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For questions no. 1 to 5, look at the picture below.

1. No. 1 is … .
A. a window B. a cupboard
C. a scoop D. a table

2. No. 2 is … .
A. a chair B. an air conditioner
C. a wheel barrow D. a board

3. No. 3 is … .
A. a chalk B. a globe
C. a board D. a tub

4. No. 4 is … .
A. a picture B. a photograph C. a clock D. a cabinet

5. No. 5 is … .
A. a floor B. a wall C. a map D. a refrigerator

For questions no. 6 to 10, look at the picture below.

6. No. 6 is … .
A. a tree B. a cabinet
C. a cupboard D. a refrigerator

7. No. 7 is … .
A. a cabinet B. a bottle
C. a mirror D. a pillow
8. No. 8 is … .
A. a frying pan B. a wardrobe
C. a desk D. a blanket

9. No. 9 is … .
A. a pan B. a mug C. a fork D. a shelf

10. No. 10 is … .
A. a stove B. a bookcase C. a wheel barrow D. a bolster

11. Where do we usually do this activity?

A. in a dining room
B. in a garage
C. in a living room
D. in a bathroom

12. Where do we sleep?

A. in a kitchen
B. in a garage
C. in a living room
D. in a bedroom

13. Where do we eat?

A. in a kitchen
B. in a dining room
C. in a bathroom
D. in a bedroom
14. What can we find in a bedroom?
A. a pillow, a bed, a bolster, and a blanket. B. a bench, a hoe, a spade, and a wheel barrow.
C. a car, a bicycle, a pump, and a rolling door. D. a bucket, a tub, a scoop, and a shower.

15. What can we find in a garden?

A. a toilet, a shower, a shampoo, and a soap. B. a tree, some flowers, some pots, and a spade.
C. a wardrobe, a mirror, a dressing table, and a bed. D. a plate, a mug, a water jug, and a spoon.

16. What can we find in a bathroom?

A. a tub, a shower, a scoop, and a toilet. B. a sofa, a carpet, a curtain, and a bookshelf.
C. a map, a globe, a clock, and an air conditioner. D. a knife, a chair, a bowl, and a table.

17. We can find a plate, a mug, a spoon, a fork, and a water jug in a … .
A. dining room B. garden C. classroom D. bathroom

18. We can find a refrigerator, an oven, a frying pan and a stove in a … .

A. bedroom B. garden C. kitchen D. living room

19. This is my friend, Edo. He is kind and diligent. His hair is … .

A. curly
B. grey
C. long
D. straight

20. This is my friend, Dayu. She is pretty and helpful. Her hair is … .
A. long
B. brown
C. short
D. grey

21. “She is helpful”. “helpful” means that she likes to … .

A. work B. help C. play D. study

22. “She is pretty”. “pretty” means … .

A. bad B. kind C. beautiful D. handsome

23. What is the synonym of the word “cheerful”?

A. sad B. worry C. lazy D. happy

24. Chickens have … .

A. wings and feathers
B. scales and fangs
C. a tail and fur
D. a long ear and a small tail

25. The giraffe is tall. It has … .

A. a short trunk
B. a long neck
C. two big ears
D. a long tail
dining room garden kitchen living room garage bedroom bathroom

1. My mom cooks in the ____________________.

2. We always eat in the ____________________.

3. I always take a bath in the ____________________.

4. I sleep in the ____________________.

5. I watch TV in the ____________________ with my family.

big diligent happy long kind

1 2 3 4 5

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