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Weekly Schedule: 3st Week

Name: Abdulrahman Al-mithn ID: 214016599

a) For each day, you should write 3-4 sentences about the daily activities during the practical training.
b) What did you do in your training today?

Date Tasks Accomplished

We reviewed drainage system and we take brief introduction about air


chilled water system: As its name suggest, this system makes use of water as its
primary refrigerant Chiller is used to remove heat from the water which is then
8/07/2018 circulated through other components to absorb heat from the space.
used in applications that need large cooling capacity such as hypermarket,
industrial and hospitals.
In a chilled-water system, the entire air conditioner is installed on the roof or
behind the building. In the hospital a water chiller cools water to between 45 and
55 degrees Fahrenheit as engineer Salim said. The chilled water is then piped
9/07/2018 throughout the building and connected to air handlers AHU. Also, we learn how
to calculate the pipes by using two equations 𝑄 = 𝜌𝑣. 𝑐𝑝. ∆𝑇 𝑎𝑠 𝑤𝑒𝑙𝑙 𝑎𝑠 𝑄 = 𝑣𝐴
If we find the area from second equation we find its diameter. Also, we looked
chiller water pips scheme inside Auto Cade.
In this day we went to the building with Eng. Salim to see chilled water system
parts which consist of 4 primary parts as well as we saw the pipes:
2-Chiller: inside it compressor, condenser and evaporator
10/07/2018 3-AHU/FCU: An air handler or Fan-coil unit.
4-Back to pumps
Then we saw the pipes which 4 pipes there two for cold water supply and return
And two for hot water supply and return.
In this day we also went to the building to review some parts and we learn some
advantage of chilled water system such as if the chilled water piping leaks
somewhere in the building, only water is lost, and repairs only require plumbing
work. In comparison, with standard air conditioning, a leak in a refrigerant line
inside the building will probably require brazing and recharging with a refrigerant
that is a lot more expensive than water.
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