipalities during 2017 and has union SAMWU are still on strike. This means
been identified for targeted support and that no services like issuing of traffic licenses
oversight, and it is one of the Priority Pro- and town planning documents required by
vincial Growth Point Municipalities with high law, can be done.
potential for economic development. The However part of their demands had been
Municipality is however under severe finan- met as the FTLM council took a decision to
cial pressure, and has also been faced with suspend the Municipal Manager and Chief
community uprisings due to delays in service Financial Officer (CFO). This is just one of
delivery. Noting that the information provid- ripple effects of the reckless investment of
ed in Section 71 reports is not credible and more than R230 million in the VBS Mutual Mr Hamilton Maepa said: “We need to Mr Tebatso Chuene said: “Things will now be
does not truly reflect the state of affairs in the Bank. remember that all leadership is instituted worse. There is no money to take from some-
municipality, the municipality was requested This week the group said that they would by God. We need to put God first. I think it where else to fill our gaps left by the VBS
to provide cash-flow information from July only return to work and consider negotiating is good that the municipality will go under money. The workers must go back to work
2018 to date, as well as projections for the while at work if the Director of Corporate administration. Maybe there will be a change, and continue negotiating while they work.
remaining months of the year to determine its Services is also suspended. They claim he but they still need to put God first”. After all this, the people won’t trust the ANC
liquidity. has been irregularly appointed by the now, again. They will vote for other parties”.
An analysis of the cash flow conducted suspended Municipal Manager.
by the Provincial Treasury, CoGHSTA and Platinum Gazette asked readers what
the Municipality on 22 October 2018 revealed they think about the woes faced by the mu-
severe financial pressure as serious, and fur- nicipality and the workers’ strike.
ther that it is paying the salaries at expense
of other creditors. The analysis also revealed
the following risks and challenges: -
The municipality is technically bankrupt,
and is at a risk of litigations due to inability
to meet financial obligations; contractors for
own funded projects are not paid and this
may lead to community protests due to slow
implementation of projects; conditional grants
are not used for the intended purpose due to
the financial pressures; non implementation
of the financial recovery plan adopted to
mitigate the VBS exposure due to resistance
from council and staff; incomplete Opera-
tion Mabone project which would result in
community unrest. There is a court case on
this project between the municipality, service
Mr C.T Motseo, Mr S. Motseo and Mr Kolokoto Makofane said: “It will be better now that the
provider and Special Investigation Unit (SIU).
provincial government is taking over. Nothing has improved in the last 4 years in our munici-
The contingent liability of the municipality is
pality. Look at the roads and our robots are not working there at Cheap Cheap. The staff must
R195 million as per 31 June 2018 AFS, and
go back to work and give services. Next year people will not vote ANC because of this”.
should the municipality lose the case they will
be liable for payment.
Office lease agreement is expiring in Ms Hazel Chiloane said: “In the next election
June 2020. Should the municipality’s finan- people should vote for other parties. These
cial health not improve, this will add to the guys just drained our money while making
financial burden. The municipality has not themselves rich. The striking workers should
paid monthly rental of R1,8 million since July go back to work, otherwise they will suffer in
2018. In addition to the financial pressures, December without pay. Their families will suf-
there is inadequate accountability in the fer. It will definitely make a difference with the
Budget and the Provincial Treasury resulting municipality now going under administration”.
from the resignation of the Chief Financial
Officer. The municipality has not yet prom-
ulgated the property rates by-laws to give
effect to the implementation of the Property
Rates Policy.
It is on the basis of the financial pres-
sures faced by the Municipality that a
recommendation is hereby made for the
provincial government to intervene and place
the municipality under section 139(1)(b) of
the Constitution. Section 139(1)(b) maintains
that when a municipality cannot or does Mnr Abraham Mokwena sê: “Dis goed dat die
not fulfill an executive obligation in terms of province se mense nou ingryp. Die werkers
the Constitution or legislation, the relevant moet asseblief nie meer strike nie”.
provincial executive may intervene by taking Ms Sanny Mkhondo said: “There is no hope
any appropriate steps to ensure fulfillment for our municipality. Next year voters will go
of that obligation by assuming responsibility for independent parties and many will intro-
for the relevant obligation in the municipality; duce independent parties. People are tired
and the focus of the intervention will be to of the ANC, EFF, DA and other old parties.
stabilise the financial situation in line with the Mr Excellent Mohlala said: “The VBS money All they do is make promises that they don’t
provisions of Section 137 of the Municipal is gone. There is nothing that will bring it keep. It will be better if the striking workers
Finance Management Act No 56 of 2003. The back. People should remember it this coming of our municipality go back to work. They are
Executive Council resolved to place Fetakgo- election. Perhaps new people form oppo- there to serve. The strike won’t change the
mo Tubatse Local Municipality under Section sition parties would have learned from the current situation”.
139(1)(b) of the Constitution of the Republic ANC’s mistakes and do better. As long as it
of South Africa. is not the ANC winning in the next election
Municipalities are at the coalface of it will be better. These people just wanted to
service delivery and its importance for them enrich themselves and not make our country Left: Mr Tshepo Mamogala said: “Those
to deliver services in an effective and efficient a better place for everyone. I think the munic- who were part of the VBS scandal should
manner. The Provincial Government cannot ipal staff should now just go back to work and be fired. We cannot allow this corruption any
fold arms while service delivery and financial give the services they still can”. more”.

our municipality after VBS

Ms Prudence Motene, Ms Lizzy Mokwena and Ms Julia Mokwena said: “Yes, things will now Ms Margret Mnisi said: “It is good that Mr Bennett Moraba said: “The provincial
get better with the municipality being under administration. The municipal staff should go province is placing the municipality under government must address the issues at our
back to work now and negotiate further there. This whole thing will make people vote for other administration, but in next year’s election we municipality. Workers must go back to work
parties because of their disappointment caused by the VBS issue”. must think before we vote. We cannot vote so they can get paid again. For now being
for the same party who was in charge of placed under administration is the best deci-
wasting millions”. sion. They should fire those responsible for
the VBS issue. With Ramaphosa as presi-
dent I have faith that they can sort this out.
It will have a negative impact on the election
next year, but they now still have time to fix it.
Ramaphosa must act now”.

Mr Abel Nkwana and Mr Marvin Shai said: “Placing the municipality

under administration will not change anything. The money is gone.
Mr Ronny Mogoane and Mr Puleng Nonyane said: “The staff on strike We want people to go to jail. We cannot vote ANC again. We must
must go back to work. The changes that provincial administration will now check for other parties”.
bring can be good. In the next election people will not trust the ANC
because of this”.

Mr Kgodiswana Rantho said: “What hap-

pened at our municipality with this VBS
money is totally wrong. It is unacceptable.
The administration of the municipality under
the ANC must come to an end. People must
learn to change the menu and start voting for
other political parties. I’ll be voting PAC as
that party was also part of the struggle and
Mr Lifi Thlaka said: “By placing the municipal- is still struggling with the masses. Placing
ity under provincial care is one way of getting the municipality under administration will
to the root of this VBS thing. It is a step in not have a lasting impact. I also think that
Mr Doctor Masinga said: “I think things will the right direction. The strike of the municipal the striking workers should return to work as
get better at our municipality now. The people workers is unfair on both sides. Based on the some of their demands had been met. They
who are on strike must go back to work. Peo- fact that some of their demands have been can still engage to resolve the other issues
ple are suffering. We cannot take out licens- met I think they should go back to work and while they are at work”.
es and pay fines. We need to have our things there negotiate further. The suspension and
in order to transport the public. Corruption possible firing of those responsible for the
at our municipality is a big problem. I really VBS thing is one way of paving the way for
don’t know how this whole thing will impact the next election, but it will haunt the ANC.
the election next year”. People should also remember that in the
bigger picture of this VBS mess, different po-
litical parties’ members are being implicated”.
Left: Mr Frans Malesa said: “The provincial
people should fire those responsible for VBS
Mr Lucas Mamaila said: “We are not moving money being lost. It is good that they are
in the right direction. They should sell the placing the municipality under administra-
properties of those involved in the VBS scan- tion”.
dal and then at least we can get some of the
money back. This is a national problem and it Right: Mr Gift Maphanga said: “It will be bet-
will affect the votes next year. The staff at our ter now that province is putting the municipal-
municipality should go back to work because ity under administration. I also think people
their families will suffer over Christmas with will due to this consider voting for other
them not getting paid. Those responsible for parties in next year’s election. I think they
VBS have money and they won’t suffer”. With should now stop the strike at the municipality.
him are Kgothatso and Boitumelo. It is not the solution for all these problems”.
6 Platinum Gazette 23 NOVEMBER 2018

Kennisgewings/Notices • Kennisgewings/Notices
Notice in respect of STEELPOORT must clearly quote the epartement van (1) YA MOLAWANA being the authorised sa Tshomišo ya Naga
a license application STEELPOORT application number Energie, Privaatsak WA PEAKANYOLES- agent of the owner of sa 2006 sa Greater Te Huur/
in terms of the Petro- Die doel van die aan- above, must be lodged X9712,Polokwane, WA LE TAOLO YA erf 128 Burgersfort Tubatse ka karolo ya To Rent
leum Products Act, soek is vir die toek- with the Controller of 0700 TŠHOMIŠO YA NAGA Extension 5 Township, 62 (1) ya Molawana
1977 (Act No 120 of enning van ‘n lisensie Petroleum Products WA MMUŠOSELE- Registration Division wa Peakanyoleswa le TO LET
1977) om die verkope van within a period of LOCAL AUTHORITY GAE WA FETAKGO- KT, have applied in Taolo ya Tšhomišo ya 3 Bedroom house in
This notice serves petroleum produkte twenty (20) working NOTICE MO TUBATSE WA terms of Section 62(1) Naga wa Mmušosel- small security com-
to inform parties that goed te keur. Die days from the date AMENDMENT OF 2018 of the Fetakgomo egae wa Fetakgomo plex close to Tubatse
may be interested or aansoek dokumenta- of publication of this GREATER TUBATSE PHETOŠO YA BO 137 Tubatse Municipal Tubatse wa 2018, go Crossing Mall in
affected that CHRO- sie is beskikbaar vir notice. Such objection LAND USE MAN- Go tsebišwa gore nna, Spatial Planning and fetolela setsha se go Burgersfort. Deposit
MIUM PETROLEUM publieke inspeksie en must be lodged at the AGEMENT SCHEME Lekgau Jack Molepo Land Use Manage- tšwa go “Madulo 1” upfront. Contact
(PTY) LTD, hereinafter kan gesien word deur following physical or 2006 IN TERMS OF wa 4 Tsar Develop- ment By-Law 2018 go ya go “Kgwebo Mike: 082 357 1954
referred to as “the te die Beheerder van postal address: SECTION 62(1) OF ment Consulting (Pty) for the amendment of 3”. Dintlha ka botlalo VIP RENTALS
applicant”, has sub- Petroleum Produkte te Physical address: THE FETAKGOMO Ltd, ke le moemedi wa the Greater Tubatse malebana le kgope- BURGERSFORT
mitted an application kontak by Beheerder The Controller of TUBATSE LOCAL semmušo wa mong’a Land Use Manage- lo ye di tla ikala go We have 2 and 3
for a RETAIL license, van Petroleum Pro- Petroleum Products, MUNICIPALITY LAND setsha sa 52 Mot- ment Scheme, 2006 lekolwa phaphošing bedroom units avail-
application number dukte: Telefoon: (015) Department of Energy, USE MANAGEMENT se-Toropong wa Burg- by the rezoning of the ya Mmeakanyi wa able for viewing after
F/2018/11/19/0003. 230 3600; of E-pos: 18A Landros Mare BY-LAW 2018 ersfort, Karolong ya property described Metse, G15, Lebatong hours. Please call
3 of the farm Sterk- Gibson.Tshisikhawe@ Street, Polokwane, AMENDMENT KT, ke dirile kgopelo above, from “Residen- la Fase la Dikantoro 082 578 6113
fontein 318 energy.gov.za 0700 SCHEME NUMBER: ya go fetoša Sekemo tial 1” to “Business 3”. tša Motse, 1 Kastania
36 R555 Enige besware teen Postal address: sa Taolo ya Naga Particulars relating to Street, Burgersfort,
STEELPOORT die uitreik van die The Controller of Notice is hereby sa 2006 sa Greater the application will lie 1150, ka nako tša Vacancies
EXTENSION 20 genoemde lisensie Petroleum Products, given that I, Lekgau Tubatse ka karolo ya for inspection during tlwaelo tša mošomo New business in
STEELPOORT moet duidelik die aan- Department of Energy, Jack Molepo of 4 62 (1) ya Molawana normal office hours at tekano ya matšatši a Ohrigstad has the
STEELPOORT soeknommer hierbo Private Bag X9712, TSAR Development wa Peakanyoleswa le the office of the Town 28 go tloga ka di 23 following vacancies
The purpose of the aandui en moet binne Polokwane, 0700 Consulting, being the Taolo ya Tšhomišo ya Planner, Development Nofemere 2018 (e le available: Barman,
application is for twintig (20) werks- authorised agent of Naga wa Mmušosel- Planning Department, letšatši la mathomo la waiters, kitchen
the applicant to be dae vanaf die datum Kennisgewing the owner of erf 52 egae wa Fetakgomo Office G15 Ground tsebišo ye). assistants. Previous
granted a license to van publikasie van rakende ‘n lisensie Burgersfort Township, Tubatse wa 2018, go Floor, Civic Centre, 1 Boipelaetšo goba experience will be an
undertake petroleum hierdie kennisgewing aansoek in terme Registration division fetolela setsha se go Kastania Street Exten- ditletlebo ka moka advantage. Send CV
retailing activities as by die Beheerder van van die Petroleum KT, have applied in tšwa go “Madulo 1” sion, Burgersfort, ka kgopelo ye di ka to simejacquet@
detailed in the applica- Petroleum Produkte Produkte Wet, 1977 terms of Section 62(1) go ya go “Kgwebo 1150 for a period of amogelwa ke Molaodi gmail.com
tion. Arrangements for ingedien word. Sodan- (Wet No 120 van of the Fetakgomo 3”. Dintlha ka botlalo 28 (twenty-eight) days wa Mmasepala, Fetak- For more information
viewing the application ige besware moet by 1977) Tubatse Municipal malebana le kgope- from 23 November gomo Tubatse Local contact Sime at 072
documentation can be die volgende fisiese of Hiermee word kennis Spatial Planning and lo ye di tla ikala go 2018 (being the date Municipality, PO Box 136 4305. Deadline is
made by contacting posadres aanhangig gegee aan belang- Land Use Manage- lekolwa phaphošing of the first publication 206, Burgersfort, 1150, 4 December 2018.
the Controller of Pe- gemaak word: hebbendes of persone ment By-Law 2018 ya Mmeakanyi wa of this notice). mmogo le nna moe-
troleum Products by: Fisiese adres: Die wat beïnvloed word, for the amendment of Metse, G15, Lebatong Objections to or medi wa mokgopedi Dienste/
Telephone: (015) 230 Beheerder van Petro- dat JOHANN COET- the Greater Tubatse la Fase la Dikantoro representations in gona moo tekanong Services
3600; or E-mail:Gib- leum Produkte, Depar- ZEE FAMILIE TRUST, Land Use Manage- tša Motse, 1 Kastania respect of the appli- ya matšatši a 28 a
son.Tshisikhawe@ tement van Energie, hierna verwys as Street, Burgersfort, cation must be lodged tsebišo ye go tloga ka Visit your local
ment Scheme, 2006 professional art
energy.gov.za Landros Marestraat “die aansoeker” ‘n by the rezoning of the 1150, ka nako tša with or made in writing 23 Nofemere 2018.
Any objections to the 18A, Polokwane, 0700 aansoek ingedien het tlwaelo tša mošomo to the Municipal Aterese ya Moemedi and décor framer
property described in Steelpoort. 24
issuing of a license Posadres: Die vir ‘n TERREIN lisen- above, from “Residen- tekano ya matšatši a Manager, Fetakgomo wa Semmušo
in respect of this Beheerder van sie, aansoeknommer 28 go tloga ka di 23 Tubatse Local Munic- 4 Tsar Development Years experience in
tial 1” to “Business 3”. framing. Stockists of
application, which Petroleum Produkte, F/2018/11/19/0002. Particulars relating to Nofemere 2018 (e le ipality, PO Box 206, Consulting (Pty) Ltd
must clearly quote the epartement van 3 of the farm Sterk- letšatši la mathomo la Burgersfort, 1150, and Postnet Suite 144 EPA! NOW BACK BY
the application will lie POPULAR DEMAND
application number Energie, Privaatsak fontein 318 for inspection during tsebišo ye). the applicant agent Private Bag x9307
above, must be lodged X9712,Polokwane, 36 R555 Boipelaetšo goba within a period of 28 Polokwane - SWEET ANGELS
normal office hours at BOUTIQUE FUDGE
with the Controller of 0700 STEELPOORT the office of the Town ditletlebo ka moka days from 23 Novem- 0700
Petroleum Products EXTENSION 20 ka kgopelo ye di ka ber 2018. Aterese ya e-mail: - variety of flavours!
Planner, Development (Melktert, Salted Car-
within a period of Notice in respect of STEELPOORT Planning Department, amogelwa ke Molaodi Address of authorised admin@4tsar.co.za
twenty (20) working a license application STEELPOORT wa Mmasepala, Fetak- agent: Nomoro ya mogala: amel and many more!)
Office G15 Ground This is the ideal sweet
days from the date in terms of the Petro- Die doel van die aan- Floor, Civic Centre, gomo Tubatse Local 4 Tsar Development 015 2912835
of publication of this leum Products Act, soek is vir die toek- Municipality, PO Box Consulting Pty Ltd Matšatši a Tsebišo: 23 gift for work parties,
1 Kastania Street at home or for friends.
notice. Such objection 1977 (Act No 120 of enning van ‘n lisensie Extension, Burgersfort, 206, Burgersfort, 1150, Postnet Suite 144 & 30 Nofemere 2018
must be lodged at the 1977) om die verkope van mmogo le nna moe- Private Bag x9307 Visit Esmé Framers
1150 for a period of in Steelpoort next
following physical or This notice serves petroleum produkte 28 (twenty-eight) days medi wa mokgopedi Polokwane Nomoro ya mogala:
postal address: to inform parties that goed te keur. Die gona moo tekanong 0700 015 2912835 to Wimpy or contact
from 23 November Esmé on
Physical address: may be interested or aansoek dokumenta- 2018 (being the date ya matšatši a 28 a e-mail: admin@4tsar. Matšatši a Tsebišo: 23
The Controller of affected that JOHANN sie is beskikbaar vir tsebišo ye go tloga ka co.za & 30 Nofemere 2018 079 100 9643.
of the first publication
Petroleum Products, COETZEE FAMILIE publieke inspeksie en of this notice). 23 Nofemere 2018. Telephone number:
Department of Energy,
18A Landros Mare
TRUST, hereinafter
referred to as “the
kan gesien word deur
te die Beheerder van
Objections to or rep-
resentations in respect
Aterese ya Moemedi
wa Semmušo
015 2912835
Dates of the notice: 23 Platinum Gazette
Street, Polokwane, applicant”, has sub- Petroleum Produkte te of the application must 4 Tsar Development & 30 November 2018
Beánnla Celliers
0700 mitted an application kontak by Beheerder be lodged with or Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Postal address: for a SITE license, van Petroleum Pro- Postnet Suite 144
will see to it that
made in writing to the your advertisement
The Controller of application number dukte: Telefoon: (015) Municipal Manager, Private Bag x9307 TSEBIŠO YA
Petroleum Products, F/2018/11/19/0002. 230 3600; of E-pos: Polokwane MMUŠO-SELEGAE in the Platinum
Fetakgomo Tubatse
Department of Energy, 3 of the farm Sterk- Gibson.Tshisikhawe@ 0700 PHETOŠO YA Gazette meets the
Local Municipality, PO
Private Bag X9712, fontein 318 energy.gov.za Aterese ya e-mail: SEKEMO-TAOLO highest standards
Box 206, Burgersfort,
Polokwane, 0700 36 R555 Enige besware teen 1150, and the appli- admin@4tsar.co.za SA TŠHOMIŠO YA with
STEELPOORT die uitreik van die cant agent within a Nomoro ya mogala: NAGA SA 2006 SA regards to design
Kennisgewing EXTENSION 20 genoemde lisensie period of 28 days from 015 2912835 GREATER TUBATSE and reproduction.
rakende ‘n lisensie STEELPOORT moet duidelik die aan- 23 November 2018. Matšatši a Tsebišo: 23 KA KAROLO YA 62
aansoek in terme STEELPOORT soeknommer hierbo Address of authorised & 30 Nofemere 2018 (1) YA MOLAWANA
Contact her on 083
van die Petroleum The purpose of the aandui en moet binne agent: WA PEAKANYOLES-
543 1676 or
Produkte Wet, 1977 application is for twintig (20) werks- 4 Tsar Development LOCAL AUTHORITY WA LE TAOLO YA
(Wet No 120 van the applicant to be dae vanaf die datum TŠHOMIŠO YA NAGA adverts@platinumgazette.com
Consulting Pty Ltd NOTICE
1977) granted a license to van publikasie van Postnet Suite 144 AMENDMENT OF WA MMUŠOSELE-
Hiermee word kennis undertake petroleum hierdie kennisgewing GAE WA FETAKGO- Platinum Gazette contact details:
Private Bag x9307 GREATER TUBATSE
gegee aan belang- retailing activities as by die Beheerder van Polokwane LAND USE MAN- MO TUBATSE WA Editorial: William Zwart
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Kgoshigadi Seopela lead by example as Mabule and Sekele.

TUPS Royal Cup a known community builder who uses the

unifying element of sport to uplift villages and
communities. She has been entrusted with the
According to Mr Tema Masemola, the
sports coordinator on behalf of the Office
of the Kgoshigadi, the tournament will be

boosted by inspiring
role of hosting the coordination of rural sport held in honour of Kgoshigadi Seopela as a
programmes which has already produced im- pioneer for sport development in the area.
pressive clubs across different sporting codes. The Royal Cup will also be a platform to
She did not stop after introducing rugby and introduce TUPS sporting code to the wider

Kgoshigadi cricket in the Ga-Seopela area as she will be

hosting Kgoshigadi Seopela TUPS Royal Cup
on Sunday 3 March 2019. The tournament will
community with a view of encouraging
mass participation.
For more information on TUPS sport kindly
be played between the newly formed TUPS contact Mr Puleng Mmotla on 076 360
Clubs from Kotsiri, Dihlabaneng, Phase 4, 2091.

Tubatse, Praktiseer, Selala,

Longtom & Kokobetja
(Steelpoort) Build It
Tubatse Build It Shop 27, Cnr. Dirk Winterbach & Kruis Street, Burgersfort. Tel: (013) 231 7529 or
(013) 492 1031 • Praktiseer Build It, 087 287 8685 • Selala Build It, 073 139 7969


(Photograph & information: Puleng Mmotla)

Pulana Maroga Soccer

Available from 23 November to 28 November 2018
League results SPEND R5000 OR MORE AND GET A
Pulana Maroga Soccer League teams played Lenareng: 1. Mighty Blues: 1 vs Golden FREE BROOM + RAKE + MOP COMBO!
on Saturday last week. Spears: 1. Bafaladi: 0 vs Barcelona: 0. Bull
The results were: Bull ground: Hungry Vultures: 4 vs Mangab-
90 87
Driekop FC ground: Tearing Lions: 2 vs Hap-
py Stars: 0. Happy Fighters: 1 vs Real Touch:
3. Driekop FC: 1 vs Young Dribblers: 0.
ane: 3. Mighty Rovers: 2 vs Mighty Bucks: 2.
Bull Bull: 2 vs Fast 11 Jnr: 2.
(Information and photographs: Pulana Maro-
Bafaladi ground: Stone Breakers: 1 vs ga Soccer League). FRAME
L/D, L/H & R/H

8400 PPC Cement



White or


189000 BUILD IT
2200 lt
10 Year Warranty
Tap 38 x 114 x 6.0
Promotion from 23 November to 28 November 2018. All prices incl. VAT. Delivery excluded. E.&O.E.
8 23 NOVEMBER 2018

Platinum Gazette
Cricket development boosted
Cricket development in the Sekhukhune District
received a well deserved boost with a skills train-
ing, umpiring and coaching workshop recently.
The event took place at Miami Lodge in Polok-
wane from 9 - 11 November. Cricket club’s from
all five districts of Limpopo assembled for intense
training on theoretic knowledge. The knowledge
accumulated was tested at the Polokwane Cricket
Club for most of the afternoon of 10 November
2018. Teams such as Tafelkop Cricket Club rep-
resented by Mr Thabiso Chego have significantly
benefitted from the workshop and have acquired
new skills to improve their club’s performance on
the field and better the administrative functioning
of their club. Facilitators include Mr Tshepo Man-
gena for coaching and Mr Isaac Mamabolo for
umpiring. The two separate sessions were held
and the clubs divided their members according to
their strengths.
The elected leadership is led by President Mr
Tshepo Pudikabekwa, Vice President Mr Phumi
Mapata, Treasurer Mr Sam Mathonsi, Secretary
Mr Phuti Kgomo, Training Coordinator Mr Thabiso
Mashiane and Head Trainer Mr Isaac Mamabolo.
Additional members will be appointed to represent
the districts during the first seating of the Execu-
tive Committee.
(Information and photographs: Puleng Mmot-