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Tutorial Convert file PPT to file APK.

1. Make a folder to locating file power point

2. Make file Power Point

3. Make a Content of power point

4. First, Instal ISpris Suit to convert ppt to html. This is can be download in internet and free but only 15
days trial. and open file that want to convert.
5. Click ISpris Suit and find tool “Publish” and click it to convert ppt to HTML5 file.

6. Wait until program finish to convert

7. This is the preview of power point slide

8. Install Website 2 APK Builder Pro to convert html file to apk file, so it can be showed in smartphone
9. Open The Aplication and submit the app tittle, out put directory to locating the file, and choose
folder to input the folder of file html5.

10. Click “Generate APK” to convert file.

11. Finally , the apk is ready to use in android

12. And this is the aplication that have instaled in android