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(801)615-0641 Cedar City, UT

Southern Utah University- Accounting B.S. (Anticipated-Dec 2018) Cum. GPA 3.7
Anticipated MAcc Dec 2019

MAY 2018-AUG Noggin Games (Cedar City Utah)
2018 EDGE PROJECT; Southern Utah University
 Assisted a local game store with increasing its inventory capacity and improving
its store space
 Reorganized inventory storage
 Improved the flow of the store and maximized the merchandise display areas
 The improvements helped the store increase their profitability

Kohler & Eyre CPAs, LLP (Cedar City, UT)

FEB 2018-AUG Intern; Tax Preparation
2018  Prepare tax returns for S-corporations, partnerships, single-member LLCs,
 QuickBooks use for journal entries and creation of Income Statements and
Balance Sheets
 Communicate with clients through email and telephone
Maintained a higher billable percentage than the firm average throughout internship.

NOV 2017- JAN Chrysalis (Cedar City, UT)

2018 Direct Support Staff
 Assisted individuals with varying levels of handicaps, abilities and behaviors
 Provided one-on-one supervision, transport
Lead conflict resolution discussion that defused a violent and aggressive client outburst.

Westminster Pro Bono Tax Clinic (SLC, UT)

JAN 2017- VITA; Tax Assistance
APRIL 2017  Performed interviews
 Tax preparation
 Use of Excel for worksheets and tax planning
 Financial advocacy and consultation
Assisted a client with abatement documentation that saved the client over $3,000 dollars
on property taxes.

Salt Lake Community College (SLC,UT)

OCT 2015- Parking Enforcement
MARCH 2016
 Ticketing parking violations
 Communicating with violators
 Outlook and MS Office use for reporting and interoffice communications
Aided several hundred students with filling out proper documentation to receive

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