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This is the first edition of Sigil Magick Codex and is focused on

practical magick. The second expanded edition containing more
details on Austin Osman Spare and his other methods and theories
will be released in summer 2015 free to all purchasers of this
Statement of Intent
Creating the Sigil
Charging Your Sigil
Remembering to Forget
A book on Sigil Magick does an injustice to its reader if it
doesn’t at the very least touch upon the work and contribution of
Austin Osman Spare (AOS), the father of Sigil Magick.
Unfortunately his books have at times fallen into a pit of
obscurity until rescued by modern occultists. This is often due
to the style of prose he used which often resembled a stream of
consciousness writing method.
This might have been a function of his beloved automatic drawing
techniques, but even so some of his work is almost impenetrable
without deep meditation and a good mind map to link together his
But enough of the criticism. AOS worked at a time when great
powers in psychotechnology converged. The concept of the
unconscious and the theories of Freud had taken root, the New
Thought movement had opened up an entire market and Crowley
stalked the streets rising up the grades of the Golden Dawn (and
finally destroying it) in his inimitable way.
AOS discarded the systems and secret societies popular at the
time with their rigid grade structure and dramatic rituals.
Instead he developed a system that required a pen and some paper,
not a robe and a dagger. A perfect system for an artist.
In short, his theory was that a Sigil needed to be unfiltered by
the conscious mind and implant itself deeply into the unconscious
where it would take root. As the unconscious is connected to the
Universal Mind the desire would become manifest.
This is a very simplified version of his theory and I feel that I
am doing a disservice to AOS in my explanation. But I want this
book to be concise and practical. For a more robust explanation
of the connection between the different forms of mind I highly
recommend The Apophenion by Peter J. Carroll.
I intend to explore the philosophy and magickal system of AOS
more thoroughly in a future publication, but the Sigil Magick
Codex is not the place as above all else I want this to be a book
of results. His theory on Angels and Demons is especially
interesting and he outlines a method of contact with these
It is no surprise that other books on Sigil Magick have been
diluted considering the complexity of the primary sources. That
is not to say that the methods in those books do not work. Rather
that powerful magick requires more than a quick ejaculation
whilst looking at a Sigil. I’m certain that many people have had
results with this method but I suspect that it is in situations
when the probabilities of success just needed a gentle magickal
push in the right direction.
Real Sigil Magick requires some effort and dedication. Not at the
level of complex rituals, but the ability and will to carry out a
powerful charging operation and then the employment of some
proven psychotechnology to prevent the Sigil and desire from
pulling on the conscious mind until the result you intended
It is simple but not always easy and there are few steps to
complete successfully. Decide on what you truly want, very
carefully craft a statement of intent, create a Sigil, charge the
Sigil and then forget about it. That last step can cause problems
but I’ll show you how to deal with it using several methods.
Magick is the technology of putting the odds in our favour. The
methods in this book are simple but require effort. That is a
very low price for bending reality to our will!

I’d love to hear your feedback or questions about this book. Just
go to

With thanks to AOS, Alan Chapman, Alan Moore, Peter J. Carroll,

Stephen Mace, C.J. Chibnall, Ramsey Dukes and Marcus M.
J.S Spencer, England, April 2015
Symbols have a long history in Magick. From the Lesser Key of
Solomon to the Grimoire of Abramelin the Mage, symbols have been
imbued with Magickal Power. Their purpose might be for summoning
a demon or forging an amulet for protection, whatever the purpose
they have always been ‘charged’ through ritual and design.
AOS takes modern Sigil Magick further, devising a personal
symbology that is intimately connected with the intention and the
practitioner. The Sigils are not taken from a book but forged by
the unconscious mind to represent a desire or intent.
This was because AOS understood the power of the unconscious mind
and the connection of the unconscious with a Universal Conscious,
what Jung might term the collective unconscious.
It is through this connection that the magician is able to
manifest his desires and bend reality to his will. The most
potent sigils are those that ask for change within oneself and it
soon becomes clear that change within oneself can directly cause
the external change that is desired.
For example, it would be foolish to create a Sigil with the
intention of attracting a specific female and enter a
relationship with her. Though that is a popular use!
The reason that this is a poor intention is that so many
variables have to come into place to cause the relationship to
happen. Even worse, we might find that the relationship that we
find ourselves in is not at all what we imagined and soon we find
ourselves wanting the relationship to end.
So how should it be done? As an example, you should set an
intention that you become more charismatic and extremely
attractive to females that you feel attracted to. This way you
will have choice, probably more fun and are not setting overly
specific limits on the outcome.
You’re allowing the Magick to manifest through the path of least
resistance and therefore increasing your chances of success a
hundred times over.
This self-development through Sigil Magick is easiest and most
powerful path, but please don’t let this put you off. You can set
intentions for material changes or indeed whatever reality that
you wish to experience.
Just have a well-formed and specific statement of intent that
clearly states the outcome and has a disclaimer about your gain
not coming from harm.
Let us bend the world to our will!
I recommend a number of items before you get started in your
Sigil Magick work.
A Page a Day diary, a good notebook and a high quality sketch pad
with luxurious paper. It is important that the latter is of the
best quality that you can afford because it indicates to your
unconscious that what you are drawing is important to you. It is
a small matter but one that I do recommend.
You’ll be writing your statement of intent in your diary on the
day you carried out your magickal operation. This is so you can
objectively measure your success and notice any variables that
influenced the positive outcome e.g. structure of the statement
of intent, nature of the desire, time of day. You could even
record the phase of the mood should you feel it helpful.
This is very personal magick so what works for you might not work
for another. The Magickal Diary enables you to identify small
changes that you need to make or even adapting the methods for
charging a sigil. I will give you several steps for the process
of Sigil charging and you will find a combination that works.
Your Magickal Diary is for your eyes only. Never show it to
anyone else. This is not so much for occult reasons but the
possible negative reactions that you could get from other people.
Don’t give them the opportunity to discuss it with you unless you
have complete trust with that person. A laugh of derision is a
powerful magickal operation in itself.
Although Sigil Magick requires no elaborate rituals, I do
recommend some small forms of psychodrama for no reason other
than to get your unconscious to pay more attention.
You could designate or purchase a small table that you will only
use for Sigil Magick. Use candles if it feels right for you.
Anything that it outside of your current reality paradigm will
grab the attention of your unconscious.
If you use the same location to carry out your operation then
that becomes a signal to your unconscious to connect that
environment with opening communication with the conscious.
You could even do the LBRP before your work if you feel that it
would have an impact.
If the changes that I’ve mentioned just do not feel right for you
then you are under no obligation to do them. The Sigil Magick
will work. BUT I do highly recommend some changes in your
environment when you carry out your work.
It takes you from a mundane reality paradigm to a place of
Statement of Intent
This is the first step in Sigil magick. It should be the easy
part, but often it isn’t. There are very few people who know
exactly what they want. There are more people who know what they
want but wouldn’t want it if they had it.
Unfortunately this part is up to you. What do you want? I suggest
that you start with something small that you would like to have
but have no overwhelming desire for. This way as the results come
your belief in Sigil Magick will increase dramatically.
There are some rules or guidelines. Make sure that your statement
is in the positive; instead of ‘It is my will that I am no longer
sick’ turn it to the positive i.e. ‘It is my will that I am
healthy and full of energy’. I’m sure that this rule is obvious
to many of you but I include it for completeness.
You can start of the statement of intent with ‘it is my will
that’ or ‘I have’, ‘I am’. Test them out to see which works best
for you.
I also recommend that you put an insurance statement at the end
of your statement of intent. End the statement ‘without causing
harm to others’ or something similar.
You might create a Sigil for more money but you don’t want it to
come from the will of someone you loved dearly that just happened
to die.
I have mentioned it before but I do caution you against creating
a Sigil for another person to fall in love with you. Not only are
there a lot of problems and variables to be influenced, but you
might end up in a relationship that you don’t want to be in at
I’ll use attracting love as an example statement of intent:
It is my will that I am extremely sexually attractive to women
that I am sexually attracted to, without harm to others.
It is my will to be in a joyful loving relationship with a woman
who is extremely attracted to me and I to her, without harm to

I hope that those two examples give you a good idea how to form a
statement of intent. They need to be carefully worded. Look at
the inclusion of ‘joyful’ and ‘extremely attracted to me and I to
With just a bit of practice you’ll easily be able to come up with
perfect statements of intent.
It tends to be that changes to oneself that would bring about
changes in reality are more easily manifested.
Creating the Sigil
There are three steps to creating a Sigil from a statement of
intent: Remove the vowels, remove the duplicate letters, creating
a Sigil from the remaining letters.
The simplest way to explain is though an example:

Now remove the vowels

Now remove the duplicate letters

This leaves us with the letters: TSMYFNDJWHR

It is out of these letters that we’ll create our Sigil.
First we’ll use what I call a Primal Symbol; it takes a lot of
the work and complexity out of Sigil Creation and also makes it
simple enough to enter the unconscious easily:

This part of the sigil can often

represent many letters, which means that our Sigil does not turn
into an unmemorable scrawl. If you look carefully you’ll be able
to see the T,M,Y,S,J,D and F – with possibly more. So we need to
add the NWHR.
And here we have our signal. Some letters may be hard to see, but
I know that they’re there (even if they’re stylized). You just
have to know that they’re there with your own work. It would have
been easier with pen and paper!
The simpler the better. It does not have to be a work of art,
just memorable with basic shapes.
Charging Your Sigil
Charging isn’t quite the correct word to use for the operation,
but it has become such a common word in Chaos Magick that I’ll
keep using it here for the sake of clarity. We’re not charging
the Sigil in and of itself with power; we are bypassing the
conscious mind to build a deep rooted Sigil within the
The most popular method is to gaze at the Sigil when one reaches
orgasm, and then forget about the Sigil and the desire. I’m
certain that people have had some results from this method as
orgasm does induce a mild state of Gnosis. However, I recommend
that to bend reality to your will that you go several steps
further and give it more investment.
To charge the Sigil we need to create a more powerful Gnostic
state than that created by a brief orgasm alone. To do this we
will use the Karezza and the Hakalau.
Karezza is masturbation until just before the point of orgasm.
This is performed a number of times. It is OK to use pornographic
images or visualizations whilst performing Karezza. This simple
but not easy technique is to reach just before the point of
orgasm but to not orgasm. This is repeated 5 times or more.
This induces a powerful state of excitatory Gnosis which is
perfect for our Sigil work.
Hakalau is an ancient technique from Hawaiian Huna that lets us
enter an inhibitory Gnostic state at will.
After a period of Karezza return to your Sigil. Stare directly at
the Sigil and then let your mental attention switch to your
peripheral vision. There should be no movement of the eyes, just
a change in attention towards the periphery of your vision.
Do this for 5 minutes.
Now close your eyes and visualize the Sigil which should be quite
clear in your mind. Keep visualizing the Sigil while you
masturbate until orgasm.
After you have orgasmed lay back in what is called the ‘corpse
pose’ in yoga and allow yourself to swim in the good post-
orgasmic feelings. The sigil is now charged.
You might want to mark the Sigil with some of your fluid and then
burn it.
In tantric practices the retention of semen is important as it
charges the astral body with extra power. This technique is also
use in AOS’s method to summon a succubus or ‘shadow-woman’ in the
dream state.
For AOS the corpse pose represented the temporary end of Zos,
which we might equate with mundane consciousness.
In other books you will find a description of the death posture
as a method to create Gnosis. I have deliberately omitted it from
this work because I believe that the combination of the two
methods above have greater power.
However, if there is demand for it then I will include the Death
Posture in the second edition of the book.
Remembering to Forget
Now that you have crafted and charged the Sigil we come to what
many consider the most difficult part of Sigil Magick – keeping
the desire and Sigil out of the conscious mind.
Consciously repressing it is not effective, like don’t think of a
white elephant. But we can keep the Sigil out of our conscious
mind using a few techniques.
The first is indirect substitution and is scientifically
validated to make subjects consciously forget whatever they need
to forget.
When the desire comes to mind immediately replace it with another
thought. Imagine the Sigil (if that is what has come into your
conscious mind) quickly fading into the background and turning
dark. After enough repetitions of this your brain will do it
automatically as it has been conditioned to do so.
If the desire or statement of intent appears in your
consciousness there are a couple of options. One is to use the
substitute method again, this time speeding up the statement of
intent until it is running so fast it is illegible. I find this
to be very effective.
The third option is to ‘feel’ that the outcome has already
happened when anything about the Sigil pops into consciousness.
You need to try out all these methods to see which (or which
combination) works for you.
There is a method that is a long term solution and completely
eliminates the conscious mind problem. That is a meditation
technique called Vipassana.
In this approach it is not the thoughts becoming conscious that
is an issue, it is attachment to the thoughts themselves.
It is also a meditation that helps in every area of magickal and
psychological development.
The basic technique is to watch your thoughts like a flowing
river, allowing them to pass through your conscious mind. Instead
of becoming attached to a single thought we observe all thoughts
arise and pass and therefore we have no attachment to them –
without that attachment the thoughts are given no energy and seep
back down into the unconscious.
Out of all possible techniques the latter is the one that I
recommend most highly. Not only does it solve the problem of
‘forgetting’ the sigil and desire (by giving them no conscious
energy) it leads to mental and spiritual growth and will be so
useful if you go further in your magickal path.
This book is currently in its first edition. Inevitably there
will be some mistakes and omissions. You will be sent a free
digital copy of the second edition which will be expanded with
more philosophy and magickal methods of AOS.

You are welcome to come along to the forum to ask questions or

share your success stories. The forum isn’t as pretty as I would
like it to be but for now it serves its function!
I hope that your Sigil Magick goes well, though this is a
relatively short book it contains all you need to know for your
successful magickal operations. I have deliberately removed any
padding so that you can get straight into creating your own
I have not seen the specific methods in here in any other book.
Please respect that and do not share with others.
This is powerful magick and needs to be in the right hands.
J.S Spencer
Table of Contents
Statement of Intent
Creating the Sigil
Charging Your Sigil
Remembering to Forget