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{17}{81}Anita.. l want that file!|- Yes, ma'..

{732}{799}Rajneesh told that he'll|send some lawyer..
{801}{851}..but the lawyer hasn't come yet.
{1000}{1052}Start the proceedings!|- Yes, Your Honour.
{1073}{1121}Your Honour, my client|Dayanath Trivedi..
{1123}{1167}..wants the custody of his|granddaughter Gungun Thakur.
{1196}{1255}And today.. the man with whom|Gungun Thakur is living..
{1257}{1328}..we want to prove that|he can't raise her..
{1329}{1387}..because he's mentally retarded.
{1390}{1478}Not only her future.. but her|future as well is in darkness.
{1480}{1519}lt's in danger.
{1521}{1568}And that's why the child did|run away from the house.
{1572}{1625}l never ran away leaving|my Papa behind!
{1627}{1719}Sssh!|- Quiet. Don't talk.
{1884}{2023}Got any lawyer? Do you've any lawyer?
{2153}{2215}Excuse me, sir. Right now there's no..
{2217}{2249}Talk when you're asked!
{2441}{2486}We've a very good lawyer.
{2512}{2566}Best lawyer.|- Bestest!
{2585}{2628}There's nothing like bestest,|you fool!
{2630}{2671}lt's just best!
{2673}{2708}Order! Order!
{2710}{2791}What happened on the day of|your daughter's birthday?
{2868}{2911}l made her wear the white frock.
{2916}{2963}She was looking like a fairy.
{2993}{3040}l had also ordered for|the strawberry cake.
{3065}{3112}Maya likes the strawberry|cake very much.
{3116}{3185}Did your daughter run|away from the house?!
{3254}{3302}l'd invited all her friends as well.
{3304}{3332}To give her a surprise!
{3334}{3391}Did your child run away|from the house?!
{3496}{3524}Did his child run away from the house?
{3561}{3632}Yes, but that day..|- That's all.
{3710}{3951}Now.. you'll come to the court|on the 1 7th of this month.
{4244}{4305}Meaning.. after 12 days.
{4337}{4423}l'll bring Gungun along.|- You won't come along with Gungun!
{4457}{4519}Gungun will now stay in|the court's custody.
{4625}{4687}When you've to meet her.. you|can meet her in supervision..
{4689}{4737}..two times in a week.
{4960}{4999}l.. didn't understand it.
{5008}{5151}Gungun.. why will she be|in the court custody?
{5204}{5244}Gungun will come along with me!
{5246}{5297}Because Gungun ran away|from the house.
{5299}{5359}And, it's a custody issue.
{5390}{5441}From now on.. Gungun's responsibility|is up to the court.
{5632}{5751}Gungun's my daughter. l'm her Papa!
{5780}{5823}Gungun will come along with me!
{5841}{5948}l'll bring her along 12|days later on the 1 7th.
{5950}{5983}l'm sorry, Mr. Neel.
{5988}{6033}Gungun won't stay with you.
{6064}{6091}Prepare for the next case.
{6134}{6175}That was great.
{6473}{6547}Gungun will go with me!|Gungun is my daughter!
{6593}{6737}l'll bring her on 12th of.. after 12|days.. on the 1 7th of this month!
{6785}{6851}Gungun.. will come with me!
{6881}{6967}Ritudi.. Gungun will go|along with me. - Listen..
{6969}{7003}No, no!|- Neel, listen to me..
{7004}{7047}No, no! - Neel, listen to me.. -|My Gungun will go along with me!
{7745}{7833}Papa! Papa!
{7837}{7953}Don't break my heart.
{7955}{8097}Don't break my heart.
{8099}{8217}l have to tell this|to you only that..
{8229}{8377} is very difficult|to survive without you.
{8393}{8545}Yes. lt is very difficult|to survive without you.
{8579}{8697}Don't break my heart.
{8701}{8849}Don't break my heart.
{9709}{9801}Your face is my..
{9827}{9945}Your face is the dream of my eyes.
{9949}{10065}Besides you, l don't have anybody..
{10069}{10161}..who is close to me.
{10187}{10257}Nobody is close to me.
{10259}{10377}Don't break my heart.
{10379}{10505}Don't break my heart.
{10509}{10617}Don't break my heart.
{10619}{10761}Don't break my heart.
{10763}{10809}l will put it very simple..
{10821}{10905}..and straight to both|of you and to that idiot.
{10931}{10977}After all this gets over..
{10979}{11049}..l am taking Gungun along|with me and going to London.
{11101}{11201}Don't say like this. He will be dead.
{11229}{11301}He will be dead! Then let him die.
{11303}{11337}He loves his daughter very much.
{11339}{11385}She is not his daughter.
{11387}{11457}Quit saying that she is his daughter.
{11483}{11529}Explain to him to|quit his insistence..
{11531}{11601}..otherwise it is your wish.
{11627}{11673}Sir, he is a very simple man.
{11725}{11769}He is not that simple also.
{11795}{11873}Because simple people cunningly..
{11891}{11937}..don't make a girl of|twenty years old pregnant.
{12275}{12345}Hey! What are you doing over here?
{12383}{12417}Maya's papa is angry with me.
{12425}{12465}Why is he angry with me?
{12469}{12537}You go from here. Go.
{12611}{12681}Please. You explain|to him once. Please.
{12683}{12729}Hey! What are you all|doing over here? Yeah!
{12755}{12801}Look, Trivedi sir will|not leave the child.
{12805}{12909}The child will go|along with him to London.
{12911}{12993}One more thing, we are|only going to win this case.
{12995}{13041}Try to understand the matter clearly.
{13043}{13113}Look.. - Go from here. - Please,|listen to me once. Please.
{13115}{13161}Hey! Get lost from here!
{13259}{13305}No child.
{13403}{13449}Enough, son Neil! Enough!
{13523}{13593}Explain to him. Explain to him.
{13595}{13641}l will get him arrested.
{13667}{13713}You will not be able to dictate|terms all the time, lawyer sir.
{13739}{13809}You will get him arrested|when we will allow him to go.
{13835}{13893}Why are you staring at my face? Yeah!
{13931}{13977}Go inside and do the preparations|of the case or else..
{13979}{14025}..l will throw another|flowerpot on you.
{14033}{14073}You have come to our Shimla.
{14077}{14169}l will not let you walk on the|roads also. Did you understand? Yes.
{14177}{14241}Yes. Come on.|- Let's go. Let's go. - Come on, son.
{14291}{14337}Let's go. Well done!
{14341}{14385}Come on. Come on.
{14387}{14457}Bloody idiot! How did you let him go?
{14459}{14517}Never mind, sir.|- How come there is no problem?
{14531}{14577}Just look at their courage.
{14579}{14625}Firstly, they sit inside|and beg in front of me.
{14637}{14689}And then they throw things on you.
{14755}{14817}Once l get Maya's daughter..
{14821}{14865}..l will ruin him.
{14867}{14913}Finish him.
{14939}{14985}And you have to help me in that.
{15037}{15081}Yes. Yes.
{15095}{15170}Yes. - Ma'am, it is|Rahul's call. - l will call back.
{15467}{15537}Hello!|- Who the hell is that?
{15539}{15593}l don't know, ma'am.|- l don't know, ma'am!
{15597}{15633}Who knows anything around here?
{15637}{15681}Hello. Yes, Vikram. Tell me.
{15707}{15761}Rahul! He is with you, isn't it?
{15781}{15849}l.. Hey! You were about to|go and pick him up, isn't it?
{15875}{15921}Why didn't you call me up earlier?
{15925}{15969}No. l did not receive|any calls over here..
{16115}{16193}Brother, if you wish then|shall l drop you till your house?
{16197}{16257}No. Until mummy doesn't come,|l will not go home.
{16307}{16377}Mummy will come very soon. Look,|your mummy is here.
{16409}{16497}l am so sorry, baby. l am so sorry.
{16501}{16569}Thank God! Mama is|really sorry, Rahul.
{16571}{16641}Mama did not know that papa|is not coming to pick you up.
{16657}{16713}l am sorry, baby.
{16715}{16785}Yes. Rahul! Rahul!
{16955}{17001}Thank you, brother.
{17221}{17265}So how was your|fancy dress competition?
{17387}{17441}Rahul, mama has said|that mama is sorry.
{17459}{17541}Mama was engrossed in a|very important meeting.
{17555}{17649}That's why, my cell phone was switched|off and Anita couldn't reach
{17663}{17721}But why didn't papa come to|pick you up? - l don't know.
{17807}{17873}lf he had informed me then l would|have quit all the work and come to
{17875}{17913}Don't tell lies, mummy.
{17915}{17961}lf you could leave all the|work and come then..
{17963}{17999}..papa wouldn't have|left you and gone.
{18239}{18297}l am sorry. l am really sorry.
{18323}{18369}Give me a smile.
{18515}{18585}Yes. So Mr. Saxena, please fax it.
{18599}{18633}O gosh! Bye.
{18665}{18729}Rahul. Child, have some milk.
{18827}{18873}Yes, Anita, tell me.
{19283}{19329}No, no. That will be all right.|Thank you for calling.
{19749}{19785}Rahul, its time to sleep now.
{19787}{19833}lts time for bed.
{19835}{19881}Come on.
{20003}{20049}'Everything had changed.'
{20053}{20097}'Papa was away from me.'
{20099}{20145}'And l was away from papa.'
{20809}{20865}l want to go to my papa.
{20867}{20913}Hey! Papa will come tomorrow. Okay!
{20915}{20969}Now it is very late in the night.|Go to sleep. Okay!
{20973}{21057}Goodnight.|- Goodnight.
{21875}{21921}Thank you, papa.
{21923}{21969}Didn't you sleep until now?
{21971}{22065}Even you are awake, isn't it?
{22069}{22113}So then go to sleep.
{22115}{22161}Carry me.
{22165}{22233}No. No. The matron will scold me.
{22235}{22281}The judge uncle will scold me.
{22341}{22465}Yes. The matron has said that if|papa will come then you can meet
{22501}{22553}Did the matron say this?
{22583}{22625}Come. Come.
{22715}{22785}Papa, l miss you very much.
{22799}{22833}Even l miss you a lot.
{22849}{22905}l don't even feel|sleepy in the night.
{22909}{22977}Even l don't feel|sleepy in the night.
{22979}{23033}l have not slept since so many days.
{23051}{23097}Even l have not slept.
{23099}{23153}Papa, please sing one lullaby for me.
{23181}{23217}Shall l sing?|- Yes.
{23771}{23913}The night is very sleepy.
{23941}{24057}The moon is also|lost in its own mood.
{24121}{24233}Say whatever is|there in your heart.
{24709}{24825}The night is very sleepy.
{24829}{24945}The moon is also|lost in its own mood.
{24947}{25065}Say whatever is|there in your heart.
{25801}{25905}Every moment, at every place.
{25917}{26017}l can see your vision.
{26027}{26121}Every moment, at every place.
{26147}{26241}l can see your vision.
{26277}{26377}Without you, even a single moment..
{26387}{26505} heart is very restless.
{26507}{26625}l keep searching you over here.|l keep searching you over there.
{26627}{26745}l keep searching you over here.
{26753}{26865}The occasion is very pleasant.
{26873}{26985}The moonlight is|spread across everywhere.
{26997}{27105}Say whatever is|there in your heart.
{28523}{28609}Hey! Why are you sitting over here?|Aren't you feeling cold?
{28701}{28737}Are you crying?
{28753}{28793}lt is not a good thing to cry.
{28835}{28905}l am not crying. l am angry.
{28909}{28961}lt is not a good|thing to get angry also.
{28965}{29025}The doctor says that you|get fever if you get angry.
{29027}{29097}You go from here. l|don't speak to strangers.
{29101}{29169}Today, is there a fancy|dress competition in your school?
{29171}{29241}l am not going to school. l|have eloped from my house.
{29291}{29337}Even Gungun had|eloped from the house.
{29345}{29433}l had cried a lot then.|l love Gungun very much.
{29459}{29513}But nobody loves me.
{29531}{29625}Everybody loves children. Even|Gungun feels that l don't love her.
{29627}{29745}She always asks me that 'Papa, do|you love me?' And l say so much!
{29749}{29817}But my mummy doesn't loves me.
{29849}{29937}Come on, lets go and ask your|mummy that why doesn't she loves you?
{29949}{30009}l am lndraneil Thakur?|Neil. What is your name?
{30011}{30057}Rahul Khanna.
{30061}{30129}What is your mummy's name?|- Neeti Khanna.
{30155}{30201}My lawyer's name is also Neeti..
{30227}{30297}Yes. Yes. She is the best lawyer.
{30299}{30381}No. My mummy is the best lawyer.|She never loses any case.
{30383}{30417}No. My Neeti is the best lawyer.
{30419}{30479}No my mummy.|- No, mine is the best lawyer.
{30481}{30521}No. My mummy is the best lawyer.
{30523}{30561}Come on. Come on. Come on. Let's|ask her. Let's ask her. - Come on.
{31021}{31113}This is my Neeti's house.|- Rahul! - No Neeti..
{31115}{31185}Rahul, what are you doing over here?|Get inside the house right now.
{31189}{31233}Mama, he is my friend.
{31261}{31305}She is my Neeti Khanna..
{31307}{31367}No. Neeti Chel.. No. Yours|and mine are same to same.
{31369}{31409}Same to same. - Yes.
{31413}{31497}What did l tell you?|Get inside right now.
{31571}{31617}You don't scold him.
{31621}{31665}He will get fever.
{31693}{31737}What do you want?
{31739}{31809}You did not recognize me. l|am lndraneil Thakur. Neil.
{31811}{31905}l know. What were you|doing with Rahul over here?
{31907}{31977}We were talking. You|are the best lawyer.
{31981}{32033}You please fight my case..
{32037}{32121}..otherwise Maya's papa|will take away Gungun.
{32147}{32193}So what do l do?
{32251}{32329}Don't you love your son?
{32417}{32489}lf somebody will take away|your son then won't you..
{32491}{32529}..look for the best lawyer?
{32581}{32633}You please fight my case.
{32651}{32721}Otherwise Maya's papa|will take away Gungun.
{32725}{32769}Please go from here.
{32939}{32985}Rahul, what is this?
{32987}{33033}Where had you gone with that man?
{33071}{33143}Rahul, you were out of the house for|the entire night. Where had you
{33237}{33309}Rahul, l am speaking to you.
{33323}{33393}lf you will scold me then l|will again elope from this house.
{33521}{33561}Oh my God!
{33755}{33809}'Don't you love your son?'
{33827}{33881}'lf you will scold me then l|will again elope from this house.'
{33889}{33945}'You please fight my case.'
{34391}{34425}Thanks, Neil.
{34573}{34641}Divesh.|- Yes.
{34643}{34697}She is Neeti Khanna.|She is the best lawyer.
{34701}{34761}She is not fighting my case.|Don't give coffee to her.
{34817}{34857}l want to speak to you.
{34943}{34985}l will fight your case.
{35147}{35193}You will fight my case!
{35221}{35297}She is Neeti Khanna. She is the|best lawyer. She will fight my case.
{35301}{35337}She will fight my case.
{35363}{35457}You are the best lawyer.|You will fight my case.
{35461}{35493}l will give you coffee also|and Divesh will give you..
{35495}{35529}..twenty five thousand|rupees also. - Yes.
{35555}{35601}No. No. Neil.
{35629}{35681}l don't want fees.
{35733}{35809}l will fight this case only for you.
{36023}{36057}She will not take the fees.
{36085}{36161}She won't take the fees..|She will not take the fees.
{36203}{36249}Hey! Won't you take the fees?
{36253}{36297}You will not take the fees!
{36299}{36369}You will not take the fees!|You will not take the fees!
{36619}{36697}Excuse me. - Yes. - l have|come to meet Gungun Thakur.
{36707}{36753}This is her court permission.
{36757}{36801}From the time she has come..
{36803}{36873}..she sits in the|church throughout the day.
{36875}{36945}And she prays to God that ' God,|please make me meet my papa.'
{36947}{37001}'Please make me meet my papa.'
{37021}{37074}Poor child! Right now..|- Shall l call her?
{37077}{37161}No. Can l go inside?|- Yes. Sure.
{37163}{37209}Thank you, matron.
{37499}{37545}ln the name of the God.
{37773}{37825}Your papa has sent me.
{37835}{37905}l am Neeti Khanna, your lawyer.
{37931}{37985}We will win the case, isn't it?
{38081}{38145}Will you tell me|something about your papa?
{38497}{38649}The moon asked the stars.
{38653}{38817}The stars asked|thousands of people.
{38843}{39009}Who is the most loving person?
{39021}{39177}Papa! My papa!
{39179}{39345}Papa! My papa!
{39347}{39473}Papa! My papa!
{39611}{39681}No. You should not cry like this.
{40317}{40513}l am there with you, isn't it?
{40571}{40689}Papa! My papa!
{40703}{40761}The moon asked the stars.
{40765}{40841}The stars asked|thousands of people.
{40845}{40905}The moon asked the stars.
{40907}{40977}The stars asked|thousands of people.
{40979}{41073}Who is the most loving person?
{41109}{41209}Papa! My papa!
{41243}{41361}Papa! Your papa!
{41437}{41481}These are my father's friends.
{41483}{41553}Oh! Greetings! Greetings!
{41567}{41601}When is your birthday?
{42179}{42297}With sweet talks.
{42301}{42417}He makes everyone laugh here.
{42443}{42489}They are each other's life.
{42493}{42561}Their love is the|prestige of this place.
{42587}{42681}With his sweet actions.
{42707}{42849}He warms our heart.
{42851}{42993}He keeps spreading love|in the world all the time.
{43043}{43113}The ocean asked the boat.
{43115}{43185}The boat asked the boat man.
{43187}{43313}Who is the most loving person?
{43317}{43425}Papa! My papa!
{43451}{43569}Papa! Your papa!
{43573}{43641}The moon asked the stars.
{43643}{43713}The stars asked|thousands of people.
{43715}{43833}Who is the most loving person?
{43837}{43953}Papa! Your papa!
{43979}{44097}Papa! Your papa!
{44723}{44769}Driver.|- Yes, sir.
{44773}{44817}Bring me one economic times.
{44869}{44913}So what do you think?
{44921}{45001}Nothing will happen.|This case is already won.
{45011}{45057}lt has already been won.
{45059}{45105}He does not even have a lawyer.
{45107}{45213}And even if he gets one, nothing|will happen. Please don't worry.
{45227}{45287}Good.|- Sir, l did not get the paper.
{45289}{45321}All the shops are closed.|- There is no paper?
{45323}{45393}Why? - Sir, they are|saying it's some Neil's case..
{45397}{45465} court, hence they all have|closed their shops and gone there.
{45517}{45561}Neil's case.
{45923}{45969}Neil!|- Neil!
{46189}{46233}Order! Order!
{46259}{46329}Neil! Neil, sit down.
{46355}{46401}Neil, sit down.
{46405}{46449}Start the proceedings.
{46475}{46577}Your honour, l want the|permission to call my first witness.
{46581}{46617}You are permitted.
{46657}{46697}Your name?
{46721}{46761}Dayanath Trivedi.
{46765}{46833}What is your|relationship with Gungun Thakur?
{46841}{46905}She is my grand daughter.
{46931}{47001}That means lndraneil|Thakur is your son-in-law.
{47029}{47097}He is not at all related to me.|- And why is that?
{47099}{47145}Gungun is my daughter's child..
{47157}{47217}..and l have come to|take her with me to London.
{47339}{47385}Look at him Judge sir.
{47397}{47481}Looking at him do you feel that|he can even take care of himself?
{47651}{47729}lt is my daughter's wish that|her daughter is brought up by..
{47731}{47793}..her grandfather, that is me.|l should bring her up.
{47797}{47873}What is your daughter's name?
{47879}{47937}Maya Dayanath Trivedi.
{47965}{48009}Where is she?
{48257}{48321}'l don't know why l am|writing this letter to you.'
{48349}{48441}'Since the last 8 years l have|been running away from you.'
{48445}{48489}'l don't like anything.'
{48505}{48609}'l had thought that maybe|you will come looking for me.'
{48661}{48713}'lt's been 8 years,|but you have not come.'
{48755}{48825}'l felt by staying away from you,|l would find happiness.'
{48839}{48897}'Sometimes the|happiness l got from Neil was..
{48931}{48993} much that l could not..
{48995}{49041}..tolerate that happiness.'
{49067}{49113}'Sometimes l was afraid..
{49115}{49161}..that even that may get|snatched away from me.'
{49163}{49209}'That's why l left|that also and ran away.'
{49249}{49313}'Many times l thought, l|will go back to Neil.'
{49331}{49385}'l don't know why l did not go.'
{49413}{49509}'l won't waste your time by|writing a long letter to you.'
{49513}{49593}'l know you are a rich man,|you are very busy.'
{49595}{49713}'l just wanted to tell you|that l have a daughter in Shimla.'
{49715}{49761}'Your grand daughter.'
{49763}{49833}'There is a family who|is waiting for you.'
{49845}{49905}'lf possible, accept them, papa.'
{50147}{50193}Maya is no more.
{50219}{50265}She is dead.
{50339}{50409}Objection! Objection!|- Order! Order!
{50411}{50481}He is lying! He is lying!|- Silence in the court.
{50485}{50601}He is lying! - Neil! - Order! Order!|- Maya is alive! Maya is not
{50603}{50681}He is lying!|- Trivedi go back. Gungun is ours.
{50685}{50745}You honour! - Maya is|not dead! He is lying!
{50747}{50793}Do not take Gungun. Gungun is ours.
{50795}{50873}Silence in the court. - He is lying!|Maya is alive. - Enough Neil.
{50875}{50977}Maya is not dead!|Objection! Objection!
{50987}{51033}Maya is alive! Objection! Objection!
{51035}{51105}Objection! Objection!
{51107}{51201}Your honour, please stop|these proceedings for 10 minutes.
{51205}{51273}Objection! Objection! - l understand.|Court is adjourned for the day.
{51275}{51321}Thank you, your honour.
{51395}{51465}Don't cry Gungun, Maya is alive.
{51469}{51521}Otherwise l will also cry.
{51549}{51633}Don't cry Gungun.|- l'm not crying, papa.
{51659}{51705}l'm not crying.
{51731}{51777}Don't cry Gungun.
{51803}{51849}Don't cry.
{51901}{51945}Don't cry Gungun.
{51959}{52017}Mummy, shall l take this pencil?
{52043}{52089}Rahul, sit.
{52123}{52161}Did you do your homework?|- No.
{52213}{52281}Okay, you must have done|it in school. - Nothing.
{52355}{52425}You know that friend who|came to drop you home that day?
{52427}{52473}Who Neil?|- Yes.
{52499}{52593}l am fighting his case.|- What happened to him?
{52597}{52665}Neil has a daughter, Gungun.
{52669}{52761}Her grand father wants|to take her away. - Why?
{52787}{52857}Because Gungun's|grandfather also loves her a lot.
{52883}{52977}Gungun is so lucky isn't it?|Everyone loves her.
{53053}{53121}Your honour, l want to prove that..
{53123}{53169} spite of being handicapped..
{53171}{53265}..Mr. lndraneil Thakur.. to|bring up his daughter, Gungun..
{53267}{53345} absolutely capable..
{53347}{53385}..of giving her every|comfort that a child needs.
{53389}{53457}He has proved this|in the last 7 years.
{53465}{53529}As my first testimony,|l would like to call..
{53531}{53625}..Mr. Divesh Thakur,|where Mr. lndraneil works.
{53737}{53825}Tell Neil, what ever|he says to be careful.
{53843}{53889}He is typing.
{53891}{53961}lf l say something..
{53997}{54033}..he will type that too.|- Hmm..
{54035}{54105}Since how many years do|you know lndraneil Thakur?
{54107}{54177}Ma'am, since 15 years.|- 15 years!
{54191}{54249}So how are you both related?
{54251}{54321}He has been working since|the last 15 years at my shop.
{54323}{54377}He is like a family member now.
{54443}{54513}Any complain?|- Never.
{54515}{54617}How much do you trust lndraneil?|On his honesty.
{54621}{54673}A lot!
{54707}{54777}A lot! A lot means how much?
{54781}{54897}So much that you gave him a loan|of 25,000 rupees to fight this case.
{54899}{54977}Of course! l trust|him more than my life.
{54981}{55017}Very well.
{55021}{55065}Your witness, please.
{55117}{55161}l did not understand
{55165}{55209}l'm sorry.
{55249}{55313}What other work does|Neil do in your shop?
{55317}{55377}Everything!|- Does he make coffee?
{55391}{55463}Does he prepare coffee?|- No but.
{55475}{55529}Does he take inventory?|- No, but his education..
{55531}{55569}Does he handle cash counter?
{55571}{55621}No but..|- Does he take care of the shop? -
{55643}{55689}No but.. - He doesn't take|care you shop yet..
{55691}{55737} trust him more|than your life.
{55739}{55809}Of course; l trust|him more than my life.
{55883}{55977}Your honour, a person|cannot prepare coffee.
{55981}{56057}He cannot take an inventory of|a small shop.. - No listen..
{56061}{56121}Who doesn't sit at the cash counter,|cannot take care of the shop..
{56123}{56177}The one who's given the job to open..
{56181}{56257}..and close the lock.
{56279}{56361}How can a person like him|take care of a small child?
{56365}{56421}Mr. Divesh!
{56435}{56529}Mr. Divesh! Life is not a fairy tale.
{56557}{56601}That's all Your Honour.
{56795}{56873}Can you see and tell|me whose gift is this?
{56877}{56913}l don't know.
{56947}{57009}The name written here is, Rahul!
{57011}{57081}My name is written on it!
{57131}{57161}Yes it is; why don't you see it?
{57163}{57201}We'll open it fast;|let's see who's faster?
{57205}{57249}Faster. Mummy what's there in it?
{57253}{57321}lt's a surprise.
{57377}{57417}Like it?
{57419}{57497}Wow! But aren't you crazy, only|one person cannot play this game?
{57587}{57641}Well you won't be|playing alone, l'll play too.
{57645}{57681}You'll play with me!
{57683}{57729}l will not only play but win also.
{57731}{57825}And one more thing you|should call your mother crazy.
{57829}{57921}Mama make it run;|see l am ahead of you.
{57947}{57993}Wait l'll show you now; you|trying to cheat your mama.
{58053}{58089}l won! l won!
{58163}{58257}Gungun! Gungun dear, some|one has come to meet you.
{58403}{58449}Good morning!
{58453}{58497}Come have a seat.
{58525}{58569}Sit down, Gungun!
{58693}{58745}l don't like you.
{58751}{58833}You are not a nice person and|l don't want to speak to you.
{58837}{58893}Gun, you shouldn't speak like that.|- lts alright.
{58955}{59025}Why don't you like me?|l am your grandfather.
{59125}{59169}My home work has to be finished.
{59219}{59277}l'll leave now.|- Gungun!
{59315}{59361}l am Sorry.
{59387}{59433}She's just like, Maya!
{59437}{59481}Miss Nair what do you think?
{59483}{59553}Staying with Mr. lndraneil|Thakur; this child Gungun..
{59557}{59649}..will she be able to study further?
{59675}{59721}She doesn't want to study at all.
{59771}{59877}l feel that she|doesn't want to be more..
{59879}{59913}..knowledgeable than her father.
{59951}{60009}Why Miss Nair why do feel like that?
{60023}{60095}She's able to read everything which..
{60097}{60201}..Neel is unable to and|so he gets frustrated.
{60257}{60321}Gungun is a very bright child.
{60347}{60465}And according to me if she|stays with her grandfather..
{60467}{60513}..then she'll have a|prosperous future.
{60515}{60561}Objection Your honour!
{60587}{60657}Nobody has asked|Miss Nair her opinion.
{60683}{60777}Your honour!|- No, no l allow it.
{60779}{60825}Thank you; your honour!|- But sir
{60877}{60962}Uncle is asking you to be quiet.
{61029}{61065}Thank you miss Nair.
{61069}{61113}That's all your Honour!
{61139}{61185}Your witness.
{61261}{61329}Have done your B.Ed?|- Yes.
{61333}{61401}You must have majored|in psychology too? - No.
{61403}{61481}An education like child psychology..
{61485}{61585}..where you are able to understand|what people think, what do they
{61643}{61689}Then either you are|a magician or God!
{61691}{61737}Objection, your honour!|- Over ruled.
{61739}{61809}Your honour, a little|while ago she gave us..
{61811}{61881}..reason why Gungun|Thakur doesn't want to study..
{61885}{61977}..and it might true.
{61981}{62049}But along with it she|said Mr. lndraneil Thakur..
{62051}{62097}..gets frustrated. l mean..
{62099}{62145}lt's my assumption.
{62149}{62193}Miss Nair it's just|your assumption, isn't it?
{62195}{62270}Yes. - do you understand a|child's psychology? - Yes.
{62291}{62337}Since when have you been|teaching in Jesus and Mary school?
{62363}{62409}Past three years.
{62411}{62457}And where did you teach earlier?
{62471}{62529}Holy Cross school, Nainital!
{62533}{62577}Why did you leave that school?
{62579}{62657}Just like that, l got|a better offer and..
{62675}{62793}Was it a job offer or were|you expelled from the school?
{62843}{62913}Your Honour, the|reason is that she used..
{62915}{62993} discipline children|in an extreme manner..
{62995}{63033}..this compelled the|parents to complain against her.
{63035}{63113}Parents don't know how to|discipline their children.
{63117}{63167}l see and you know, how?
{63169}{63225}So according to you|children should be snatched..
{63227}{63273}..from their parent and|should be sent either to you..
{63277}{63321}..or their grandparents.
{63347}{63393}l didn't mean that.
{63397}{63449}That's all, your honour!
{63453}{63529}But.. - That will be all,|Miss Nair! Thank you!
{63539}{63585}The court resumes after lunch.
{63589}{63633}Business in London and all offices..
{63635}{63705}People are looking|after it. And she's coming.
{63709}{63765}Alright! You see one..
{63803}{63873}Have you had your lunch?
{63899}{63953}No not yet.
{63955}{64017}Have your lunch now or|the canteen will be closed.
{64021}{64065}Else, you'll remain hungry.
{64091}{64173}One minute, Neeti do you really|think that you'll win this case?
{64187}{64257}Why do you want to|settle it out of court?
{64331}{64403}You know it too, he's a retard.
{64413}{64473}Ah! Don't reveal this in the court.
{64475}{64529}You'll have problems.
{64533}{64569}She's my granddaughter.
{64571}{64617}Who's denying it?|- She needs me.
{64619}{64665}And l won't leave without her.
{64715}{64761}Good luck, gentlemen!
{64811}{64857}Your honour.
{65015}{65121}You help lndraneil Thakur with|the studies of his daughter Gungun.
{65195}{65265}Only studies.. or anything else too.
{65291}{65369}lf Neil or Gungun needs anything..
{65371}{65433}..l'm there. We are like a family.
{65507}{65553}By family, you mean?
{65557}{65609}Well biologically|we are not a family.
{65617}{65705}But emotionally, we|are like one family.
{65747}{65825}Do you think that Mr.|Thakur is a good guardian?
{65877}{65953}l don't think any child can|get a better father than him.
{66035}{66105}You know, sometimes l think,|why aren't l Neil's daughter?
{66109}{66217}There is so much love between them.|They cannot live without each
{66251}{66297}l wish he was my father.
{66301}{66345}Your witness.
{66445}{66521} have said a very big thing!|A very big thing.
{66523}{66601}Whatever was the truth,|l have said that. - Okay.
{66623}{66705}Now Ritu-ji, tell me,|this child Gungun..
{66707}{66761}..when she will be 13-14 years..
{66767}{66801}..when she will grow older..
{66815}{66873}..she will have a lot of questions.
{66875}{66953}Can you tell me, will this|Neil Thakur be able to..
{66955}{66993}..give the reply to|all those questions.
{66995}{67089}Mr Lawyer, when your|daughter was 13 years old..
{67091}{67149}..were you able to give the|reply to all her questions?
{67213}{67305}No! Because only a|mother can give these replies.
{67307}{67353}And when Gungun is 13 years old..
{67355}{67401}..l will give her|reply to her questions.
{67405}{67449}Oh! l see.
{67451}{67497}l see.
{67597}{67665} in Shimla, no|one knows much about you.
{67667}{67713}lsn't it?
{67715}{67809}From where did you come?|Why did you come?
{67817}{67905}And why didn't you go|back from here to Kolkatta?
{67941}{68001}You had a husband and|a son too, in Kolkatta.
{68003}{68073}Objection your honour.
{68077}{68121}Now he is getting personal.
{68123}{68193}And her personal life|has no relevance here.
{68267}{68313}Your honour.
{68315}{68385}Whatever she has just said,|l want to contradict that.
{68399}{68457}Go ahead. - Thank you your honour.
{68461}{68553}Ritu-ji, nowadays|where is your family?
{68603}{68697}What had happened on|19th February 1987, Ritu-ji?
{68723}{68817}Objection your honour, he is playing|with someone's personal tragedy.
{68845}{68889}Sustained! Change the question.
{68891}{68937}Yes your honour.
{68963}{69065}Yes, Ritu-ji, that day you locked|your 5 year old son in the car..
{69069}{69129}..and parked the car|on the wrong side.
{69143}{69201}And you had gone to do shopping.
{69227}{69297}And a truck came and..
{69301}{69369}Stop it please! Stop it!
{69373}{69425}Please your honour,|you can't allow this.
{69429}{69477}You honour, l just want to say..
{69479}{69554}..that this is her own guilt..
{69563}{69609}..for which.. an autistic..
{69611}{69665}..technically the word is|correct, isn't it? Autistic.
{69683}{69729}For a handicap.
{69731}{69825}She is bringing up a child|with a handicapped person..
{69829}{69873} do her repentance.
{69899}{69953}Neither is she responsible..
{69957}{70009}..nor is lndraneil|Thakur responsible.
{70031}{70161}Now how will these two take a 7|year old child to her 20th year?
{70163}{70209}Stop it! Stop it please!
{70211}{70265}Just stop it.
{70267}{70345}lt's my fault! lt's my fault!
{70355}{70449}lt's my fault! lt's my fault!
{70453}{70521}Objection! Objection!
{70523}{70577}Objection! Objection! - lndraneil!
{70581}{70641}Stop it! - Stop it!
{70943}{71001}Stop it! Stop it!
{71003}{71073}Stop it! Stop it! - Ritu-ji!
{71099}{71169}Don't cry, otherwise|l too will start crying.
{71171}{71217}lt is my fault! lt is my fault!
{71219}{71289}l'm really sorry, l did not know.
{71317}{71393}lt is not your fault! lt is my fault!
{71397}{71449}That was fantastic. - Ritu-ji.
{71737}{71769}..are you disturbed? - No.
{71917}{71985}Mummy, you will win the case, mummy.
{71987}{72057}l know, you are the best lawyer.
{72059}{72105}Neil had also said so.
{72161}{72265}Come on, it is very late.|Come on lie down. Lie down.
{73187}{73233}l love you.
{73259}{73305}l love you too, mummy.
{73457}{73497}l love you, mama.
{73547}{73593}Good night.
{73595}{73650}Your honour, l would like|to call Mr. Dayanath Trivedi..
{73652}{73689}..once again to the stand.
{73693}{73737}Go ahead.
{73861}{73953}Mr. Trivedi, how did you come to|know that Maya has a daughter?
{73979}{74049}l had told you, that she|had written a letter to me.
{74051}{74097}That means she was|not staying with you.
{74183}{74241}Please answer the question,|Mr. Trivedi.
{74291}{74337}She had come to visit lndia.
{74363}{74465}She had come to visit lndia, and she|was touring since the last 8
{74471}{74561}ln these 8 years your|daughter wrote one letter to you..
{74563}{74617}..that too when she was going to die.
{74651}{74745}Did you get Maya's body?|Or did you see it?
{74747}{74793}Objection your honour.
{74795}{74849}Overruled! Carry on.
{74925}{74961}Please answer the question.
{74963}{75009}l had seen it.
{75035}{75105}How did your daughter Maya die?
{75107}{75153}Objection your honour.
{75155}{75201}Overruled! Carry on.
{75251}{75305}With a drug overdose!
{75309}{75369}With a drug overdose! Your|daughter was taking drugs?
{75371}{75441}Objection your honour. - Overruled.
{75503}{75537}Don't know. - Don't know?
{75541}{75609}Don't know.
{75617}{75657}Your honour.
{75833}{75897}Papa, l don't know why l am|writing this letter to you.
{75911}{75969}l am running away from|you since the last 8 years.
{75973}{76049}l thought l will find|happiness being away from you.
{76117}{76193}Hmm.. she was not happy|with you, Mr. Trivedi?
{76195}{76233}She had everything.
{76235}{76281}What was it that l didn't give her?
{76339}{76377}Love, Mr. Trivedi.
{76379}{76425}A father's love.
{76481}{76545}The happiness that l|got sometimes with Neil..
{76547}{76641}..the happiness was so much|that l could not tolerate it.
{76643}{76689}Sometimes l used to be afraid. .
{76691}{76737}..that he too should not be|snatched away from me.
{76741}{76793}That's why l left|him too and ran away.
{76835}{76905}l won't write a long|letter and waste your time..
{76907}{76977}..l know you are a rich man..
{76979}{77025} are busy, l just|wanted to tell you this..
{77027}{77073}..that l have a daughter in Shimla..
{77075}{77121}..your grand daughter.
{77129}{77193}There is a family|which is waiting for you.
{77195}{77289}Family! Mr. Trivedi. Family!
{77305}{77433}This does not mean only Gungun,|but Mr. lndraneil Thakur too!
{77469}{77505}My daughter was disturbed.
{77509}{77553}She was disturbed because of|the death of her mother..
{77555}{77601}..and he took advantage of that.
{77603}{77649}He took advantage of my daughter.
{77651}{77697}He cheated her and made her pregnant.
{77699}{77777}But you think he is|mentally challenged.
{77781}{77841}That he is! His brain age is 7 years.
{77845}{77937}lf his brain age is 7 years..
{77939}{78023}..then how can he take advantage|of your daughter, Mr. Trivedi?
{78025}{78065}ln fact l will say..
{78067}{78153}..that your daughter took|advantage of Mr. lndraneil.
{78157}{78225}That's right!
{78227}{78297}Your daughter took|advantage of Mr. lndraneil Thakur.
{78299}{78345}Objection your honour, this is|personal attack. - Overruled.
{78347}{78441}l used to love Maya a lot.
{78445}{78513}Maya loved me a lot.
{78541}{78585}Maya loved me a lot.
{78587}{78681}Or what Neil is saying|that is right, Mr. Trivedi.
{78695}{78753}Neil used to love|your daughter a lot.
{78757}{78825}And your daughter|too loved him a lot.
{78827}{78873}And this is the family..
{78887}{78953}..that your daughter|wanted you to accept.
{78971}{79017}And not separate.
{79101}{79137}That will be all.
{79211}{79257}l don't think|anything is going to happen.
{79283}{79353}Gungun will have to go|with her grand father.
{79379}{79433}Hey that man is so rich..
{79437}{79497}..that he can purchase anyone.
{80555}{80601}What are you doing here?
{80615}{80673}You go.. Judge uncle will be angry.
{80687}{80759}No, papa, no one will|let us stay together.
{80761}{80817}We will run away from here.
{80819}{80889}No, no. Neeti ma'am has said|that we will win the case.
{80915}{80961}You go.. Judge uncle will be angry.
{80965}{81009}You go. You go.
{81011}{81105}No, papa, we will go away|from here to some other place.
{81107}{81201}We will change our names.|No one will recognize us.
{81253}{81345}No, no, no.
{81347}{81393}You go.. judge uncle|will be angry. You go.
{81395}{81465}You don't love me. You|don't love me at all.
{81467}{81537}Gungun! - You don't love me at all.|- Gungun! - You don't love me at
{81539}{81617}Gungun!|- You don't love me at all.
{81779}{81849}l love you a lot.
{81853}{81921}l cannot stay without you.
{81923}{81993}l don't even sleep in the night.|l don't get sleep.
{82019}{82089}l love you a lot, Gungun.
{82093}{82161}l love you a lot.
{82235}{82281}l love you a lot.
{82691}{82737}2.. 5.. 2.
{82763}{82817}256 down. - Mail.
{82821}{82881}Himanchal Queen.
{82885}{82953}1 1 .. 15.. - 10 A.M.
{82979}{83033}Kalka. - Chandigarh.
{83243}{83289}lf l complain about these two..
{83291}{83337}..then they will never|be able to stay together.
{83339}{83409}Exactly what l am saying, matron,|why will you complain about them?
{83411}{83505}Look they are very.. come on|the two of you, say sorry.
{83507}{83553}Sorry matron.
{83557}{83601}Sorry matron. Go to sleep.
{83603}{83681}Come on.|- Okay.
{83685}{83721}Come on good girl.
{83749}{83817}Shall l go to drop Gungun|to school tomorrow? - What?
{83843}{83913}Look at his guts! - No, no.|He doesn't mean it like that.
{83915}{83985}Come on, go. Go!
{83987}{84033}Please matron, come. Come with me.
{84155}{84201}You are also like Maya.
{84227}{84329}She also would stand at|the window and look out.
{84443}{84489}Okay Neil.
{84515}{84561}Maybe they will make you|come to the stand tomorrow.
{84625}{84681}No body made me stand there.
{84685}{84753}Yes, they will do so tomorrow.
{84757}{84801}And when you go there..
{84803}{84873}..there should be no hello, ta-ta..
{84875}{84921}..bye-bye, with everyone.
{84959}{85041}Whoever stands there cries, isn't it?
{85163}{85209}Listen to me, Neil..
{85211}{85305}..whatever they ask you,|answer only to that.
{85501}{85569}Alright, now l'll ask you the|questions and you answer me.
{85621}{85689}For a little while assume|that l am not Neeti ma'am.
{85697}{85761}l am the other lawyer.
{85787}{85833}The bad lawyer?
{85847}{85881}Yes, the bad lawyer. Now|l'll ask you the question.
{85883}{85929}Can l be the judge?
{85981}{86057}You are the bad lawyer|and l'll be the judge.
{86061}{86113}Order! Order! Order! Order!
{86123}{86193}No Neil. You can't be the judge.
{86197}{86241}Now serious.
{86245}{86289}You are Neil and l'll|ask you the questions.
{86291}{86337}Ok? Ok?
{86461}{86505}So Mr. lndraneil Thakur, when your|daughter Gungun is 10 years old.
{86507}{86585}When she becomes a big girl then..
{86589}{86666}Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.
{86771}{86841}When your daughter grows|up how will you educate her?
{86987}{87041}Neeti ma'am has told me that l|will send her to a good tutor.
{87043}{87081}No! No! No! No!
{87083}{87177}Neil, you cannot say that|Neeti ma'am has said so.
{87179}{87321}You will only say that you will send|Gungun to a good tutor. That is
{87323}{87377}But Neeti ma'am did tell this.
{87381}{87441}Yes she did say so but you|can't say so in the court.
{87443}{87513}But you did say so.
{87517}{87561}You will say that|you have thought so.
{87565}{87609}But it is a sin to lie!|- But this is not a lie!
{87707}{87777}Neil. This is not a lie.
{87803}{87897}lt is more like|manipulating the truth.
{87971}{88017}Whose name is that?
{88097}{88201}lf a lie can be beneficial to|someone then it is not a lie.
{88213}{88293}lt is the truth.
{88475}{88545}Ok Neil. Let us change the question.
{88571}{88617}What do you do when..
{88643}{88689}..your Gungun falls ill?
{88775}{88809}l cry.
{88897}{88953}You can't say that in the court.
{89009}{89049}l really do cry.
{89075}{89169}When Gungun is ill. l cry.
{89219}{89265}Don't you call for the doctor?
{89291}{89337}Ritu sister calls.
{89339}{89385}l cry.
{89459}{89529}Alright Neil.
{89531}{89577}ln the court you will say|that you call for the doctor.
{89651}{89761}l don't call for the doctor.|Ritu sister does. l cry.
{89833}{89865}You call.
{89869}{89937}l don't call. Ritu sister calls.
{89939}{90009}You will say that you call.
{90035}{90089}l will not tell a lie.|Lying is a sin!
{90093}{90129}Ah! Damn it!
{90131}{90177}Fine say what you please.
{90179}{90273}Don't come to me when you|lose the case in the court.
{90565}{90609}Neil, why don't you understand..
{91127}{91185}Yesterday; when l was|prosecuting Trivedi..
{91223}{91289}..l felt as if l was|talking about myself.
{91341}{91393}When the people clapped..
{91415}{91457}..l felt as if all|were laughing at me.
{91595}{91641}l was just like that.
{91657}{91713}Work! Work! Work!
{91739}{91785}People would give me money.
{91837}{91929}And l would convert truth|to lies and lies to truth.
{92105}{92193}l'm really sorry Neil. l'm sorry.
{92297}{92353}l don't want to lose the case.
{92387}{92457}l don't know how to lie
{92483}{92537}l am not normal.
{92539}{92625}l am not intelligent.
{92657}{92745}You are normal. You are lntelligent.
{92749}{92825}Every know everything. l don't.
{92827}{92865}l don't want to..
{92869}{92937}..lose the case.
{92965}{93033}l too don't want to lose the case.
{93035}{93081}Don't want to lose, Neil.
{93155}{93201}And what do you think?
{93227}{93297}That l am normal? l know everything?
{93337}{93417}Neil, you are unable to tell|lies and l can't tell the truth.
{93515}{93569}To my clients, in the courtroom..
{93573}{93633} my husband. To Rahul!
{93635}{93693}l have only been lying all along.
{93737}{93793}l have lied to such an extent..
{93803}{93873}..that now there is no|difference between lies and truth.
{93971}{94033}My husband left me|and ran away, Neil.
{94123}{94185}My Rahul was going away from me.
{94261}{94361}Neil, when you are in trouble, whole|of Shimla stands by you in the
{94433}{94553}lf l am in trouble, not|one person will stand by me.
{94619}{94689}l thought l knew everything.
{94717}{94785}There was nothing l can't achieve.
{94799}{94833}Because l'm special.
{94859}{94905}You know special!
{94941}{95001}Now see what l have with me today.
{95003}{95049}What do l have Neil?
{95051}{95097}Nothing at all.
{95101}{95169}l sleep alone. Wake up alone.
{95181}{95257}There is such a big house,|but it is empty.
{95317}{95361}l too felt Neil..
{95365}{95409}..that someone should love me.
{95435}{95521}That l too can cry with my|head on someone's shoulder.
{95609}{95697}l can't sleep alone|hugging onto a pillow, Neil.
{95699}{95745}l can't sleep.
{95825}{95937}When l see how much|everyone loves you. l feel jealous
{95987}{96033}l feel jealous.
{96059}{96153}l can't do all this anymore.
{96179}{96225}But it has to be done Neil.
{96229}{96281}lt has to be said.
{96335}{96369}Really Neil.
{96419}{96473}You are more normal than l am.
{96491}{96545}You know more than l do.
{96593}{96657}You cry in front of everyone.
{96659}{96753}No one feels bad about it.
{96755}{96801}l can't even do that.|Can't even do that!
{97331}{97497}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{97571}{97737}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{97789}{97905}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{97907}{98025}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{98027}{98153}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{98377}{98537}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{98555}{98721}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{98723}{98841}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{98843}{98949}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{98951}{99081}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{99547}{99633}This heart of mine. Don't break it.
{99649}{99705}Don't break it.
{99731}{99825}Don't leave my side.
{99827}{99873}Don't leave.
{99881}{100017}From you l have many expectations.
{100067}{100233}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{100235}{100353}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{100355}{100473}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{100955}{101049}l'll give you love and lore love.
{101051}{101121}l'll give you love.
{101123}{101241}Bestow on you my life.|Bestow my life.
{101267}{101418}You just give me a hint.
{101483}{101577}Just walk into my|life says our hearts.
{101579}{101625}We'll keep in our|hearts says our heart.
{101629}{101745}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{101747}{101865}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{101867}{101985}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{101987}{102153}Just walk into my life.|Says the madness.
{102157}{102273}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{102275}{102377}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{102381}{102513}l'll keep you in my|heart my beloved.
{103187}{103233}Mr. Neil.
{103235}{103305}Do you think you are|smart enough to look after..
{103307}{103361}..a small child like Gungun?
{103475}{103521}l am smart enough.
{103523}{103577}l'm much smarter than you too.
{103629}{103665}Order! Order!
{103763}{103833}Are you smarter than Gungun?
{103893}{103969}l am smarter than Gungun is? l..
{104053}{104145}l am smarter than Gungun.
{104171}{104217}You are lying.
{104267}{104326}lf a lie can be beneficial|to someone then it is not a lie.
{104328}{104361}lt is the truth.
{104399}{104433}Order! Order!
{104435}{104481}No one will clap here, quiet!
{104483}{104529}You may continue please.
{104531}{104585}Thank you, your Honour.
{104627}{104673}Mr. Neil, what did you say just now?
{104771}{104817}Now what l have said is done with.
{104821}{104878}lf a lie can be beneficial|to someone then..
{104879}{104921} is not a lie. lt is the truth.
{104925}{104961}lt is called.
{105021}{105073}lt is called manipulating the truth
{105323}{105393}Neil, you know so much.
{105395}{105441}But your doctors say..
{105443}{105493}..that your brain is like|that of a seven year old.
{105497}{105561}Objection! Your Honour! He|is intimidating the witness.
{105565}{105633}He doesn't look scared.
{105647}{105689}lt is ok. You ask.
{105691}{105753}He doesn't understand these|complicated questions your honour.
{105755}{105801}When the child grows up,|each day the questions..
{105803}{105849}..will get more and more|complicated; your honour.
{105875}{105929}So tell me Neil. You know|that your mind is like..
{105931}{105977}..that of a seven year old child.
{105981}{106065}You also know that your|daughter is already seven years old.
{106067}{106161}And now, her brain|works faster than yours.
{106165}{106209}She will be eight years old.
{106225}{106257}Then she'll be nine years old..
{106259}{106305}Objection your honour!
{106309}{106361}Overruled. - Then she'll be ten.
{106365}{106425}Then she'll be eleven. Then|she'll be twelve then thirteen.
{106475}{106569}Then what will you do? How will|you understand what she wants?
{106595}{106677}Slowly! Slowly! One by one!
{106679}{106727}The world will not move|slowly to explain things to you..
{106729}{106761}..Mr. lndraneil Thakur!
{106811}{106865}Tomorrow when your daughter|starts asking you these questions..
{106867}{106905}..what will you do?|What will you say?
{106919}{106985}You are going to|remain the same as you are.
{107005}{107073}You don't know anything|besides opening the lock and closing.
{107123}{107193}You play the same|old tune on the guitar.
{107197}{107289}You keep narrating|the same old stories.
{107291}{107345}You can't learn anything new,|nor can you teach anything new.
{107387}{107457}What will you do when|your daughter grows up?
{107459}{107513}Your honour! l'd like to|appeal for a recess please.
{107555}{107633}No. Neeti Ma'am.
{107651}{107709}l don't want recess.|l don't want court.
{107749}{107817}l'll tell you.
{107843}{107897}You ask me. l want Gungun.
{107901}{107961}Give me Gungun.
{108035}{108089}You ask me.
{108143}{108201}Can you make a good father?
{108325}{108405}l am very good.
{108407}{108479}l mean can you give your|child a good upbringing?
{108741}{108825}l can do everything for her.
{108899}{108969}l don't know what upbringing means.
{108971}{109017}Can you give this child all..
{109019}{109073}..that a child would need?
{109199}{109313}l can give her all that l have.
{109317}{109353}What about all that you don't have?
{109391}{109473}What about all that you|don't have, Mr lndraneil Thakur?
{109817}{109857}l'll ask for it.
{109883}{109953}You'll ask for it? From whom?
{109957}{110001}From you insane friends?
{110003}{110049}And you'll even make that child..
{110051}{110097}..stupid, unintelligent. Autistic.
{110101}{110169}Retarded. Or what ever you call it.
{110171}{110217}Just like you.
{110243}{110313}And people will say the|same things the tell you.
{110315}{110361}l don't know! l don't know!
{110365}{110417}Gungun is my daughter.
{110423}{110465}l love her.
{110483}{110529}l don't know anything else.
{110533}{110625}l am not normal.
{110639}{110681}l am mad.
{110801}{110865}l am not intelligent like all of you.
{110869}{110937}l don't know to tell lies.
{110963}{111033}l only want Gungun.
{111037}{111119}l love her and l|don't know anything else.
{111209}{111273}l want Gungun.
{111275}{111369}Give her to me. Just give me Gungun.
{111373}{111425}l don't know anything else.
{111429}{111505}Give me Gungun. Just give me Gungun.
{111971}{112017}Your Honour!
{112019}{112065}Everything is in front of you.
{112069}{112137}This man. lndraneil Thakur.
{112141}{112185}He is not right for this child.
{112213}{112257}l agree, Maya..
{112261}{112317}..was a little upset with her father.
{112319}{112391}lt also had a little|to do with Maya's age.
{112393}{112433}But he is a sensible..
{112437}{112497}..good and responsible human being.
{112499}{112545}Hence it is natural|and correct that..
{112549}{112641}..Gungun Thakur would not only be..
{112643}{112721}..happy with her grand father,|Mr. Dayanath Trivedi..
{112723}{112785}..but will also lead a good life.
{112789}{112833}That's all your Honour.
{112991}{113057}Our legal system. Our law..
{113061}{113121}..asks for proofs.
{113125}{113193}This black cloth that|blind folds the eyes..
{113195}{113249}..of law not only|blind folds our eyes..
{113255}{113313}..but also has placed|a rock on our hearts.
{113339}{113417}lt is a waste of time|to talk about love here.
{113435}{113505}Because love is a|feeling that can't be measured.
{113521}{113577}Hence there is no value|for it in the eyes of law.
{113651}{113697}Who says your honour, that for a..
{113701}{113759}..child to be|brought up well we need a..
{113761}{113849}..a practical, rich|grandfather living abroad?
{113869}{113925}Who in spite of being normal..
{113927}{113993}..couldn't really take care|of his 20 year old daughter.
{114013}{114057}Pushed her towards drug addiction.
{114059}{114129}And that girl. That girl died.
{114155}{114209}What didn't that|girl have, your honour?
{114227}{114345}Everything. Everything a|normal child needs for growing up.
{114347}{114453}lf she didn't have anything it|was her father's time. His love.
{114491}{114585}The same things that don't seem|to have a value in this courtroom.
{114635}{114689}lt is my humble request your honour.
{114707}{114777}Once. Just for this once,
{114779}{114825}Let us instead of our heads or|the books think with our hearts.
{114827}{114905}With our heart, your honour.
{114907}{114961}Why is that so hard?
{115049}{115137}l comparison to this|man we are all normal.
{115139}{115209}More responsible. More sensible.
{115211}{115281}ln the rush to make|money and grow big..
{115283}{115353}..we have lost the childishness..
{115357}{115425}..our innocence and our|simplicity somewhere. Your honour.
{115451}{115497}Lost it somewhere.
{115555}{115609}lf it wasn't for this man..
{115619}{115697}..probably my child|would have run away from me.
{115715}{115785}He would have been straying|somewhere on the streets your honour.
{115845}{115881}But this man..
{115895}{115953}And yes the term is autistic!
{115955}{116001}This autistic man..
{116005}{116057}..explained to me that|for a small child to grow..
{116059}{116161} don't need a big house or cars.
{116183}{116249}What is needed is only love.
{116253}{116305}Love your honour. Love.
{116315}{116369}Because love has in it the power..
{116371}{116433} make the wealth of whole|world seem a pauper in front of it.
{116507}{116577}Mr. lndraneil Thakur can|shower that unlimited..
{116581}{116649} on his daughter Gungun.
{116689}{116729}But l know your honour..
{116733}{116793} would still ask for proof.
{116821}{116913}But who can show proof|for love your honour?
{116915}{116961}Who can?
{117083}{117129}l have nothing else to say.
{117179}{117225}Your honour.
{117229}{117329}My colleague wants to|influence this court with her tears.
{117361}{117449}What they call..|Manipulating the truth your honour.
{117563}{117665}l only want to make|a small comparison.
{117683}{117729}l just got news..
{117743}{117809}..that yesterday; Mr.|lndraneil Thakur..
{117811}{117921}..tried to take away his child|from the children's shelter.
{117971}{118017}This is contempt of|court your honour.
{118045}{118137}On one hand is this|man who breaks the law.
{118139}{118221}On the other hand is this|man Mr. Dayanath Trivedi.
{118235}{118337}Who like a civilised man|knocks at the door of the court?
{118339}{118417}And asks the court for his|daughter's last memento.
{118427}{118529}ln this whole trial my|colleague could not prove..
{118531}{118593}..that Mr Dayanath Trivedi|is an irresponsible father..
{118595}{118665}..or that he has|harassed his daughter.
{118691}{118737}That's all your honour.
{118801}{118881}The court will give the final|verdict after a 15 minute recess.
{119653}{119721}Anita! Anita!
{119723}{119777}Yes ma'am.|- Come one quickly. - Yes ma'am.
{119963}{120009}Go! Come on go!
{120419}{120505}This case is just as difficult..
{120539}{120609} it is simple.
{120623}{120657}But. - Your honour!
{120733}{120825}Your honour, though my|client Mr lndraneil Thakur..
{120827}{120897} a suspect in medical terms..
{120899}{120945}..will the court separate|the child from the father..
{120971}{121049}..if his wife is normal?
{121115}{121161}Yes your honour. Wife.
{121211}{121257}Thank you.
{122027}{122073}The custody of Gungun Thakur..
{122099}{122169}..will be given to her father..
{122219}{122265}.. lndraneil Thakur and his wife..
{122339}{122385}Neeti Thakur.
{123731}{123777}There is something about you..
{123827}{123921}..that when touched by anyone..
{124019}{124065}..teaches them to love. - Shall l go?
{124235}{124305}Hey Rahul! Gungun! l too will play.
{124307}{124377}Catch me! Catch me!
{124889}{124929}l'm returning to London tomorrow.
{124979}{125049}l thought of meeting|everyone before leaving.
{125137}{125193}l knew it was my fault..
{125219}{125265}..l was venting my anger on Neil.
{125317}{125361}You said the right thing.
{125387}{125433}The wealth of the whole world..
{125441}{125541}..would be poor in|comparison to Neil's love.
{126113}{126153}He has come to meet you.|He is returning tomorrow.
{126155}{126249}He will not take Gungun with him.
{126329}{126369}Neil. Son.
{126419}{126465}l have come to apologise to you.
{126491}{126537}l'm sorry.
{126539}{126609}Papa. Grandpa is crying.
{126815}{126849}Don't cry.
{126911}{126969}Or l too will cry.
{126985}{127049}You can come from|London and meet Gungun.
{127057}{127137}That too under supervision.
{127139}{127185}Twice a week..
{127283}{127329}l'm sorry.
{127985}{128037}That man in the court was wrong.
{128039}{128138}Even in real life there can be a|happy ending like in fairy tales.