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Division Applied: Mathematics/ Pure Mathematics

I am very glad and keen interested to introduce myself. I Sajid Hussain belong to Gilgit-Baltistan,
Pakistan. I obtained my SSC (Matriculation) from Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary
Education Islamabad (FBISE) and HSSC (Intermediate) in Pre-Engineering from Karakorum
International University Board. After HSSC, I joined Karakorum International University (KIU), Gilgit
Pakistan for BSc (Hons) Mathematics and completed it in 2010.This University recognized with Higher
Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan. After such good academic records,
unfortunately I can’t continue my study due to financial problem but still I believe to complete my higher
education. At this stage of my career, I extremely needed scholarship to achieve my goal. I am real
confident that the Australian governments give me an important chance to continue my studies where I
learn how to research, how to conduct in- depth studies in the field of Mathematic to explore problems
and their solutions. My goal is to conduct research, develop implementation, and sell plans in the field of
Mathematics. I have capability of probe however; I need to master that art. I believe I have the core flair
to complete MS in Mathematics within specific time given by any steamed institution. I am capable to do
work as part of a team or individual as I have developed the initiative; ability to follow instructions and
have the capacity of working with others.

After completion of my last degree I join Al-Arif Public School & College, Skardu as a lecture
Mathematics, where my effective teaching, remarkable administrative skills and hard work motivated the
college competent authority and they promote me as a college principal. Now I am serving in this institute
since last three years as a principal. Now I am really excited to introduce the area where I am interested
to study Pure Mathematics (Group Theory, Topology, set theory and Algebra).

As far as my interests in this Master Program are concerned, I have strong desire and curiosity to continue
my further studies in Mathematics. My research study in the chosen field will represent major theoretical,
practical and research concerns in the MS program. The research activities associated with the main topic
will contribute a comprehensive, logical and creative consistent learning sketch, which will design to
enhance knowledge of Pure Mathematics. It combines a broad knowledge with a focus in one of the
mentioned area of my favorite subject.

My long term goal is to be a part of global development. Beyond the advancement of science and
technology still there are many unsolved problems which are an obstacle for further advancement of
science and technology. I will try to solve all these basic problems which are basic inference for the new
world of science and technology. I believe that “Everything is difficult but not impossible”. After
Completing my Master and Doctorate education being dedicated researcher I will try my best ever to
equip environment with environment friendly problem solving techniques by exploring the hidden
treasures of the universe. I am determinant to contribute my part to Scientific Research through paper
work as much as I can do.
Aristotle brought out the best in young Alexander. We will be known by the university we come from.
Mathematics/Pure Mathematics in this University epitomizes a vibrant academic community, rich, diverse
in its field of study, and dynamic in its freedom for explanation. Especially there, my area of
specialization is flourishing under the guidance of pioneering stalwarts in an outstanding environment.
This is why I look forward to the selection and admission committees to turn my passion into concrete
abilities not just acquire a foundation of knowledge and practical experience but also what is its pragmatic
aspect. Worldwide, there are exciting opportunities of employment having master degrees particularly, in
Mathematics/Pure Mathematics.
When I look around the Modern Research Practices, China Universities are the most practicable region
for the development and implementation of research and ideas. With the degree, I am looking to
experience and want to familiarize myself with the China education, culture, social values, industry and
other relevant aspect of life. I see in future is to get my ideas and research implemented in China and sold
in other worldwide countries. This specialized degree in Mathematics/Pure Mathematics will help to
boost my professional career.
This is a fact our country Pakistan needs good quality professors/lectures in the study of advance
Mathematics/Pure Mathematics so as bring improvement in the field of Pure Mathematics. One could
be worthy asset for my own country, when I share my learned skills, social values and other experiences
in China with college or university students of mu country, eventually a great change will be expected in
this particular field and also it will enable them to accept the challenging environment to work
competitively and effectively. With effective skill they can have more chances to get good positions in
administration and teaching that provides him with increased responsibility and respect to other, which is
my ultimate choice of future career.

Sajid Hussain

MS Candidate