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Itemized Task List

Date Team Member Tasks Time Estimated

-Formed group --> Members: Maria,
Noelle, Stephanie, & Victoria
-Began to brainstorm theme ideas
1/30/2018 All Team Members on shared google document 20 minutes
-Submitted theme to instructor:
2/13/2018 Victoria "African Safari Luncheon" 5 minutes
-Invitation created
3/5/2018 All Team Members -Developed progress outline 45 minutes
-Submitted FNP progress outline &
3/13/2018 Victoria draft of invitation 5 minutes
All Team Members -Menu created & finalized 1 hour
-Zebra cake recipe baked & frozen
3/20/2018 All Team Members until FNP luncheon 1.5 hours
-Worked on market & equipment
3/22/2018 All Team Members order 1.5 hours
3/30/2018 Stephanie -Banana Ice Cream recipe (on own) 4 hours
-Submitted final invitation via email
to instructor -
Submitted hard copy to Laurel
Victoria Petersen 5 minutes
-Team meeting to discuss
decorations, table layout, Diet
Analysis Plus & finalize meal
4/10/2018 All Team Members evaluation form 2.5 hours
-Emailed guests about possible
food allergies (since a recipe
Stephanie contains peanut butter) 5 minutes
-Developed Diet Analysis print-outs
& nutritional analysis that will be
4/15/2018 Noelle provided to guests 1 hour
-Looked up decorations.Ordered
wooden spoons and vines from
4/16/2018 Stephanie Amazon. 1 hour
-Developed schedule of FNP
4/17/2018 All Team Members luncheon 45 minutes
-Sent guests reminder emails of
4/18/2018 Stephanie 4/24/18 luncheon 5 minutes
-Went to Michaels to find material
Maria for centerpiece 45 minutes
-Ordered bowls & plates for
Victoria luncheon on Amazon 30 minutes
4/19/2018 Maria -Developed centerpiece 1.5 hours
-Got key and reimbursement forms
4/20/2018 Noelle from Laurel Peterson 10 minutes
-Went to Price Chopper for
groceries that are not in stock
Maria, Noelle & -Took Zebra Cake out of freezer
4/23/2018 Victoria and put in refrigerator to thaw 1 hour
Gathered decorations and supplies
All Team Members for luncheon in the morning. 2 hours
4/24/2018 All Team Members FNP event 5 hours