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LTD Finals - ACONG

1. In all transactions pertaining to real estate covered by the Torrens system of

registration, it is necessary to present the owner’s duplicate title. In what
instance may the duplicate title need not be presented to the Register of

2. The spouses Jose and Maria was offered by a real estate agent to buy a parcel
of residential land in Pampanga. Relying on the principle that lands covered
by a Torrens certificate of title could be relied upon and without inspecting the
land, the sale was consummated. When the land was inspected a week later by
the spouses, it turned out that the land is under water and lahar. Is the sale
valid? Reasons.

3. a) In case of loss of the owner’s copy of a Torrens title, what action should be
taken to secure a replacement?

b) Suppose it is the original of the certificate of title that was lost, what
remedy should be resorted to?

4. Don Ramon sought for your services for the original registration of his 5-
hectare land. To complete your job as his lawyer, how should you go about it?

5. What is the rationale behind the law requiring the presentation of the owner’s
duplicate original when effecting a registration of any transaction involving
real estate?

6. a) What is lis pendens?

b) How about an adverse claim?

7. The duty of the Register of Deeds is to effect registration of any document

presented for registration. Suppose he has some doubts on the legality of the
document presented for registration, how should he go about it?

8. What is Cadastral registration? What are the steps necessary to accomplish the