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Jimmy Kessler

Comp 1102
Journal annotations

​Baker, Aryn, and Rwanda. “These Drones Are Saving Lives.” ​Time,​ vol. 191, no. 22, June
2018, pp. 36–39. ​EBSCOhost​,

This article writes about the drone usage in the medical field as well as reveal the story
of the world’s first blood delivery by drone. A three hour round trip by motor vehicle was
cut down to just a mere six minutes by using a drone. A blood supply was delivered to a
little girl whose body was being destroyed by a fever. The drone was used in a sense of
urgency from the doctor feeling that the girl would be alive for the blood to reach the
hospital located in Kabgayi, Africa.

An article like this proves how helpful drones can be in very urgent situations where
ground travel in not ideal or almost impossible. This article relates to my other drone
articles that deal with saving lives and removing people from danger.

I chose this article because it shows that this drone technology is incredibly useful and
that you do not need to be in a very wealth country to have access to amazing
technology like the one shown in this article here.
Blankenbuehler, Paige. "Firefighting Drones Could Save Costa Rican Tropical Forests;
Firefighters that protect the national park lands of Costa Rica have invested in drone technology
to help survive this year's fire season." ​Newsweek​, 24 Apr. 2015. ​Opposing Viewpoints in
4. Accessed 28 Sept. 2018.

This article entails that new drone technology is helping to save Costa Rican forests. The
new investments that the government has made will help reduce fire damage done to
forests and crop fields without putting any lives in danger.

This is a magazine article touching on the subject of drone technology and its benefits.
This writing team for this article had evidence of this technology and its benefits by
actually being in Costa Rico in person and collecting lots of important data.
A real-world scenario with people being near the action in person is a very reliable and
informative source. This article supports my original claim that drone technology will
benefit the public far more than it will harm it.

Brie, Handgraaf. "EYE IN THE SKY: Drone technology enables new perspective on flood
damage." ​Wilson Daily Times​ [Wilson, NC], 15 Oct. 2016. ​Opposing Viewpoints in Context​,
9. Accessed 28 Sept. 2018.

This source goes into detail on how drones can be used to help relieve people affected
by hurricanes and floods. In some areas where flooding is prevalent, there can be heavy
tree ines and limited vision from above. This article explains that drones can be used to
go under tree lines and help find people danger and possibly decrease mortality rates
after intense floods.

The EYE IN THE SKY article comes from opposing viewpoints and provides several
backup arguments, statistics and sources of where they got the information and how it is

This article helps further my point that drones can be used to help people and
emergency services. While at the same time counteracting claims that drones are being
created for criminal reasons.

Casey, Nicholas. "Venezuela Seeks Arrest In Attack With Drones." ​New York Times​, 9 Aug.
2018, p. A5(L). ​Academic OneFile​,
ea3. Accessed 17 Oct. 2018.

This article is based on a rather dangerous and negative view on drones. An

unsuccessful assassination attempt was made on the Venezuelan president. The
president was unharmed and immediately removed under tight security. A former
National Assembly leader was said to have a connection in the assassination attempt
involving exploding drones. During a military parade, drones which had explosives were
flown and detonated near the President while giving his speech.

This article relates to my other articles that have negative views on drones and show the
possible damage that could emerge from this technology. Are the laws that are being put
into place and are measures being taken to make sure an incident like this doesn’t
happen again? Or is this just an incredibly small possibility where technology got into the
hands of a wrong individual.

I chose this article because it gives a not so good viewpoint on drones. Having a drone
used in an assassination attempt against a large political figure is absolutely awful and
should have never occurred. This also sparks the question to what technology could
prevent another incident and what risks are people willing to take.

Dotson, Ron. “5 Ways Drones Are Being Used for Disaster Relief.” ​Disaster Mitigation: 4 Oil Spill 
Responses | EKU Online​, EKU, 4 Nov. 2015, 
/. Web. 26 Sept 2018 
This online article gives information about how new drone technology help relieve
natural disaster victims as well as aerial mapping for man made disasters. New drones
assist safety and rescue workers in scouting for people who have been swept away by
flood waters. As well as removing the need for workers to go out and map harmful
radioactive meltdown sites.

This article gives many examples of how today’s drones have impacted different
emergency situations while also explaining the negative side that the drones bring along
with them. This article also provides dates and statistics showcasing the effects that the
drones had with certain scenarios.
I chose this article for the many different examples it provides for one broad topic. Which
is safety and effectiveness in disasters and emergency situations? These examples are
also not theoretical situations. All of the examples are documented past events with

Frazier, Ian. “The Trippy, High-Speed World of Drone Racing.” T ​ he New Yorker​, The New Yorker, 
31 May 2018, 
www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/02/05/the-trippy-high-speed-world-of-drone-racing​. Web. 
Date accessed Oct, 22 2018. 
This article writes about drone racing and the impact in the entertainment industry. 
Players in many different countries meet up in several indoor locations to compete 
against each other with drones. A new class of high speed drones has been developed 
specifically for these competitions. Where players compete for a prize pools based on 
the amount of players that participate.  
This article relates to my other entertainment articles as slightly with some of the 
economical ones. A fair amount of money is moved in the drone racing field with 
constant new technology being developed for them and growing fan base. 
I chose this article because it gives a positive insight on drones without having to deal 
with important, controversial or stressful situations. To the fan base this is a fun and 
involving sport that has never been seen before. 
Gregg, Aaron. "This drone operator is helping power companies mechanize their most
dangerous jobs." ​Washingtonpost.com​, 7 Feb. 2017. ​Opposing Viewpoints in Context​,
5. Accessed 28 Sept. 2018.

This article explains that the new drone operators and technology are helping to make
work environments safer. The AES Corp that provides utility power to houses in
Arlington is replacing high risk maintenance workers with drones. Workers that use to
complete these risky tasks will now be trained on how to operate the new drones.

This article comes from a large power corporation that is actually putting new drone
technology into use. This new technology is giving a lower risk to not only the company
but also to its employees. This is the next step to proving to the public and other
companies that drone technology can be incredibly useful and provide lower risk to

I chose this article because it is a real experiment done by a real company to help make
advances in industry. Providing statistics and realistic projected outcomes.
Guerra, Edmundo, et al. “Detection and Positioning of Pipes and Columns with Autonomous
Multicopter Drones.” ​Mathematical Problems in Engineering​, June 2018, pp. 1–13. ​EBSCOhost​,

This article is mostly technical but gives good insight as to how these drones conduct
beneficial work for companies. These drones are equipped with many different scanning
instruments to help find important pieces with structures to be sure that any construction
or changes will not cause damage to those pieces. Drones get back exact feedback and
lots of information which is important when trying to make changes to large and
expensive building.

This article gives very detailed information as to how the drones work. This article can
relate to some of the other economical articles that I have already listed. These drones
can take over some jobs, but only to a certain degree. Engineers have been required to
make these and operators and analysts have to take the information brought in from the
drones and figure out what the best solution could be.

I chose the article because it is a little different from the rest of my choices. I can get a
little more technical and hopefully share with the rest of the class on just how these new
drones work and benefit companies and society.
Jenkins, Darryl, and Bijan Vasigh. "Commercial Drone Use Will Benefit the US Economy."
Drones, edited by Tamara Thompson, Greenhaven Press, 2016.Current Controversies.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context,. Accessed 28 Sept.2018. Originally published as "The
Economic Impact of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the United States," AUVSI.org,
Mar. 2013.

This article writes that producing more drones will have a positive impact on not only U.S
businesses but also the U.S economy. The production of drones requires manual
assembly and large amounts of resources for the equipment that the drones use. This
article also mentions the markets that these drones will impact (ex. Precision agriculture,
public safety and aerial imaging).

This article helps show a portion of what great benefits that the public can have as well
as the phenomenal amount of sources that the writers have listed to support their
arguments and statistics.

This source helps support my claim that drones can be used to benefit of not only the
public but to the working companies as well. This article also shows that drones are
being used responsibly and for commercial uses and not for malicious acts.

Kalogeropoulos, Demitrios. “How Drone Usage Can Revolutionize the Media and Entertainment 
Industries.” T
​ he Motley Fool​, The Motley Fool, 19 Sept. 2016, 
x. Web. 30 Sept. 2018 
This article gives some examples on drones combine with cameras to provide an 
amazing and new footage experience and opportunities. Drones can move a lot faster 
and several times more agility than a large helicopter. Drones can also move through 
tight spaces and go under tree lines to get some interesting shots. All of these new 
opportunities can be made to be even more exceptional with some of the advanced 
programming software that is available with these new drones. 
This article gives a different take on new drones technology. Instead of protecting 
workers or providing ease for some industrial jobs they are used for entertainment 
I chose this article because it deviates from the more serious topic of the importance of 
drones in safety and efficiency to fun and new intuitive ways to take photos and make 
Knight, Renee. “Drones Detect Radiation.” ​Inside Unmanned Systems​, 19 Sept. 2018, 
insideunmannedsystems.com/drones-detect-radiation/. Web. 30 Sept. 2018 
In this article, the writers talk about some of the uses for new drone technology in the 
radiation containment industry. Drone companies and partnering with nuclear 
companies to create drones that can search for and contain radiation leaks. Equipping 
drones with instruments that can absorb wavelengths at set intervals. 
This article gives some insight to new technology that drones are using as well as 
touching on the subject of protecting human lives. The article mentions that the 
companies main for these drones is to protect their workers from radioactive damage. 
I chose the article because it mentions my biggest concern of how I think new drone 
technology should be used. As well as giving examples as to why drones are more 
efficient, faster and cover a larger distance. 

Lucas, Jake. "Covering Climate Change by Drone." ​New York Times,​ 1 Oct. 2018, p. A2(L).
Academic OneFile,​
139. Accessed 17 Oct. 2018.

This article writes on how two photographers use drones to capture amazing images
cultural structures in many different countries. But the photographers wrote this article to
spread awareness about climate change and how it affects these old archaeological
sites. Using drones to take pictures, one can easily see how ever-increasing sea levels
and more frequent rain is threatening these structures.

This article will tie in with my other articles that deal with drones uses that are different
from jobs and human safety. Showing that drones are not only used for businesses but
are used to preserve objects and provide entertainment and peace of mind.

I chose this article because it gives a different insight as to how many different possible
uses that can come out of new drone technology. Having powerful photographs instead
of statistical data and graphs can have a different impact on others.

Michel, Arthur Holland. "Commercial Drones Must Be Thoroughly Regulated." ​Drones​, edited by
Tamara Thompson, Greenhaven Press, 2016. Current Controversies. ​Opposing Viewpoints in
63e. Accessed 14 Oct. 2018. Originally published as "The Drones Will Have Their Day,"
USNews.com​, 6 Aug. 2014.
This article’s authors write about the regulations that they believe should be enforced on
commercial drones use. The writers also mention the public concern of the drones as
well as the public excitement for new drone technology. Mention the fundraising
difference in pro-drone kickstarters vs anti-drone kickstarters.

This article used many sources to prove their claims about why and how personal
drones should be regulated and maintained. But, they also try to stay unbiased and
provide some reasoning as to why personal drones should not be banned altogether.

I chose the article because it gives an opposing viewpoint to my argument that drones
will be beneficial to the public. Having a counter argument gives good insight into the
people who have a different standing on a subject. Making it a critical component to an
argumentative paper.

Samuel, Burke. "These self-flying drones keep a constant eye on your business." ​CNN Wire,​ 1
May 2018. ​Opposing Viewpoints in Context​,
6. Accessed 28 Sept. 2018.

This article explains that farmers and other industries can use drones to their own
Farmers can locate diseased crops and large companies and map out land masses
extremely quickly and efficiently cutting out several steps. Large ships also benefit from
these drones by mapping out future water routes making sure ships do not run onto the
ground. While these things are all positives this article does mention a few negatives
such as removing some drones operators from their high paying jobs.

This is another article from opposing viewpoints and gives differing arguments around
the positives and negatives based around drones. While giving lots of sources to backup
their information while at the same time trying to remain unbiased.

I like this article because it covers some of the controversy around drones hurting jobs
that are occupied by people, but also decrease company costs to giving them the ability
to give employees higher wages.

Tamara, Thompson. "Preface to 'Why Are Drones Controversial?'." Drones, edited by Tamara
Thompson, Greenhaven Press, 2016. Current Controversies. Opposing Viewpoints in Context,
Accessed 28 Sept. 2018.
This source goes into a little bit of detail on how drones can benefit employers and well
as safety workers. The main argument of this source is the controversy around drones
and how the technology affects others privacy as well as the regulations that are being
put into place against drones.

This article comes from a varying viewpoint context and comes with several supported
resources and citations to help back-up those arguments.

This article provides some counter-argument to my claim about drones. Showing the
controversy and the possible negative consequences drones that drones could have on
companies and civilians.