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Online e-bids on prescribed bid forms in Two Parts namely A- Technical Bid B- Price Bid are
invited simultaneously by the undersigned for the work of “On line setting of floating pressure of
safety valves by Trevi test method of boiler No. 8 & 9, 2x250MW & Unit # 7 of HTPS, Kasimpur”
for a period of one year up to 14:00 Hrs. on 17.09.2018 and shall be opened at 16:00 Hrs. on
19.09.2018 as stated below.
In case the date of opening of bids is declared a holiday then the e-bids shall be opened on the
next working day at the same time. The details for submission of bids are available in the bid document
uploaded on the e-procurement website: http://etender.up.nic.in
The undersigned reserves the right to cancel any or all the e-bids/annul the bidding process
without assigning any reason. The bidders are required to be registered with U.P. Electronics
Corporation, Ashok Marg, Lucknow by depositing Rs. 6000.00 (Rs. Six Thousands only) as fees for
participation in the e-Tendering. Tender Cost Rs. 590.00 & Earnest Money Rs. 8,000.00 must be
deposited through RTGS payable in the favor of Senior Accounts Officer, EPAD, HTPS, Kasimpur,
Aligarh, State Bank of India, Branch-Kasimpur, Account No. 11264105069, IFSC Code: SBIN0001364,
maximum schedule date & time i.e. 17.09.2018 up to 14:00 hrs, failing which bid shall not be
No deviation/ alteration in the Technical Specification/ Condition stipulated in the bid documents
shall be allowed. Quantities mentioned here in under are tentative and may vary up to any extent
depending upon the site conditions.



1.00 On line setting of floating pressure of safety valves by Trevi 39.00 Nos.
test method in boiler No. 8 & 9, 2x250 MW & Unit # 7 of
HTPS, Kasimpur.

2.00 Transportation of equipment and traveling expanses to 6.00 Job

Harduaganj site if any.

(One job shall be counted as one visit)

B) Date & Time for availability of the bid : 06.08.2018 from 17:00 Hrs.
Documents on the website onwards

C) Last Date & Time for e-bid submission supporting : 17.09.2018 up to 14:00 Hrs.
documents in PDF/XLS format
D) Last date and time for depositing earnest money : 17.09.2018 up to 14:00 hrs.
& tender cost through RTGS.
E) Last Date & Time for submission of Hard Copy of : 19.09.2018 up to 14:00 Hrs.

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Bid Document Fee, Earnest Money and other
supporting documents in the office concerned.
F) Online opening date & Time of Part- A i.e. : 19.09.2018 at 16.00 hrs
Technical Bid
G) Venue of Opening of Bid : Office of the Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
Harduaganj Thermal Power Station
Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

H) Bid Document Fee (Tender Cost) : Rs. 500.00 +90.00 GST = 590.00
(Rs. Five Hundred Ninety) only
(Tender Cost)

I) Earnest Money Deposit : Rs. 8,000.00 Only

(Rs. Eight Thousand Only)

Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
‘D’ TPS Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

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This invitation for bid is for the work of “On line setting of floating pressure of safety valves
by Trevi test method of boiler No. 8 & 9, 2x250MW & Unit # 7 of HTPS, Kasimpur” for a period
of one year. The instruction to the bidders is as follows:-

1- Submission of E-Bids:
The Bid Submission module of e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in enables the bidders to
submit the e-bids online against this bidding published by the purchaser. Bid may be submitted only
during the period and time stipulated in the bidding. Bidders are advised start the Bid Submission
process well in advance so that they can submit their bids in time. The bidders shall submit their bids
taking into account the server time, displayed in the e-procurement website. This server time is the time
by which the bid submission activity will be allowed till the permissible time on the last date of
submission stipulated in the schedule. The bidders cannot submit their bids after the completion of bid
submission period. For delay in submission of bids due to any reasons, shall be responsibility of the

The bidders shall follow the instructions mentioned herein under for submission of their e-bids:
1.1 For participating in bids through the e-bidding system, it is necessary for the bidders to be the
registered users of the e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in The bidders shall first register
themselves on the e-bidding website, if they have not done so previously, using the option “Click
here to enroll” available on the home page of the website.
1.2 In addition to the normal registration, the bidder has to register with their Digital Signature
Certificate (DSC) in the e-bidding system and subsequently he/ she will be allowed to carry out his
/her bid submission activities. Registering the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a one time
activity. Before proceeding to register their DSC, the bidder shall first log on to the e-bidding
system using the User Login option on the home page with the logging Id and Password with
which they has registered as per clause 1.1 above.

For successful registration of DSC on e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in., the bidder

must ensure that they possess class-2 /Class-3 DSC issued by any certifying authorities duly
approved by Controller of Certifying Authorities. The bidder is also advised to register their DSC
on E-procurement website well in advance before bid submission period & time so that they do not
face any problem while submitting their e-bid against this bidding. The bidder can perform User
Login creation and DSC registration exercise as described in clauses 1.1 and 1.2 above even before
bid submission period starts. The purchaser shall not be held responsible if the bidder tries to
submit their e-bid at the last moment of submission of bid, but could not submit due to DSC
registration problem.
1.3 The bidder can search for active biddings through “Search Active Biddings” link, select a bidding
in which they are interested in and then move it to ‘My Biddings’ Folder using the option available
in the Bid Submission menu. After selecting and viewing the bidding, for which the bidder intends
to bid, from “My Biddings” folder, the bidder can place their bid by clicking “pay Offline” option
available at the end of the view bidding form. Before this, the bidder should download the bidding
document and price Schedule/Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and study them carefully. The bidder shall
keep all the documents ready as per the requirements of bidding document in the PDF format
except the Price Schedule/Bill of Quantity (BOQ) which shall be in the XLS Format (EXCEL
1.4 After clicking the ‘Pay offline’ option, the bidder shall be redirected to the relevant page of Terms
and conditions. The bidder shall read the Terms and conditions before proceeding to fill in the
Bidding fee EMD offline payment details. After entering and saving the Bidding Fee and EMD

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details, the bidder shall click “Encrypt & Upload” option given in the offline payment details form
so that “Bid Document Preparation and Submission” window appears to upload the documents as
per technical (Fee details, Qualification details, Bid Form and Technical Specification details) and
financial (Bid Form and Price Schedule/BOQ) schedules/packets given in the bidding details. The
details of the Demand Draft or any other accepted instrument which is to be physically sent in the
original before opening of technical bids, should tally with the details available in the scanned
copy and the data entered during with submission time otherwise the bid submitted shall not be
1.5 Next, the bidder should upload the Technical Bid Documents for fee details (Bidding fee and
EMD), Qualification details as per PQC, and Financial Bid documents as per BOQ of bidding
document. Before uploading, the bidder has to select the relevant Digital signature Certificate.
They may be prompted to enter the digital signature Certificate password, if necessary. For
uploading, the bidder should click “Browse” button against each document label in Technical and
Financial schedules/packets and then upload the relevant PDF/XLS files already prepared and
stored in the bidder’s computer.
1.6 The Bidder shall click “Encrypt” next for successfully encrypting and uploading of required
documents. During the above process, the bid documents are encrypted/ locked electronically with
the DSC’s of the Bid openers to ensure that the bid documents are protected, stored and opened by
concerned bid openers only.
1.7 After successful submission of bid documents, a page giving the summary of bid submission will
be displayed that the process of e- bid submission is completed. The bidder can take a printout of
the summary using the “print” option available in the window as an acknowledgement for future
1.8 Purchaser reserves the right to cancel any or all Bids without assigning any reason.
1.9 The Bidders are advised to upload the scanned documents with minimum of 150 dpi scanner to
ensure readable uploaded e-Bids.

2- Deadline for Submission of E-Bids:

2.1 E-Bids (Technical and Financial) must be submitted by the bidders at e-procurement website
http://etender.up.nic.in not later than 14:00 Hours on 17.09.2018.
2.2 The Purchaser may’ at this discretion, extends this deadline for submission of bids by amending
the bid documents.

3- Late Bids

3.1 The server time indicated in the Bid Management window on the e-procurement website
http://etender.up.nic.in will be the time by which the bid submission activity will be allowed till
the permissible date and time schedule in the bidding. Once the bid submission period is over, the
bidder cannot submit their bid. Bidder has to start the Bid Submission well in advance so that the
submission process is completed within the scheduled period, failing which, it shall be the bidder’s

4- Withdrawal and Resubmission of E-Bids

4.1 At any point of time, a bidder may withdraw their bid submitted online before the bid completion
of bid submission period. For withdrawing, the bidder shall first log in using their login id and
password and subsequently by their Digital Signature Certificate on the e-procurement website
http://etender.up.nic.in. The bidder shall then select “My Bids” option in the Bid Submission
menu. The page listing all the bids submitted by the bidder shall be displayed. Click “View” to see

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the details of the bid to be withdrawn. After selecting the “Bid Withdrawal” option, the bidder has
to click “Yes” to the message “Do you want to withdraw this bid?” displayed in the Bid
Information window for the selected bid. The bidder also has to enter the reason for withdrawing
the bid and upload the same for withdraw before clicking the “Submit” button. The bidder has to
confirm again by pressing “Ok” button before finally withdrawing their selected bid.
4.2 The bidder has to request the purchaser with a letter, attaching the proof of withdrawal and
submission of bid security/EMD in the office of purchaser for taking back the bid security/EMD as
per the manual procedure.
4.3 No bid may be withdrawn in between the period fixed for submission of bids and the period of
expiry. Withdrawal of a bid during this interval may result in the Bidder’s forfeiture of their bid
4.4 The bidder can resubmit their bid as and when required till the scheduled bid submission end date
and time. The bid submitted earlier will be replaced by the new one. The bid security submitted by
the bidder earlier will be used for revised bid and the new bid submission summary generated after
the successful submission of the revised bid will be considered for evaluation purposes. For
resubmission, the bidder shall first log in using their Login id and Password and subsequently by
their Digital Signature Certificate on the e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in. The bidder
should then select “My Bids” option in the Bid Submission menu. The page listing all the bids
submitted by the bidder will be displayed. Click “View” to see the details of the bid to be
resubmitted. After selecting the “Bid Resubmission” option, click “Encrypt & Upload” to upload
the revised bid documents by following the methodology provided in clauses 1.4 to 1.7.
4.5 The bidders can submit their revised bids as many times as possible by up loading their bid
documents within the schedule period for submission of e-bids.
4.6 No bid can be resubmitted subsequently after the period for submission of bids is over.

5- Bidders are advised to study the bid Document carefully. Submission of bids against the tender
notice shall be deemed to have been done after careful study and examination of the
procedures, terms and conditions stipulated in the bid Documents with full understanding of its

6- The bid document is available at e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in. Interested bidders

may view, download the bidding document, seek clarification and submit their bid online up to the
prescribed date and time through uploading on e-procurement website http://etender.up.nic.in.

7- The bidders are required to submit the cost of bidding document as stated above through
demand draft/ Banker’s cheque payable in the favour of Senior Accounts Officer, C.F.A. &
B.O., HTPS, Kasimpur by post/courier, prior to the scheduled date & time of opening of bid
failing which bid shall not be considered/opened.

8- All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security (EMD) in the form of Bank Guarantee in
prescribed proforma as per Annexure-VI or FDR/TDR of scheduled Bank which shall be duly
pledged in favor of Senior Accounts Officer, C.F.A. & B.O., HTPS, Kasimpur. The scanned copy
of bid document fee(Tender Cost), Earnest Money, Power of attorney must be up loaded
electronically alongwith all the bid documents. The original copy of bid document fee, EMD,
Power of Attorney made in the name of individual whom signed bid document digitally
through DSC & Validity Commitment in prescribed format as per Annexure-I on non judicial
stamp paper of Rs. 100.00 each should be furnished to the office of Superintending Engineer,

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Mechanical Maintenance Circle, Kasimpur, Aligarh before opening of Part “A” of submitted bid,
failing which the bid shall not be considered/ opened.

9- The bids shall be electronically opened in the presence of bidder’s representatives, who choose to
attend, at the prescribed venue, date and time mentioned above.

10- The Purchaser reserves the right to cancel any or all the bids/annul the bidding process
without assigning any reason thereof.

11- In the event of date specified for bids opening, being declared a holiday then the bid shall be
opened on next working day at schedule time.

12- All the required documents shall be submitted/ uploaded by the bidder electronically in the
PDF format. However, the Financial Bid should be submitted in the XLS format.

13- Quantity as mentioned in e-Tender Notice is tentative and may vary up to any extent (in both side
i.e.±) as per site requirement.

14- No deviation from the Technical specification & Technical Conditions shall be acceptable in
Technical part-‘B’ of Bid.

Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
‘D’ TPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

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Tenderer must have to full fill all the condition of PQC. Failing to fulfill this PQC Part-II of the
tenderer offer shall not be opened. The Part-I of offer must contain the following documents and the
entire submitted document shall be self attested with seal of the firm.

1. TENDER COST:- As mentioned in the Tender Notice the Tender cost has to be credited directly
in the HTPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh account as per Annexure-VI. The annexure –VI must be
uploaded & enclosed with hard copy after filling it completely.
2. EARNEST MONEY:- Earnest money has to credited directly in the HTPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh
account as per Annexure-VI. The annexure –VI must be uploaded & enclosed with hard copy
after filling it completely.
3. PAN CARD: Photo copy of PAN Card of the firm or proprietor as the case may be (In case of
single proprietor firm, PAN Card of the firm or proprietor and in case of a partnership firm or a
company, PAN Card of the firm). Copy of latest ITR should be enclosed.
4. G.S.T: Photocopy of the G.S.T. Registration Number must be uploaded and enclosed in hard copy.
Note:- G.S.T. shall be paid extra if required as per legally applicable. However firm have to
mention clearly that G.S.T. required extra (In Part-I), otherwise it will be consider that G.S.T.
is inclusive in the offered rates.

5. LABOUR LICENSE: Copy of Labour license/registration issued by DLC Aligarh, valid for work
in Harduaganj Thermal Power Station.

In case Labour license issued by any other DLC valid, then the firm shall submit the following
undertaking on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/- and shall comply with the same, in case LOI is
issued in his favour: “I/We shall submit Labour license issued by DLC Aligarh, valid for
Harduaganj Thermal Power Station within 10 days after issue of LOI, failing which LOI issued may
be canceled and any penalty imposed by UPRVUNL shall be acceptable”.

6. EPF: E.P.F. Registration Code No. dully issued by EPF office. Tenderer must submit Form -23 in
connection with EPF Deduction in favour of their labour during any of the last three financial years
along with latest Form -3A with receipt of EPF office.
7. Partnership deed: Proprietorship declaration/Partnership deed/Certificate of Registration and
Memorandum of Association (in case of registered companies).
8. Turn Over: Financial turnover of the firm during the last 3 years issued by the Bank. Average
annual financial turnover during the last 3 years, ending 31st March 2018 should be at least 30% of
the estimated cost of the tender.
9. Experience: Copy of LOI / Agreement of having the “on line setting of floating pressure of
safety valves by Trevi test method recommended by IBR through hydraulic operated
machine” in 200MW or higher capacity plant to be considered as proof regarding having same
type of work during last 7 year ending last day of month previous to the month of opening of
Tender Part-I, satisfying either of the following:
a) Three same type completed works each costing not less than the amount equal to 40% of the
estimated cost.

b) Two same type completed work each costing not less than the amount equal to 50% of the
estimated cost.

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c) One same type completed work costing not less than the amount equal to 80% of the estimated
10. Declaration on Non Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs 10/- in the prescribed proforma (Annexure –II)
11. Validity: The agreement on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 100/- or as applicable from time to
time regarding validity of offer on prescribed proforma with the signature of two witnesses
specifying name, profession and complete postal address of tenderers as well as witnesses.
(Annexure –I)
12. Character Certificate: Character certificate of Proprietor / Partner for participating in the tender of
Proprietor / Partners Issued by District Magistrate/Superintendent of police.

In the case Firm Proprietor/Partners have applied for making/Renew of Characters Certificates
Proprietor/Partners have to submit affidavit on Rs. 100.00 that:

“I/WE have applied for Characters Certificates and will submit it within 10days from the issue of
LOI. In the case I/WE are not able to submit within due period UPRVUNL is free to take any action
including rejection the bid at any stage. (Annexure –III)

13. The tendered shall ensure to submit duly signed copy of tended specification and the documents to
be submitted for the prequalification in part-I of the offer.
14. Authority letter in favor of the person filling /signing the tender documents.
15. Declaration about House & water Bill as per (Annexure –IV)
16. The firm shall submit the following undertaking on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/-(in encl
(a)Declaring that none of his /their relation is working in the Nigam as enclosed proforma.
(b) The firm deducts and deposit EPF in the office of Assistant Commissioner, EPF/State bank of India
of their employee along with name and list of employee.
(c)The firm must pay salary of their employee by cheque and proofs in this regard submit in office.
17. Technical Particular with respect to any deviation from technical specifications, terms & conditions
or any other details given in the tender specifications must be clearly mention in Part-I. Part II of
tender shall not be opened if prequalifying conditions of tender will not be full filled by the
tenderer in part I. The Executive Engineer concerned reserved the right to accept or reject any
tender without assigning reason what so ever thereof.
18. Copy of group Insurance of their employee.

Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
‘D’ TPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

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1. QUOTED PRICE: Price quoted will be FOR HTPS, Kasimpur and shall remain FIRM till execution of
the order.
2. PAYMENT: Payment shall be released against bill for the work done submitted by contractor on the
basis of agreement after necessary deduction of Income Tax at notified rate plus surcharge, if any,
security, penalty (if any), levies (if any) etc. However the payments shall be release within reasonable
time under rules on submission of running bill by the contractor. But the delay in releasing the payment to
the contractor shall not form any basis for delay salary payment to the labour by the contractor. No
interest shall be payable on delayed payment to the contractor. Contractor shall also provide their account
no to the division at the time of issuing LOI and copy of same to the account div.
3. G.S.T. : G.S.T. shall be paid Extra if required separately and it should be mentioned separately in the
offer otherwise it will consider that G.S.T is inclusive in the offered rate.
4. As per Section 171 of CGST Act-2017, Any Reduction in rate of Tax on any supply of goods or
services or the benefit of input tax credit shall be passed on to the recipient by way of
commensurate reduction in prices to UPRVUNL. Hence Supplier / Manufacturer is subject to
scrutiny under the above section.
5. INCOME TAX: It will be deducted as per rules at the applicable rate.
6. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Upon acceptance of tender, the successful tenderer shall deposit such
additional sum which together with earnest money already deposited at the time of submission of
tender in the form of DD/DAC/CDR/FDR/ of any scheduled Bank or NSC ‘OR’ Bank Guarantee in
favour of Senior Account Officer, CFA&BO, HTPS, Kasimpur (if the amount exceeds Rs. 5000.00).
Such BG should be valid for the entire period of contract plus three months after the expiry of such
contract to form the initial security deposit within two weeks after the issue of LOI. or 10% of the
payments shall be deducted as security money from the running bills of the contractor.
7. TIME OF COMPLETION: The agreement for the above work will be executed for 12 months and
can be enhanced up to maximum period of 03 months as per requirement on the same rates, terms &
a) If found that work is not progressing satisfactorily or is not likely to be completed within the
stipulated time, because of failure of the contractor, in case of any irregularity on the part of the
contractor ; the Nigam may impose the penalty as specified and or forfeit security deposit at specific
amount as penalty. The UPRVUNL management/Engineer of Contract shall have the right for
termination of the contract after a notice of one week in writing and to award the work to any other
agency at the risk and cost of contractor.
b) On cancellation of the contract in full or in part, the Engineer of Contract shall determine what
amount, if any, is recoverable from the contractor for completion of works or part of the works. In
determining such amount, credit may be given to the contractor for the value of the work executed
by him up to the cancellation.
c) Any excess expenditure incurred or to be incurred by the Nigam for completion of the work or part
of the works, excess loss or damages suffered or may be suffered by the Nigam as aforesaid after
allowing such credit; shall be recovered from any money due to the contractor on any account and if
such money is not sufficient, the contractor shall be called upon in writing to pay the same within 30
d) The Engineer in charge of Contact shall on such cancellation have right to get the incomplete work
carried out by any means on the risk & cost of the contractor.
9. ENGINEER OF CONTRACT: Executive Engineer of concerned Division will be the engineer of
contract for execution, time frame, quality & bill verification for the allotted portion of work,
10. ENGINEER’S DECISION: To prevent disputes and litigation it shall be accepted as inseparable
part of the contract that in matters regarding material, workmanship, renewal of improper work,
interpretation of contract drawings and contract specifications, made of procedure and the carrying

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out of the work; the decision of the Engineer in charge of Contract shall be final and binding on the
contractor and in any technical question which may arise during the contract, the Engineer of
Contract’ s decision shall be final and conclusive.
11. AWARD OF CONTRACT: The purchaser does not pledge to accept the lowest or any tender and
reserves the right to accept the whole or any part of any tender as he may think fit without assigning
any reason thereof, No tender should be deemed to have been accepted unless such acceptance is
notified in writing to the tenderer by the purchaser.
12. SECURITY MONEY RELEASED : The security money shall be released after 03(Three) months
of the completion period of the agreement but if the contractor fails to perform the work
successfully or discontinues the work before completion of the period or the agreement work is
discontinued by the department due to poor performance, the security money shall be forfeited.
13. T&P AND CONSUMABLES: All the T&P and Consumables for doing the works required for the
completion of job shall be arranged by the contractor without any extra charge payable by the
Nigam. Only electricity, air & water shall be provided by the Nigam free of cost.
14. SPARES PARTS: All spares shall be provided by the Department free of cost.
15. ELECTRICITY: The electric power for the welding machine and for the arrangement of supply
point for light at the place of work will be supplied by the department free of cost at one point inside
the power house.
16. TRANSPORTATION: The contractor has to make his own arrangement for the shifting of man &
materials T&P etc. from his site/Nigam’s site store to the site of work, Also, the scrap material or
defective material will have to be returned to the Nigam’s site store by the Contractor. The
contractor shall carry out the same at his own cost.
17. CLEANING: If for attending the fault, cleaning of the place is required, contractor has to make his
own arrangement for the same at his own cost. After attending the fault, the place has to be cleaned
by contractor at no extra cost.
18. SUB-LETTING OF THE CONTRACT: The Contractor shall not, without the consent in writing
of the Engineer, which shall not be unreasonably with held, assign or sublet his Contract, or any
substantial part thereof, other than for raw materials, for minor details, or for any part of the work of
which the makers are named in contract, provided that any such consent shall not relieve the
contractor from any obligation, duty or responsibility under the Contract.
19. DURATION OF WORK: The duration of work/job will be intimated while issuing the work/job
indents and work/job has to be completed within the specified period as desired by AE/JE/ Engineer
of contract.
• The contractor may be required to deploy sufficient manpower as per site requirement and complete
all of them in minimum possible time as per instruction and satisfaction of Engineer of Contract.
• All documentary requirements for timely issue of gate passes to the labours/ vehicles engaged for
execution of the work shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor. The contractor shall have to
ensure that the vehicle/vehicles engaged by him has/have valid papers regarding registration,
insurance etc.
21. PROCEDURE OF DOING WORK: Separate work indent on the basis of agreement will be
issued by the engineer in charge of contract for carrying out the work. The work shall have to be
started by the contractor as per the instruction of Engineer-In-Charge or his authorized
representative at any time on working day, on holiday or after office hours, shall be confirmed by
post dated indent. The indent will indicate the date / time of start of work, details of work and
scheduled time of completion of work as per contract. The total time allowed by the Engineer -in -
Charge will be final & binding to the contractor He has authority to stop the work whenever such
stoppage is necessary to ensure the proper execution of the contract. He shall also have authority to
reject all works or part thereof and give necessary direction to carry out work again to his
satisfaction. No claim whatsoever on this account will be entertained. In case the contractor fails to
do the extra / substituted work, Engineer-in-Charge will have the right to get the work done through
another agency at the risk & cost of the contractor.

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22. SUBMISSION OF BILLS: The contractor shall submit final bill in triplicate in the forms
approved by the Engineer of Contract/Nigam supported with the labour payment wage sheet of the
said period of the work of the bill. No bill without the paid wage sheet for the subsequent period of
work will be accepted for the payment. Final bill shall be submitted by the contractor after
completion of contract period/expiry of job in case contract is terminated earlier due to any reason
what so ever. The contractor has to ensure bonus payment, EPF deductions etc. in respect of their
labours engaged to carry out the work timely and in line with the prevailing labour laws. The final
bill of the firm shall be processed only when the contractor submits the documentary evidences to
this effect.
23. Responsible persons i.e. supervisors or any other persons shall have to be deputed by the contractor
at the site, who will receive the instructions for the work execution from A.E maintenance/JE
maintenance or Engineer of Contract.
• All the safety rules and regulations shall be followed by the contractor at his own cost during the
execution of work or agreement to avoid any miss-happening, accident, fire etc.
• Contractor has to prepare himself to start work at the notice of 8 hrs. and may have to work
continuously for the smooth running of the equipment/plant as per site requirement.
• The work shall have to be attended within minimum possible time.
• The contractor will have no right to claim idle labour charges in case of no works assigned to him.
24. INSPECTION OF WORK: Inspection will be done by the Nigam representative / Engineer of
Contract if work is not found up to the mark, the same has to be done again without any extra cost.
A separate instruction and work register in duplicate shall be maintained by the contractor for the
works being carried out by him. He will also obtain the signature of the authorized representative of
Nigam issuing the instructions to carry out the different works. Finally the register will be submitted
along with the running bill for record in the office of the Engineer of Contract. The register shall
also be signed by the contractor. The works which are not of regular nature one indent will be given
by AE concerned to carry out such works. However, the working priorities will be intimated by the
Engineer in charge of Contact separately. Details of the work executed by the contractor will be
maintained in his own register and will be checked by concerned JE/AE of the division during
execution of work and after work these registers will be the property of Nigam.

(a) The contractor shall comply with the provisions of all labour laws applicable in particular comply
with provision of the contract (Regulation & Abolition Act, Minimum Wages Act. Workman's
Compensation Act etc.). He shall also comply with the provisions: and revision made thereof of
The Factory.
(b) Act/Rules, the Contract Labour Act, the EPF Act/Rules. The' contractor must prepare all required
statements/registers etc. and keep record of them as per provisions made in the related Act/Rules
and shall be bound to produce whenever demanded so.
(c) The contractor shall at all time indemnify the HTPS against all claims, damages or compensation
under the provisions of payment of wages act, 1936, Minimum Wages Act, 1948, Employer's
Liability Act, 1938, The Workman's Compensation Act, 1923, Industrial Dispute Act, 1946 & the
Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 or any modification therein or any other law relating thereto & rules
made there under from time to time or as a consequence of any accident or injury to any of his
(d) The contractor shall prove to Engineer of contract from time to time that contractor has taken out
all the insurance policies related to his labour & have paid the necessary premiums for keeping the
policies alive.
(e) The contractor shall be fully responsible and bound to comply with the provision of the labour laws
in force in the state of Uttar Pradesh or any amendment there of which may be passed time to time
by the Competent Authority.
(f) The contractor must pay wages to his labour at a rate not less than the rates prescribed/revised time
to time as per UP Govt. UPRVUNL rules and photo copy of payment sheet shall be submitted latest

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by 07th of the subsequent month without which contractors bill for payment shall not be processed.
The contractor shall keep attendance and leave record on prescribed Form No. 12 & 14 and shall
produce monthly along with running bill.
(g) The contractor must maintain attendance of his laborers as per provision of factory rules. The
contractor will also be required to submit photocopy of payment sheet of each month of the
subsequent month along with proof of deposition of EPF contribution failing which his bill for
subsequent month may not be processed and payment may not be released and if this condition
persist for consecutive two months, then action as deemed fit against the contractor shall be
initiated which also include termination of the contract.
(h) If any liability at any stage is created due to non-compliance of above Acts/Rules, then it will
recovered from contractor's pending bill or security lying in this division or any other division of
HTPS or at any project of UPRVUNL and/or by the other legal means.
(i) If labour is engaged by the contractor on National Holiday, the wages for the same day shall be
paid by the contractor as applicable
26. SAFETY RULES: Contractor shall have to comply with all the provisions of safety rules. In case
of any serious accident or direct losses to the corporation/ threatens to cause severe consequences
heavy penalty may be imposed including suspension/termination of the contract.
i- For any accident of the contractor’s labour, contractor has to pay compensation to the labour
as per factory act/Labour act/as per workmen’s compensation act. Department/Nigam will
not be responsible for any such payment whatsoever
ii- lafonkdkj }kjk fu;ksftr fd;s tkus okys lafonk dfeZ;ksa dh ?kkrd nq?kZVuk ls e`R;q gksus ij
;fn e`rd lafonk dfeZ;ksa ds ifjtuksa dks dksbZ rkRdkfyd vuqxzg jkf”k m0ç0 jkT; fo|qr
mRiknu fuxe@gjnqvkxat rkih; ifj;kstuk ds }kjk Hkqxrku dh tkrh gS rks lafonkdkj dh
;g ftEesnkjh gksxh fd og bl vuqxzg jkf”k dks m0ç0 jkT; fo|qr mRiknu fuxe@gjnqvkxat
rkih; ifj;kstuk@lEcfU/kr [k.M ds [kkrs esa 120 fnu ds vUnj tek djkuk lqfuf”pr djsxk
vU;Fkk lafonkdkj ds chtdksa ls nh x;h vuqxzg jkf”k lek;ksftr dj yh tk;sxhA
iii- mijksDr gsrq lafonkdkj dk ;g nkf;Ro gksxk fd fu;ksftr Jfedksa dk :0 5-00 yk[k dk chek
lkewfgd :Ik ls djk;s rFkk ;g chek fcuk czsd gq;s Vs.Mj dh iwjh vof/k rd tkjh jgsA
28. BEHAVIOUR: The behavior of the contractor or his workers should be good with Nigam’ s
officer/staff. For any misbehavior of the contractor’ s workers, the contractor has to remove that
worker from the site at once and the loss due to misbehavior incurred, if any, has to be recovered
from the contractor’ s bills. For the misbehavior of the contractor, the Engineer of Contract reserves
the full right to cancel the agreement at once without giving any notice to him.
29. PENALTY: For delay in completion of work, a Penalty @ Rs. ½% per week subject to
maximum up to 10% of total value of ordered value
30. CORRESPONDENCE AND NOTICES: “The Engineer shall ordinarily correspond with
Tenderer/Contractor at the address furnished by the Tenderer/contractor. Any notice to be sent to the
Tenderer/ contractor by the Nigam shall be sent on the address of the Tenderer / contractor
furnished by him during tender or as intimated by him. As such, notice so sent shall be deemed as
good, service and any time required to commence shall be counted from the date on which the
notice should have been served on the Tenderer/contractor in the ordinary course”
31. MINIMUM WAGE: Contractor will have to pay the Wages and Holidays etc. to his workers as per
Minimum Wages Act and other Labour Laws. The wages to the workers of the contractor shall be
made in shape of cheque in the presence of concerned AE/JE/Labour Welfare Officer. On demand,
the daily attendance register, EPF deposit receipt, labour payment register will have to be shown by
the contractor to the concerned JE/AE/ EE of work.
32. DAMAGES DUE TO NEGLIENCE: In the event of any damage occurring to any work, property
of Nigam or any person due to negligence on the part of the contractor or his labour, the contractor
shall be solely responsible and must reconstruct, repair and make good any such damages at his own
expense to the full satisfaction of the Engineer of contract. No claim shall be entertained for idle
labour due to strike, lock out etc. beyond the control of Nigam All suitable precautions will have to

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be taken by the contractor to avoid any accident / Miss-happening etc.
33. JURISDICTION: All legal proceedings in connection with contract shall be subject to the
territorial jurisdiction of local courts at ALIGARH (UP).
34. ARBITRATION: All cases of disputes or disagreements between the parties arising out for the
settlement of the differences, the matter shall be finally settled by the Arbitrator appointed by the
Chairman/ Managing Director, UPRVUNL & the disputes will be dealt in accordance with
provision of the Arbitrator & Conciliation Act, 1996.
• Contractor must have produce list of manpower with EPF no allotted to them for issuance
of Gate Pass.

• Contractor will have to submit list of man power hired and EPF No. allotted to them. Contractor has
also to produce acknowledgement copy of submission of form-02 & Form-05. In case contractor has
not submitted these forms, he has to submit undertaking that he will submit these documents within
one month.
• Contractor must deduct EPF amount of their hired manpower and should have ensured to fill
form-13A after completion of work.

• Contractor has to submit form-3A & Form-6A duly attested by Executive Engineer of
concerned division in the office of welfare officer after each financial year.

• Contractor shall have to produce copy of annual return filed with EPF department at the end of
currency period and proof of depositing service tax (which is paid by the Nigam along with his
monthly bills, if required separately) to the concerned department. If the Contractor fails or neglect
to observe or perform any of his obligations under the contract, it will be lawful for the UPRVUNL
to forfeit (either in whole or in part at its absolute discretion) the security deposit furnished by the
Contractor. No Interest shall be payable on such deposit.
• Payment shall be done only after submission of these documents.
36. GENIUENITY OF DOCUMENTS: If, after agreement for the work is made, it comes to the
knowledge of the undersigned that fake documents have been used to obtain the contractor, or, if it
comes to knowledge that the concerned contractor is involved in mafia activities, or, that the
concerned contractor has intimidated the concerned tenderer or stopped them from participating in
the tender process, then in that case, the project management shall have the right to terminate the
contract and the loss to the project on account of the same, shall be the responsibility for the
concerned contractor and action for re tendering for the concerned work shall be taken.
37. MEDICAL CARE: The contractor shall be fully responsible for any first aid & emergency medical
treatment to his employee’s necessary arrangement for this purpose shall be made by the contractor at
site at his own cost.
38. All other terms & conditions shall be as per Form-A (General condition of contract for the supply of
plant and the execution of works) of UPRVUNL. In case of any conflict among the various clauses/
provisions laid down in tender document, the clauses/provisions of Special terms & conditions,
Instructions to Tenderers and General terms & conditions shall prevail in the order of precedence.
39. If the Nigam suffers any loss due to infringement of the condition mentioned in the work order the
same will be recovered from any of the firms pending bills in Nigam and work order may be
cancelled at any stage without any prior intimation to the firm.

Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
‘D’ TPS, Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

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dk;Z vuqcfU/kr gksus ds Ik”pkr
(i) lafonkdkj vius }kjk fu;ksftr Jfedksa dh vius ewY; ij dh x;h nq?kZVuk chek ls lEcfU/kr vfHkys[k] vfHk;Urk
dks izLrqr djsaxs rnksijkUr dk;Z lEiknu ds fy, lafonk Jfedksa ds xsV ikl cukus dh laLrqfr dh tk;sxhA
(ii) lafonkdkj vius fu;ksftr lafonk Jfedksa@dkfeZdksa dh U;wure etnwjh dk Hkqxrku izR;sd ekg psd }kjk gh
djsaxsA pSd }kjk Hkqxrku u djus dh n”kk esa fuxe }kjk vuqcU/k lekIr fd;k tk ldrk gS ftlds fy,
lafonkdkj Lo;a mRrj nk;h gksxkA ;fn lafonkdkj }kjk fu;ksftr lafonk Jfedksa }kjk U;wure etnwjh Hkqxrku u
fd;s tkus dh fyf[kr f’kdk;r izkIr gksrh gS rks mu lafonk Jfed@Jfedksa dks lafonkdkj }kjk de Hkqxrku dh
x;h jkf’k dks lafonkdkj ds chtd ls dkVdj mi Jek;qDr ] vyhx<+ ds ikl Jfedksa dks Hkqxrku fd;s tkus gsrq
tek dj fn;k tk;sxkA
(iii) lafonkdkj vius fu;ksftr lafonk Jfedksa@dkfeZdksa dh etnwjh ls mlds etnwjh dk 12 izfr’kr /kujkf’k
bZ0ih0,Q0 dVkSrh ds en esa dkfeZdksa ds va’knku ds #i esa rFkk 13-61 izfr’kr /kujkf’k fu;ksDrk ¼lafonkdkj½ ds
va’knku ds #i esa Lo;a ds /ku ls vfuok;Z #i ls dVkSrh dj nksuksa va’knku dh /kujkf’k ¼12$13-61¾25-61
izfr’kr½ pkyku ds ek/;e ls lgk;d deZpkjh Hkfo"; fuf/k vk;qDr] {ks=h; dk;kZy;] vkxjk ds i{k esa tek
djsxkA rnksijkUr gh chtdksa dks ikl fd;k tk;sxkA
(iv) lafonkdkj dks vfUre Hkqxrku o /kjksgj /kujkf’k dk Hkqxrku rHkh fd;k tk;sxk tc og mi Jek;qDr dk;kZy;]
vyhx<+ o lgk;d deZpkjh Hkfo"; fuf/k vk;qDr] {ks=h; dk;kZy;] vkxjk ls bl vk’k; dk izek.k&i= fy[kokdj
yk;saxs fd lEcfU/kr lafonkdkj ds fo#) u gh fdlh izdkj dk dksbZ cdk;k ns; gS vkSj u gh dksbZ okn muds
dk;kZy;@U;k;ky; esa yfEcr gSA
(v) lafonkdkj lafonk Je ¼fofu;e ,oa mRiknu½ vf/kfu;e 1970 o lifBr m0iz0 lafonk Je ¼fofu;e ,oa mRiknu½
fu;ekoyh 1975 ds fofHkUu izkfo/kkuksa ds vuqikyu esa fuEu vfuok;Z dk;Zokgh Hkh vo’; lqfuf’pr djsaxs %&
d- o;Ld lafonk Jfedksa dk jftLVj izi=&12 izLrqr djsaxsA
[k- lafonkdkj vius fu;ksftr dkfeZdksa dh ,d iaftdk vo’; cuk;saxs ftlesa izR;sd dk iw.kZ v|ru fooj.k
vyx&vyx i`"Bksa ij izi=&13 ds izk#i esa vo’; Hkj dj j[ksaxsA
x- dkfeZdksa ds lsok;kstu dkMZ izi=&14 ds izk#i esa cukdj dkfeZdksa dks nsaxsA mDr dkMZ dh ,d izfr os
[k.M ds vf/k’kklh vfHk;Urk] dkj[kkuk izcU/kd o dY;k.k vf/kdkjh dks vo’; miyC/k djk;saxsA
?k- lafonk Jfedksa ds ukfeuh dk izek.k&i=] izi=&16 iw.kZ #i ls Hkjokdj nsaxsA
M+- lafonk Jfedksa ds etnwjh dk Hkqxrku izi=&17 ij gh djsaxsA
p- etnwjh iphZ izi=&19 ds izk#i esa cukdj izR;sd dkfeZd dks etnwjh Hkqxrku djus ds nks fnu iwoZA
N- izR;sd lafonkdkj o"kZ ds 30 twu o 31 fnlEcj ds iwoZ vius QeZ dk vyx&vyx vf/kokf"kZd fjiksVZ
izi=&24 ds izk#i esa dk;kZy; mi Jek;qDr] vyhx<+ rFkk ,d izfr dkj[kkuk izcU/kd o dY;k.k
vf/kdkjh] gjnqvkxat rkih; ifj;kstuk ] dkfleiqj] vyhx<+ dks vo’; izsf"kr djsaxs rkfd iz/kku fu;kstd
}kjk Hkh okf"kZd fjiksVZ fu/kkZfjr frfFk 15 tuojh ds iwoZ mDr dk;kZy; dks izsf"kr dh tk ldsA


On line setting of floating pressure of safety valves by Trevi test method of boiler No. 8 & 9, 2x250MW
& Unit # 7 of HTPS, Kasimpur.

Superintending Engineer
Operation & Maintenance Circle-II
‘D’ TPS Kasimpur, Aligarh, U.P.

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(On a non Judicial stamp of Rs.-100/- plus Re.1/- revenue stamp)




2. e-Tender Number

3. Name of Work

Name of the Tenderer
4. ----------------------------------------------------------
(Name of the Firm)

In consideration of U P Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd., having treated the tenderer to be eligible person whose tender
may be considered, the tenderer herby agrees to the condition that its offer shall remain firm & valid for Four Months w. e. f.
the date of opening of Part-II of the tender bids. The tenderer also agrees to the condition that if the tenderer does withdraw
his proposal within the said period of four months or during the period of execution / completion of the work, the Earnest
money deposited by him, may be forfeited to the U P Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd., at the discretion of the latter.

Place: Seal & Signature

Name of Proprietor/Authorised Person -----------------------------------------------

Name of Firm ----------------------------------------------------------

Address of Firm ----------------------------------------------------------





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'kiFk &i=

¼10 :i;s ds ukWu&twfMf”k;y LVkWEi ij½

eS-----------------------------------------------------------------firk dk uke-----------------------------------------------irk---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------dk@dh

fuoklh “kiFk iwoZd c;ku djrk@djrh gWw fd%

1- ¼d½ eSa QeZ eS0-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------irk----------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------dk@dh

,dek= Lokeh gwa rFkk blesa esjk@esjh dksbZ lk>hnkj ugha gSA

¼[k½ eS0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------irk------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ gekjh

,d lk>hnkj QeZ gS rFkk eS bldk@bldh vf/kd`r izfrfuf/k gWw ftlls lEcfU/kr izkf/kdkj&i= eaS viuh fufonk ds lkFk vyx ls izLrqr
dj jgk gWaWwA

¼x½ eS0-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------irk-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
gekjh ,d jftLVMZ dEiuh gS rFkk eS bldk@bldh vf/kd`r izfrfuf/k gWaw ftlls lEcfU/kr izkf/kdkj&i= es viuh fufonk ds lkFk vyx ls
izLrqr dj jgk gWwA

2- ¼d½ m0iz0jk0fo0m0fu0fy0 esa esjk@esjh@gekjk dksbZ Hkh fj”rsnkj dk;Zjr ugha gSA

¼[k½ m0iz0jk0fo0m0fu0fy0 esa esjk@esjh@gekjk@gekjs fj”rsnkj dk;Zjr gS@gSa ftldk@ftudk fooj.k fuEuor gS%

uke---------------------------------------------------------------------------- firk dk uke -------------------------------------------------------------------

inuke---------------------------------------------------------------------- foHkkx dk uke ----------------------------------------------------------------

3- eSa@ge vius fu;ksftr lafonk Jfedks@dkfeZdks dh U;wure etnwjh dk Hkqxrku izR;sd ekg psd }kjk d:Waxk@d:Waxh@djsaxsA esjs@gekjs
}kjk pSd ls Hkqxrku u djus dh n”kk es fuxe }kjk esjk@gekjk vuqcU/k lekIr fd;k tk ldrk gS ftlds fy, eS@ a ge Lo;a mRrjnk;h

4- eS@ge lafonk Je ¼fofu;e ,ao mUuewyu½ vf/kfu;e] 1970 o lifBr m0iz0 lafonk Je ¼fofu;e ,oa mUuewyu½ fu;ekorh 1970 ds
leLr izkfo/kkuks dk leqfpr :i ls vuqikyu d:Waxk@d:Waxh@djsaxs rFkk vuqikyu u gksus dh n’kk esa fu;kstd }kjk esjs@gekjs fo:} dh
x;h dksbZ Hkh dk;Zokgh eq>s@gesa ekU; gksxhA

5- esjs }kjk fufonk esa tek fd;s x;s lHkh izi= fof/klEer ,oa oS| gSA izi=ksa esa fdlh izdkj dk eSuhiqys”ku ugha fd;k x;k gSA eSuhiqys”ku
dh n”kk esa vFkok voS/k izi= tek djus ij eS Lo;a ftEesnkj gwxk ,oa foHkkx esjs f[kykQ tks Hkh dk;Zokgh djsxh eq>s Lohdk;Z gksxkA


QeZ ds izfrfuf/k dk uke o eqgj

nks lk{kh ds gLrk{kj ¼uke o irk lfgr½



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(This affidavit has to submit only in the case character certificates has expired and Firm Proprietor / Partners have
applied for making Characters Certificate in that case Proprietor/Partners will have to submit affidavit on Rs.
100.00 in the following format.)

(On a non Judicial stamp of Rs.-100/- plus Re.1/- revenue stamp)

I/we have applied for making of Character certificated and will submit it within 10 days from the date of issue of
LOI. Failing to submit valid character certificate within due time UPRVUNL will be free to take any action
against me/us and LOI & agreement may be cancelled.


Place: Seal & Signature

Name of Proprietor/Authorised Person ---------------------------------------

Name of Firm ----------------------------------------------------------






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fufonkdkj }kjk fufonk izi= ds lkFk tek fd;s tkus gsrq izek.k&i=

1- eS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------uke izekf.kr djrk gWa fd esjh bl QeZ vFkok ,slh dksbZ Hkh QeZ ftldk eS

lgHkkxh@ekfyd gWw vFkok esjs Lo;a dk fuxe ds vkokl la0-------------------------------------------dk fdjk;k vkSj fo|qr ’kqYd ekg--------------------------------

-------rd dk tek fd;k tk pqdk gS rFkk blds izek.k gsrq lEcfU/kr vuqj{k.k [k.Mksa ¼fo|qr tkuin vuqj{k.k [k.M&çFke *n* rkfox`]

fo|qr tkuin vuqj{k.k [k.M&f}rh; çFke *n* rkfox`½ ,oa fo|qr vuqj{k.k [k.M&r`rh; çFke *n* rkfox` ls izkIr vns;rk izek.k i=

layXu gSA

2- esjh bl QeZ vFkok ,slh dksbZ Hkh QeZ ftldk eS lgHkkxh@ekfyd gWw vFkok esjs Lo;a ds uke ls gjnqvkxat rkih; ifj;kstuk esa

dksbZ vkokl@tehu u rks vokafVr gS ,oa u gh ifj;kstuk ds fdlh vkokl@tehu esa voS/k :Ik ls jgrk gWawA

;fn mijksDr izek.k&i= esa fdlh izdkj dh vlR;rk ik;h tkrh gS rks foHkkx esjk orZeku vuqcU/k lekIr dj ldrk gSA

fnukad ---------------------------------------


QeZ ds izfrfuf/k dk uke o eqgj

uksV%& dzekad 01 ls 02 esa tks ykxw u gks mls dkV nsaA

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QeZ@Bsdsnkj }kjk ;g izi= foHkkx }kjk fuxZr fufonk ls vyx dj Hkkx&1
Hkkx&1 ds lkFk tek fd;k tkuk
uf”pr fd;k tk;sA
1& ¼v½ QeZ dk uke %------------------------------------------------------------------
¼c½ ekfyd dk uke %------------------------------------------------------------------
2& ¼l½ firk dk uke %------------------------------------------------------------------
¼n½ lk>hnkj dk uke 1&--------------------------------------------------------------
3& LFkk;h irk&
1& edku la0& -----------------------------
2& xkWao@eksgYyk& -----------------------------
3& Mkd/kj & -----------------------------
4& Fkkuk & -----------------------------
5& ftyk& -----------------------------
6& fiu dksM+ la0 -----------------------------

7& Mob. No./nwjHkk"k la0& -----------------------------

4& i=kpkj gsrq irk& ----------------------------------------------------------

vf/kd`r izfrfuf/k

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Annexure:- VI

bZ&fUkfOknk Lka[;k bZ0Vh0………../ch0,e0Mh0&A@*n*rkfox`@vks0,.M,e0lh0&AA@18&19 ds vURkZxRk vkj0Vh0th0,Lk0 fd;ss tkus okYkh

fUkfonk ewY; ,oa /kjkssgj jkf'k dk fooj.k Tkks fd QeZ }kjk iw.kZ#i Lks Hkjdj Tkek fd;k TkkUkk vfUkok;Z gSA

bZ&fUkfOknk Lka[;k++
m0iz0jk0fo0m0fUk0fYk0 dk [kkRkk Lka[;k

cSad dk UkkEk % HkkjRkh; LVsV cSad

'kk[kk % dkkfLkEkIkqj
[kkRkk Lka[;k++ % 11264105069

vkÃ0,Q0,Lk0Lkh0d®M % SBIN0001364

[kkRkk /kkjd dk UkkEk % SAO, EPAD, UPRVUNL, Kasimpur

QeZ dk UkkEk % ………………………………….

fUkfonk ewY; % : …………………………………

;w0Vh0vkj0 Lka[;k++ % ……………………………………..

Tkek djus dk fnUkkad %.......................................................

/kjkssgj jkf'k %.......................................................

Tkek djus dk fnUkkad %.......................................................

;w0Vh0vkj0 Lka[;k++ %.......................................................

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