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The symbiotic relationship between of the two goods of marriage, good of the spouse and good
of the children, goes together. They are correlated in terms that one cannot exist without the
other in a family. The good of the spouse is being responsible for your other half—taking
responsibility for their wellness and health in all fields. The good of the marriage follows the
good of the children. By getting married, it is a task for couples to procreate. If this relationship
bears children, the spouses shall also be responsible for the upbringing of their offspring. The
parents are now tasked to educate their children to be good citizens of the country and being
followers of Christ.

Three properties of marriage, indissolubility. As we all know the popular saying of “what
therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder” which remains as the number one
argument in the talk of implementing divorce in many countries. Once a man and woman had
been married they are to reflect God’s love for us which is “strong as death”. Fidelity, requires
that one should be faithful to the other. Almost like our faith with the Lord. We must put trust
and never break the trust of the people who love us. We should remain true and honest.
Openness of fertility, as was said, is it so ordered that married couples produce an offspring
unless they have biological issues and cannot bear one. Children are sign of fruitfulness of
conjugal love.

It is trusted that God will provide for couples whatever they need to keep their marriage healthy
and prosperous and we should just trust that He will help us get through hardships.

2. Unitive function and procreative function of marriage. The unitive function applies that it unites
two people in a sacred union. The procreative function follows the unitive function (reasons
given above). Possible impacts/effects of separation, if this couple had separated with children
in between, as was said in the past article given, children from broken homes function less in the
society than children who are raised in a household with a father and mother. For the couple
itself, the dislike of getting involved in another relationship might be an outcome of separation.
There is a small trend going on nowadays that married couples do not want to have children. If
we over emphasize this practice and many people follow it, there is a chance that the economy
will fall with the number of the population going down for couples will no longer bear children
who will be future workers and leaders of the society.
3. Marriage is considered as a living sacrament as it is a religious bond between a man and a
woman, a couple and God, and a couple as members of the society. A marriage is given blessing
by the lord and therefore, it is a sacrament. To procreate is one of the tasks given to humanity,
and to have to procreate marriage is needed. It is a living sacrament for couples who vowed
themselves to each other and to take on the mission of God and apply it to themselves, they are
promising to continue living like this for the rest of their time.