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K R I S T E N' S C O L L E C T I O N
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Archive name: chloe.txt (MF, org, inc)

Authors name: Michael Schumann (fictioneer@indiatimes.com)
Story title : Chloe
This work is copyrighted to the author © 2003. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
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"free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites.
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Chloe (MF, org, inc)
by Michael Schumann (fictioneer@indiatimes.com)
Slutty teen sisters try out the new boy next door. So
does everybody else. Originally written as "The
Sisters Next Door" for a publisher who neglected to
pay me for it (I just hate when that happens), this
has been extensively revised and expanded for the
Internet-only publication.
Pirated texts of "Chloe" have been available under
a different title, both free and for-pay, but it's
presented to you here with the compliments of the
author, in a definitive version.
Chloë Parsons thought she had fucking died and gone
straight to heaven! She fluffed her blonde hair, using
her reflection in the microwave door glass, and she
went out the kitchen door into the backyard. Her tits
heaved provocatively, and the nipples made pointy
erections in the front of her t-shirt.
"Hi," she said. "You must be new in the neighborhood!"
The boy who was standing on the back porch of the house
next door just smiled. His teeth were dazzling. Chloë
felt her cunt beginning to drip into her panties.
There really was a God, she thought.
"Friendly neighborhood," the boy replied. His voice
was deep and smooth. He was older than he looked, too,
Chloë thought. Eighteen, maybe. Well, she did like
older men!
Oh, Christ, he was stone fucking gorgeous! She leaned
against the fence, tantalizing her nipples by rubbing
sideways in slow motion. He came down off the porch,
moving toward her in a limber, sexy walk. Oh, he knew
he had it, all right, and he was showing it all off,
He wasn't that tall -- five-nine, maybe, but he looked
much bigger. Slim-built, and giving the impression of
size, with a head full of dark curly hair and a
gorgeous tan. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and the silky
fine hairs on his chest glistened in the sunlight. His
brown eyes seemed to smolder, and he was giving Chloë
the once-over. Even better, he was obviously liking
what he saw.
She straightened up, pushing her tits outward a little
-- just enough to emphasize the sweet round cupcakes
and their pointy erect tips. She stroked her hair,
fluffing it again, and she opened her blue eyes widely,
batting them with what she hoped was an irresistibly
seductive come-on. He came on.
"My name's Dwayne," he told her. Dwayne had always
seemed a really nerdy name to Chloë before, but looking
up at him, across the fence, she changed her mind fast.
"I'm staying here this summer, with my aunt," he added,
resting his hand atop the fence. Chloë looked down at
his fingers, imagining them curved around the swelling
apple of her tit.
"Oh," she said. "You're Joanna's nephew, then?" She
didn't know Joanna Murphy all that well. The lady next
door worked with Chloë's mom, sure. Chloë had never
felt any need to make friends with her. But if their
neighbor could possibly be aunt to such a fucking hunk
as Dwayne, then it was incumbent on Chloë to get much
better acquainted!
Dwayne nodded. "Yeah," he said. "The old home town
got too hot for me, so I'm banished up here for a
while. Aunt Jo got me a job, and I'm just hanging
around till I start work, you know?"
"Well, I'm Chloë," the little blonde replied. "That's
with a dieresis." He gave her a blank stare. Guys
always did when she used that come-on line. She
decided to junk it from her repertoire. Too bad.
Belinda could get away with it, but Belinda wouldn't
know a dieresis if one bit her on the ass -- damn near
the only thing that had never done so yet! Belinda
could get away with fucking near anything, but Belinda
wasn't here right now, was she?
Chloë glanced down at the front of his pants. Oh,
sweet Christ! she thought. The faded, stonewashed
denim clung boldly to the shape of his dick, outlining
it in breathtaking clarity. Chloë felt her knees grow
wobbly. She had never felt so much in need of a good
hard fucking as she did right now, eating Dwayne with
her eyes. She knew he couldn't tell a dieresis from an
umlaut, but she intended to make damn sure he didn't
forget her name.
"Well," she told him, her throat dry with nervousness,
"why don't you let me buy you a drink, since you're new
in the neighborhood? I was just getting a Coke, and I
know there's another in the 'fridge. Bet you're
thirsty, on such a hot day."
"Yeah," he said, "I am kinda thirsty ... " His hand
moved lightly but demonstratively onto Chloë's. She
looked up into his eyes and she felt as if she were
melting from the heat.
He dipped his tongue in and out of Chloë's cunt. She
leaned back, lifting her snatch into his face while she
clutched at her stiff-nippled tits. He put one hand on
her chest, smoothing it down possessively over a
breast, and he squeezed, sending pulsations of ecstasy
through the girl.
If you didn't count Belinda, nobody had ever licked
Chloë's snatch before, though it was something she had
dreamed about -- a lot -- and all her goddamn dreams
were coming true right now, for sure! Again and again
his tongue played flourishes of delight on her
stiffened clit, the wiggly labes of her dripping cunt.
The teenager oozed cumjuice like a fullgrown woman!
She looked down in ecstasy, watching him as he
concentrated on his work. He had her pussy flaps
spread, and his tongue slicked in and out of the open
pink trench. He screwed it into the gaping hole of her
cunt, pushing deep, and she moaned and squirmed and
whimpered, pissing pussygoo onto his exploring tongue.
"Oh, eat me," she gasped, "eat my fucking pussy!!!"
He moved his lips along her upper thigh, taking a
momentary break from her cunt. She hadn't shaved her
legs in a week, and there was fine soft stubble on her
flesh. His lips stroked it, and Chloë went wild,
trembling from her clitoris outward while she worked
her fingers again and again through his dark wavy hair.
He wormed a finger into her hole, screwing it in and
out of her, until Chloë was heaving with lustful
arousal. She was sopping wet, and the more he pronged
her, the wetter she got. Hers was not nearly the first
snatch he'd ever eaten, and she was so glad she was
getting the benefit of his expertise.
He'd been as ready as she was. No guy who looked like
Dwayne could possibly be a holdout when it came to sex.
He'd been on her almost as soon as the door closed
behind them, and now they were lying on the
pink-covered bed in Chloë's room, doing what had been
on her mind from the first sight of him.
He twisted around, so that she could get hold of his
hard, ripe cock, and she took it in her fist with
eagerness. Oh, God! The blood pulsated through the
length of his shaft as she slid her hand up and down
him, and pre-cum leaked from his tip onto her fingers.
She squeezed at the bulbous knobby crown, feeling the
wetness dribble from it. Her throat was dry, but she
knew she'd be drooling saliva as soon as she got that
dick of his into her mouth.
And she was aching to show him that he wasn't the only
one who knew how to suck. She'd had her lips wrapped
around a few peters here and there, too, and her mouth
was dry with the longing for Dwayne's tool. She
stroked it harder, licking her lips, anticipating.
His mouth preyed upon her clit, teasing it into an
erection that was both painful and delicious, all at
once. He sucked her bud, pulling it with his lips,
laving it with his tongue. His finger pushed deeper,
more forcefully, into her cunt, and she moaned.
"Oh, goddamn you," she sighed, "will you lemme suck
your dick just a little, too?"
Obviously he had no objections. He raised his head
from Chloë's pussy and he straddled her prone body, his
hard cock protruding like a log from his slim body.
She took it in both hands, worshiping it with her
fingers. She stroked her hard nipples with it, licking
her lips as she stared at the purple swollen knob and
the bubble of pre-cum that formed in his slitted
He pushed her tits together around his cock and he
fucked it back and forth in slow, sensuous strokes.
Chloë wished she had D cups instead of A+s. She'd love
to have smothered his prick in the fleshy warmth of her
tits. The thing fucked in and out, and she leaned her
face forward, tongue extending, lapping toward the
oncoming point of Dwayne's dick.
She made contact suddenly, and her eyes got really big.
The hot velvet of his cock knob made her tongue tingle.
She trapped him inside her hands and she fed him into
her mouth, sucking like a leech. He thrust, meeting
her sucks, and half his cock plunged into Chloë's
mouth. She gagged on the big hard thing, but she
couldn't stop sucking, oh, no, not with his meat
filling her mouth! She was too greedy, too aroused.
She wanted it all!
And Jesus, he gave it to her, too! He fucked hard into
Chloë's mouth. He didn't seem to mind that she was so
young, that she wasn't used to sucking such a big fat
prick as his. He held her head in his hands and he
fucked her eager, gulping mouth with the stiffened
power of his cock, while she gurgled and gagged and did
her goddamnedest to eat every inch of his lust.
Spit was running out of her mouth when she drew back
and said, "Oh, Dwayne, baby, I want to feel this thing
inside me, inside my fucking pussy, you bastard... "
Realistically, she knew she had to fuck him now.
Partly because she was fucking dying for it, and partly
because her mom would be home from work in less than an
hour, and if she was gonna do it, she had to do it!
The last thing she needed was to get caught with eight
inches of stiff peter in her pussy.
No, the last thing she needed was to go fuckless. Her
cunt ached for the biting thrust of Dwayne Murphy's
rod, and she squirmed beneath him, her hands busy and
horny on the length of his stiff meat, urging him to
get it on!
"Well?" she panted, looking up from his spit-shined
cock. Her blue eyes flashed a challenge she hoped was
absolutely irresistible. "Are you gonna fuck me, or
aren't you ???"
"Yeah," he grinned, his fingers toying with her
hard-nippled tits. "I think I'm gonna fuck you,
Up close, she thought, he wasn't really all that
handsome. You'd never mistake him for Tom Cruise or
Rob Lowe. But when he looked into her eyes there was
something that just growled like Barry White and said,
"Baby, I know what turns you on." Chloë had never met
a guy like that before. She'd heard about them,
dreamed about them, sure. All women did -- even
teenage girls. But now she was about to fuck one of
She screamed aloud as his ravenous prick wedged itself
between the taut wet flaps of her cunt and shoved home.
He had the biggest dick Chloë had ever fucked, and it
felt like a treetrunk cramming up her tight hot hole.
It banged into her depths, ravishing her twat, and she
kicked her feet high into the air, deepening the
availability of her cunt.
He leaned down, trapping her nearest tit-nipple in his
lips. He pulled it until the rubbery flesh screamed,
and his teeth dug into the responsive tissue. His
prick banged in and out of Chloë, hitting the bottom of
her pussy tunnel on each thrust, and she bounced and
rocked beneath him. Oh, fuck! It was gonna be a great
summer with a dude like this living next door!
The only thing she had to worry about was whether
Belinda would try to take him away from her. Sisters
could be such cunts, if you gave them half a chance...
She looked up into Dwayne's eyes, sinking into their
warm brown depth. Jesus, he was so goddamn gorgeous,
and he could fuck like a son of a bitch! She wished
she could kiss her thanks onto the mouths of every girl
he'd screwed in the past, just to show her appreciation
for what they'd taught him about how to satisfy a
He began to fuck harder, faster, really plowing his
cock into Chloë. She wrapped her legs around him, and
all she could do was hang on. His belly rammed against
hers with each thrust, and she moaned from deep in her
guts, feeling the come-frenzy building irresistibly
inside herself.
Her cunt sucked up and down the length of his dick,
eating him like a thirsty leech. Would he get as
sweet, as hot, as tight, a fuck from Belinda? Chloë
thought not, and she squirmed, vacuuming her pussy
around him, horny to prove that she was the best fuck
he'd ever find in Albany!
And then she began to come, screeching as the frenzy
hit her. "Oh, shiiiiiittt!!!" she squealed, sucking him
deeper yet into her hole. She banged up to meet his
downcoming thrusts, and her pussy became maniacal
around Dwayne's dick.
Her cunt went into a paroxysm of response, squeezing
and sucking wetly at the hard tool Dwayne kept shoving
into her juicing hole. His knob plumbed the depths of
her pussy and she screamed like a bitch as she was
fucked, repeatedly, deliciously!
God, nobody had ever fucked her like this before! The
boys she'd played around with were just small change
next to Dwayne! His tool bloated inside her, engorging
as the fever captured him, too, and it was difficult to
slamdunk her as furiously as she'd have wanted, because
the fit was just too fucking tight. But, oh, Jesus,
could he ever fuck!
"I'm so sore," she moaned, "oh take it out, baby, let
me suck you the rest of the way off... "
Her cunt moaned too, as his cock emerged, and then he
was astride her chest, sliding his prick through her
tits once again. Chloë gasped, watching the steady
back-forth thrust of Dwayne's dick, and she took him in
hand, pulling his fattened purple knob to her hungry
lips. This time she'd show him what cocksucking was
really all about!
She pursed her lips, kissing Dwayne's prick, but that
wasn't enough. She opened them, and she sucked him
inside, saliva running like a river around the
throbbing meat of his knob.
He slid forward, shoving more cock into Chloë, and she
sucked in a frenzy, gargling, inhaling. His dick
rammed to the back of her oral chamber and into the
upper end of her throat, and she blew his tool without
even a gag, a groan. It was easy, once you got the
hang of it. And speaking of hang, oh, Jesus, was
Dwayne ever hung!!!
She trapped the knob behind her front teeth, sucking at
it while her hands slipped and slid up and down the
drool-wet length of Dwayne's shaft. She could feel the
male power surging within his rod. As she began to
jerk him faster, more furiously, he reached back and
stuffed a couple of fingers up her tight teenaged
Chloë squealed at the sudden, excited penetration, and
she was pretty damn excited, too. She gulped faster
and deeper at his cock, her fingers more and more
aggressive up and down his throbbing length.
"Okay!" she heard him gasp, and she knew that he was
going to come.
Chloë opened her throat and jerked him in her hands,
waiting for the spurting surge of his cum. Yes! It
splashed across her tongue and she began to guzzle the
fluid down her gullet as his cock emptied itself into
her hungry cum-starved mouth.
_Oh, Christ_, she told herself, _I've gotta try to keep
him a secret from Belinda! There's no way I'm ever
gonna share anything like this, not even with my
"Any calls for me, Monkeyface?" Belinda Parsons asked
her sister.
"Try the machine, bitch," Chloë suggested.
"Hostile today, huh?" Belinda kicked off her shoes and
unzipped her uniform down the front. If she never saw
another fucking burger again, she'd die happy. She
was going to turn vegetarian. Or at least give up
grease totally.
She glanced at her kid sister, and the look on the
squirt's face just wasn't right. Belinda could read
every expression the little whore possessed. "What's
with you, anyway, Chloë? You don't _look_ hostile. In
fact, you look like the cat that ate the canary.
There's even a feather or two on your mouth. What
"Nothing," Chloë insisted. "Absolutely nothing."
Belinda smiled knowingly, stepping out of the jumpsuit
she wore on the job at Regal Burger. Under it she was
wearing a filmy bra and string panties, like always.
Chloë sneaked a glance at her older sister, envying
Belinda those sumptuous curves. Oh, God, she thought,
if Dwayne ever gets a look at her, I'm sunk!
Chloë turned over and lay on her belly, pretending to
read SEVENTEEN. Belinda came over to the bed and sat
down. She put her hand on the small of her sister's
back. "C'mon, tell me," she said. "You know I can
torture anything out of you if I try."
Her fingers began to tickle Chloë's ribs. Chloë
squealed. Belinda flipped her over and pinned her to
the bed. She leaned down closer, her long golden hair
dangling into Chloë's face. She had the blue eyes that
ran in the family, and they stared straight into
"You got fucked today," Belinda said triumphantly. "I
can see it in your eyes. But why don't you want to
tell me about it? We don't keep secrets from each
other, right, squirt? Like, we know too much already,
And she began to lift the bottom of Chloë's t-shirt,
pulling it up past the soft smooth white cups of her
sister's bra. The fabric clung to Chloë's tits, and
the perky nipples were already making indentations in
Belinda leaned down and pressed her lips against
Chloë's. They were soft and warm. Her breath tasted
slightly of onions and coffee but it wasn't an
unpleasant taste. Chloë opened her mouth beneath
Belinda's and the tip of her tongue met her sister's.
A little lower, Belinda's fingers were undoing the
front snap of Chloë's bra, pushing the cups loose from
the apple-firm titties. They trapped the pointed
nipples, rolled them delicately, erotically. Chloë
sighed, her lips fluttering against her sister's.
Belinda's boobs dangled a little, inside their bra.
They brushed across Chloë's upper arm, her chest, her
neck. Chloë began to squirm a little. She was
heating up, as she always did when Belinda started to
play with her.
"Tell me all about it," Belinda whispered, between
kisses. Her fingers had pulled her sister's nips to
quivery erections, and she bent down to glide her wet
velvety tongue across one pink cap, licking until it
glistened, until Chloë was murmuring from low in her
"It was a new guy," Chloë whispered, searching her
imagination for lies. "He's Joanna's nephew, from next
door, come up here to stay the summer with her. I
think he's from Pomeroy or someplace."
"Cute?" Belinda wondered, undoing the button of her
sister's shorts.
Obediently, without being asked, Chloë lifted her ass,
allowing Belinda to tug the shorts and panties down in
one fluid motion. She came back down onto the bed, her
legs apart, and Belinda put a hand between them. The
fingers moved provocatively through Chloë's soft furry
pussy region, tickling the hot tight little mouth that
lurked behind the filmy fuzz of hair.
"No, no!" Chloë desperately insisted. "A real Goober.
No, I guess you'd call him a Gomer. Maybe even a
Barney Fife. Like, if 'dork' was in the dictionary, it
would have his picture instead of a definition."
Belinda's finger caressed her sister's tingly gash.
The lips puckered and then parted, allowing the finger
to move daintily into the smooth slick trench itself.
The flesh within was warm and beginning to dampen. The
soft blonde hairs on Chloë's cunt were so fine and
sparse as to be almost invisible to the eye, but
Belinda could feel a crackle as she slid her finger
through them. There was still an electric excitement
clinging to her sister's twat.
She gave Chloë's pussy mouth a testing poke. The
muscles quivered and began to draw her into the tight
hole, and she could feel the oozy moistness coming down
her sister's pussy tunnel. That was all the evidence
she needed.
"Bullshit," she said. "Your little cunt is as hot as a
two-dollar pistol. You're still turned on. Oh, you
must have gotten it good today! Don't lie to me,
squirt! I wanna know _everything_!"
Chloë groaned as Belinda's finger poked deeper, into
her hot depths. It was true. She couldn't disguise
anything from her sister. Belinda knew how Chloë's
pussy felt when it was aroused, and it was still revved
up from the fucking Dwayne Murphy had thrown into her.
As Belinda worked her finger in and out, the cunt began
to shiver and suck, muscles milking up and down the
alien object.
Belinda raised her face and kissed Chloë again. Chloë
certainly didn't think of herself as queer, just
because she loved to be kissed by another girl. She
didn't think of Belinda as queer because she loved to
come on to Chloë. It was just something very special
and sexy that they shared, as sisters.
And Belinda knew just how to use it to her own
advantage. Chloë couldn't keep a secret of any kind
when she was being attacked like this. She arched her
pussy toward the exploring finger and she moaned softly
from low in her guts, oozing her juices onto her
sister's probing digit.
The finger was in her, to the second knuckle now,
moving gingerly but evocatively in and out of Chloë's
twat. The younger girl spread her legs wider, pumping
her pussy up to meet the finger's more and more
aggressive thrust.
She fucked her tongue into her sister's mouth, one hand
on Belinda's head of golden hair, the other pawing with
a burgeoning excitement at the bra cups which
momentarily restrained Belinda's tits. Behind the
silky fabric, Chloë's sister also had hard nipples --
very hard nipples -- and Chloë's fingers burned for the
touch of them.
Belinda rose slightly, and Chloë undid her bra. The
hooters seemed to jump straight out. Chloë grabbed
them, in both hands, and buried her face between the
big doughy mounds.
She drank in the sweat and heat of her sister's body,
and then she was feeding one nip after the other, into
her mouth -- sucking, biting, chewing. The salmon-rose
buds stiffened against her tongue and she could feel
the hot pulsation that shot through them as her teeth
dug in, as her tongue sloshed drool onto the swollen
The finger shoved deep and hard into Chloë, and the
younger girl moaned excitedly around the spongy tit
that was jammed into her mouth. She writhed, sucking
her sister's finger into her hot wet cunt. Belinda
thumbed Chloë's clit, stroked it rapidly back and
forth, while her finger wiggled like a snake deep
inside. It was a lot like fucking a guy, but it was
different, too, and it was tremendously exciting in its
own special way.
Belinda took her finger out suddenly, and Chloë gasped
"No, please don't stop..." but, as always, Belinda was
in control. The older girl straddled her sister's body,
grinding her panty-covered cunt down upon Chloë's
belly. She wriggled her way upward, squeezing her
sister's tits together and dancing her pussy atop them.
Belinda's panties were yellow, like the undone bra that
hung from her shoulders, and they were starting to show
a damp stain at the very center of the crotchpiece.
The bold, swollen shape of her bunlike pussy, its deep
hungry gash, were outlined where the fabric clung
tightly to her.
She wriggled forward, and now her snatch was within
striking distance of Chloë's face. She held her
sister's head and smiled down at her, knowing that
Chloë could not resist the offer. "So eat me, squirt,"
she told her younger sister, inching just a little
Chloë sighed, her eyes rolling, and she pressed her
mouth against the front of her sister's panties.
Jesus, she could taste the pussygoo oozing out of
Belinda, even through the panties, and her tongue
worked appreciatively up and down, until the panties
were so wet as to be transparent. She took hold of the
crotchstrip and pushed it aside, baring the cunt
It was neatly barbered for summer, the hairs waxed away
so that only a narrow furze-like hedge remained,
guarding the long deep slash of Belinda's cunt. The
lips were puckered and pouting, as they always seemed
to be, and the pearly pink button of the clit was
visible at the upper end of the slice. Chloë leaned
forward, her tongue extended, and she began to lick her
sister's clitoris.
Belinda purred like a cat, riding Chloë's face, feeding
her on pussy. "You get better and better, squirt," she
told her sister. "Turning you on was the best
investment I ever made. It means I never need to put
up with a horny cunt. When I get the itch, all I have
to do is sit on that little monkey face of yours!"
It was true, of course (except for the disgusting
"monkey face" slander), but Chloë had little time to
think about that. She was much too busy eating the
ripe wet pussy which had been smacked down on her face.
She pulled the panties further aside, baring the pussy
completely to her mouth. She'd been eating her older
sister for almost as long as she could remember, and
the taste of Belinda's cunt on her tongue was still
very nearly the most exciting thing Chloë could
But she'd encountered something just as exciting today,
and now, goddamn it, the odds were about fifty to one
that Belinda was going to take it away from her. Chloë
looked up at her sister's swaying body as it fucked her
face, and she sighed. Make that a million to one.
How could she ever compete with Belinda, for Christ's
sake? She was five-one, and cute as a button -- she
always assured herself, though she had no evidence
anybody else in the world agreed -- but a little skinny
by anyone's count, admittedly. Her tits were adorable
cupcakes, hard and round, and her ass had a provocative
wiggle, but look at Belinda!
Her big sister was a statuesque 38-C and had more
curves than the road into West Virginia. Legs to the
neck, an ass made for bouncing on bedsprings, a face
that still looked like a cover model even after a day
of frying greasy burgers. She had everything that men
thought they wanted in a woman. Belinda made Chloë
feel like a '71 VW Beetle parked next to a Coupe
DeVille. Even guys who could _never_ get their dicks
into her fucked Belinda raw with their eyes.
Dwayne Murphy would take one look at Belinda and cum in
his pants, and that would be the last that Chloë ever
saw of him, unless she was able to sneak a peek at
Dwayne fucking her big sister sometime!
Life was a son of a bitch, no matter how you looked at
it. Right now Chloë was looking at life through her
big sister's pussy hairs, however, and despite the funk
she was in, life didn't look so bad at all. It had a
rather pink complexion, and it tasted like warmed-up
honey that had had a clam steeped in it for a short
time. She pulled her sister's cunt open and thrust her
tongue up into the sticky hot hole.
"Eat me, squirt," Belinda giggled, delighting -- as she
always did -- in forcing her snatch upon Chloë. Not
that Chloë was fighting it. She really didn't have to
be forced, once she got her tongue into the yummy pit
of her sister's pussy. In fact, the tangy sweetness of
the cunt almost made up for the fact that she was bound
to lose her newfound Dwayne to her sexy big sister.
The older girl leaned forward, shoving twat into her
kid sister's face. Chloë was drowning in pussy
sweetness, but she didn't mind. She held the flaps
open and she fucked her tongue in and out, bringing it
up from time to time so she could lap the tingly
throbbing clit as well.
Belinda always went crazy when her clitoris was sucked,
and this time was no exception at all, man! Chloë kept
her tongue busy on it and she could feel the come-fever
bubbling out from her sister's depths.
She reached up, filling her hands with Belinda's spongy
tits. They were so big and sexy! She'd kill for a rack
like her older sister's!
Her palms squeezed down, mashing the hard nipples into
the dough-soft flesh beneath, then feeling the nips
spring back up, hard and hot and pointy. She twisted
her wrists, as if she were turning the dial on a radio,
and the tits throbbed inside her hands, urging
themselves forward with passion and heat.
Belinda fucked down, smashing her cunt against Chloë's
face. She squirmed, and her pussy labes spread,
enveloping her sister in the sticky wet pinkness.
Chloë moaned and kept on sucking cunt, her hands
becoming very aggressive all over Belinda's body.
The older sister lifted her leg and turned around.
Chloë had only a moment when her face was not covered
by snatch. She took advantage of the chance to
breathe, and then she thrust her face back up into
Belinda, still sucking, still moaning, her tongue just
as nasty as ever.
Belinda leaned forward, her own face moving into
Chloë's cunt. She went into the pussy upside down, the
blood rushing to her head as she began to slurp and
lick the tight young twat whose funky, sex-permeated
aroma drifted up into her nostrils.
Chloë, meanwhile, was still holding the panties out of
the way and she was eating her sister's snatch. She
gasped as she sucked, her mouth full of the ever more
thrilling taste. Her tongue licked in and out,
stimulating a clit that really didn't need any more
help. She covered it with her lips and sucked, as if
she meant to siphon the honeycum out of Belinda.
Her tongue couldn't help moving upward, too. She
spread her sister's buttocks, dilating and exposing the
tiny little butthole, and it was definitely time for a
rimjob! Chloë stuck out her tongue and licked Belinda
where she shit. Belinda squealed at the nasty
penetration, but she didn't take her ass out of
tongue's reach, and Chloë knew that was encouragement
and then some! Just like always with her hot bitch big
Belinda slurped downward too, adorning Chloë's hot
little ass with her tongue. But that wasn't enough for
the bitch. After she'd done licking, she replaced her
tongue with her finger and she thrust it straight into
Chloë without even asking.
Chloë screamed aloud. Jesus, she hoped Mom hadn't
gotten home yet! It would be embarrassing as hell to
be compelled to explain to your mother just why you had
3 inches of tongue inside your sister's butthole!
Belinda, riding Chloë's face, was the first to climax.
She always was, the cunt! She pushed her snatch down
and wiped Chloë's trembling face with her juices. All
Chloë could do was eat, but Christ, she ate! She
fucking ate!!!
And then her own body erupted. Not as yummy as the
come Dwayne Murphy had fucked out of her this
afternoon, but it was a hot juicy come all the same,
and Chloë just let it flow -- mostly into her sister's
gobbling mouth.
Belinda went limp atop Chloë, and the two girls rolled
into a loving, tit-pressing embrace. Their bodies
rubbed together, and they squirmed in a frenzy, sharing
kisses and feels at the same time.
"So," Belinda whispered, running the back of her hand
across her sister's nearest, stiffest nipple, "what
about this guy you met today? He sounds really
Chloë lay there against Belinda, torn between the
desire to talk and the need to keep her discovery
secret for as long as she could. The stiffness of her
sister's hot, lust-hardened nipples against her own
tits was both torture and tantalization.
"You better tell me everything, too," Belinda added in
a soft but unmistakably demanding murmur. "If you
don't, I'll get Mom's vibrator and fuck your little ass
Chloë sighed. She'd known it would come to this, but
still she had been hoping in her heart that she might
somehow be able to keep Dwayne all to herself. Right.
_Well_, she thought, _if I have to, I have to..._
"I saw him from the kitchen window," she whispered,
snuggling up to her big sister's still-jiggly tits.
"And the moment I saw him I knew I wanted to fuck him,

Joanna Murphy knew it was silly, but the mere fact that
someone else, a stranger, was in her house made it
almost impossible for the woman to close her eyes and
go to sleep. Even though it wasn't a stranger. It was
Dwayne, her brother's only son. But she had lived
alone for a long time, and the alien presence was
almost tactile in the air.
She got out of bed, slipping into her robe. Maybe she
should have a cup of warm milk. In another day or two
she'd be accustomed to Dwayne's presence, she was sure.
His door was ajar, thin light shining like a blade out
into the dark hallway. Joanna stopped a moment by the
door. If he was awake, maybe she'd invite him to join
her. They hadn't talked very much yet. He'd arrived
this morning, just as she was leaving for work. She
knew more or less what kind of trouble he was in at
home, and she had avoided the subject, but maybe they
should get it out into the open and discuss it.
Or maybe not. There was something about the boy's eyes
that made Jo feel uneasy. He had a way of looking at a
woman that made you feel as if he was stripping you
bare -- not just your clothes, but everything else that
concealed your soul. Joanna had heard of men like
that. She strongly suspected she'd feel just that
response if she was ever lucky enough to meet Paul
Newman face to face.
There was no getting around the fact that her nephew
was a strongly virile young man, the kind women
responded to. Didn't his escapades in Pomeroy prove
that point? Girls had been falling over Dwayne's feet
since even before his voice changed, though that
particular episode went a little further than just
impressionable young girls. She could almost
understand, having spent some time with him, and she
began to wonder if having him stay at her house was
such a very good idea after all. Not, of course, that
it was anything that should concern her directly.
After all, she was his aunt, and twenty years older,
and she considered herself pretty immune to men -- even
the charismatic ones.
Joanna looked around the edge of the door. Dwayne was
lying on his bed, headphones strapped to his ears. He
was naked except for his shorts. They were tight,
bikini-style, and Jesus! did they ever hug and
accentuate his crotch! Joanna's eyes seemed to flit
immediately to that bulging presence, a big lumpy wad
of cock and balls, stretching the tight fabric of his
She had changed his diapers when he was a baby. He'd
grown a lot since then.
Dwayne was a strapping boy -- no, a young man, she
reminded herself; after all, he was eighteen now. He
wasn't particularly tall, but his build was quite good
and he gave the impression of size, even lying on his
back. His shoulders were broad, his chest smooth and
tan, his waist narrow, his legs long and firm-muscled.
He had his eyes closed as he listened to his music, and
he tapped his hands rhythmically on his smooth flat
tummy. She couldn't hear the music, but she could hear
the soft pat of his palms.
For a moment she considered calling to him, but she
wasn't sure he'd hear her, over the headphones. She
watched a moment longer, saw one of his hands slide
lazily downward. It rested lightly atop his prick
bulge, and Joanna's heart gave a disturbing flutter.
Her own palm began to itch and she wasn't sure why.
Dwayne's hand moved, the fingers stretching out, then
clenching, around his cock lump. He squeezed himself,
his eyes still closed, his lips moving soundlessly as
if he were synching with the music in his ears. Joanna
watched, totally fascinated, as her nephew began to
flex his cock and balls.
He yawned and stood up, the radio in one hand, the
other hand still clutching his cock. Joanna shrank
back, hiding around the edge of the doorframe. God,
had he seen her? She was blushing already, terribly
ashamed of herself for snooping on Dwayne, but at the
same time she found herself hoping that she might sneak
at least one more peek.
She glanced around the edge of the door. He was turned
away, facing the bedroom window, and he was starting to
dance a little, on his feet, moving with the music that
filled his ears. He put the radio under his arm and
Joanna saw both his hands go to his front. She gulped,
knowing what he was up to and -- oh, God! -- wishing
she could see, just a little!
The back of his shorts slipped slightly, baring the
upper edge of Dwayne's asscrack. He swayed to the
side, just enough for Joanna to see that his dick was
flipped over the upper end of his partly-lowered
shorts. It bounced up and down as his hands stroked
it. Even soft, Joanna's nephew had some piece of meat!
She reached inside her robe, touching the quivery
mounds of her tits. Through the thinness of the
sleep-T she wore, Joanna's nipples were pulsatingly
erect. Their stiffness collided with her finger, and a
ping! shot through her boobs, resonating through the
rest of her body like the shockwaves of an earthquake.
There was a sudden frigid coldness at the back of her
head, as if her mind had been frozen numb. But, oh,
Christ, the rest of Joanna Murphy was sizzling hot!
She squeezed forcefully at her tit. It pushed into her
clutching hand, the nipple hard and hot in her trembly
palm. She pressed down, squishing the button-like nip
down into her spongy-soft tit, feeling it rise up
again, irrepressible in its arousal.
Her robe was hanging open now. She'd forgotten
completely about the warm milk for which she'd left her
bed. Her hands were upon her body, and her eyes were
glued to the sight of her handsome, virile young
nephew -- God, she thought, is he _ever_ virile! -- as
he stood by the bed, obviously masturbating his cock.
His shorts moved a little lower, baring his tight small
ass almost completely now. Joanna gulped at the sight.
She'd always had a weakness for guys with really cute
asses. Those guys rarely had much weakness for her,
sure, but she often watched and she could always dream,
She lifted the tail of her sleep-T and let a hand
stroke the front of her panties. Her pussyhairs seemed
to crackle, as if they were full of static electricity.
She was sure she could feel sparks. Her thighs ached,
as if she'd been riding a bike for hours. As she began
to caress her cunt through the panties, she found
herself moving up and down in a gentle but insistent
A floorboard creaked softly beneath her, and she froze.
Dwayne didn't turn. Oh, shit, he was still plugged
into his Walkman! He hadn't heard! Her fingers moved
back into action, scratching insistently, aggressively,
across the crotchstrip of her panties, arousing the
fur-flossed labes within.
She winced a little, pinching at her nipple, but God,
it felt so fucking good! The nip arched between her
fingers, quivering, tingling, sending vibrations back
into the rest of Joanna's body. Her armpits were moist
with sweat, and there was a wetness inside her panties,
too, leaking from the excited gash of her twat. As she
stroked down there, she could feel her clit coming to
life, and she frigged at it, panting when the feelings
got too intense to ignore.
Dwayne, innocent in what he thought was his privacy,
turned halfway around, and Joanna gasped, so loud she
was sure he must have heard her despite the radio
headphones clamped to his ears. His dick was sticking
out, big and long and hard. Oh, God, she thought, he's
no boy! He's no goddamn boy!!!
Her eyes misted over. She blinked hard, unwilling to
miss anything. Dwayne was fisting his cock now,
stroking it lazily but firmly, his hand moving up and
down the shaft from knob to nuts. He had a big knob,
and she could see enough of his nuts to know that they
were no pikers either. They hung over the lowered top
of his shorts, bouncing slightly as his hand worked his
Joanna's own hand was inside her panties now. She
couldn't believe that she was actually masturbating
herself while she watched her nephew play with his
peter. But the heat that shimmered from her turned-on
gash, bathing her exploratory finger in a steamy mist
of arousal, told her that it was true.
She wetted her finger in her pussy trench, smeared the
warm juice across the budding tip of her clit, pushing
it like a button and moaning delicately, fearfully, in
her response. It felt so good she wanted to scream,
but she didn't dare make a bit more noise than was
absolutely necessary. She couldn't allow Dwayne to
find out she was spying!
But he was wrapped up in himself now, she could tell,
even through her filmy eyes, her shimmering vision. He
stood by his mirror, watching himself as he whacked
off. His eyes were fixed on the glass that reflected
him. Obviously the sight turned him on, as it did
He began to sway more responsively to the music, and
even though she couldn't hear it, the rhythm spread to
Joanna as well. She pushed a finger into her cunt,
shoving it deep, stirring it round and round, feeling
the piss-like flow of moisture down her digit and into
the hollow of her clutching hand. Her pussy was tight
and wet and hot inside.
I don't do things like this! Joanna told herself in
shock, but she couldn't stop. She'd already pulled her
sleep-T up to bare her tits, and she was leaned
forward, her tongue lapping at the nipples as her hand
lifted them toward her mouth. Her tongue was like a
hot wire scraping her skin.
Her other hand was busy as hell in her pussy, fucking
in and out, stopping momentarily to send a little more
delicious stimulation to the throbbing tip of her
pearl-pink clitoris. She squeezed at her wet patch of
cunt fur and moaned again, a growly sound from deep in
her belly. Dwayne paused in his whacking-off, at
almost the same moment, and Joanna felt as if she were
going to shit where she stood.
His hand dropped off his rigid dick and his head turned
to one side. At least he wasn't looking toward the
Joanna hesitated, her tits heaving and bare, her finger
crammed up her wet tight cunt. Dwayne's body followed
the direction of his head and he walked lazily toward
the window. The curtain was drawn on the lower part of
the glass, but the upper end was uncovered. Joanna
watched as her nephew peered out the window.
"Damn," she heard him say aloud. "Not fucking bad at
What was he looking at? His window faced the Parsons
house, next door. Joanna thought a moment. Oh, shit,
she said silently. Letting her sleep-T drop, she
tiptoed into the bathroom, which lay between her
bedroom and Dwayne's. She went to the window and
peeked out, and her jaw dropped.
Belinda Parsons was undressing in her bedroom, the
light on, the window open. The nasty little slut!
Joanna thought. Look at her!
Her teenage blonde neighbor had apparently just come in
from a date. She was a little more dressed-up than
usual, and Joanna had to admit that it looked good on
her. Belinda unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of
it. She wore lacy white panties, pale stockings, and a
white garter belt underneath. Hooker underwear, Joanna
thought. What was getting into teenaged girls these
days, anyway?
Belinda pulled her top upward. Under it she wore a
little camisole. Her full, fluffy-looking tits made
prominent bulges under the lacy garment. Joanna's
eyesight was 20-20. She could even see the bullet-like
bulge of Belinda's nipples punching out the front of
the camisole.
It was undone down the front, and as the girl leaned
forward, one fully-tanned tit, capped in a big pink
nipple. Belinda tossed back her blonde hair and
straightened up to her full five-eight, tit still
sticking out. She slid her hand over it, then opened
the camisole the rest of the way, exposing both tits to
the open window at which she stood.
A moment later she took off the camisole, tossing it
over her shoulder. She turned around, stroking her
full, lush hips, then hooked her thumbs in her panties
and slid them downward. She stepped out of them and
remained a moment, back to the window, before she
Joanna couldn't restrain a soft "Whew!" at the sight of
her teen neighbor, almost totally nude. Belinda had a
great body. I would have killed for a body like that
when I was her age, Joanna thought enviously. The girl
stood languidly, as if she were unaware of how good she
looked. But that was silly. No one could look like
Belinda Parsons and not know it.
She walked around the room in her garters, stockings,
and high heels, prancing like a stripper, as if she
were fully aware that she was being spied upon from the
house next door. Joanna shivered, imagining what her
nephew was doing as he stared at Belinda. She could
see that hard cock of Dwayne's, pulsing in his hand.
Yes, he was jerking it now, she knew, stroking his meat
as he watched Belinda. No normal eighteen-year-old boy
could look at something like Belinda Parsons and keep
his fucking dick under any kind of control!
Joanna had never before really considered how sexually
provocative Thalia Parsons's daughter was. Seeing her
now, parading around like that, Belinda looked like a
porno starlet. She was one sexy little number! But she
wasn't little at all, not with her height, her big
bouncing C-cup tits, her swelling ass, her long sinuous
Joanna shook her head and turned away. She was
starting to have some very uncomfortable thoughts and
she didn't want to have them. She tiptoed out of the
bathroom and back into the hallway, down to Dwayne's
partly-open door. She peeked around the edge and she
saw exactly what she'd known she would see.
Dwayne was hanging onto the window with one hand, and
holding his cock in the other. His panting was loud
and unmistakable as he stroked his meat, and his eyes
were fixed upon the free show from the house next door.
"Goddamn," Joanna heard him sighing, "oh, goddamn! I
think I'm gonna like it here in Albany!"
His voice was audible. Probably he was speaking louder
than he intended, because the headphones were still
plugged to his ears. Joanna went back up the hallway,
into her own bedroom. She dropped her robe and she lay
down on the bed in her sleep-T and panties.
She tossed for a moment, and then she sat up, pulling
the T upward and off. She cupped her tingly-nippled
tits, leaning down to kiss the brown gumdrop buds. Her
thighs squeezed together against the yearning bun of
her cunt. Her snatch ached so deliciously, and she
knew she had to do something about it.
Well, Dwayne was occupied, and the music in his
headphones would probably mask the noise. With a sigh,
Joanna opened her nightstand drawer and took out the
"Looks like it's me and you again tonight," she told
the cool plastic tube, pressing it against her lips for
a soulful, sad kiss. Her thumb flipped the switch to
"on" and she lay back, legs open, pussy waiting for the
humming battery-driven caress.

Dwayne Murphy smiled. It came so fucking easy to him.
He knew he wasn't the smartest guy around, and surely
he wasn't the best-looking dude in the world either,
but when he was with a woman -- any woman -- he was on
his home turf and he was carrying the ball. Every
time. Every goddamn time.
Take this lady, for example. All he had to do was
smile, and she looked at him as if Tom Selleck had just
called for a date. Looking back into her bright blue
eyes, he knew that if he wanted it, he could have her
panties off and his dick up her snatch in a minute. It
never failed.
It was his second day in Albany, and his first day on
the job. Aunt Jo had gotten him summer work here at the
university, for which he was really grateful. He could
use the money, and anything that got him out of Pomeroy
was an advantage. He couldn't believe how dumb he'd
been, but, Christ, what could a guy do, after all?
Did you tell them "No, I don't want it"? When it was
there, spread out on the table and ready to be eaten.
Too goddamn bad he hadn't eaten a little more of it and
fucked a little less of it, but there was no use crying
over spilt cum, right?
"Now, this is important," the lady was telling him, but
he wasn't really listening. He was studying the curve
of her tits under the rather thin summery blouse she
was wearing. She had nice tits.
A little small, sure, but they looked like perfect
little apples when she moved just so, and the fabric of
her shirt clung to the rounded shapes. He could see
the lace of her bra, outlined under the blouse, showing
through when she turned slightly toward the light.
She went on talking about the complexities of sorting
and routing the huge amounts of incoming and outgoing
mail, but Dwayne wasn't really listening. Fuck, he
thought, anybody could handle mail! If there was a
problem that common sense couldn't solve, he'd just
wing it. He always came through when he winged it. He
eyed Thalia, appraising her compact but firm-looking
She was at least thirty-eight, he figured, but that
wasn't important. Older broads were usually the best
fucks of all. They had been around the track a few
times and knew all the nastiest tricks.
Like, Robin had been a dynamite screw, but she'd been
cherry till she was seventeen and everything she knew
she'd learned from Dwayne. Sticking his dick in her
had been like fucking a mousetrap -- a wet hot
mousetrap -- but she had never gotten the knack of
sucking his tool. He'd tried often enough to teach
Robin's mom, on the other hand, could gobble peter like
a wolf in heat. And when he'd suggested that it might
be fun to try something a little different, Mindy had
rolled over and pulled her asscheeks open, so that her
little brown shitter winked at him like a Saturday
night slut, and she'd told him, "I thought you'd never
ask, baby! Why don't you put that sweet tool of yours
straight up my goddamn asshole???"
Looking at Thalia now, Dwayne wondered if she'd ever
taken it up the ass. As she walked around the
vault-like room there was a swing to her butt that
suggested to Dwayne this lady might possibly be
amenable to the idea. Surely it had happened to her
somewhere along the line, right?
She was small and blonde, pretty good-looking, with the
promise of a nice compact body under her clothes. She
kept looking back at Dwayne, and he kept smiling in his
natural way, and he could feel her melting a little
with each smile. He followed her into the adjoining
copy room.
"The toner," she told him, "is in the cabinet here.
You have to check the level at least once a day. These
machines get a heavy workout. Oh, would you come here,
a sec? I can't quite reach it..."
She pointed up to a door in the cabinet, about four
inches higher than her arm could stretch. Dwayne
brushed against her as he reached up and opened the
door. He felt the pressure of her tit, touching his
arm, and he looked down at Thalia, smiling. Her tit
was very firm and round against him, and the flutter in
her eyes as he looked at her told Dwayne all he wanted
to know.
Thalia backed up against the xerox machine. She was
breathing a little heavily. Aunt Jo had turned him
over to her when she brought him to work today.
"Thalia will show you the ropes," she'd said, before
going off to her own station. Did she really mean
that? Dwayne decided to find out.
He'd had a nice little get-acquainted fuck yesterday
afternoon, with that cute crazy blonde nymphet from
next door. She could screw like a house on fire, sure,
but she was just a kid and not half as hot as she
thought she was. Still, her tight wet hole was a nice
place to soak a stiff dick, and he was pretty damn sure
he'd be fucking her again, soon. He had no doubt he'd
made a good impression on Chloë.
Last night he'd gotten a flash of another delicious
blonde who must have been Chloë's older sister, and he
was determined to make the acquaintance of the yummy
number who'd done that sexy strip while he beat his
meat in appreciation. But it was ten a.m., and he
wouldn't be finished here at the U till five. Plenty of
time to take the edge off his hornies, right?
He moved against Thalia where she stood, brushing her
with his body. He felt her shiver slightly. Older
women usually did that, when a younger guy was making a
play. As if they were a little unwilling, sure, but
not a turn-off by any means.
He looked down at her, and she glanced away, but her
eyes came back to meet his, and he knew he was going to
get it, if he wanted it. He took another look, up and
down Thalia, and he decided that he wanted it.
"I really appreciate your helping me out," he said, his
hands coming naturally to rest on her slim waist. He
touched her hipbones.
She felt very firm for a woman her age. She hadn't
gone to flab at all. He squeezed down and eased his
body against hers, brushing her with his basket for
only a moment. But in that moment she felt the power
of his dick, and he saw her eyes open in surprise.
Dwayne took the edge she'd given him, and he pressed
inward, stroking her again while he held her hips and
waist. She was breathing harder, and her tits lifted
and fell beneath the front of her shirt. The edge of
her tie lay atop one rounded, curvy tit, and it moved
up and down. His eyes followed the motion.
"What do you think you're doing, young man?" she asked
in a thin breathless voice. "If you touch me, I'll
"There's nobody else on the floor," Dwayne whispered.
He leaned in, nuzzled her cheek, pushing back the
blonde hair to get at her earlobe with his lips.
"Please," Thalia whispered back, urgency vibrating in
her voice, "I don't want to do this. I'm a respectable
woman. I'm a mother. I've been a widow for four
"Then you're probably overdue for it," Dwayne smirked,
grinding his crotch against Thalia. His dick was
already half-erect inside his jeans, and the denim had
begun to stretch as the meat pushed it outward. He
moved himself up and down, giving her a full-length
feel of what he had.
She drew back her hand and slapped him, hard, across
the face. His head jerked, and he caught her wrist.
Bending it back until she opened her mouth in choking
protest, Dwayne rammed his lips onto Thalia's, fucking
her mouth immediately with his thirsty tongue.
"Uhhhh ... " she gasped, and then her body went soft
under his and she put her arms around his neck, pulling
his face down tighter, closer. Her saliva began to
flow into Dwayne's mouth and her tongue played back
against his, duelling, teasing. She opened her legs
and he moved into the fork of her body, shoving his
ever-hardening prick insistently against Thalia's
They dry-humped for what seemed an eternity, there by
the xerox machine. He could sense the hesitancy in
her, and he used his mouth and hands knowingly, warming
her up step by step. He opened her blouse and reached
inside, cupping the small firm tits.
She wasn't wearing a bra, just a smooth satiny slip.
It did nothing to contain the growing heat of her tits
as he squeezed and massaged them. The nipples hardened
in the hollow of his palms. Her thighs enfolded him,
began to flex around his legs, her cuntal region
grinding provocatively against his jeans-bursting dick.
He kissed his way down her neck, pulling the blouse
free of her shoulders as he did so. Her slip was
deeply veed in front, and his mouth moved down onto the
exposed inner cleavage of Thalia's small round tits.
"Oh, you shouldn't be doing this..." she said, running
her fingers through his hair, guiding his face lower
and lower into the vee of her slip.
He slid her shoulder straps down, and the garment fell,
baring her boobs to his eyes and mouth. They were
perfect, man! Apples of amazing rondure, firmness,
capped by tiny but totally stiff pink nipple points.
Like pale cherries set atop a scoop of vanilla ice
Dwayne licked his finger and stroked one of the
nipples, feeling Thalia's body quiver in response. He
squeezed, and she lifted upward, a long low sigh oozing
from her lips. He turned his face to the other tit and
let his tongue graze teasingly across the pink point.
His mouth opened, and he sucked her tit inside, feeding
on her as if he were a nursing baby. The longer he
sucked, the more vigorously he sucked, tweaking the
nipple with his mouth, caressing it with his tongue.
His teeth gnawed gently into the firm cone of Thalia's
titty. Its hungry nipple throbbed against his lapping
tongue. The other nipple, still squeezed between his
fingers, lengthened responsively, the flesh heating,
heating, heating...
He leaned back, licking his lips as he smiled up at the
older woman. Yeah, he thought, they're all the same.
He really liked that about women.
Thalia stood there, bare to the waist now, her slip
fallen and her tits heaving as she stared down at
Dwayne. "What the hell am I doing?" she asked,
dazedly, as she worked the slip down over her hips and
let it slide down her legs.
Under the slip she was wearing panties and pantyhose.
Dwayne didn't really like pantyhose, unless the lady
was bare under them. He thought of the hot teenager
he'd watched last night, and the sexy garters and
stockings she'd worn as she paraded, otherwise totally
nude, around her bedroom, and his dick got a little
harder, if that was possible.
He was already so hard he felt as if his pants would
burst or his cock would shatter in about two more
seconds. He stood up, reaching for his belt, his
"We've got to hurry," Thalia murmured, stroking his
chest, leaning in to kiss him on the nipple. "Someone
could walk in on us any moment."
"That makes it all the more exciting," Dwayne smiled.
He lowered his pants and shorts, freeing his cock.
Thalia gasped at the sight of his tool, thrusting
forward in full erection.
She took hold of his prick, her fist folding around it.
Looking up into his eyes, she began to stroke him. He
was pulsating rapidly, and she could feel it bubbling
through the length of his cock.
"This is insane," Thalia said. "Totally insane..."
But she didn't let go. Her hand got tighter.
Possessive. She offered her mouth for another kiss.
Dwayne pulled her to him, his hands sliding down her
back to yank down her pantyhose and panties. He cupped
the bare cheeks of her ass and squeezed, his fingers
moving into her crack. Her pussyhair was silky to the
touch, and the lips of her cunt were already protruding
with interest, their flaps moist from her excitement.
He knelt before Thalia, pulling her underwear the rest
of the way down, to her ankles. She kicked off her
shoes and he stripped her bare. He held her by the
waist, still on his knees, and he started to lick her
thighs, her tummy.
She leaned back, her legs open, and his face moved into
her crotch. There was an unmistakably sexy smell
coming from her cunt, and it made Dwayne's tongue
tingle in anticipation.
He sat her on the edge of the xerox machine, and he
lapped her pussy until her clit was sticking out, big
and hard. He kissed the juicy button over and over,
his fingers busy on Thalia's crack. The lips opened to
receive him, and he thrust into her.
She wasn't as tight as a teenager, but every inch of
her cunt was throbbing with life and arousal. He
straightened out his finger, fucked it in and out of
her, while he kept on sucking her clit. The button grew
within his lips and her heat dried the drool on his
tongue. But only for a moment.
"Ahh ... ahhhhh ... " Thalia moaned, her legs lifting
and falling around Dwayne's shoulders. His fingers
came out of her and his tongue went in. He licked her
inside out.
She came all over his tongue while he used his pussywet
fingers to frig her throbbing clit. He tasted the
juicy funk of her cum, bubbling through her snatch, and
he tongue-whipped her, thirsty for more. He got it.
"Oh, God," he heard her sob, and he raised his face
from her cunt. He stood up, and pulled her forward.
Her legs enfolded him, his dick rapping against her
belly, while he kissed the pussyjuices onto her
trembling lips.
She lapped her flavor from his mouth, giggling like a
schoolgirl who'd just discovered how much fun it was to
be naughty. Something in the giggle reminded him of
that nutty little Chloë he'd fucked yesterday. Maybe
Chloë would grow up into a piece like Thalia, one of
these tomorrows. She had the potential.
He stepped back and she leaned further down. His cock
was standing up straight and hard as a crowbar, but a
hell of a lot bigger.
Thalia took it in both hands. She closed her eyes
dreamily and rubbed his dick all over her tits, her
face. Pursing her lips, she blew warm moist breath
across the hard throbbing rod, and then she pressed a
kiss onto the knob -- a soft, wet, murmuring kiss. The
vibration of her lips made his tool get harder still.
She lapped his meat, gingerly at first but with a
growing excitement as she tasted the horny eagerness of
his flesh. Her lips ovaled, and she slipped the end of
Dwayne's dick onto her tongue, squeezing it with her
red mouth, leaving little smears of lipstick on him.
She sucked daintily but effectively. Her mouth was
knowing, her tongue sophisticated. She'd done this
before, and she enjoyed doing it. Yeah, Dwayne
thought, it's always the older broads that really know
how to eat a peter.
Her sucking got more aggressive. She gagged a little,
not used to the size he was feeding her, but she got
acclimatized fast, and he fucked deeper into her mouth.
As she ate him, he had his hand busy in her crack,
tickling her pussy, her clitoris, sometimes spearing
into her for a little additional stimulation -- for
him, as well as for Thalia. The feel of her livewire
cunt snapping and crackling around his inserted finger
was nothing but turnon, man!
But it wasn't a blowjob he wanted. The feel of that
pussy was making his balls balloon with lust, and he
thought he might die if he didn't get his cock into the
hole he'd already sucked off. He screwed his finger
into her, again and again, while the juice just
squished out of Thalia and her pussy muscles went hog
fucking wild around him.
He pulled Thalia's head upward, her leechlike mouth
reluctant to leave his cock until it was forced. Her
lips slid off him with a smack. Drool ran down her
chin, and she licked the rim of her mouth, a luscious
twinkle gleaming in her blue eyes.
"You're terrible," she said. "I have half a mind to
tell your Aunt Joanna how bad you are." And she smiled
in a very nasty way. The shine of her teeth made
Dwayne's dick ache with the need to fuck her goddamn
brains out!
"Do you?" he asked, easing her down onto her back. She
drew her knees upward, spreading automatically, and the
wet whiskers of her cunt could not hide the open red
glimmer of the aroused crack that split Thalia.
He put the knob of his prick against her half-open
slice and he pushed, his meat easily entering her
sex-loose pussy. She was greasy-wet inside, and he
fucked deep and true on the first stroke, burying his
bone totally inside Thalia. He hit the bottom of her
cunt chute, and ground his belly against her fuzzy bun.
He lifted her feet into the air and wrapped his arms
around her legs.
Thalia stiffened, pressuring back against his
fuckstrokes, and Dwayne began to ram her, again and
again. "Deep," she gasped, "mmm, baby, deep and hard
and strong! Fuck me like a man, and I'll take it like
a woman..."
She was playing with her tits while he fucked her. Her
fingers were savage on the nipples, pulling them almost
an inch long and twisting the pink points almost
viciously. She moaned and squealed. The only other
sounds were Dwayne's grunting pants and the soft muted
thwack of his crotch ramming onto Thalia's when he
filled her afresh with his aroused dick.
He stroked her legs while he fucked her pussy. He
could feel the excitement ripple through her muscles.
Her legs were long, for her size, and sinuous, though
not wiry like a jogger's. Her pussy was deep, almost
bottomless, and it sucked his cock ravenously, pulling
him all the way into her and clenching like a vise
around his swollen log of lust. He moaned a little,
loving the squeeze of her twat on his prick, and he
began to fuck harder, faster too.
"Yes, yes, oh, Christ, yes," she whined, reaching down
to frig her clit as he pricked in and out of her hole.
"Just like that, you dirty young fucker! I'm almost
old enough to be your mother, and you're fucking me..."
He sure was! Oh, damn, Dwayne thought, it was gonna be
great living here in Albany! He might never go home to
Pomeroy, not even when the coast was clear!
His nuts groaned with the load of his boiling cum. He
rammed harder, her snatch widening to accept the thrust
of his bloated cock. Her pussy gaped, and he shoved.
His belly ground into Thalia's crotch, and he felt as
if his balls were being sucked into her hole along with
the full throbbing length of his aroused dick.
She was still flogging her clit, and it was obvious
that Thalia was about to pop again. Dwayne gritted his
teeth and slamdunked her cunt with a burning passion, a
driving need to blow his balls wide open. This was
some hot piece of woman he was dicking. For the first
time in his eighteen years, Dwayne Murphy found himself
wondering if he would be able to go the course!
Thalia erupted in orgasm, squealing and flopping, her
pussy a ferocious mouth around his cock. Nothing
missing but the teeth! The explosive reaction enfolded
the boy, and he thrust again, two or three times, then
stiffened and let his sperm gush into the vortex of
Thalia's convulsing twat.
"Are you gonna tell Aunt Jo about that, too?" he asked
later, as he helped her into her clothes. "How I
fucked you and made you come like a moaning bitch?"
"No way, buster," Thalia smirked. "She might want to
horn in on it! I think I'm gonna keep you my own
little secret. And I may be back down after lunch to
see how you're coming along. Mmm, Dwayne, it looks
like this could be a very interesting summer..."
She eased the slip down over her head, and Dwayne
guided it into place. He couldn't resist a patting
caress of her firm round tits. The nipples were still
hard. Her face was flushed from sex, and she looked
ten years younger. Thalia was a hell of an attractive
lady, he decided, and he was glad he'd fucked her. He
looked forward to fucking her again.
"Who knows," she went on, "I might even come over to
Jo's house and throw myself at you sometime."
Dwayne grinned. "Wouldn't she get suspicious?"
"Not really," Thalia said. "I mean, I live next door.
The house on the right? Didn't she mention that?"
No, Dwayne thought, she hadn't mentioned that at all.
Christ! Thalia was the neighbor in the next house?
That meant -- shit! -- she was the mother of that kinky
little nympho he'd balled yesterday? And the mother of
that hot number he'd watched last night, too?
He had a distinct sense of deja vu. Yeah, he thought,
it could be a _very_ interesting summer...

Belinda Parsons looked out the window and her blue eyes
began to sparkle. Jesus! There he was! The guy who
had fucked her kid sister to a frazzle yesterday.
This was her first good look at Dwayne and she really
liked what she saw. She knew he'd watched her last
night -- she'd been counting on it -- but he'd been in
the shadows and she hadn't really seen him.
The squirt had gone out to do whatever little airheads
amused themselves with these days. Mom was going to be
late -- she was shopping, with Joanna Murphy -- and
that meant Belinda had a clear field, with at least two
hours' grace. She took a deep breath, checked her
makeup in the mirror, and went out onto the front
Dwayne was just going up the front steps of Joanna's
house. Belinda leaned across the banister and said,
"Hey, dude!" He stopped short, and he smiled.
Belinda's pussy began to drip into her bikini panties.
When she invited him into the house, they both knew
what she was after. Two minutes later they were making
out on the couch in the living room. Belinda's skirt
was up to her waist and he had both hands inside her
blouse, massaging the big juicy mounds of her tits.
"I like a girl who knows what she wants," he purred
into her mouth, between moist pecking kisses. His
fingers stroked the risen pink points of her nipples,
and the buds quivered responsively. Shit, _all_ of
Belinda was quivering!
She couldn't get over it. Everything the squirt had
said was true, for Christ's sake! This guy wasn't all
that great-looking, and at five-nine, he was barely an
inch taller than Belinda. She'd be embarrassed to go
out with him if she were in her spike heels. But there
was something in his eyes that said "I know how to
touch you where you live, baby," And when he put his
hands on her tits, oh, shit, he was touching her
_exactly_ where she lived!
No wonder he'd gotten the squirt into the sack in five
minutes. But then, almost anybody could get Chloë's
pants off. Belinda herself could do it with the crook
of a finger.
She reached down into Dwayne's lap and felt the bulging
presence of his tool. "Mmmm, baby," she slobbered into
his ear, "I think you have something I need down
She stood up, dancing just out of his reach, giggling,
ready to peel. She loved to take her clothes off in
front of a guy, to see the facial reactions as her
delicious body went on display. Dwayne had already seen
her last night -- they'd shared that secret coming
through the front door -- but it was from a distance.
Now he was gonna get the full treatment. In throbbing
She'd finished work at Regal early, bribing another
girl to fill out her shift, so at least she wasn't
wearing the dipshit jump suit required on the job. She
was in a sexy blouse, sheer enough to show off her
underwear, and a mini that flattered her mile-long
legs. From the look on Dwayne's face, she was sure he
Still dancing, she wriggled out of the skirt, dropping
it down her legs and kicking her feet free. She took
off her blouse, too, and she smoothed her hands across
the bulge of her tits, swinging free and loose beneath
a lacy mini-slip. Dwayne had already felt her up, but
he hadn't seen her boobs bare yet -- at least, not
close-up. She decided to make him wait just a little
She turned around, flipping up the slip and wiggling
her ass at him. Her panties were tiny, barely covering
her asscrack, and they were so sheer he could have seen
a pimple on her butt, if a pimple had been brave enough
to sprout on those round ripe globes of delight.
She stroked her asscheeks, then reached underneath
herself and let her fingers walk through the crotch of
her panties. Straightening, Belinda turned, holding the
slip up just long enough for Dwayne to see the dull
gold of her pussyhair showing through the front of her
filmy underpants. She let the slip drop back down and
she danced away from him, to the far side of the room.
She leaned back against the wall, by the tv, and she
swayed, her eyes closed, her mind already anticipating
what was going to happen. She couldn't get over this
guy. There was just something about him that made her
cunt purr with excitement, that made her ovaries hum
with the knowledge she was going to fuck him deaf,
dumb, and blind.
Belinda reached up, under the slip, and she eased her
panties downward. The hem of the slip kept her pussy
more or less under wraps, for the moment. His eyes
were eating her. She hoped his mouth had the same
He was on the sofa, watching her, nodding in approval.
He already had his cock out of his pants. It protruded
upward, stiff and impressive. She wasn't a size queen,
but she knew he had a big one, probably the biggest
she'd ever seen in the flesh, and her mouth began to
Chloë had described it as a pink zucchini. It wasn't
_that_ big, but it was large, and it was hard, and it
wanted Belinda as much as she wanted it. And she
wanted it soooo bad!
She flipped her slip upward, flashing him with her
pussy for a brief moment. His brown eyes sparkled, and
he licked his lips. She dropped the slip again and
turned, easing a strap down over one shoulder. When
she rotated toward Dwayne again, one tit was bare.
She bounced it in her hand, pointed the nipple at him.
She squeezed the big pink berry and said "Bang!"
He stood up, his dick extended eight or nine inches
from his loosened jeans. Belinda lowered her other
shoulder strap, baring her left tit. Dwayne came
toward her, following the lead of his prick.
Belinda wiggled away from him. She wanted it, but she
didn't want him to think she was @U(really) easy. Let
him work a few moments longer. He'd appreciate it that
much more.
"Chloë tells me you're working at the U," she said.
"How do you like it there?"
"It's not bad. Why don't you come a little closer and
I'll show you what I did on the job today?"
"I'm sure!" Belinda giggled. "Like, do they have a
fuck break now, along with the coffee breaks?" But he
got her by the waist and pulled her to him, and she
knew it was time to stop playing and start fucking.
She stood still while he pulled her slip upward, off
her body, and she stood naked in front of him, wearing
only her thigh-top stockings. His hands moved up and
down her body, testing the contours of her tits, the
firm smoothness of her belly, the swelling voluptuous
curvature of her hips.
He reversed his hand and rubbed it up and down the
bunlike swell of her pussy, fingers sliding through her
muff of dull gold hair. Belinda sighed and rubbed
herself on his hand, her cunt doing a tremulous little
dance of passion.
"Are all of you Parsons women natural blondes?" he
asked. Belinda beamed and nodded. His knuckles were
tickling her gash and she was leaking cunt ooze like a
cracked pipe.
She put her arms around him and gave him her most
sensuous kiss. He seemed to like it. Belinda certainly
did. His tongue tasted a little like pussy, she
decided, as it moved in and out of her mouth. She
reached down again and took him by the dick, working
his hard column of flesh in a firm, well-trained hand.
"I want to suck your cock," she told him in a soft
breathy voice. He didn't say no. She hadn't figured he
would. Guys never said no when a blowjob was in the
Belinda opened his shirt and kissed her way down his
chest. She spent a little time licking his nipples.
She knew that guys enjoyed it almost as much as girls
did. His nips hardened beneath her lapping tongue, and
she bit one of them, just for the pleasure of hearing
him gasp -- the same way, Belinda noticed, that she
herself always gasped when a guy began to chow down on
her titties.
Her mouth moved southward, the hard lance of his cock
pointing up. A big bubble of pre-cum already oozed
from his piss-slit, and she thirsted for the taste of
She moved downward, her tongue gliding lusciously,
drippingly, over the bulbous crown of Dwayne's peter.
She covered every inch of his knob with her drool, and
she lapped up and down the dominant half of his
fully-impacted dong. Mmm, a sweet-tasting, meaty-hot
nine-incher, she decided, still licking.
Belinda was on her knees now, guiding his prick into
her mouth. She gulped him down, all the way into her
throat on the first suck. She made moaning sounds
around his rod, and she hummed and purred and twisted
her head while she ingested the totality of Dwayne's
tool. Raising her face, she began to lick his knob
round and round.
Her hands were pulling his pants further downward so
she could get at his balls too. She cupped them in a
fist, squeezing as she gobbled his big bulging
cockhead. It moved in and out of her mouth in short,
gulpy swallows, and sometimes she pushed her face all
the way down till she was kissing his balls and her
nose was full of cockhairs. She heard him say, "Oh,
Jesus," and she knew she was on the right track.
More to the point, she was starving for the taste of
his cum. She sucked harder, siphoning the stuff out of
him. His balls were working overtime. She felt the
heat of them, inside her clutching fist, and she flexed
and clenched just for the pleasure of hearing him gasp
again and again.
He thrust up, into her mouth, and she sucked down every
inch he could give her. She could have taken two or
three inches more. She would have taken two or three
inches more if it fucking killed her! Her drool ran
down his shaft and her tongue lapped his prick as it
moved in and out of Belinda's hungry mouth.
She took the knob between her lips, trapping it behind
her front teeth, and she sucked like a leech. Her fist
encircled the base of Dwayne's dick and she stroked up
and down, more and more excitedly.
She kept hitting herself in the mouth with her hand but
she didn't give a fuck about that. She could feel his
bulbous knob expanding, enlarging, and she knew he was
about to fill her mouth with the sticky hot squirt of
his lust!
"Ahhhhh..." Belinda gasped as his jizz began to pour
across her lapping tongue. She tightened her fist and
milked him dry, guzzling down every drop of Dwayne's
sperm. Her mouth tightened around him, and she sucked
She was full of his squirting jizz, and she gargled it
down her throat, savoring the rich, viscous porridge as
it trickled down to her churning tummy. His prick kept
on quivering, though it was drained, and she sucked
without letup. He stayed hard. Oh, God, did he ever
stay hard!
She raised her mouth from his cock. A few strings of
cum oozed from her lips, dripping down her chin. "Does
Chloë suck dick that good?" she asked, leering her
challenge. She didn't expect an answer. She knew the
squirt couldn't compete with her when it came to
blowing the stuffings out of a hard cock.
Dwayne sank to his knees and pushed Belinda over onto
her back. He covered her mouth in a kiss, his tongue
plunging between her lips. His hard tool banged
against her belly. His hands ranged up and down her
long tanned body, exploring every sensuous spot she
had, locating a couple that she hadn't know were
sensuous until Dwayne Murphy got his fingers onto them.
He went down on her tits, sucking the nipples harder
than she had ever thought they could get. His teeth
gnawed. His hand was on her cunt, spreading the tight
and tender lips, a finger pushing into the sopping
She moaned at his penetration but she squeezed her
thighs together and sucked him deep into her hole.
Belinda writhed, up and down, pulling him in and out,
fingerfucking herself on his probing digit. Her juices
drenched him, and she fondled his head while he ate her
Christ, she thought, if he were four inches taller, I'd
fucking _marry_ the son of a bitch!!!
He kissed down her belly, toward the dull gold shimmer
of her pussyfur. The hairs were matted and damp with
her cuntal leakage. He pushed his lips down into them,
taking out his finger as he began to lick and lap her
pussy flaps.
He kept the labes open wide, and his tongue roved
through her trench, stimulating her hole, her clitoris.
He rolled her over and she giggled inanely as he spread
her asscheeks and applied his tongue to her shithole,
No one had ever licked Belinda's asshole, except for
Chloë. Guys didn't seem to know that a girl enjoyed
some mouth work at her back door. Dwayne knew, though,
and he dug his fingers into the spongy cheeks of her
butt, spreading them, dilating her hole, exposing it to
the horny attack of his hot wet tongue.
He licked down, onto her cunt from the rear. His
tongue slipped up her hole, pushing deep, and she
whined in gratification. She squirmed about, rubbing
her clit on the carpet.
Ya know, she thought, when you're lying down it doesn't
matter a shit how tall anybody is...
Her ass l lifted to Dwayne's face, and he cupped her
pussy, squeezing it hard, as he alternated his
tonguework between her twat and her asshole, licking
and sucking till Belinda was about to jump out of her
taut tanned skin.
"You better fuck me, dude," she panted, looking back
over her shoulder. "You damn well better fuck me..."
That was exactly what Dwayne had in mind. He pulled
her up, onto her knees, with her nice big ass jutting
into the air, and he knelt behind her. He slapped her
butt with his hard, sticky cock, using the knob to
tease her shitter and her pussy in alternate passes.
"Oh, don't make me wait," Belinda snarled, reaching
beneath herself. She grabbed the end of his dick,
giving the knob a squeeze so hard a bubble of cum
squirted without warning into the hollow of her hand.
She put his bulb against her pussymouth and she
wriggled backward, impaling herself on him in one
quick snatchgulp.
As he filled her cunt with his throbbing hard rod,
Belinda's head jerked back and she made a whining
shriek. Dwayne shoved until he was fully engulfed
within her. Her tight teen cunt and his swollen rod
made a perfect fit.
Belinda frigged her clit in spasms while he fucked her.
He turned her face around and covered her mouth in
another of those wild kisses. His tongue fucked her
throat almost as hard, as deep, as his cock fucked her
She liked getting it from the rear, especially when he
took two big handfuls of tit, mauling the fat bouncy
jugs while he screwed her pussyhole. His cock got
slicker and harder, the more it slid in and out of her,
and Belinda's cunt got wetter, more responsive, if that
was possible.
She clenched her muscles around him, milking at the
fattened shaft of his dick. She heard his husky voice
growling in pleasure -- or was that her own ecstatic
moaning and murmuring? She took the deep probing stabs
of his dick, her cunt lengthening with each thrust,
sucking more and more of Dwayne's tool into her
bubbling sexual vortex.
He fucked her hard, just the way she liked it. They
didn't have all day, anyway. Mom and Joanna would be
back sooner or later, and Belinda didn't really want to
get caught with her pussy full of rod. Mom knew she
fucked, but it would be a little embarrassing to be
discovered in the act. Or would it? She felt so
goddamn good she was starting to think she wouldn't
care if the whole fucking world walked in on her!
Dwayne was the best fuck she'd ever had. God, she
could hardly believe he'd moved in next door to her!
She hadn't even been saying her prayers lately, but she
would from now on -- even if they had been answered!
His cock slipped out of her pussy and she felt suddenly
lost and empty. She frigged her clit, stuffed a finger
into her vacant hole, murmuring, "Oh, don't stop now,
you motherfucker!!!"
And then she felt the big, swollen, pussyslick knob
beginning to poke at her asshole. "You ever get the
urge to try it a little differently?" Dwayne was
"You mean, like, up the shithole?" Belinda giggled.
"Oh, maybe if the right guy asked me, I might be
willing to try. So, are you asking, dude?"
"No," Dwayne said, and he slapped her lightly on the
butt. "I'm telling. Your ass is about to meet my

Belinda had never let a guy put his rod up her ass
before. Sure, she liked to be licked and fingered back
there. But what the hell, it was just a hole, right?
And holes were made to be fucked.
"Stick it in before I cool off totally," she panted.
"I might not let you if I get my senses back."
His rod was slick from its immersion in her oozing
cunt. The plumlike knob battled with the tightness of
her asshole, and he had to do a little licking and
fingering, just to open her. She tried to help,
frigging her clit while he played with her butt. The
heat in her crotch simmered enticingly, and she found
herself more and more aroused.
His tongue slid in and out of the hole while his
fingers spread the cheeks, and then he gave her a quick
thrust that popped her assring. She yelped and
stiffened, but it wasn't the hurt, it was the surprise
of his sudden intrusion. "Ooohh," she said, "you've
got big fingers, dude!"
"Got something bigger," he reminded her, reaming her
hole with his middle finger. She squirmed and writhed,
wiggling her ass from side to side. The tightness
relaxed, and her shitter got bigger. His finger moved
deep, the nail scratching toward her colon, and she
gave a deep grunting moan.
He got another finger inside, and she said "Ohhhh..."
Her ass lifted into the air. Dwayne kissed her crack,
and his tongue tickled. She was still massaging her
clit, slipping a finger into her pussy. God, she could
feel his fingers moving inside her ass, when she was in
her cunt! The tips touched, only a thin layer of flesh
separating them.
And then his finger came out, and he rose behind her.
He pushed his cock straight into the hole, still
dilated from his fingerwork, and his bulbous knob
entered Belinda's shitchute. It was a _hell_ of a lot
bigger than his fingers, and she grunted again, as if
she were straining to pass an oversize turd. But the
pressure was coming _into_ her, not going out. Oh,
fuck, she thought, what am I getting myself into???
He pinched possessively into the fleshy cheeks of her
butt, squeezing down as he prodded her with his prick.
He moved deeper, and there was a hot burning sensation
in Belinda's rear end.
"Noooo," she whimpered, but she wasn't sure she meant
it. Her fingers pinched her clit. Juice ran like piss
from the mouth of her cunt.
She poked into her pussy, arousing it to even greater
excitement while Dwayne stirred her shit. She was
rapidly getting used to the feel of his tool jammed up
her tailpipe. God, she thought she liked it! And then
he started to fuck in and out of her, and she _knew_
she liked it!!!
He fucked as hard as he could, given the tightness of
her asshole. His groin banged against her buttcheeks,
the flesh rippling like billowy tanned waves under his
repeated impact.
"Oh, Christ, fuck me," she moaned, "oh, fucking
fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!!!!"
His tool burned inside her ass, but it was a sweet wild
burning that drove her mad with lust. She shoved
fingers up her tight wet cunt, fucking them in rhythm
to the steely ramrodding that reamed her shithole.
Dwayne was in his element. She could feel the smug
power that drove his dick, and she was happy to
surrender to it. For fucking like this, she'd
surrender to Peewee Herman!
He came out of her, and she said, "No, no, you son of a
bitch, I want you to keep on fucking meeee..."
He rolled her over, lifting her legs high, spreading
them wide. Her ass lifted from the floor and his cock
sawed back and forth along her gash. Dwayne pulled
back and shoved his cock up her ass again, and she
could look down between the gunsight mounds of her tits
and watch the driving, furious thrust of his prick.
Her heels dangled over his shoulders, and both of them
were playing with her cunt while they assfucked. She
squeezed her clit, pinching it like a pimple, and
Dwayne gave her four fingers up the snatch to
counterpoint the stabbing of his ass-maddened cock.
She knew she was gonna come, and she moaned in
anticipation of the delicious moment of release. She
frigged her clit raw. She might not fuck for weeks!
But she'd drop her pants again as soon as she had a
chance to get Dwayne alone, and she knew it. "Oh, you
bastard, fuck me," she gasped, over and over, ramming
her body up to meet the downthrusts of his rockhard
prick. "Fuck me in my goddamn ass!!!"
"Jesus, how filthy!" a chirpy voice said. "He's
actually got his _dick_ up your butt?"
Dwayne shoved home and looked upward. Belinda's head
spun around. The squirt was standing beside them.
Chloë licked her lips, staring down at the fuck in
progress. She cupped her tits, perky under a thin
t-shirt, and squeezed them. Her thighs rubbed together,
pressuring the warm little cunt that nestled inside the
crotch of her shorts.
"What the fuck are you doing back here???" Belinda
snapped. "I told you to get lost!"
Chloë just stared at Dwayne's tool. Her mouth began to
water. She wondered if she could talk him into fucking
her ass, too. But, God, wouldn't it hurt, having
something that big shoved up a hole as tight and tiny
as her own?
"I fucked him too, remember?" she said. "In fact, you
wouldn't even have known about him if you hadn't
tortured the information out of me, you slut." She
pulled up her shirt and flashed her boobs at Dwayne.
"Remember these?" she giggled. "Or has my big sister's
rack spoiled you for cute titties altogether?"
Dwayne grinned. The kid was cute, even if she wasn't
very pretty, but the big smile went a long way toward
making up for her being shortchanged on looks. The
tits were pretty cute, too. And he had to admit she
could put out a first-rate fuck for somebody her age.
He worked his tool inside Belinda, and the hot,
big-busted blonde started to moan all over again.
Chloë smiled. She loved to watch Belinda getting it. A
couple of times her big sister had allowed Chloë to
peek from concealment while she got it on with some
local stud. Of course, it wasn't as much fun as
trading pussy licks with her sister. But this was
different. She wasn't peeking around the door. With a
giggle, she gave her sister a thwack on the ass.
Then Chloë knelt, and she leaned down to lick Belinda's
pussy. Dwayne took his fingers out, and Chloë sucked
them into her mouth. She hoped it would remind him
that she was also pretty good when it came to a cock in
her mouth. But his dick was kind of occupied, wasn't
From her vantage point she had a clear shot of Dwayne's
rod stuffed into her sister's tailpipe. The sight was
intoxicating. She rocked up and down, pressing her ass
down against her calves, imagining that she was the one
who was getting fucked in the butt.
Her tongue lolled through her sister's pussy gulch,
visiting the big hard clit. She licked it, kissed it
warmly, then licked it again, her mouth getting wetter
and wetter. Drool ran from her lips, spilling into
Belinda's sloppy pink groove. She eased her tongue
into the hole while Dwayne spread it for her, and she
licked her sister inside out.
Then she stood up, lowering her shorts and panties.
She straddled Belinda and presented her pussy to
Dwayne. He leaned up into her gash and started to
suck. He was just as good as he'd been yesterday. He
went straight to her most erogenous spots and he made
them even more erogenous. She fucked his face,
murmuring encouragement. "Yes, mmmm, yessssss..."
She could hear the thwack as his body rammed against
Belinda's, she could hear the squelchy sound of his
cock invading and reinvading her sister's shitter.
Hands crept up her legs, and she recognized Belinda's
knowing touch. She smeared wet hot teen pussy all over
Dwayne's slurping mouth, and then she eased back from
him, squatting down upon her sister's face.
They'd never done anything quite like this before, and
Chloë was thrilled to the gills. Maybe she hadn't lost
him at all. Maybe he was man enough to take care of
both Parsons sisters. It wouldn't be half as fantastic
as having him for her own personal private fuck-toy,
but life was all about compromise, and half of Dwayne's
dick was a hell of a lot better than someone else
getting _all_ of it.
Chloë was juicy wet in the pussy, and Belinda was
obviously thirsty for the taste of it. The older
sister's tongue plunged into Chloë, fucking the tight
pink portals of her ripe little snatch, and her hands
squeezed energetically at Chloë's buttcheeks. She
licked gash, then moved her tongue to her kid sister's
asshole. It couldn't be half as exciting as what Dwayne
was doing to Belinda's shitter, but it was enough to
make Chloë Parsons squeal and whine and moan.
Chloë leaned forward, going down on her sister's cunt
while Dwayne continued to fuck the hole next door.
Belinda rocked and rolled beneath Chloë, beneath
Dwayne. Chloë wondered if this was what you could call
an orgy. She hoped so. She'd always wanted to be in
an orgy.
By stretching a little, she found that she could also
lick Dwayne's cock while it moved in and out of
Belinda. His prick tasted like shit, but it was her
sister's shit, and Chloë had been eating that almost
all her life. Her tongue walked up and down the
jabbing shaft, then fluttered back into Belinda's cunt,
and she was in hog heaven, no doubt about it.
Dwayne yanked his rod out of Belinda and shoved it into
Chloë's mouth. The younger girl gasped at the sudden
intrusion, but once she got her lips wrapped around it,
she couldn't do anything but _suck_ that cock, and did
she ever suck! Dwayne rammed her mouth till his meat
dripped with her spit, and then he shoved himself back
up Belinda.
He alternated that way, ramfucking Belinda's shitter
for half a dozen strokes, then feeding his ass-greasy
rod to Chloë. Belinda didn't seem to mind the
occasional emptiness in her well-fucked butt. She kept
on gobbling her sister's snatch and steam was rising
from her pussy, whether it was being licked or handled
by Chloë.
Chloë felt the need to come boiling in her blood, and
she squirmed down, forcing her cunt into her sister's
mouth. "Eat me, you slut!!!" she chirped, and
Belinda's tongue worked like a live wire across her
fully-erected clit, whipping it till Chloë gasped and
giggled and pissed a river of juice into her sister's
Dwayne was still counterpointing his peter between
Belinda's ass and Chloë's mouth. Chloë sucked him
desperately, hoping to shit that he would spill his
load on her tongue. She had half her fist shoved up
Belinda's pussy, fucking it as if her hand were a cock,
and slobber ran down her chin when she was not
mouth-full of Dwayne's rod. She panted, hardly able to
wait for him to return his shit-smeared prick to her
hungry mouth.
But she felt Belinda convulse beneath her, and she knew
that her sister was coming, and she looked up at
Dwayne's face and she knew that he was just beginning
to spill his load up Belinda's asshole. "Give me some,
motherfucker!" she gasped, grabbing his rod with her
free hand and pulling it out of her sister's butt.
He came out squirting. His cum splashed Chloë's face
and she lapped it as it spurted. Her mouth ovaled, and
a long slimy splatter drenched her extended tongue.
She got him by the balls and gave them an almost
vicious squeeze, and still more of the white cock-milk
gushed from him, into her mouth, onto her face. She
lowered her lips over him and sucked until his peter
went totally soft along her tongue, and even then she
didn't want to let go.
"You said yesterday," Chloë purred, playing with
Dwayne's soft, cum-slimed tool, "that you got into
trouble at home and had to come up here to hide out.
What kind of trouble was it, stud?"
Dwayne grinned. "Well," he said, tickling Belinda's
nearest nipple, "it's really a little embarrassing.
But if you have to know, I was sorta fucking this girl,
named Robin."
"What's 'sorta fucking'?" Chloë wondered. "Did you
just dry hump her?"
"No," laughed Dwayne, "I didn't dry hump her. I wish I
had. She got pregnant. The only problem was, I was
also fucking her mother, and _she_ turned up pregnant
too. I just can't figure out what relation Robin's kid
is going to be to Mindy's kid, y'know? Aunt and niece,
or would they really be sisters?"
"God," Belinda said, "that's almost disgusting!"
"I think it's nasty," Chloë put in, "and I _like_
nasty! Hey, dude, which of them was better? The calf
or the cow?"
Dwayne shrugged. "Mindy, I guess," he confessed.
"Older women kinda turn me on."
"I bet she wasn't a goddamn bit better than I am,"
Belinda said with assurance. "Was she?"
Chloë giggled. "We better watch out," she told her
sister. "Maybe he's just using us so he can get at
_our_ mom!" She cackled in laughter and then her blue
eyes became enormous. "Oh, shit! I completely forgot!
The reason I'm home is because I ran into Mom and
Joanna at the mall. Mom let me out while she parked the
car, and then she was going over to Joanna's for a cup
of coffee, but she'll be here any fucking second!"
Joanna Murphy followed Thalia Parsons through the front
door. She was a little surprised to see her nephew
Dwayne, with Thalia's two daughters. No, she wasn't
surprised. She'd seen Dwayne last night, watching
Belinda undress through his window. She'd figured her
nephew would try to meet the cute blonde next door.
Maybe, she thought, she should tell Thalia just why
Dwayne was living with her this summer. Just in case
anything happened, right? It was the least she could
do for her friend. Surely Dwayne's troubles back in
Pomeroy had taught him something. Hadn't they?
Though, God knew, you couldn't really put a damper on
teenagers, once their hormones got activated. But at
least Thalia ought to know. Yes, she decided, I will
tell her. Before anything happens that all of us might
"Well," she told her nephew, trying to sound more
casual than she felt, "I wondered where you were."
Dwayne smiled. "Just visiting the neighbors," he said.
"You know, getting acquainted around the block."
His face was a little flushed. Joanna wondered just
what he and the Parsons girls might have been up to.
She was positive she could see a hair caught between
his upper front teeth. But surely there was an
innocent explanation. Wasn't there???
She glanced at Thalia, whose face bore an expression
that looked a _hell_ of a lot like shock. But why
should she be so stunned-looking? Joanna frowned. She
wondered if something was going on that she knew
absolutely nothing about.

Joanna awoke from the midst of a very strange dream.
Her nephew Dwayne sat naked on a throne, his cock erect
and capped with a big purple bulb, like a sceptre,
while women threw themselves at his feet and rose
reverently to press their lips against the unbelievably
swollen crown of his peter.
She could even recognize the women who were so anxious
to lick her nephew's dick. There was Belinda Parsons,
and her kid sister Chloë, and -- Jesus! -- the woman
standing behind Chloë, tapping her feet in impatience,
looked exactly like Thalia! "Hurry up," she was
saying. "I want my turn on that sweet fat rod..."
Joanna sat up in bed, shaking her head. "Jesus," she
said in a soft voice. "That was fucking weird!"
She shivered softly in the darkness. The luminescent
clock read 2:08. What an unholy hour to be awake!
She lay back, closing her eyes, willing herself back to
sleep. But then her eyes opened and she sat up again.
What the _hell_ was that sound?
Quietly, she got out of bed and went tiptoeing down the
hall. The closer she got, the more certain she was that
the noises were coming from her nephew's bedroom.
But this time the door was shut tight -- unlike last
night -- and she frowned. She could hear soft
whimpering sounds, and the rhythmic rock of bedsprings,
but she could not see what was happening on the other
side of that goddamn door!
"Ohhhhh...Dwayne..." The purring invitation of a soft,
sex-charged voice. Damn it! Joanna thought. That
long-legged slut Belinda had sneaked into Dwayne's
room. No doubt she was in there getting ready to fuck
his brains out!
Just like his troubles in Pomeroy, Joanna reminded
herself. Dwayne simply couldn't keep his dick in his
pants, when it came to women, and now he was starting
all over again with the girl next door.
From inside the bedroom came the panting sounds of a
girl in heat. Even with the door shut, Joanna could
easily imagine what was happening now. Maybe her dream
hadn't been so far off the mark after all.
But she wasn't sure, and she didn't want to make a big
stink until she was positive what her nephew was up to.
Joanna tied the sash of her robe. Damn it, she had to
find what was going on, didn't she? And there was only
one way.
She crept into the kitchen, opening the back door
delicately. The neighborhood was dark, shut down for
the night. All except for whatever was taking place in
her nephew's bedroom.
A misty rain was just beginning to fall. The tv
weatherman had predicted a rainy, damp weekend, and
Joanna could smell the precipitation in the air. She
wished to hell she'd at least put on her slippers. The
grass was already getting wet beneath her feet.
She went around the side of the house, making for the
lighted window. The curtain was not entirely drawn,
and she could see enough to make her jaw drop in shock.
It wasn't Belinda who was in her nephew's room. Dwayne
was frolicking with Chloë Parsons! Joanna was truly
startled at the sight. She'd never suspected anything
like this out of Chloë. Belinda, yes. The big blonde
was obviously a slut, but she'd always regarded Chloë
as a sweet innocent.
But watching, Joanna realized that she had certainly
been on the right track when she got suspicious,
finding her nephew in the Parsons house this afternoon.
She no longer had the slightest doubt why he'd had a
hair between his teeth, either. She'd only been wrong
about his co-conspirator.
Chloë was stripped naked, her slim, almost childlike
body glowing in sexual arousal. She fondled her small,
pointy tits, and her head was tossed back, soft moaning
sounds oozing from her lips. "Oooohhh, Dwayne, eat my
motherfucking pussyyyyy!!!" she squeaked. "I love the
way you suck a cunt!"
Dwayne's head was down between her legs, and the tiny
young blonde jerked spasmodically each time his mouth
attacked her. She giggled, and she squeezed her thighs
against the sides of his head.
He was lying at the foot of his bed, in plain sight of
the window. He was as naked as Chloë, and his dick was
sticking straight out, bobbing against his thigh as he
continued to suck on the girl next door.
Joanna hung to the windowsill, staring in horror. Oh,
Jesus, this was awful! How could she ever explain this
to Thalia Parsons? She was pretty sure Dwayne had
screwed Belinda (as if someone in Albany _hadn't_?),
but to think he was also doing it to cute little
Dwayne's head rose from between the hot young nymphet's
legs. She stretched out, running her hands up and down
her quivering little body. She squeezed passionately
at her bee-sting tits, teasing the nipples to make them
even harder than they already were. "Oh, I came soooo
good," she trilled. "Now come up here and give me a
great big kiss. I wanna see if your mouth tastes like
my pussy!"
Dwayne stretched out beside her, his hands replacing
Chloë's in the caress of the young girl's sex-flushed
frame. She gasped as he mauled her little tits, and
her body lifted toward him. She put her arms around
his neck and licked his face, his lips, giggling when
she found the taste of her cunt on his mouth. His lips
parted and she fucked him with her tongue.
Her thigh was thrown across his lap, the soft smooth
flesh stroking at the bobbing length of Dwayne's
upright cock. From time to time she reached down and
tickled him, just below the knob, then squeezed him
inside her eager fist.
He went down on her tits. As his lips pursed to suck
one long pink tab, Chloë gave a squeal. "Sshhh!"
Dwayne snapped. "I don't wanna wake up Aunt Joanna!"
Chloë just smirked. "Maybe she could join us," she
said. "You told me and Belinda you dug older women.
But if you like them so much, how come you keep on
fucking us young ones?"
"Because you're here," Dwayne said frankly. "And
speaking of 'here', why don't you put your mouth where
it will do both of us the most good?"
Joanna snorted in disbelief, peeking through the
window, as the lithe, monkey-agile Chloë wiggled around
and shoved her face down into Dwayne's lap. She got
his dick in both hands and rubbed it on her face, her
tits. She squeezed the little mounds together around
it and fucked him up and down. "Mmmm," she purred as
the friction heated up her skin. She thrust out her
tongue, licking at the knob when it shoved into her
Dwayne worked his fingers through her silky blonde hair
as she tongued his tool. "Not bad," he told Chloë.
"By the time you're legal, you oughta be one hell of a
She stuck her tongue out at him, then lapped his cock
even more lewdly, giggling all the while. "I'm one
hell of a fuck right now, buster," she murmured between
slurps, "and if this doesn't remind you of that fact,
maybe I should be looking for a _real_ man." Outside
the window, Joanna was still in total shock.
Which didn't decrease when Chloë stopped teasing and
started sucking. Her innocent face looked anything
but, full of Dwayne's sizable hard prick. She rolled
her eyes appreciatively, too, making cute but sexy
faces at him, but mostly she ate his dick.
Joanna's temples pounded as she watched through the
window. She pressed her body against the outside of
the house, suddenly becoming aware that her nipples
were rock-hard under her t-shirt, that her pussy was
dripping juice into her panties. Oh, Jesus, she
thought, I hope nobody looks out _their_ window and
sees me looking into my own like some Peeping Tammy!
She glanced around. The nearby houses were all dark.
Especially the Parsons'. She was most happy about
that. The rain had begun to pick up a little
intensity, spattering down in a heavier stream. Joanna
was soaked to the skin, her hair hanging in soppy
ringlets. Under her bare feet, the ground grew soft
and squishy.
Chloë's mouth worked wetly on Dwayne's cock. She
didn't suck him deeply, but she sucked him with
passion, releasing him from her mouth every few moments
so she could lick hungrily up and down his shaft. She
nursed his balls, even put her finger back into the
crack of his ass, jabbing at him while she tongued the
big bulging cum vein.
"Ahhh," Dwayne growled, "you're one nasty little bitch
tonight, Chloë -- you jealous because I fucked your big
sister before you could get your licks in, this
So it had been Belinda's hair, wedged between Dwayne's
teeth, then? Joanna had thought as much. But she was
willing to bet he had a few of Chloë's hairs in his
teeth, on his tongue, right now.
The little blonde slipped the knob of Dwayne's dick
into her mouth, holding it tightly. She pressed the
flats of her palms against his shaft, from either side,
and started to work them up and down, stroking him off.
"Oh, you want some cum, huh, baby?" Dwayne said,
caressing her head. "Well, I think we could manage
that! Just suck me a little longer..."
Joanna pushed her tits against the shingles. Ohhhh!
Her nipples were so hard they hurt! But the more she
rubbed them on the wall, the less they seemed to hurt,
the more excited they seemed to become. She couldn't
deny it. She was getting really turned-on.
She cupped her tits, squeezing them. The nipples
arched outward, punching the soaked fabric of her
t-shirt. Even the damp cloth couldn't quell the heat
that bubbled from within her boobs. She felt as if she
were standing in a cloud of steam as the cool rain
continued to fall upon her heated body.
This was what she'd done last night, she realized, only
then she'd had the decency to do it inside, in private.
She was about to jerk herself off, out here in her
backyard. Even on a moonless, rainy night, it seemed a
rather public thing to do, but she was too far gone to
Chloë's slim, glowing body caught Joanna's attention
most of all. She'd always found Chloë adorable, like a
frisky kitten, but now it was something more. Oh, no,
she thought, is this happening again?
She wasn't a lesbian. She'd never been a lesbian.
Sure, a couple of times she had -- but she wasn't a
lesbian. Her eyes drank in the sleek, adolescent
freshness of the nude, cocksucking Chloë. Her hands
moved down her front, to her crotch. The rain, and the
exudations of her cunt, had left her panties dripping
wet. She stuck a hand into her pants, squeezed her
quivering cunt, and licked her lips as she watched her
neighbor's younger daughter in action on Dwayne. I'm
not a lesbian, she reminded herself.
Chloë's gasp and gurgle were audible, as Dwayne's cum
spilled across her tongue. She milked him rapidly with
her hands, and she sucked the fluid from his spurting
cock. It ran from her mouth, down the shaft, into the
tangle of hairs at the base of his prick. She kept on
Lifting her face from his prick, she tightened a fist
around him and moved it up the shaft, squeezing
fiercely just below the knob, until another bubbling
drop of jizz oozed from the slit. She licked it off
him, and then she licked her cum-wet fingers, and then
she cleaned his tool off with her tongue.
Dwayne stayed rock-hard while Chloë licked him. Nobody
could go soft, with that frisky, energetic tongue
tiptoeing all over his prick. Joanna's finger poked in
and out of her pussy, and she was trying not to moan
out loud.
Chloë stood up on the bed, momentarily facing the
window. Joanna was sure the girl had seen her, but
Chloë gave no sign, if that was the case. She stood
there a moment, her petite body totally on display.
She was like a flower just bursting into bloom at the
outbreak of spring. Her cupcake tits sported stiff
pink nipples, her darling face beamed with sexual
hunger, and the sparsely-fringed pussy was split just
enough for the interior pink to show through.
"Now we fuck," she announced, turning to the bed and
squatting downward upon the prone, still rockhard
upthrust of Dwayne Murphy's cock.
Her cunt opened as she spread herself. Joanna's heart
jumped into her throat at the sight of Chloë's petaled
pussy. It descended toward the upstanding lance of
Dwayne's cock. When she got near enough, Chloë took it
in hand and guided it to her crack. She closed her
eyes, and she made a murmuring sound as she fed the
prick into her tight teenaged hole.
"It's so bigggg..." she whimpered, as always, when the
pointed snout of his tool slid between the snug lips of
her snatch.
To Joanna, it looked like a salami being pushed into an
engagement ring. But Chloë wanted it, and she took it,
squeezing her cunt downward to gobble the hungry thrust
of Dwayne's dick, and she kept moving downward until
she was full of him. Her tits heaved, and her tummy
sucked in, and she writhed atop the boy. She stroked
his balls, squeezed them, frigging her clit at the same
time. The kid was clearly having the time of her life.
She began to ride up and down on the cock, once she'd
gotten used to the swollen presence within her
supertight young hole. As she rode Dwayne, she moaned
and purred and kept her hands busy, playing with
everything that moved. Dwayne massaged her buttercup
tits, her cherrypink nipples.
"Will you stick it up my ass, like you did Belinda???"
Chloë panted, fucking him for dear life. "I really
think I'd like to try that!"
"Not with Aunt Jo asleep on the other side of the
bathroom, baby," Dwayne said. "But you just keep the
K-Y handy. I'll do it to you one of these days."
"Ooohhh!!! I'll be counting the hours, Dwayne!" Chloë
giggled. Joanna was as horrified as she was aroused,
and that was considerable.
But the rain was heavier now, and she was drenched.
She couldn't stay out here another moment. As much as
she hated to leave, she would have to go inside and put
on some dry nightclothes. And she wondered if Dwayne
and Chloë would hear the soft buzz of her vibrator.
No, she decided, I'd better just use my fingers. Why
not? They were already busy inside her panties,
frigging her clit and fucking her wet hot pussy. She
staggered through the wet grass, toward the back door,
masturbating as she walked.
All she could see was the delicious delightful
nakedness of young Chloë, all she could think about
was, God, what a waste! Throwing that sweetness away
on a cad like Dwayne!
Sure, her nephew was beautiful, but he was a bastard,
too. Chloë deserved something better for her first
love. She deserves -- me! Joanna thought wildly. Her
middle finger shoved to the hilt up her cunt, she crept
through the backdoor and tiptoed to her bedroom,
closing the door as quietly as possible.
But she could still hear the moaning and the rocking of
the bed, and she knew that Dwayne was fucking the
living shit out of Chloë's cunt. I wish it was me,
Joanna sighed to herself. God help me, I wish it was
me on top of the lovely little bitch!!!
She stripped off her soaked sleep-T and panties, then
tossed herself down onto the bed. She put the pillow
between her legs and humped it, while she massaged and
licked the ends of her tits. The sounds from Dwayne's
room grew louder, as Chloë fucked nearer and nearer to
an orgasm.
The noises were like a spur to Joanna's clit. She
kicked the pillow from between her thighs and took her
cunt in both hands, viciously peeling back the flaps
and thrusting three fingers into her hot wet snatch. A
low growl leaked from her lips and her bed began to
shake and rock almost in rhythm to the bed rattles that
came from the room down the hall. But she knew that
Dwayne and Chloë were so wrapped up in themselves
they'd never hear her noises, and, oh, God, she needed
to get off!!!
"Yessss..." she hissed, the fingers up her cunt, the
heel of her hand grinding against her throbbing clit.
An orgasm began to rush down the tubes of her pussy.
Her teeth chattered, her temples pounded, her body
oozed cold sweat. She could hear the whimpering moans
of Chloë's climax, happening at almost the same moment,
and she threw herself even more madly into her come,
pretending that she was sharing it with the darling
little blonde from next door.
I've gotta be crazy, she thought, lying back, finally,
drained. And I've gotta send that kid back to Pomeroy
before he fucks up my entire life!!!

What a fucking shitheap of a week! Belinda Parsons
decided. But she was a brave, cheerful, positive girl,
and she flashed her most dazzling smile at Chuck Woods,
wishing to _fuck_ she had checked into the Cozy Rest
Motel with Dwayne Murphy, instead.
On the other hand, she was definitely going to get
screwed, and that was always something to look forward
to. Chuck was already opening the pint of whiskey,
getting ready to make a couple Seven-and-Sevens. As if
Belinda needed to be juiced in order to get juicy!
Motels really weren't Belinda's thing, but they
couldn't go to Chuck's and they couldn't go to her
house either, and she absolutely refused to fuck in the
back seat of Japanese cars since a near-accident in
tenth grade. So Chuck, who was out of school and had a
job, had sprung for a room here at the hot sheets. Not
the first time, but she was still sorry she wasn't here
with the guy from next door.
She was convinced, for one thing, that meeting Dwayne
had been the catalyst that had changed her life
forever. Unfortunately, other than that dynamite fuck
in the living room of her house, she hadn't had much
chance to try his rod on for size. And now, a week
later, she was still thinking dreamily of the sweet hot
fuck he'd thrown into her -- including that
unprecedented ramrodding of her almost totally virgin
asshole -- and she was wondering if Chuck was man
enough to satisfy her newfound needs.
Not that Chuck was so bad. Like, she'd been going out
with him for quite a while, and he was under the
impression he was her steady. And he was a pretty good
lay, when you got right down to it. But he wasn't
Dwayne, goddamn it!
Belinda paraded around the room, conscious of Chuck's
eyes upon her. Well, let him look. He was gonna get
it, right? And he'd certainly had it before. She was
strutting a little, but that was just the spike heels
she wore. Chuck was 6'4", and she liked to be able to
look him in the eye.
She was dressed for a date, with a tight black sheath
dress, no sleeves, the hem striking her about a third
of the way down her thighs. She'd found it in some of
her mom's old clothes, a leftover from the early 60s,
but it looked just great in '88, and especially on
Belinda. The way Chuck was eyeing her, she was sure of
While he poured the drinks, Belinda took off the dress.
If it looked good, what she wore under it was even more
fine. Her bra and panties were black, dark against the
sunkissed gold of her skin. Chuck liked garters and
stockings, and she had worn a pair just for him.
Curlicue applique ran down both sides of her hose,
accentuating the length and sinuosity of her legs.
Chuck handed her a glass of Seven-and-Seven. She tipped
it to his, and smiled alluringly over the rim. She
could already see the bulge in his pants. He had a
nice dick, but it wasn't like Dwayne's. At least, he
didn't use it as well. But he could sure fuck up a
cloud of smoke, and she figured she might as well make
the most of him.
Chuck put down his glass and slipped his hands around
Belinda. She sipped her drink while he began to feel
her up. She enjoyed being felt up, as always.
His hands moved over her black, bra-covered tits. The
bra wasn't _that_ much of a covering, and her nipples
began to push out the centers of the black lacy cups.
His fingers stroked them back and forth, feeling the
ever-lengthening indentations as they got harder and
His body brushed hers, and she could feel the bulge of
cock in his pants. Until she'd met Dwayne Murphy,
Chuck's cock had been plenty for Belinda, but now, even
with its hardness rubbing against her, she felt a
little disappointed. But not so disappointed that she
didn't plan to fuck this dude's brains out.
He unsnapped her bra, and the cups fell away from her
tits. He sighed, as he always did when the tits came
into view, and his hands covered the bare, Jello-jiggly
mounds. He squeezed down as if they belonged to him,
personally. Belinda just closed her eyes and oozed her
titties into his clutching fists. Her hand went down
to stroke his full-grown bulge. Yeah, he was hard, all
She put her drink on the dresser table and gave him her
full attention. She opened his shirt. His chest was
broad and hairy. He'd been a football star in high
school, though not good enough to merit a scholarship
-- which explained why he was pumping gas at the
Exxon, not pumping coeds at Ohio State.
But his body was still hard and primed. She loved to
feel it. Pushing the shirt off his shoulders, she
caressed his chest, his shoulders, his neck. The high
heels put her in great shape to be kissed, and she
opened her mouth to his questing tongue.
He manipulated her hard nipples, and she decided she
wasn't all that turned off in any case. Her teats
stiffened between his fingers, and he bent down to suck
on them. "Oooohh, Chuckie," she giggled, feeding him a
randy tit.
His other hand was between her legs, stroking the
crinkly satin of her black panties. His finger pushed,
stuffing itself and the wraparound panty fabric into
Belinda's cunt. He couldn't move very deeply, but he
moved in and out, and she wiggled and giggled and she
spread her legs a little wider, deepening her pussy
hole to his attack.
He fucked finger and panties into her hole, poking
shallowly, and she bounced up and down in her spikey
heels, feeding her cunt to his finger. She was already
tugging down his zipper and reaching inside his pants
to find that old familiar cock of Chuck's. Belinda had
no idea how many times she had fucked it, sucked it,
but she was pretty sure she was about to do it one more
He picked her up and carried her to the bed. She lay
back, posing, while he stripped down. Too bad he'd had
a car payment due this week, and not enough cash left
over for a porno tape rental. They were extra here at
Cozy Rest. But they could make their own live-action
She watched his pants drop, saw his cock rise up, thick
and hard. She touched her titties, pleasuring the
already-rigid nipples with the tip of long red nails,
and she wondered if Chuck had ever stuffed that tool up
a girl's asshole. She wondered if his dick would feel
as good up her asshole as Dwayne Murphy's had, a couple
of days ago. She wondered if she was _ever_ gonna get
the chance to slime Dwayne's tool with her mouth, ass
or pussy again!
Chuck joined her on the bed, his big hairy body rubbing
all over hers. He stuck his hand down the front of her
panties and felt her pussy, leaking piss-warm juices
already, and he cupped a fistful of that pussy and
squeezed, as if he were wringing an orange. Belinda
was turned on. When was she not turned on? But it had
been soooo different with Dwayne. He'd spoiled her for
other guys, she was sure.
Chuck buried his face between her boobs and blew on
them, slobbering and nipping his way up from the pit of
the cleavage to the tingly tips of the nipples. He
opened his mouth wide and sucked a whole tit inside.
He had a hell of a big mouth!
Belinda's 38-C vanished into his yawning maw and he
sucked hard on it, putting a vacuum pressure on the
throbbing nipple while his hand continued to slide
through the soft hairs of her cunt, stroking the bubble
of her clit and the drippy arousal of the slit.
Now his finger went inside her, for real this time,
nothing to hold it back, and Belinda moaned from deep
in her guts. He had a middle finger the size of some
guys' cocks, and he used it like a dick inside her,
probing, prodding, thrusting almost to the pit of her
It was the usual Saturday night at Cozy Rest, Belinda
decided, rolling and rocking under Chuck's assault and
listening to the noises that crept through the flimsy
walls. Someone had sprung for a porn film, a room or
two away; she could hear the cheap tinny generic music
that always played on the soundtracks. And closer,
probably two rooms down, somebody was getting one
_hell_ of a fucking!
"Ohhhhhhhh..." A woman's voice, moaning like a banshee
in heat, and tuned to the rhythmic rock of a bed.
Belinda closed her eyes, drinking in the sound. It was
a slow dreamy fuck, she could tell from the bedsounds,
the woman's cries. As Chuck's finger stabbed in and
out of her like an oil drill about to bring in a
gusher, she listened to the noises of that other
couple, envying them the rhythm and the pace of their
sweet sex. Chuck wasn't bad, but sometimes he was in
too damn much of a hurry.
But Belinda was in a little bit of a hurry herself. He
was turning her on like crazy, and she found her snatch
sucking thirstily at his finger, wishing his nail could
spout a geyser of jizz into her creamy hole. She could
use a hot squirt right now, just to cool her down a
She wriggled from beneath him, throwing herself forward
upon his cock. She'd rather have been sucking on
Dwayne's, and she'd hinted -- fuck, she'd come right
out and asked him -- that she wanted to go out with him
tonight, but he'd been busy.
Doing what, for shit's sake? Had he already found
somebody else to fuck here in Albany? Was he finished
with her after one goddamn screw? She couldn't imagine
that was possible. She knew how good she was. A man
could fuck her for an eternity and still want more.
Chuck sure wasn't tired of it yet. She heard his groan
of satisfaction as she began to lick his dick, and she
smiled at the swollen knob where it protruded from his
unclipped foreskin. Hiya, big boy, she told it with
her eyes and her tongue.
She slipped her lips over his knob, sipping him in and
out. The friction of her mouth and tongue made his rod
grow harder, hotter. She could taste the excitement
flowing through his meat, pre-cum oozing onto her
tongue with each lustful swipe.
Lifting her head, she squeezed his knob from beneath,
until the piss-slit winked open. She attacked it with
her tongue, thrusting as if she meant to penetrate him.
He yelped and grabbed her head, guiding her downward.
"Oh, baby, your sucking's the greatest," he said
hoarsely. Her tongue moved through the tiny slit like
a saw blade, and his prick trembled inside her hand.
She licked downward, to his nuts, stroking the
uppermost half of Chuck's dick. Her mouth opened wide
to suck on his balls. She rocked his stones around
with her tongue, and the power surged through his
upstanding prick where her fist encircled it. She
pushed the balls out of the way and licked his
shithole, too, her tongue pointed and perky and
passionate. Then it was back to his balls for a little
more sucking, and at last her tongue walked back up
Chuck's tool, making for the big purple knob.
His foreskin was peeled all the way down, the knob
entirely exposed. It looked as big as a budded tomato,
and almost as red. Belinda made her mouth a wet ripe
oval and she slid it down over the end of Chuck's dick,
pushing south until her lips were flush against his
groin and the head of his prick was somewhere inside
her right lung.
She moved up and down in a series of slow rises and
falls, taking his cock down her throat to the nuts
again and again. Guys were always impressed with that,
especially guys who had dicks as big as Chuck, and
Belinda loved to show off a little. But his tool was
heating up like a stewpot on the boil, and even more
than the showing off, she fucking loved the way his
prick tasted!
She was on her hands and knees beside him, face angled
down into his crotch, her ass pointing toward his head.
He put his hand up her crotch once more, and he used
his fingers like a drillbit in her dripping pussy. His
thumb entered her cuntal mouth and he reamed her
mercilessly, grinding his hand against her aroused
clit, her tingling labes. One finger tickled the
sensitized tightness of her asshole. He'd dated her
before, and he knew she liked that, too. She kept on
sucking, hungry for the squirt of his jizz.
Chuck explored the taut petals of Belinda's twat,
scooping juices out of her wet hole and smearing them
onto her antechambers. She got slicker and slicker.
He pulled out his wet thumb and rubbed it on her tiny
starfish asshole. Belinda murmured and purred and
giggled around her total mouthful of his dick.
She almost bit his cock in two when he started to shove
his thumb up her butt, though! It was a little further
than he usually went, but he seemed to be a little more
turned-on than normally, tonight, and that was fine
with Belinda, who was about to burst from arousal.
Part of it was the feel of his throbbing cock stuffed
to the gills in her throat. Part of it was the normal
anticipation of getting fucked. Part of it _had_ to be
the nonstop noises that came from the room down the
That woman must be getting the fuck of a lifetime, to
judge from the way she was moaning and whining! Now
and then her voice drifted higher, toward a softly
sensuous scream. It made Belinda's clit tingle, just
listening to her, and she was sure it was arousing
Chuck as well.
And now it was Belinda's turn to scream, though she
couldn't get out much sound with her mouth totally full
of Chuck's dick. His thumb popped her assring, lubed
by the juice it had squeezed out of her pussy, and he
began to ream her butt.
She swayed tremulously, her mouth gone slack on Chuck's
peter, and she absorbed the grinding rotation of his
thumb as it opened her wide. Mmmm, she thought, I
believe Chuck may get luckier than he ever dreamed
But she could almost taste the passion surging in his
rod, and each time she squeezed on his balls, a little
squirt of jizz bubbled from the tip of Chuck's peter.
He couldn't last two more minutes without shooting. It
was no time to begin an assfuck that would be over
before it ever got good.
She rocked back against his buttboning thumb. The heel
of his hand pressed her dripping pussymouth, friction
humming on her hard hot clit. She raised her face from
his cock, just hanging onto it now, and she did the
grind on Chuck's hand until her heart seemed to explode
inside her. An orgasm exploded inside her pussy,
transmitted itself somehow to her asshole as well!
"Gonna fuck you for a minute, now," she panted, popping
her ass off his inserted thumb. She turned, straddled
him, rammed her cunt down over the uplifted end of
Chuck's prick. Her hole was open, wet, greasy --
fucking ready, man! She slammed downward, eating him
to the balls in one gulp, and she leaned forward as her
hips rose and fell.
She slapped him in the face with her big dangling tits.
"Fuck me, oh, fuck me," she moaned, over and over.
He sucked on her jugs while he rammed cock up into her
plunging hole. He was on a really short leash now, as
anxious to squirt as she was to feel another come
detonate inside her pussy. She just wanted to get this
fuck out of the way so they could have another drink
and get primed for the sweet tight surprise she had
decided to give Chuckie baby. When she took it up the
ass, she wanted it to last a _loooonng_ time!!!
The woman in heat, down the row, was apparently on fire
now. Everybody in the fucking motel -- hell, everybody
in Athens County! -- could probably hear her every
gasp, every moan, every sigh. Belinda could almost
hear the squish of the cock that plumbed her hole and
brought the woman to this pinnacle of delight. Just
listening to the sounds of another bitch in heat made
Belinda herself that much more excited.
"Dwayne, oh, Jesus, you fuck me like a god!!!" the
woman was squealing, the bed audibly rocking beneath
her. Belinda's head jerked around. Dwayne? Oh, shit,
there were probably a hundred thousand guys named
Dwayne in Ohio, right? But how many of them could fuck
women like a god? she couldn't help wondering.
Chuck bit into Belinda's nearest tit, and she turned
her attention back to the job at hand. His dick felt
the size of a watermelon inside her now, stretching the
walls of her snatch almost to the breaking point. It
was all she could do to keep her pussy sliding up and
He grabbed her by the ass and pulled her down, lunging
up at the same moment to impale her totally on his
bulging prick. His face contorted in the moment of
orgasm, and she felt the hot gushing discharge of his
jizz, the milky cum squirting straight into her uterus.
Her cunt ground hard against his belly as it sucked his
cock dry, and the pressure on Belinda's clitoris was
enough to make her come again too, even more intense
than the orgasm she'd felt when Chuckie reamed her
pussy and asshole with his horny fingers. She squirmed
down upon his tool, the slime oozing out of her
dick-stretched sheath to clot in their entangled crotch
And not far away, that other bitch was coming too.
She screamed like a hyena in the rush of her climax,
the sounds penetrating the room Belinda and Chuck
shared. Her cries excited Belinda almost as much as
her own sensations, and they intensified the orgasm
that was racing through the ripe teenaged blonde. It
was as if the two women were fucking the same dick,
Belinda thought madly, collapsing atop Chuck, her pussy
full of his thick squirted jizz.
She slid off him, the slime running out of her
tingle-lipped hole and down her smooth gold thighs.
She stroked herself, standing by the bed, and she
licked the discharge off her fingers. Mixed with her
own cum, it tasted even better than when she drank it
straight from the squirting knob of his dick.
"Oh, shit," she said, turning, "the ice is all melted,
and I need another drink in the worst way!" She
slipped into her panties, pulled on Chuck's t-shirt,
grabbed the styrofoam ice chest. The ice machine was
outside, but she was dressed decently enough for the
Cozy Rest.
"I'll be back in a sec," she promised Chuck, "and when
I do, I'm gonna make your day, like, totally, dude!"
She winked, and went out the door.

All in all, it had been an okay week, Dwayne Murphy
decided, while Thalia Parsons lay across him, her mouth
full of his ripe hard cock, her jaws working
frantically as she gulped his meat. Of course, he did
feel a little weird about checking into a motel with a
lady old enough to be his mother, but fuck, man, that
was life!
Like, they couldn't fuck at Thalia's place because her
kids were around and she didn't want them to know about
her and Dwayne. He damn sure couldn't bring her over
to Aunt Joanna's.
They could have parked in the woods, but the back seat
on his Suzuki was a little small for making out. And
anyway, it had been raining steadily since last night,
so they needed to find someplace dry and comfortable.
Besides, Thalia said she was much too old to get
screwed in a parked car in any case -- even her own.
But she wasn't too old to get her buns fucked off, and
she had pretty much insisted he do her tonight. Damn,
and Belinda had been after him for a date, too! That
was the big problem of fucking a mother and daughter
when neither one knew you were screwing the other. You
had to sneak around so much! Just like Robin and Mindy,
he thought, while Thalia's tongue slithered wetly
around the bloated knob of his cock. _Just_ like Mindy,
he remembered with a smile.
So here they were at the Cozy Rest. Thalia said all
the Mr and Mrs Smiths in Albany checked in here. It
wasn't the Sheraton, but it had a bed, and it had a
little privacy.
For a few bucks extra they could have had a fuck film
on the tv, but who needed stimulation like that when
you had Thalia? The bitch was on him as soon as the
door closed behind them, climbing his body like an ivy
vine and rubbing him up with every sweet hot thing she
While Thalia sucked his dick, Dwayne lay back, enjoying
the shit out of it, and listening to the sounds that
came from nearby rooms. Lot of fucking going on here
tonight. He was happy to add his bit to the big
She could suck the hair off a cock, Thalia could. She
licked his sides, and her tongue had a slightly sandy
feel to it, like a fine-grain file scraping across his
flesh. It made his spine tingle and his skin crawl,
just a little, and it kept his peter hard as a board.
She went down on his balls, and she even turned him
over and licked his asshole, playing with his tool
while she tongue-washed his butt. He liked the nasty
feel of her tongue back there, and he told her so. She
just sighed and sucked his ass a little more. He
farted while she was rimming him, and she didn't even
stop. He was starting to think the bitch was in love
with him.
Christ knew she'd fucked him blind on the job! Every
morning and every afternoon she'd sneak down for a
quick one in the mail room or the basement xerox room
or one of the storage closets. He'd had his tool in
her mouth, her pussy, between her tits.
Once he'd jerked himself off in her armpit, while she
flexed her thin but wiry arm around his thrusting tool,
and then she'd taken his load all over her beaming
face, lapping like a dog as the hot white milk gushed
from his jerking cock. The gleam in her blue eyes as
she allowed his jizz to splatter her had been enough to
keep his cock hard and primed, and he'd fucked her
again on the spot, banging her cunt until she moaned.
She hadn't let him fuck her up the ass yet, though
she'd come closer and closer to it. He'd had his
fingers in her shithole, and his tongue, and once in
the mail room she'd flipped up her skirt, showing him
she had no panties underneath, and allowed him to tease
her tight and tiny butthole with the big swollen knob
of his tool.
He could still feel the snug resistance of the
minuscule opening -- so small it was hard to believe
she used the thing to shit with, in fact! The hole had
parted gingerly, allowing just the point of his cock to
enter where his finger and tongue had already been.
But the fact that she'd let him do that much was a
goddamn good sign, wasn't it?
She was still a little coy about it, but he could sense
her resistance dwindling, and he was determined to bone
her shithole tonight or die trying. What better place
to assfuck Thalia than here at the local hot sheets
motel, anyway?
All things considered, Thalia was one hell of a piece.
Sure, she was thirty-eight or forty, and she was small
and kinda titless, but her petite body was toned and
trim, and she had moves like a Swiss watch. Four
years of widowhood had fine-tuned her desires, and now
that she could work them all out with Dwayne, she was
acting as if she'd never heard of the word "No".
When the heat was on her, Thalia was a wild athletic
fuck, and Dwayne sometimes had trouble keeping up with
her. She was as horny as Belinda, and as nasty as
Chloë. It was happening all over again, just like with
Robin and her mother Mindy, back home in Pomeroy.
Dwayne really didn't mind. And he was sure Thalia
liked it too.
Her tongue prodded into his shitter. She held the
cheeks open and she made humming sounds as she licked
his ass. This was the second or third time she'd done
it to him, and she hadn't even needed to be asked, this
time. She licked as if she loved the taste of his
shit! Her tongue felt like a tiny wet turd trying to
crawl back up into his lower intestine. He shoved his
butt at her and she ate it up.
Well, Dwayne thought, I kinda know what Thalia's
angling for tonight, and I think I may just give it to
He turned around, his dick sticking out almost a foot
long. It whacked her in the face. She grabbed it with
both hands, fed it into her mouth, downthroated him in
a single gulp. Dwayne gasped and thrust, again and
again, into her wet, dentate heat.
Her teeth clenched around his cock but he was so hard
they didn't even hurt. He just fucked himself in and
out of her, while she did her goddamnedest to suck him
Dribbles of jizz squirted from his cock as she blew
him, but he willed his balls to hold back, to save
something for the real action. If he closed his eyes
and imagined Aunt Jo's face, watching in horror as he
fucked Thalia, he found that his balls relaxed to the
proper degree. But Thalia's tongue reheated him, and
the process began all over again.
Thalia could have taught both her daughters a lot about
sucking peter, Dwayne decided. She could have taught
them a little about being ladies, too. The girls were,
after all, just a bit aggressive, especially Chloë.
But that was all a big part of their appeal, and he
loved the tight fresh taste and feel of their bodies.
Thalia's skin wasn't as taut, nor her cunt as snug.
But mmm, could she ever fuck!!! And she looked like
the very model of propriety most of the time, like a
woman who didn't even know she had a pussy.
Her head rose and fell like a piston on his jutting
prick. He kept fucking her throat, and she kept
swallowing him with audible gulps and groans. The
noises vibrated along his entire shaft, and his balls
jingled in response. His arm lay on the curve of her
ass, and he stroked her warm, livewire body while he
fed her.
Dwayne moved his hand back, and into the crack of her
ass. He stroked lightly, ticklishly, from the base of
her spine to the starfish opening of her shitter, and
he could feel the response being transmitted to his
She worked her head from side to side, grinding her
upper front teeth back and forth over his bloated cum
vein. Little more of that and the bitch would have
herself the mouthful she was obviously thirsting after!
As it was, his dick gushed another little dribble of
cum, splashing her tongue as it lapped him, and he saw
her throat move as she gulped down the appetizer.
He got his fingers wet in her pussy, which was about as
juicy as the Muskingum River, and he moved them in and
out of her hole. He had thumb and forefinger up her.
She was almost big enough that he could snap his
fingers inside her twat, but the more he worked on her,
the tighter, the cuntier, she seemed to become around
him. He kept his fingers busy, priming that pussy for
what he had in mind.
"I don't wanna come in your mouth, baby," he told her.
"I wanna shoot my jizz all over that uterus! Why don't
you bring that pussy up here and let me finish getting
it ready for some fucking?"
"It's ready already," Thalia smirked, sounding more
like a teenager herself than the mother of two
highschoolers, but she was right there anyway,
straddling his chest and bringing her snatch down to
him. He got her by the asscheeks and shoved his face
up into her pussypie, sniffing at the funky, hot aroma
of her arousal.
She looked really sexy tonight, in a bra that was cut
so low the pink tips of her nipples stuck out over the
lacy top, and until he took them off, she'd been
wearing a pair of panties that covered only her fluffy
blonde bush. The back end was just a string that rode
tautly between the firm cheeks of her ass. Looked like
something she might have nicked out of Belinda's panty
drawer, he thought, but it flattered the mom as well as
it did the daughter.
She still had on a garter belt and blue textured nylons
that had made Dwayne's cock harden at first sight.
Borrowed from Belinda, Thalia explained. Dwayne
reached up to stroke the garter belt, the straps that
stretched over Thalia's hips. She scooted closer,
pushing her cunt into his face. He opened his mouth
and started to eat.
He didn't have to be asked twice to eat Thalia's
snatch. It tasted fucking good, man! Robin's mom had
had kind of a stale taste, until he began screwing her
regularly. Thalia's cunt had a ripe musky flavor from
the start, a little like anchovies but with a hint of
honey. Dwayne spread the flaps and scratched the
insides with his fingertips while his tongue began to
explore the inner folds of the older woman's twat.
She moved forward, dominating him with her cunt. He
was in the mood to be dominated. The funky miasma of
her pussy enfolded his face like steam, and he let his
tongue glide through her groove easily, almost
casually. But each spot at which he lingered was
guaranteed to make the bitch moan her guts out, and you
bet your ass that's exactly what she did!
He sucked at her clit until it was as hard as it could
be. The pearl-like button peeked from its little
crevice, so big you had to wonder how it could have
hidden away in that tiny nook. But here it was, and it
glistened with his saliva. Each fresh lick made it
wetter, and each kiss made it bigger. He took it
between his lips and tapped it with his tongue, humming
at the same time.
"Ohhhhhhh..." Thalia gasped, slamming snatch down into
his mouth. He got his nose full of her hairs, but they
tasted almost as good as her flesh.
He opened his mouth, covering her gash with it, and he
sucked, pulling the inner labes to even longer
protrusions. His tongue poked and prodded between them,
into the heart of Thalia's shimmering damp cunt, and
her moaning got more heartfelt, more intense.
"Eat my pussy, you horny son of a bitch," Thalia
panted, pumping him with her snatch. He kept on
sucking, his hands tight on her ass. The fingertips
were in her crack, and he kept tickling her butthole
while he gobbled her twat. He had something special in
mind for her butthole, and he suspected she would like
it too.
He rolled her off his face, so that she was on her
back, her knees up. He moved into the spread of them,
descending upon her cunt like the wolf upon the fold.
He peeled back the inner labes, which stuck out half an
inch by now, and he bared the cherry-red interior of
her cunt to his delighted eyes. His mouth moved down
and his tongue strolled through her groove from clit to
With his shoulders against the backs of her thighs, he
pushed, lifting her butt slightly upward and baring the
taut wrinkle of her asshole. His tongue dropped down
to visit her there, and she definitely enjoyed it.
"You nasty little bastard," she sighed soulfully,
"you're licking me where I shit..."
He stuck a finger into his mouth, sucking it wet, then
pushed it into her pussy. She would never again be as
tight as Chloë, but she was snug with lust, and the
mesh of her muscles made for a little resistance to the
plunge of his finger. He persisted, and the finger
sank into her, up to the knuckle. He rotated it, and
Thalia screeched with delight.
"Yessssss!!!! Fuck my cunt with your motherfucking
finger, babyyyyy!!!" She bounced beneath him, her
snatch sheathing and unsheathing his stabbing digit,
while his tongue kept on arousing her excited asshole.
The smell of her jizz was tangy in the air. She was
coming her guts out while he diddled her. Good. The
more she came, the better she fucked.
He gave her ass one more lick for good luck, and then
he climbed up her body, mounting her where she lay
writhing and moaning. He lifted his groin from atop
her, and he straightened out his dick, ramming it
straight into Thalia's twat.
The bulbous knob parted her gash lips and sank into
her. She stiffened beneath him, gasping, "Ohhhh,
Dwayne, fuck meeeee!!!" and her legs folded around his
body as she held him in a pussy deathgrip.
He rose up, half-withdrawing his cock, then plunged
home again, a savage fierce thrust that shook her like
an earthquake beneath him. She closed her eyes,
moaned, and climaxed again.
Dwayne pressed down with his prick, fully imbedding it
in Thalia, and he held himself there, crammed to the
nuts in her snatch. The gravy of her cunt flowed around
his meat, and her vibrating cuntal walls lapped like a
hundred thirsty mouths along the barrel of his shaft.
He began to fuck, finally, doing it slowly, carefully,
the friction of his cock maintaining the simmery heat
that bubbled within her cunt. His strokes were long,
strong, deep, and slow, and he felt her responding
tumultuously beneath him. She lifted her hips from the
bed, levering herself with her legs around him.

Dwayne grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and

stuffed it under Thalia. His hands moved down to cup
the cheeks of her ass. He held them possessively while
he slicked his cock in and out of her juicing hole.
She couldn't stop moaning. He felt like moaning,
himself. The suction of her pussy on his peter was
like, sooooo fine!!!
Again he caressed her asscrack, tickling her while he
fucked her. She liked it as much as he did, and she
giggled like one of her schoolgirl daughters. His
finger sought her shitter, and her blue eyes opened
"You're incorrigible," she whispered. "Absolutely
His finger poked into her asshole, the muscles
resisting for a moment and then surrendering. His
finger went deep, and her eyes almost popped out of her
skull. "Bastard!" she gasped. "Dirty asshole-fucking
"Bet your ass I am," Dwayne whispered, "and after we
finish this round, I'm _really_ gonna fuck your
asshole, mama!"
The words seemed to drive her wild. She rocked
frantically beneath him, using every muscle in her cunt
to pressurize his peter. He got stiffer and bigger
inside her, and her cunt seemed to contract to almost
unbearable tightness.
He had to fight for every stroke, but he was young and
tough, and for pussy like this, fighting was not too
big a price to pay. He worked his hips, driving her
with his dick, and his finger pushed deeper into her
tight, greasy asshole.
"Oh, Dwayne, you fuck me like a god!!!" she screamed,
bursting into yet another orgasmic explosion beneath
It wasn't the first time a woman had told him that; he
doubted it would be the last. But it was always good
to hear, and the words made his dick get bigger and
bigger inside her.
He leaned down, licking her hard-nippled tits where the
pink buds extended over the lacy top of her bra. She
moaned again, and he started to suck her tits, milking
at the nipples as if he expected them to squirt his
mouth full of homogenized. His prick sawed more
furiously into her cunt, and his finger continued to
ream her asshole. She was coming like a bitch, and his
balls were about to pop, too.
Suddenly he jerked his cock out of her and aimed it at
her face. "Ohhhhhh, Dwayne..." she sobbed as his jizz
splattered her. He'd intended to come in her cunt, but
he had felt the sudden need to see her face slimy with
his sperm, one more time!
She basked in his cum-spray, hand massaging the sticky
scum into her face, her tits. Her other hand seized
his dick, finished the job of draining him. She lapped
the jizz off his peter and sucked at the knob, thirsty
for more. She didn't look like anyone's mother,
blowing his sticky tool.
He collapsed beside her, panting. His dick would not
go soft, and he knew he would fuck her again, but he
needed a moment to catch his breath.
"God, I need a drink," she sighed, running a hand over
his broad smooth chest. She tweaked a nipple, leaned
down to kiss it.
She'd insisted on bringing a fifth of Scotch, and she'd
been cutesy-indecisive about letting Dwayne have a sip,
since he was under twenty-one. Like, it was okay to
suck his dick but not to give him alcohol?
Dwayne slid off the bed. "No ice," he told her. She
smiled, and she looked _exactly_ like somebody's
mother, assigning a chore to a reluctant kid. "Okay,"
Dwayne said, picking up his pants. "I'll go get some
more fucking ice, Thalia. But when I get back, you
better watch your ass, baby -- and I mean that
He zipped up, not bothering with a shirt, and he went
to the door, barefooted. The motel furnished these
cheap styrofoam ice buckets. Even with the
airconditioning on, the ice melted in record time. But
refills were free, at the chest outside.
Dwayne opened the door and went out -- damn, it was
still raining like a son of a bitch. He pattered down
the walkway in his bare feet.
Someone was already at the ice cooler. From the back
she looked good. It was a tousle-haired blonde,
wearing a guy's shirt and black stockings with
curlicues appliqued up the sides. He could see the
garter straps coming down from under the tail of the
shirt. He supposed she was wearing panties, but he
couldn't really tell. She had a fine, fine ass, and
that was for sure.
She started to close the lid, and he called, "Don't
bother, I need some ice, too."
She turned, and he nearly shit. "Dwayne!" she said, in
a shocked voice.
Oh, fuck, it was Belinda! What the hell was she doing
here? He searched his mind for excuses, alibis, but it
was no go. His brain was totally numb at the shock of
the encounter and his wit had momentarily deserted him.
Belinda couldn't believe what she saw when she turned
around. She dropped her styrofoam ice bucket and the
cubes hit the pavement. "You bastard!" she said. "You
couldn't go out with me but you're here at the Cozy
Rest! What did you do, run into some slut who fucks
better than I do???"
Her voice was loud and accusatory. Dwayne blushed. He
couldn't remember ever having blushed before, in his
whole life. But he was a little embarrassed right now,
and he thought he had the right to be. How would he
ever explain to Belinda that he was fucking her mother
in the next room up the row?
"You son of a bitch," she went on, picking up some of
the spilled ice cubes and throwing them at him. "You
no-good son of a bitch!"
And at that moment the door behind Dwayne opened. With
his shirt wrapped around her shoulders, Thalia Parsons
leaned out of the doorway and said, "You better hurry
up, stud! As soon as I get that drink, I'm going to
blow your dick hard and let you stick it straight up
my -- Belinda!!!!"
"Mom????" the teenaged blonde gasped in reply. She
stared at the open shirt, through which one of her
mother's small firm tits protruded, its pink nipple
stiff and perky. And then both of the Parsons women
turned to Dwayne.
"Surprise, surprise," he shrugged.
The shit has hit the fan, he thought. Let's see how
bad it stinks.

Joanna Murphy lay in bed, listening to the rain
outside. It had been raining steadily for almost
twenty-four hours.
Normally the sound of rain left Joanna in a mellow,
laid-back mood. Not tonight. She was still thinking
about what she had seen the other night, in Dwayne's
bedroom. Her nephew, fucking little Chloë Parsons from
next door.
She could hardly believe it, though her eyes had seen
it all. And as she lay in the darkness, she found her
mind reluctantly summoning up the image of Chloë,
naked, seductive, filled with a lust that was far
beyond her tender years. God, she thought, I'm old
enough to be her mother! And her mother is my best
But the sparkle in the girl's blue eyes, the quavery
jiggle of her tiny tits, the excitement with which
she'd forcefed her pussy to Dwayne's big hard cock --
the images simply would not go away! And the more she
thought about them, the more vivid they became to
Joanna Murphy.
She turned over and curled up into a foetal ball, but
she could not find the relief she sought in sleep. Her
hand began to creep into the space between her legs,
stroking her cunt from beneath as she huddled with
knees up. Just as she'd done the other night -- just
as she'd done a couple of times a day ever since.
At least she had the grace to blush as her pussy
unfolded like a rose before the caress of her fingers,
as her clit began to bud and grow under the
stimulation. There was a burgeoning warmth deep inside
her pussy and she knew she was going to jerk off one
more time, remembering what she had seen.
She straightened out, pulling her sleep-T up with one
hand, running the other across her aching tits. Joanna
could hardly believe the feelings inside her. As a
young girl, she'd had strange attractions and
sensations, which she had carefully repressed because
they seemed so nasty. As a mature woman, she'd lived
out her fantasies a time or three, never
satisfactorily, but never any less satisfactory than
her relationships with men.
She was a dud at sex, except when it came to jerking
off, she thought bitterly, and now she was fantasizing
about a young girl who would probably be horrified at
the very idea of touching another female body. She
felt like a pervert, but she was unbearably aroused.
"Damn it, I'm alone in the house, finally!" she said.
"I can do whatever the fuck I want!" She reached into
the nightstand's lowest drawer and came out with her
vibrator. A test showed that the batteries were in
fine shape. She slid her panties down. With Dwayne
around, she hadn't been able to make much use of her
comforting toy, but she'd make up for it tonight!
Joanna stroked her bared nipples with the buzzing
vibrator, watching them erect in quivery spurts and
shudders. Her hand was down between her legs, pawing
through the bearded bun of her cunt. The inner labes
were itchy with lust, and she stroked them repeatedly
while she teased her tits with the vibrator. Slowly
she began to move the sex toy down her stomach, toward
the upper edge of her pussy bush.
She knew she wasn't a beauty. Her face was only
passable, her body just so-so. She wasn't overweight
or rail-skinny, but she would never stand out in a
crowd. The dildo made her feel very very special,
though, and she glowed in her building arousal.
Her clit was hard, tingly-tipped, and she attacked it
with the vibrator, stroking in short kamikaze passes.
The clitoris kept on hardening, and a milky ooze formed
just within the scarlet trench of her cunt. She spread
the labes, baring her wettening twat to the night air,
and she grazed her gash with the buzzing head of the
"Ahhh," she purred, writhing as the feelings got better
and better. The dildo stayed busy, her cunt opening to
expose more and more of itself to the vibration of the
plastic prick. It did a better job for her than any
flesh-and-meat prick she'd ever fucked, and that was
for damn sure.
"Fuck me," she panted, "fuck me like Dwayne fucked that
darling little Chloë!!!" She straightened the
vibrator, its point already snagged within the loose
moist mouth of her snatch, and she gave it a vicious
shove, burying three inches of the whirring machine up
her aroused pussy. A soft moan dribbled from her lips,
a moan as liquid as her cunt. The buzz trembled
through her cunt. She pushed the object deeper, then
pulled it out, cunt-sopping, and used it on her clit
once more.
She sat up, rising onto her knees, and she fucked
herself from behind, reaching over her ass to guide the
vibrator in and out of her pussy from a new angle. She
gave herself a dozen fast, furious strokes, then
withdrew it again, bringing the point to bear against
her constricted asshole.
Sometimes she liked to stick fingers up her butt while
she played with herself. A time or two she'd even
stuck the vibrator up her shithole. She worked her
tight anal opening, undecided how far to go. The
constant whir of the full-power machine was a goddamn
persuasive argument for some asshole masturbation!
As she continued to tickle her ass, she reached beneath
herself and stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy.
She didn't have to worry about Dwayne hearing the sound
of her vibrator. She didn't have to worry about him
hearing the sound of her whimpering sexual moans. It
was a great night for fucking! Even for fucking
She decided that her cunt needed more attention than
her butt, and she stuffed the vibrator back into her
hole. It fucked better than any man she'd ever been
with, and she never failed to come when she was riding
her faithful friend. She couldn't have -- could
_never_ have Chloë Parsons, but she could fuck the zing
out of the Duracells in her vibrator!
She turned, abruptly, her ears perking. What the hell
was that noise??? She switched off the vibrator,
pulled up her panties, while her ears searched the air
for clues. Oh, God, there it was again! She shoved
the vibrator under the pillow and sat trembling in the
dark, terrified. But she had to do something.
Joanna got out of bed, her heart in her throat. She
had distinctly heard the sounds of someone trying to
jimmy open a window. And then a loud thumping sound. A
burglar? In Albany? Jesus!
"Ohhhh..." A soft whimper of hurt.
The sound came from outside. She could hear it most
clearly from the kitchen, despite the steady downpour
of the rain. Joanna took a deep breath and opened the
kitchen door, then went out onto the porch, a
flashlight in her hand.
The backyard was mostly mud. She stepped into it with
bare feet, grimacing. Turning the corner of the house,
she stopped short. Chloë Parsons was lying on the
ground, just below Dwayne's window. The girl looked up
as the light caught her. "I, uh," she started to say,
but then her eyes dropped and she looked very very
Joanna took her into the house. The girl was mud from
neck to ankles. She had obviously taken a hard fall,
and she walked with a ginger step, rubbing at her cute
little butt as if it hurt.
"I was, uh, well, uh..." Chloë stammered, avoiding
Joanna's eyes.
"You were trying to get into Dwayne's room, weren't
you?" Joanna challenged. "And you fell down." Chloë
blushed and nodded. Joanna sighed. "Okay. Let's see
how badly you might be hurt. And we'll try to get you
cleaned up."
Chloë was wearing shorts and a thin top which clung to
her apple-sized tits, accentuated the pointiness of the
nipples. Joanna tried her goddamnedest not to look, but
it was impossible. The rain had soaked Chloë's
clothing, and it was almost glued to her lithe young
"Are you hurt?" Joanna asked. "Should we maybe call
the emergency squad?"
Chloë shook her head. "I just bumped my ass, honest,
Jo! My foot slipped." She was sitting on the toilet,
while Joanna dabbed at the scratch on one thigh. The
crotch of her skimpy shorts had risen high into her
crack. Joanna glanced up and saw the thin tufts of
Chloë's pussyhair showing -- even the edges of her
plump little cunt.
Joanna sighed again. "I know what you were up to," she
said. "I saw you the other night." Chloë looked up,
her blue eyes big, her jaw slightly dropped. She had
perfect teeth. The pointed tip of her tongue showed
between them. Her lips were soft and moist, and Joanna
had to turn away lest she betray herself.
The tub was almost full. "Okay," Joanna said, "let's
get you cleaned up now so we can tell if there's any
She knew there was no one home next door. She'd seen
Belinda going out, earlier in the evening, and Thalia
was out as well. And for that matter, Chloë's
window-climbing venture had been a waste of time, since
Dwayne also wasn't home, in any event. So it was
incumbent upon Joanna to see to the girl's first-aid,
and it seemed essential to get her out of those muddy
clothes and find out if she had sustained any serious
injuries in her fall.
"Come on, get your clothes off and into the tub,"
Joanna commanded, helping Chloë up. The girl took off
her top, her shorts. She had nothing underneath.
Obviously she'd been expecting some action in Dwayne's
Closeup, her body was golden and sylphlike. Her small
tits were capped in pointy pink nipples, her pussy was
thatched in a soft furze of dirty-blonde hair, her
crack plainly visible amid the pale, sparse curls.
Joanna felt the most horrible need to reach out and
touch the girl from next door. She wanted to crush
that soft sweet tender body against her own, drown
Chloë's mouth in a hot kiss, enfold the girl with the
heat of her own tits. Again and again she tried to
tell herself that it was crazy, that Chloë would be
horrified, traumatized for life, perhaps. She felt
like a pervert.
Chloë stepped into the tub, momentarily exposing her
pussy crack. The inner pink glistened, and Joanna's
heart leaped into her mouth. Chloë sank down into the
tub, sighing. "Mmmm, that feels real good," she
She came back out, and Joanna was ready with a towel.
As noncommitally as possible, she patted the girl dry,
then turned her around. No bruises. The lithe young
body looked perfect.
Chloë sat down on the john. "I'm really sorry to be so
much trouble, Joanna."
The older woman turned away. Her fingers were itching,
and her tongue was bone dry. "Chloë," she asked,
turning again, "how do you think of me?"
Chloë giggled. "Well, you're my mom's best friend, and
about her age, so I guess I think of you sort of like
my aunt." Joanna's heart turned to lead. The girl
stood up. "But on the other hand," she said, "I can
see that your nipples are big and hard under your
shirt, and everytime you think I'm not looking, you
sneak a peek at my pussy." She giggled again, seeing
her words strike home like arrows. Joanna's face was
flushed, her lower lip quivering uncontrollably.
Chloë added, "And even if you really were my aunt, Jo,
if you wanted to, I'd probably let you do _everything_
I already let my sister do to me..." She went to
Joanna, her arms open, her young tits lifted high and
proud and perky, her smile an irresistible invitation.
"I'm not a lesbian," Joanna Murphy insisted, her mouth
exploring up and down Chloë's body. "I'm really not a
"Coulda fooled me," Chloë giggled. She fed one of her
tits into Joanna's lips, sighing as they took hold of
the nipple and began to suck. Joanna's hand was down
between Chloë's legs, stroking the soft pussy bun.
From between the tight lips, moisture was already
beginning to seep outward.
Chloë was a little surprised, but not displeased, that
Joanna had come on to her. It was a _lot_ different
from doing it with Belinda.
But her sister tended to be kinda bitchy, and she only
wanted to do it when she was horny or trying to get
something out of Chloë. Joanna was just the opposite.
She made love to the young girl, anxious to give her
pleasure. And Chloë was getting a hell of a lot of it!
She moved her hands up and down Joanna, discovering
the tactile delights of the older woman's body.
Naked, Joanna wasn't bad-looking. She wasn't
especially pretty, but she had nice tits, with enormous
brown nipples whose points were as thick as Chloë's
thumb. It was a real hoot to roll the nips between her
fingers, to milk them like a cow's teats, and to feel
them stiffening with more and more arousal, need,
The titflesh was soft and spongy, and Chloë's fingers
sank into it as if she were squeezing on a feather
pillow. She bounced the tits, loving the shuddery
ripples that ran through them. And then her hands
moved downward, into the hairy patch at Joanna's
crotch. The fur was dark and thick, and the pussy lips
were full and prominent beneath it. Chloë's finger
traced the gash, poking in and out of it, feeling the
steamy heat that was coming out of her neighbor's twat.
Joanna moved around so Chloë could get deeper into her
cunt. She moaned around the tit she was eating, as the
finger suddenly plunged like a miniature cock into the
depths of her hole. Chloë giggled and fucked in and
out of Joanna. She responded just like Belinda, the
younger girl decided. Shit, making it with girls was a
cinch! And Chloë already knew how much fun it could
"Let's suck each other," Chloë suggested. "Belinda and
I do that all the time! I'm the littlest, so I should
be on top."
And with that, the tiny teenager mounted Joanna,
wiggling down into position. She presented her cunt to
the older woman with no false modesty, no teasing
preliminaries. Like, if she couldn't get a piece of
Dwayne's dick tonight, she didn't have to go home with
an unfulfilled clit, right? Joanna seemed more than
willing to do the honors!
Chloë sighed as Joanna opened her and started to suck,
lick, and kiss her snatch. She wondered how many times
the other woman had actually done it. Joanna wasn't a
habitual pussy eater, definitely -- she was a little
awkward and tentative -- but she was plenty eager, and
her tongue entered the tight tiny pussy pocket,
slurping sticky juices from the fibrous mouth. She
knew where the clitoris was, and she knew what it was
for, too!
Joanna drank in the smell, the taste, of Chloë's pussy.
Maybe, she thought, maybe I really am a lesbian. She'd
never had any luck at all with men. But it tasted like
her luck was on the verge of changing, for sure!
Chloë rocked atop Joanna for a long moment, relishing
the way the older woman ate her. With a little
practice, Joanna could be one hell of a blowjob, the
teen decided. Her tongue got more and more wicked, the
more it lapped, and Chloë's cunt began to drool
honeycum into Joanna's mouth. She could smell the
arousal in her new lover's twat, and she began to feel
a little hungry herself.
She licked delicately, up and down the gash. She got
some hair on her tongue but she didn't really mind.
Joanna really oughta trim her bush a little. Maybe
Chloë would do that for her, later. For now, though,
she just spread the furry flaps, exposing the
sweetmeats inside, and she dipped her tongue down into
it, siphoning the juices from up the tube. The deeper
she slipped her tongue, the wetter and sweeter Joanna
Damn, Chloë thought, I shoulda gotten into this a
_long_ time ago! We coulda been having a lot of fun!
Joanna couldn't keep her tongue off Chloë's cute little
clit. It was tiny and pinkish, and it kept peeking out
of its hideyhole like a turtle, nosing cautiously out
of its shell. Her tongue sloshed it each time the
button emerged, and it seemed to take heart from the
licking. It grew, though it remained tiny -- the size
of a perfectly made baby pea -- and Joanna could feel
the heat, the excitement of it beneath her tongue. She
pushed her face in closer and pressed a longing kiss
onto Chloë's clitoris, her lips reluctant to let go.
Chloë, meanwhile, was just sticking one of her fingers
into Joanna. Her pussy was tighter than Belinda's, the
younger girl was delighted to find, and she had to
struggle to get inside it. But when she did, she felt
Joanna convulse beneath her. She poked her finger in
and out, using her own lips on Joanna's clit, paying
the older woman back suck for suck, lick for lick.
Beneath her, Joanna was rocking up and down, shoving
herself up at Chloë, and the little blonde teen could
smell orgasm on the way.
She wasn't doing badly herself. She swished her pussy
back and forth over Joanna's face, and she squeezed in
with her thighs, momentarily entombing the woman in her
steamy teen cunt. The mouth was glued to her pussy. A
river of juice ran from her snatch into Joanna's
sucking lips. She bounced her snatch up and down, and
an excited, quivery orgasm shot through her cunt while
Chloë lifted her head and howled, her finger stuffed to
the knuckle up the pussy of Dwayne's aunt.
They slid apart, their bodies dripping sweat, radiating
heat, both of them panting like dogs. Chloë grabbed
the pillow and hugged it to her tingly little tits, and
as she did, she saw the vibrator Joanna had stuffed
there when she was interrupted.
"Oh, naughty, naughty!" she giggled, picking it up.
"You been using this on yourself? Mmm, Jo, who needs
toys when you could have had me???"
She sniffed the vibrator, and her blue eyes sparkled
mischievously. "You've definitely been using this on
yourself," she went on. "I can smell your pussyjuice on
it. Oh, yes," and she let her tongue glide along the
shaft, "I can _taste_ your pussyjuice on it too,
She fed the vibrator in and out of her mouth, sucking
it just like a cock. Joanna's head swam. Chloë was
incredibly sexy-looking, with those eyes that could
drift from bland innocence to total awareness with just
a flutter of the lashes.
The older woman reached out for the young girl, who
came giggling into her arms. As their bodies
contacted, Chloë flipped on the vibrator and rubbed it
across Joanna's heaving tits.
"Can we fuck each other with this thing, Aunt Jo?" she
asked, her voice as innocent as her eyes were not.
"Maybe in the pussy? And maybe -- " her eyes sparkled
lasciviously "-- maybe in the ass, too, if we wanted to
be really naughty???"
"Yes," Joanna whispered, "yes, honey, I think we
She took the dildo from Chloë's hand and she began to
caress the overheated young girl with it. Chloë purred
as her firm little tits were teased to total nipple
erections. "You said you'd fuck me," she pointed out,
reaching down to spread her pussy.
Joanna, a slave to fate, slid the buzzing tip down the
flat tummy of her giggling young lover and she moved
the point into the exposed pink trench, guiding it
between the fingers that opened the hole. "Oooohhh, it
tickles!!!!" Chloë squealed. "Now stick it in! Fuck
me like Dwayne fucks me, Joanna! Fuck me like a
Joanna closed her eyes and shoved, ramming the dildo
into the young girl's bubbling hole. "And then you'll
do me?" she whispered, but Chloë was too busy coming to
answer. Joanna fed a tit into the girl's whimpering
mouth and she felt the firm knowing suction. She could
never face Thalia Parsons again, but she would have
enough memories to last the rest of her life.

"Mom! You cunt!" Belinda shrieked. "You're fucking
"You slut!" her mother replied. "What are you doing at
this cheap sleazy motel yourself, bitch?"
"Get inside," Dwayne said, grabbing Belinda's arm and
hustling her into the room. "No sense giving the whole
town a free show."
Inside, the two women glared at each other. "I can't
believe this," Belinda said. "My own mother, fucking
my boyfriend..."
"My daughter, slutting out at a hot sheets motel...
And what do you mean, _your_ boyfriend, anyway?"
"Oh, fuck," Dwayne said, unzipping his pants. The two
women turned immediately at the sound. "This," he
said, hauling out his dick, "is what's got your
snatches in an uproar. So what's the fucking
It was essentially the same speech he'd made to Robin
when she found out about him and her mother Mindy, and
he figured what the hell? It had worked once, right?
And it worked again. Just like before.
Dwayne lay on the bed, with Belinda on one side, her
mom on the other. His pants were off, and both of them
were stripped down to their garters and stockings. He
had a hand on each ass, and he turned from side to
side, sharing a knock'em dead smile and a
tongue-swapping kiss with each woman in turn.
A stiff dick did wonders for relieving hostility, and
their hands were all over his. And it was stiff. You
bet your ass it was stiff! Belinda's hand was cuddling
his balls, while her mother stroked her fist up and
down the throbbing shaft.
"This is insane," Thalia Parsons was saying, between
licks at Dwayne's mouth. "I cannot possibly be sharing
you with my daughter."
"Daughters," Belinda corrected with a smirk. "He got
into Chloë's pants even before he fucked me and you.
The little whore just saw him and grabbed him."
Thalia's jaw dropped. She knew Belinda was fucking,
but Chloë, too? That was a shock. On the other hand,
she wondered if it was possible for _any_ woman to
resist a guy like Dwayne. She certainly hadn't been
able to, and she was long past the age for schoolgirl
infatuations. But Chloë???
"You bastard," she told Dwayne. "You fucked both of my
little girls? And then you fucked me, too? You're
scum. And if you weren't such a fantastic screw, I'd
turn you in to the police!"
"Shut up and suck me," Dwayne commanded. It was time
to show these bitches who was really in charge, right?
He pushed Thalia's head down until she was staring his
one-eyed wonder worm eye to eye. She looked at it for
a long moment, then opened her mouth and fed it inside.
Dwayne gave a contented grunt as his tool vanished into
Belinda shook her head. "Jesus," she said, watching
her mom suck dick. The worst of it was, Mom wasn't all
that bad. Dwayne's tool vanished into her mouth,
thrusting deeply, and Thalia sucked it with a voracious
passion. She made gagging sounds as she ate, but she
took him to the hilt again and again. Belinda's throat
began to ache a little, just watching.
Dwayne leaned down and licked at her hard-pointed tits.
He teased the pink buds with his tongue, then sucked
them into his mouth, lips stretching widely as he
ingested more and more of Belinda's jiggly 38-C.
She pressed her chest against his face, guiding his
hand down to her cunt. His finger entered her hole and
started to ream out the wet tightness, and she squeezed
with her thighs, milking his finger as if it were a
cock about to gush her with squirting jizz. And she
watched her mother eat peter, envy starting to simmer
right behind the tits Dwayne was suckling.
Thalia came up for air, drool running out of her mouth.
Dwayne's rod was slimy with her slobber. She slid her
hand up and down, massaging the spit back into his
pecker flesh. Belinda pushed her mom's hand away and
took the prick into her own fist. "Now I'll show you
how it's really done," she sneered, twisting around to
get within sucking distance.
Belinda took a lot of pride in her blowjobs. She gave
Dwayne the full treatment. First she licked her
mother's drool off him, replacing it with her own hot
saliva. She lapped every inch of his exposed cock,
from the knob straight down the nine-inch shaft to the
bloated balls. Opening wide, she sucked on them too,
while her finger played between his asscheeks, tickling
his shithole the way she knew he liked.
Glancing up from his balls, she saw that Thalia was
once again lipping Dwayne's knob. "Cool it, bitch,"
she growled. "It's my turn now." Her mouth moved
upward, but Thalia did not let go. Belinda tongued the
hard shaft, climbing north, and when she got to the
tip, it was still in her mom's mouth.
She started to kiss around Thalia's lips, attacking
everything else she could reach. In the process, her
mouth touched her mother's. She saw her mom's eyes
open wide at the contact, and then Belinda was staring
into her mother's eyes and it was like hearing the
Beastie Boys for the first time. Her eyebrows lifted,
and so did Thalia's, and the older woman slowly raised
her mouth from Dwayne's dick.
Her lips were still wet, still parted, the tip of her
tongue showing between them. Belinda took the knob of
the cock in hand and she leaned toward her mother. Her
eyes closed dreamily as their mouths touched, and then
they were kissing hotly, passionately, the same way
Chloë loved to be kissed by her big sister.
Open mouth pressed against open mouth. Tongue met
tongue. Drool flowed from mother to daughter and back
again. Their hands dueled along the throbbing length
of Dwayne's rod, but they were no longer rivals.
They'd discovered something that was almost as nice as
what they were getting from the visitor next door!
Dwayne leaned back, smiling as he watched. _Just_ like
Robin and her mom, he thought. Turned on to each other
as well as to him. And Christ, did it make his dick
tingle to watch a couple of women French kissing!
He took a tit in each hand, one of Belinda's, one of
Thalia's, and he pinched the hardened nipples.
"Remember me?" he called.
They broke off their kiss, turned blushing toward him.
They wouldn't be blushing after he'd put them through a
few more of their paces. Glowing, maybe, but not
He touched the hands that held his cock. "I think I
want to fuck," he announced. "Who's gonna be first?"
"Age before beauty," Belinda giggled. "I wanna watch
you screw my mom!"
Thalia gave her daughter the finger, but she was
beaming as she spread 'em, and Dwayne climbed aboard.
Belinda reached in between their bodies and guided the
cock into her mother's hole. She wrapped her arms
around Dwayne, shoving her tits into his side, and as
he thrust home, he was positive that Belinda's jerk of
reaction was even more vibrant than Thalia's.
His prick shoved deep into Thalia, and she lifted her
feet high into the air, kicking hard. "Oh, fuck me,
baby," she gasped, "fuck me while my little girl
Belinda wasn't nearly a little girl, Dwayne thought --
not at five-eight and 38-C -- but she was giggling like
a child. "Fuck my mom," she encouraged. "Give her
what you've been giving me!"
She throbbed with each thrust, her hands, her mouth,
her tits all over Dwayne's body. She reached down his
back, grabbing his balls from the rear, and she
wrenched them encouragingly as he screwed her mother's
cunt. "But you goddamn well better save something for
me," she whispered into his ear, underlining it with
her tongue.
As he fucked Thalia, her daughter slid around behind
Dwayne. She kissed his shoulders, his neck. Her hands
caressed his body, reaching down from time to time to
cop a feel of her mother as well. She mounted him from
the rear and humped her cunt against his ass while he
drove dick into her mom's pussy. He could hear her
panting, feel her saliva dripping onto his back.
She moved downward, kissing her way down his spine.
Her mouth worshiped his asscheeks, biting, kissing,
chewing, licking. She spread his buttocks and attacked
his shitter with her lips and tongue. It made him
plunge harder, deeper, into Thalia, especially when
Belinda stretched him wide open and tried to fuck his
asshole with her nasty, aroused tongue.
Beneath him, Thalia was climaxing. His cock ramrodded
into her orgasm, intensifying it, deepening it. "Oh,
you rotten little bastard," she moaned, "you fucked us
all..." Belinda's tongue was shoved up his asshole and
he was within an ace of blowing his nuts too.
He came out of Thalia, fighting Belinda off his back,
and as he turned, she assumed the position. He pulled
her onto him, as he squatted on the bed, and he fed his
cock up into her snatch. She was wet and greasy, her
cunt open, ready, excited. He stabbed it, and it
squeezed responsively around his prick.
"I'm gonna fuck you..." Belinda panted, pushing him
backward. He lay flat, and she rode him from above.
Her pussy pistoned up and down on his prick, and he
felt the unmistakable contraction of her orgasm, a
moment or two before she knew she was about to come.
"Fuck you, baby," he gasped, ramming hard. She
stiffened atop him, moaning from low in her guts.
Thalia Parsons was positive that she had reached the
pits of degradation. What had she to lose now, for
Christ's sake??? She rose to her knees, hand-frigging
her orgasmic pussy, and she went back to her daughter
for more kisses, more feels.
"Don't get any wrong ideas," she told Belinda. "You
still have to do the dishes at home," and her mouth
clamped down upon her daughter's, her small conical
tits shoved tightly against Belinda's.
The blonde teenager began to come, almost without
warning, except to Dwayne, who had known for a couple
of minutes she was going to blow her ovaries. He
pronged her tight box, filling and refilling it with
his swollen cock, until she seemed to expand around him
and float to the ceiling.
She rolled off his stiff prick, collapsing into a
body-smashing embrace with her mother. Dwayne watched
the two Parsons women break more and more taboos as
they writhed there on the bed.
Thalia had her finger up her daughter's convulsing
snatch, and Belinda was eating her mom's tits as she
had not done since she was an infant. She fed on the
pink nipples so much like her own, and the drool ran
out both sides of her mouth.
He looked down at his own still-hard cock and he
decided that he was in more of a mood to fuck than he
had ever been in his life. Okay. He had plenty of
things to fuck, right here on the motel room bed.
Dwayne guided Thalia's body onto her daughter's. It
didn't take much persuasion. The woman was aroused,
and so was her older child. Belinda opened her legs,
making room between them for her mom, and then she
squeezed them together. Pussy bumped pussy as the two
horny women banged each other nearer and nearer to
still more climaxes.
He kissed Thalia's ass, licking her crack, tonguing her
cunt and Belinda's while they continued to rub and bang
together. Both of them were in obvious heat. His
tongue moved to Thalia's shithole, and it was not
nearly as tight as usual. That was a damn good sign.
He wetted his finger in Belinda's snatch, then in her
mother's, and he brought it to the older woman's
exposed, slightly-dilated butthole. Carefully he began
to screw himself into her.
Thalia's assring popped, audibly, and his finger poked
deep into her rear tunnel. It only made her squirm
more frantically atop her daughter. Dwayne gave her
another knuckle joint of finger, and she slammed hard
against Belinda, like a punk rock dancer in the frenzy
of the music. His finger followed her motion, poking
deeply all the while. More of his digit sank into the
woman's butt.
He'd had her almost ready for an assfucking before he
went out for ice and accidentally bumped into Belinda.
It felt as if she was still ready, and more than ready.
He got up behind her, and he took his finger out of her
butt, replacing it almost immediately with the head of
his cock. She screamed at the sudden intrusion of his
hugeness, but she didn't try to wiggle free, and he
pushed, giving her another inch or so of totally
engorged, totally horny, prick meat.
"You son of a bitch!!!" she wailed. "Oh, you've got it
in my asshole..." And did he ever!
Beneath her, Belinda giggled. "Isn't it like, totally
incredible, Mom? Having your ass full of that big
juicy dick?"
"It ... isn't ... full ... yet ... " Thalia panted.
Dwayne laughed and shot her another couple of inches.
He knew it must hurt like hell, but he didn't really
give a shit. Her ass seemed unwilling, unable, to take
any more of him, so he began to pump in and out with
the portion of his cock that had found entry into
She was tight as hell, hot as hell. He kept on reaming
her with his swollen cock, expanding upon the leverage
he had already gained. And with each thrust, her ass
seemed to open a little deeper for him.
Now he had five inches inside her, and he was gaining.
Her anal tube spread reluctantly, and she kept on
moaning and groaning, but not once did she tell him to
stop. And he didn't stop. He fucked her, while she
continued to hump and grind against her daughter's
livewire body.
In and out, ramming, driving -- Dwayne fucked Thalia
Parsons. Each stroke was transmitted as shock effect to
her daughter, moaning beneath the middle-aged woman.
It was almost as if Dwayne was fucking both women with
the same dick.
He took his prick out of Thalia and shoved it up
Belinda's pussy. "Oh, you cocksucker," she trilled, "I
want it in my ass, too! Just like you did the other day
in our living room!"
"God," he heard Thalia sigh. "This is like something
out of a goddamn porno movie..."
The two women rolled apart. Both of them were on their
knees now, with their thighs open and their asses
sticking up. Dwayne pushed his tool back into Thalia
and he put his fingers to work on her daughter's
exposed butthole.
His thumb punctured the ring, poking into the younger
blonde. She made a shrill sound of acceptance, and he
reamed her boldly, getting her ready for the big time
while he ravished her mother's cornhole.
Thalia exploded again, fucked to orgasm solely by the
excitation of being assbanged in her daughter's
presence. Dwayne pronged her churning hole for a few
more moments, then withdrew his cock and presented it
to Belinda. She was already holding her asscheeks wide
open, purring filthy invitations in his direction.
"Fuck my asshole, baby, I want you to fuck my goddamn
His thumb had given him the preparation he needed.
It came out and his dick replaced it. Belinda's anus
opened more quickly than her mother's. Without
warning, he was inside her to the balls, and her
shitter spread so wide for him that he halfway thought
he might get his nuts up her as well.
But instead, he just fucked, driving his cock up the
teen blonde's more than eager butt, stroke after hot
throbbing stroke. He sank into her, balls-deep, and he
could go no further. So he fucked her, poking his cock
in one gut-busting stab after another. His hand was on
her pussy, his fingers joining hers in nasty play
around the dripping crack of her snatch, and he kept
his prick active, and more than active.
"Ooooh, you're making me commmmmme!!!" she shrieked at
the top of her lungs. None of the other customers at
Cozy Rest could be at all ignorant that someone in room
105 was on the verge of orgasm. Dwayne poked his cock
into that building pussy frenzy, his fingers puddling
in Belinda's cummy cunt, and not three strokes later he
was rewarded by the feel of her orgasm, surrounding his
hard prick.
He stabbed again, again, until she went limp beneath
him. Her ass was tight as a drum around his cock. It
spat him out when it could take no more. He emerged,
his shitsmeared prick as hard, as brittle, as glass.
He would come, squirting jizz into the air, in another
moment if no one touched him, but he would come like a
fountain if one of these women saw fit to caress him
even with a pinky finger.
"I'm gonna squirt -- oh, Jesus, I'm gonna squirt!!!"
It was true. Great minds thought alike. Thalia
turned, licking her lips, and she burrowed her mouth
down over the end of the cock that had just fucked her
ass, and her daughter's ass too. She sucked him deep
into her throat and she made despairing noises around
Belinda turned, too, still dazed from the orgasm she
was still experiencing. "Give me some of it, you
whore!" she told her mother, her lips ovaled for the
ingestion of randy cock.
Dwayne closed his eyes and fucked their mouths, one
after the other. They were rivals no longer. Now they
were just two women sharing a peter and anxious to make
it dynamite for themselves, for the cock. Belinda took
a deep longing suck, then passed the tool back to her
mother, who displayed her skills just as freely. They
shared his prick from one mouth to another, each of
them sucking it deeply, voraciously.
In the midst of the sucking, Dwayne said, "Okay,
bitches, you've fucking _got it_!!! The first squirt
of his jizz splattered Thalia's tongue, the insides of
her mouth.
She coughed him out and Belinda took over, drinking
more oozing cum. Her hand milked the shaft, teasing
from it more sperm than Dwayne had ever been aware he
"You know," Belinda sighed, "the one I really feel
sorry for is Chloë. Too bad she's not here with us,
having a good time, instead of sitting around the house
with nothing to brighten up her dull life. She may be
just a squirt, but she would have _loved_ this..."
"And what about Joanna?" Thalia put in. "She never
goes out, never has any fun. Dwayne, you horny fuck,
you really oughta take some pity on your aunt and share
a little of that cock with her, too. Or -- you nasty
son of a bitch -- are you _already_ giving it to her?
Are you fucking _all_ of us???"
Dwayne didn't answer for a moment. Fuck Aunt Jo? He'd
never really thought about it. Anyway, she wasn't his
type. Was she? Was there any woman, anywhere, who
_couldn't_ be his type? Maybe nine inches of hard hot
dick really could put a little fun into his aunt's
"You know who else is neglected?" Dwayne teased, lying
full-length between the two women. They both shook
their heads.
"The guy, whoever he was, that brought you here,"
Dwayne pointed out to Belinda. "And let you borrow his
shirt so you could go for ice. I bet he thinks you've
been kidnapped by terrorists."
"Shit!" Belinda sat up. "I forgot all about poor old
She leaned across the bed, got the telephone, asked the
central switchboard to connect her with Room 009.
"Chuck?" she asked when the phone had stopped ringing.
"You better get dressed and go home," she told her
boyfriend. "I will definitely _not_ be getting back to
our room tonight. And maybe not tomorrow either. No,
it's too long to explain. Trust me on this one, dude."
Belinda hung up the phone. "Well, that takes care of
that," she simpered. Do you think, Dwayne, that it
might turn you on to watch me and my mother do it?"
And she giggled again. She had no doubt as to the
Still, she had to feel a little sorry for her sister
and for Dwayne's aunt. Jo and Chloë had missed out on
all the good stuff, as usual. But there was no need
crying over spilt cum, and after all, tomorrow was
definitely another day.

It rained the whole night, and morning was a gloomy
shade of gray. Dwayne was fucked dry. Those bitches
had worn his dick to a nub. His balls ached with every
step, from the Parsons driveway to his aunt's house,
and for the first time in his life he was thinking
about crawling into bed and sleeping for a week, not
whose cunt he might get into next. Thalia and Belinda
invited him to stay over, but he just shook his head.
They couldn't have been a bit more disappointed than he
was, but hey, even Superman got a day off from time to
The clock in the kitchen said 8 AM. Dwayne just wasn't
sure which day it was. He took a long piss and decided
he'd sleep till Monday rolled around.
The door to his aunt's bedroom was wide open and he
glanced in as he went past. Damn! Aunt Jo was lying
face down naked on the bed. His eyebrows lifted. She
didn't have a bad ass at all, though God hadn't given
her such a hot face. He stopped a moment to take in
the sight. Her legs were long and her rump curved
nicely. She should definitely wear tighter clothes on
it. Maybe some guy would notice and she would't be a
drying-up spinster _all_ her life. Hell, Dwayne was
noticing, wasn't he?
Aunt Jo sighed softly in her sleep. She rolled halfway
over. Tits were a little saggy but bigger than he'd
have thought. Oversize blouses and sweaters really
didn't do her justice. The nips were big and brown,
with fat tips. Most guys would enjoy sucking on those,
Dwayne decided.
There was another movement in the bed and for the first
time Dwayne noticed a second shape, hidden under the
sheet, next to Joanna. A hand emerged from beneath the
bedclothing, stretching slowly across his aunt's chest.
A small hand, attached to a skinny arm. It looked
almost familiar. He knew his aunt didn't have a
boyfriend. So who the _hell_ was sharing her bed, this
rainy Saturday morning?
The sheet twitched, and a blonde head began to emerge.
Dwayne grinned. God_damn_, he thought.
Chloë's eyes opened very slowly, still full of sleep.
Snuggling closer to the warm body besie her own, she
let her fingers play across Joanna's full, round tits,
teasing gently at the nipples. They were still hard
from last night's fun and games. She kissed the sweaty
shoulder of her bedmate. Jo just purred in her sleep.
Chloë kissed her again.
A shiver crept down her spine and suddenly she knew
that someone was looking at her. She blinked hard,
three or four times, to clear her eyes, and she looked
up. Dwayne was standing in the open bedroom door, his
arms folded across his chest, a big shiteating grin on
his face. Obviously he was just coming in, and he
looked like he'd been partying for a week.
He entered the room, stepping lightly. "Looks like
somebody's been busy," he said in a soft voice. "You
and my aunt. Well. That's kind of a surprise, and I
didn't think there was anything that could surprise
"You look pretty rumpled yourself," Chloë replied.
"Out all night with some whore, huh? What's Belinda
gonna say when she finds out?"
"She knows," Dwayne smiled. "The whore I went out with
was your mom, if you have to know. And Belinda caught
us. I spent the night fucking them to a frazzle."
"Yeah?" smirked Chloë. "Looks like they gave as good
as they got." A lightbulb seemed to click on above her
head. "My _mom_? You're fucking my mom _too_?" Her
voice rose, and Joanna made a groaning sound.
Dwayne put his fingers on his lips to signal that Chloë
should keep it down. But he was staring at the more
fully revealed frontal view of his naked aunt. Hmm.
He'd never figured her for the kind of woman who shaved
her pussy. But, damn, that trim looked fresh, still a
little red where the razor had scraped a bit too
closely. She was all bare down the crack, with the
puffy inner lips showing vividly where they poked out
of her cunt.
"Well, fuck," said Chloë, "I guess I'm out of it
completely now. You're not gonna have any time for me
at all."
"Not necessarily. Your mom knows all about you and me
and Belinda. And no, she didn't shit a brick. Hard
for her to shit _anything_, if you get my drift. So
what are you worried about, Chloë? Looks like you've
got a little something of your own going, hmmm?"
Chloë squealed shrilly, then clapped her hand over her
mouth, but it was too little, too late. Joanna's eyes
snapped open, instantly awake. She looked up at her
nephew, then down at her naked body, snuggled up with
Chloë. 'Way, 'way too late she reached for the sheet,
pulling it up to preserve any modesty that might
remain. Her face turned scarlet and she cast her eyes
downward, not wanting to look back at her nephew's.
"Oh, fuck it, Jo," Chloë giggled, kissing the older
woman on the cheek. "He's already seen it all." She
pulled the sheet back down, until her lover's big,
fat-nippled tits were once more exposed. "Some rack,
huh, Dwayne? Now I know why you guys all like the big
ones!" she added with a smirk, reaching around Jo to
cup the tits. Her fingers scratched lasciviously
across the big nips and she wiggled closer, pressing
her body into Jo from behind.
"This bastard spent the whole night fucking my mom
_and_ my sister," Chloë explained to the older woman.
"Do you believe that? He's fucking insatiable!" She
looked up at Dwayne. "Did you do them separately or
"Together. They seemed to like it that way."
Chloë squeezed hard on Jo's tits. "Ooohh," she purred,
"do you see what that means, Jo? _We_ don't have to
hide anything now!" She kissed down into the crook of
Jo's neck, then up the cheek. Jo turned her face
slightly and her mouth met Chloë's.
They rolled into a hot wet kiss. Dwayne could see that
his aunt's face was still red, but Chloë was a bit too
much for most people to resist when she got a hot on.
He'd be willing to bet a dollar that the little whore
had started the whole thing. It was her style. Even
now, though Joanna was responsive enough, it was Chloë
who took the initiative, holding the older woman's head
with both hands, twisting it this way and that so she
could suck bigger and hotter kisses from Joanna's lips.
Just like she was showing off in front of Dwayne. He
grinned. _Just_ like ...
Chloë fucked her tongue in and out of Joanna's mouth.
Belinda had obviously taught her how to kiss. She
overdid it, sure, but she was young and hot and eager
and she could be forgiven a little surplus of
enthusiasm. The eagerness seemed to be catching,
though. Aunt Jo's hands were getting busy now,
stroking up and down Chloë's skinny young frame. She
cupped the younger girl's ass and squeezed
Dwayne sat down on the side of the bed. The women
seemed not even to notice that he was there. He
touched the top of Chloë's blonde head. He saw her
eyes glance toward him. Joanna's were shut and she
looked as if she was drowning in that kiss.
Chloë eased Joanna down onto the bed, still kissing
her. She touched the woman's tummy. Joanna's tits
heaved and jiggled, the nipples straining hard. Again
Chloë flashed her eyes up at Dwayne. He knew exactly
what they were telling him. No way, he responded with
his own. I fucked myself dry last night. There's
nothing left.
But he put his hand out and, before he knew where it
was going, it lay atop one of Joanna's quivering tits.
Jeez, she was hot! It almost burned his fingers just
to touch her. He squeezed testingly at the stiffened
nipple. It was big and firm and fat, but yielding at
the same time. He rolled his fingers around it. Husky
murmurs sounded from deep in his aunt's chest, but she
didn't take her mouth away from Chloë's.
Dwayne leaned in and started to lick the nipple he was
teasing. His lips closed around it and he sucked.
There was a yeasty taste to her flesh. It reminded him
of his mom baking bread in the kitchen on a winter day.
He sucked harder. Jo made a murmuring sound that was
stifled by the wet steamy pressure of Chloë's mouth,
but Dwayne sensed that she knew he was suckling her.
Like, who else could it be? She already had a mouthful
of Chloë's tongue, right?
Chloë took hold of his other wrist and guided his hand
down into Jo's crotch. He stroked the smooth skin,
scraped across the barely perceptible stubble. His
fingers traced her crack, stroked the protruding inner
lips -- already damp, already twitching ever so
slightly at his touch.
He fingered her more insistently, feeling the heat that
seeped from her gash. The lips parted, his fingertip
slipping between them, into the damp slick wetness. He
stroked toward, but not onto, her clitoris, bringing
with his finger the moisture oozing from inside Jo.
Chloë's eyes were on him as she continued to kiss Aunt
Jo, and Dwayne returned the gaze. She wiggled her
eyebrows. It could have meant anything. He thought he
read her correctly and he put his lips onto Jo's cheek,
an inch from the corner of her mouth. Chloë's eyes
smiled. That was what she wanted.
Chloë slid her mouth away from Jo's, and Dwayne's
replaced it. Jo was a moment realizing the difference.
Her eyes popped open and she made a gurgling sound.
But she didn't jerk her face away from her nephew's.
Dwayne straightened his finger and slipped it right
into the hot, tight -- Jesus, had she _ever_ been
fucked? -- tube of her pussy. He thrust deep with his
finger in her cunt and equally deep with his tongue
into her mouth. She put one of her arms on his
shoulder, then wrapped the other around his neck and
pulled him closer.
The bed creaked, and bounced a little. A moment later
Dwayne felt hands busy on his shoes. It was Chloë.
She yanked the shoes off his feet and they hit the
floor with a thud. He didn't hear his socks drop but
he felt them being taken off. Then her hands were on
his belt, and he shifted to give her some room. Before
he knew it, she had dragged his pants down his legs and
then over his ankles and off.
Underneath he had nothing at all. His shorts had gotten
lost somewhere in the mess of that motel room. Chloë
got herself a handful of dick and jacked it. No way,
kid, he thought, but almost before he knew it, his rod
had begun to twitch and grow in her fist. Maybe he
wasn't _quite_ fucked out, after all.
It got confusing after that. The bed was big enough
for two but a little crowded for three, and while he
was fingerfucking Aunt Jo, Chloë had crawled back
aboard and stuffed his tool into her mouth. Christ,
that kid sucked as if she'd never been weaned!
He closed his eyes, still tonguing his aunt's mouth,
and let his prick surge in and out of Chloë's suckjob.
Her drool flowed down the shaft and dampened the pubic
hairs at its base. She squeezed his balls while she
sucked him, and Dwayne knew that he had at least one
more fuck left in him.
"This is crazy," his aunt said. "I shouldn't be doing
this." If that was how she felt, why didn't she let go
of his goddamn neck? Why did she keep pulling him back
so she could kiss him again? Why did she thrust her
pussy up against the inward pressure of his probing
finger? Why didn't she just ask him to stop?
Her nephew's eyes bored into her. She shivered under
his stare but she couldn't avoid it. It was as if
Dwayne was looking into her soul. She had felt that
senation before, but she had never felt it until now in
the same way that the Parsons women had all
experienced. Looking into his eyes, she knew her
nephew was going to fuck her and that she was going to
love it. But she was still frightened.
"I'm a lesbian," she said firmly. "I'm definitely a
lesbian. I don't want anything to do with men. Ever."
"Sure," Dwayne agreed, twisting his finger inside her
pussy. Joanna moaned, thrust her cunt back at his
probing finger. She could hear the squish as he
wiggled inside her wet sheath. She felt each pulsating
throb of her clitoris. It was as if she had overdosed
on niacin. Every pore of her body tingled and hot
flashes of excitement raced through her.
Gasping, Chloë raised her mouth back up the shaft of
Dwayne's boner. She crawled up their bodies and horned
her way into the kiss, making it a threesome, giving
equal time to Jo and to Dwayne. Turning to the boy,
she said, "Fuck her now."
"Oh," Jo panted, "I don't think I can do that ... " but
her legs spread and Dwayne moved into their gap. Chloë
reached down and grabbed his cock, brought its swollen
knob to the slit of Joanna's shaved pussy, and worked
the bulb into that hot tight aperture. Dwayne felt her
moisture coat him and he hovered above his aunt for
what seemed an eternity, just wetting himself in her
pussy juice, before he clenched his buttocks and
_shoved_ it up her.
She shrieked as his cock bit home. Her legs shot into
the air and his thrust deepened. He hit bottom. His
groin meshed with hers, the juice oozing out of her
cunt to soak his pubic hair. Inside, she was steaming,
her pussy so tight he could hardly believe she was
almost forty years old. Even Chloë wasn't as tight as
this. It was like fucking a virgin.
Chloë threw her leg across Dwayne, her hands busy on
his body. She nipped his nuts from behind, with her
fingers. She tickled his ass crack, teased her
fingertip into his butthole itself. She bit his ear,
his shoulder. "See," she panted into his ear, "Auntie
Jo is just like the rest of us. C'mon, Dwayne -- fuck
her like a god!!!"
He fucked her.
Aunt Jo squealed with every thrust, but she wasn't
fighting, she wasn't asking him to stop. Her legs
curled around him and she pulled him deep and tight and
hard into her cunt, grinding back at Dwayne with just
as much as he was giving her. "You horny bastard," she
told him. "You've turned me into a whore just like the
rest of them. Oh, Christ, fuck me some more!"
He covered her mouth with another kiss, sucking the air
out of Jo till he felt like a dirigible and she seemed
a pancake. His strokes in her pussy were short and
fast and hard. She seemed to like it that way. He
could feel an orgasm boiling in her belly, about to
explode around his cock.
Chloë's finger shot up his asshole without warning,
plunging deep and fierce. His entire body stiffened,
making his hard cock seem an overcooked noodle by
comparison. He pounded his aunt's pussy relentlessly,
with Chloë continuing to finger-ream his shitter. She
also leaned down and bit him on the ass and he thought
he was gonna shoot his wad right then and there.
"I want some too," he heard the younger girl husk into
his ear. She bit him there too, between words. Jeez,
she was even crazier than usual. Maybe she _was_
nearly as hot as she liked to think she was! But
before he could fuck the nutty little bitch, he still
had a major job to take care of.
He yanked his cock out of Joanna. "Roll over," he
said. "I think you're gonna like it this way, too."
"This is insane," Joanna protested, but she went onto
her belly, ass lifted. "I shouldn't even be letting
you kiss me like that ... "
He slipped a pillow under her stomach, stroked her
sweaty thighs, and eased his cock back into her pussy
from behind. He seemed to go even deeper than he had
before, and Jo squealed in acceptance.
The position made her asshole gape slightly, and his
eye was drawn to it automatically. He was willing to
bet she'd never had a dick up there before, and he
wondered what Aunt Jo would think if he took his cock
out of her pussy and slid it straight up that even
tighter tunnel.
No! That was madness. She wasn't ready for anything
so radical. Not just yet. Maybe somewhere around the
middle of next week. As he continued to fuck his
aunt's spasming pussy, Dwayne Murphy already took it
for granted that this was not the last time he was
gonna have his dick inside his aunt Jo.
He just closed his eyes and fucked, until it occurred
to him that Chloë wasn't cunting around on him like she
had been before. He looked down and saw that she and
Jo were kissing like teenagers on a hot date at the
drive-in movie.
That Chloë! She was just insatiable. He really liked
that in a girl. She was more squirrely than pretty,
but she was a lot of fun to be around. If he had to
take his choice of the Parsons women ... But he didn't
have to choose. He'd had them all. And now he had his
aunt as well. This end of the block was pretty well
covered. He wondered idly who lived down the street.
Dwayne's cock boned Jo more intensely, his hands busy
on her body. One of them groped at her tits, the other
massaged her now-swollen clitoris. He could tell it
was there for the taking. All he had to do was bring
it out of her.
She shrieked again as orgasm flooded through her -- as
if she had not climaxed in years and needed to do it
all, right fucking _now_! Dwayne fucked hard into her
come and rode her till she subsided and lay panting
beneath him. "Oh my goddd ... " he heard her moan,
between hot mouthy kisses with the beaming Chloë.
"You," he said, slithering his wet but still rock-hard
dick out of his aunt and pointing to the excited
teenage fuck bunny. Chloë abandoned Jo without looking
back. She threw herself onto Dwayne and knocked him
flat on his ass, then straddled his body and shoved her
pussy straight down his upright cock. Her groin
slammed his and she writhed atop him, sucking up the
feel of her pussy once more full of his dick.
She bent down to kiss him, her mouth still wet with
Joanna's drool, her pussy just as wet where it clung
like saran wrap around the stiffness of his thrusting
cock. She bounced hard, sheathing and resheathing him
inside her twat. The cute little slut was really
aroused. Dwayne knew he was in the homestretch. Chloë
would be pissing her juices down his rod in a matter of
Damn, there was a lot to be said for a girl who enjoyed
fucking as much as Chloë Parsons did! As much as he
got off fucking her mom and her big sister, he was
starting to think that Chloë was definitely the pick of
the litter at the house next door.
His hands were on her hot little butt while she rode
him, and he paid her back for some of that anal
fingering she'd given him while he screwed Aunt Jo. Of
course, she liked it as much as he did, and she
squirmed madly around his dick while he slicked in and
out of her tight little butt. That gave him an idea.
He lifted his hips and fucked up at Chloë, hard enough
to send her sprawling onto her side. He rose above
her, cock protruding like a flagpole.
"Sit on Aunt Jo's face," he suggested. "I want to do
something different."
Chloë's blue eyes sparkled. She seemed to know what he
was talking about. They had a kind of rapport, he
decided, like great minds thinking alike. Quickly the
girl reverse-straddled the prone Joanna, who was still
panting from her own explosion. She wiggled her
pussy down until it met the older woman's mouth and she
put her own face between Joanna's legs.
Dwayne got behind Chloë and tested her asshole with his
finger. She sighed at the penetration, or maybe she
was sighing because Jo had a mouthful of her pussy at
the same time. Whatever. Dwayne eased his finger out
of her ass and nosed the tip of his cock into the tight
but more than willing hole. Chloë's skinny little ass
trembled as he pushed a little deeper.
"Can you see what he's doing to me, Jo?" she asked
breathlessly. The older woman couldn't really answer,
because she was too busy eating pussy.
Dwayne's cock slid two inches up Chloë's butt, wedging
his big snout-like knob firmly within her tunnel. She
gulped, but it was what she wanted. "You better fuck
me," she told him. "I might change my mind."
"No fuckin' way," Dwayne laughed. "Much too late to
change your mind now."
He held her by the waist, steadying the young girl for
the first full insertion of his cock. She'd wanted it
so badly the other day, and if her mom and his aunt
hadn't come in, he'd probably have given it to her.
Now it didn't matter whom he fucked, or in what hole,
either, when you got right down to it. Nothing was
over the line. Holding Chloë tightly, he slid his cock
a little deeper into her ass.
"Yowwww!!!" she shrieked, her eyes rolling in their
sockets. It was nothing like the vibrator she'd talked
Jo into sticking up her butt last night. It throbbed,
it pulsated, and she could feel every inch of hot
living flesh that was thrust into her backdoor. She
pushed her cunt down into Joanna's face.
A moment later her ass was full of Dwayne's hard cock.
Jesus, this was one hell of a way to start the morning!
If she'd known it was gonna happen, she'd have greased
herself up with Vaseline before going to bed! But
she'd taunted and begged him for it, ever since
watching him butt-fuck Belinda, and now she'd finally
gotten what she wanted.
He gave her a moment or three to acclimatize herself to
having her ass crammed, and then he began to work his
dick in and out of her.
At first it was all he could do to move his meat back
and forth. Chloë grunted and shivered with every short
stroke. It felt like she was having a hemorrhoid
removed with a jackhammer. But she was young and
elastic, and by the time he'd given her a dozen
strokes, her pliant anus was cooperating fully with
Dwayne's stiff cock.
Jo's mouth was busy on her cunt, and the constant
tongue lashes at her erect clitoris made shudders of
excitement race through Chloë's entire body. Her pussy
oozed juice, which seeped out into the fine blonde
hairs that hedged her crack and onto the face of the
older woman who was currently being smothered by
Chloë's humid cunt.
Dwayne kept ramming his way up her tailpipe. She
really wasn't sure she liked it, now that she'd tried
it, but it was about as intense a fuck as she could
ever imagine getting. Her belly heaved with each
thrust, as his cock slammed into her guts again and
again. It was almost as if he meant to fuck it
straight up her esophagus and out her mouth!
Jo's horny mouth brought on a sudden orgasm and Chloë
squealed in excitement. Her come intensified under
Dwayne's relentless cock-attack. "Stop," she moaned,
"I just can't take any ... fucking ... more!" Was that
her voice? Was Chloë Parsons crying "Uncle"?
Dwayne slid his cock out. She reached back to touch
the gape of her asshole, slipped four fingers into the
fucked-out opening. Oh, Christ, would it ever snap
back into shape? Had she ruined herself? Even as her
fingers probed, though, she could feel her natural
elasticity returning. It got very tight and she pulled
her fingers free, rolling over to gaze up at Dwayne,
who knelt on the bed, his cock stiff and
absofuckinglutely enormous from where Chloë lay.
"Guess we need to get you off," she said throatily,
reaching for his dick. She was a little rough, still
overexcited from this unexpected wakeup call. He
groaned as she fisted him hard, slamming up and down
the rigid shaft from knob to balls.
Chloë sat up, and Joanna rose warily beside her. "Try
it," Chloë suggested. "It hasn't been anyplace your
tongue never got to." She pointed the blood-red knob
at Joanna's face, then put her hand on the older
woman's shoulder, urging her to come closer.
Joanna closed her eyes and ovaled her mouth. Chloë
giggled, sliding the cock into that pursed opening,
squealing when Jo's lips tightened around it. She
kissed Jo on the cheeks and forehead and eyes, ran
fingers through her hair, purred soft sexy words of
encouragement into her ears. "Suck it," she said, "it
tastes just like me!"
Wetly, dreamily, Jo moved her mouth up and down her
nephew's stiff meat. Her eyes were closed and she
hummed as she sucked him. _Why, she's really pretty
doing this_! Chloë thought, but then her natural
jealousy took hold. "Lemme have some of that," she
growled, fighting the cock out of Jo's mouth.
She swallowed half his length in one gulp, worrying his
meat like a puppy with a chew toy. She heard him gasp,
a sound she knew pretty well by now. Chloë guppied him
in and out a few more strokes, till she felt the first
wet hot squirt blast across her lapping tongue. Her
head shot back, disengaging Dwayne's cock, and she gave
it a couple of quick strokes with her hand. Semen flew
from the big slit at his very tip.
Some of it hit Jo in the face, and some of it gushed
directly into her open mouth. She looked as if she'd
never tasted a guy's cum before. Chloë laughed out
loud and kept on jacking. Her own mouth covered the
knob and siphoned off yet another thick spurt of the
stuff. She stroked him again, but no more came out.
His cock shuddered, and she could feel it beginning to
go limp. They'd fucked the stuffings out of him.
She let go of Dwayne's dick and turned her attention
back to Jo. The cum was still in her mouth, and she
threw herself upon Jo for a kiss, allowing the goo to
run between Jo's lips. Their tongues sloshed the
mixture of sperm and saliva back and forth. Dwayne lay
on his side, panting, and he grinned like a shit-eating
Chloë and Joanna slouched back, arms still tight around
each other's sweat-soaked bodies. "God," Chloë
smirked, staring at her lover, "you look like you've
been _fucked_, lady!"
"I can't believe we did that," Jo responded, her voice
soft, almost shy. Shy, after what she'd just done?
Chloë shook her head. Women! Who could figure them?
She stretched one hand toward Dwayne. "You know," the
girl sighed, "I think this might be the beginning of a
beautiful friendship. As long as _I_ get to be your
very _best_ friend, you know?"
Staring at Dwayne, as she was, Chloë didn't see the
sudden look of shock that came over Joanna's face at
those words. Dwayne saw, however, and he knew what it
This could still be a little bit of trouble, Dwayne
thought, taking the petite blonde's hand. He'd already
added two plus two and come up with sixty-nine, to
explain what Chloë was doing in his aunt's bedroom. He
was pretty damn sure his auntie had major hots for the
little nympho from next door. He halfway suspected the
only reason Jo had even let him fuck her was so she
could stay close to the feisty teen blonde.
But Chloë had a possessive streak in her which didn't
bode well with the situation that had developed. Right
now she acted like she didn't give a shit about Jo --
she was just oozing all over Dwayne. Aunt Jo's was
making a "Who shot my dog?" face. Chloë was kissing his
shoulder and tickling the root of his cock as if she
meant to get it hard again. He could smell jealousy
smoldering in the room like a sneaky fart.
But he was sure he could manage Chloë. Somehow. And
even if it was trouble, it was the best kind to be in.
Everything would work out, sooner or later. He could
handle women.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.
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