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Felizardo C. Lipana National High School D.

Relate to the author’s perspective by:
Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan
1. Reflecting to the poem and relating it to their real-life
A.Y. 2018 – 2019 experiences
Lesson Plan in English 10
I. OBJECTIVES Lesson:‘A Martian Sends a Postcard Home’,a poem by Craig
At the span of the 60-minute lesson, students should be able to: Raine
Familiarize themselves with the imagery and creativity Reference:Celebrating Diversity through World Literature
used by the writer by: (English 10 Learner’s Material)
1. Inferring the implied meanings using evidences in the
text. Materials: Pictures (of objects described in the poem), pictures
2. Identifying where and how the meanings were implied (for guessing activity), blank postcards, chalk, blackboard, task
in the poem. cards,visual aids, laptop and projector
Be acquainted with the structure of the text by: III. PROCEDURE
1. Making a postcard in describing something usual the Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity
way the author did in the poem. A. Pre-Reading
2. Echoing the poet’s style as closely as possibleas if 1. Preliminary
describing humans from some invisible vantage point. Activities
C. LISTENING “Stand up let us pray. Gian, would
you please lead the prayer?”
Appreciate the writer’s style in writing by:
(Gian will lead the prayer)
1. Matching pictures of the implied objects from the poem “Good morning, 10 – Rizal!”
into the appropriate couplet which describes said “Good morning, Sir Louis!”
objects. “Before you sit down, pick up any
2. Guessing an object pre-described in an unusual way. pieces of paper and trash under
your chair. Align your chairs. Be
(Students will do so)
“Class Secretary, do we have any
absentees today?” with them. Are you tired of all the
“Sir, I am thrilled to say that there are corrupt officials?”
no absentees today.” “Yes, sir!”
“Glad to hear that, thank you very “Yes, we’re all tired of them, but
much! How’s your day, Rizal? So even so, there are still many
far, so good?” officials that are corrupt in the
“Yes, sir!” government, why do you think did
2. Review of the they get elected?”
Previous Lesson “Because, the people didn’t know they
“Okay! Now can you still recall were corrupt.”
our previous discussion?” “That’s right! Because the people
“Yes, Sir!” didn’t know that they are corrupt.
“What was our topic in our last But what if the people knew that
discussion?” the official will be corrupt? Will
“Sir, we talked about ‘Rebuilding Our you vote him?” “No.”
“Right! What do you think is the “Why?” “Because we already know that he is
state of our society nowadays? Is corrupt!”
it good or bad?”
“It’s bad, Sir.” “Yes, but if we didn’t know, we
“If the state of our society is bad, could make the mistake of voting
how do you think can we rebuild for him, right?” “Yes.”
our society? How do we bring it
back to where it was?” “So it’s important that we know a
“We can start by practicing discipline lot of things, right?” “Yes, sir!”
by ourselves.”
“Yeah, that’s right. What else?” 3. Motivation
“We should be smart in electing “Okay, I have here some things,
officials that will lead the society.” and I want you to describe them
“Very good! We say we should be as detailed as possible.” (shows
smart in electing officials because bottle opener) “What’s this?”
we have experienced countless “A bottle opener!”
corrupt officials, and we’re fed up “How do you use a bottle
opener?” would have easily described
“You put it on top of the bottle’s cap, them?”
lodge the bottom point of the bottle “No, Sir. I don’t think so.”
opener under the cap, and carefully “Imagine if you’re an alien, and
pull the handle upward. This will bend you visited Earth. It’s your first
the cap and release the bottle from the time seeing all these humans and
cap’s hold.” these things. Would you have
“Very good! How about this?” described them the same way as
“A key!” you did a while ago?”
“What’s the use of the key?” “No, Sir. We would have described it
“To open doors or locks, you put it differently.”
inside the appropriate keyhole and “And why is that?”
then twist it until the lock opens.” “Because an alien seeing these things
“Very good! Now what about for the first time won’t know what
this?” those things were, and therefore would
“A smartphone. You use it to not know how to describe them.”
communicate to people and you can “That’s right! That’s exactly the
do a lot of things to it, people use it for dilemma of the character in the
entertainment, studies, even business.” poem that we’re going to read
“Very well said! How did you today.
managed to identify all these 4. Unlocking of
things? How were you able to Difficulties
describe them with ease?” “But before we actually discuss
“Sir, because we already know about the poem, there might be some
these things. We’re used to using words in the poem that you may
them, that’s why we can identify and find unfamiliar. I have here some
describe them with ease.” sentences with the unfamiliar
“That’s right! You’re already words underlined Please read the
familiar with these things, that’s first one.” “Hilda borrowed a caxton from the
why you were able to describe library. She needed it as a reference
them easily. But, if you don’t for her research.”
know about these things in the “Thank you. Now, from the
first place, do you think you sentence, what do you think does
the word caxton mean?” etched design on the wall.”
“A book, Sir.” “That’s right. Engravings are
“Very good! A caxton is a book designs formed on a hard surface,
printed by William Caxton, the such as wood, metal or stone. Do
first man to print books in you guys know of the drawings in
English. Everybody say caxton.” the cave walls during pre-historic
“Caxton.” times?”
“How about the 2nd one? Will “Yes, sir.”
someone please read the 2nd one?” “Those are examples of
“Harold shrieked with pain when his engravings. Everybody say
finger toes hit the edge of the wall. His engravings.” “Engravings.”
high-pitched cry woke his sister up.”
“Thank you. Now, from the “Let’s move on to the fourth one.
sentence, what is the meaning of Please read.” “Juan tried to work with the apparatus
the word shriek?” for his project. The complicated
“A loud, high-pitched cry.” instrument was really hard to work
“Very good! A shriek is a loud, with.”
sharp, high-pitched cry people “What could the word apparatus
make, commonly when in sudden mean based on the sentence?”
pain, or when scared. Everybody “It refers to a complicated instrument.
say shriek.” Probably a machine.”
“Shriek” “Very good! An apparatus is any
“Please read the third sentence.” instrument, machinery, tool,
material, that has a particular
“The experts are still trying to figure function or intended for a specific
out the meaning of the engravings in use. Apparatus.”
the wall. These inscriptions were “Apparatus.”
probably written thousands of years “Let’s move to the final sentence.
ago.” Please read.”
“What do you think is the “The mother tried to soothe the crying
meaning of the word engravings?” baby with her lullaby. She tried to
“Sir, in the sentence, the word make the baby feel better.”
engravings refers to an inscription or a “Based on the sentence, what is
the meaning of the word mechanical bird with many wings, it
‘soothe’?” also said that books cause the eyes to
“It meant calming down the baby and melt and the body to shriek without
making it feel better.” pain.”
“Very good! Since we already “Very good. How about in the
know the meaning of these words, next lines? What other things did
let’s try to use them in sentences. the Martian describe?”
Who wants to try?” “Sir the Martian described the mist
(Answers may vary) and the rain.”
5. Discussion “How did the Martian describe
“Very good! Now let’s proceed to the mist?”
the poem. This poem is entitled “He said that the mist happens when
‘A Martian Sends a Postcard the sky is tired, and it rests its soft
Home’ and is written by Craig machines on the ground.”
Raine. Raine is well known as one “When the Martian said it rests its
of the exponents of ‘Martian’ machines on the ground, what do
poetry. Through unusual, you think it meant by ‘soft
ingenious and sometimes machines’?”
humorous visual images, Raine “Sir it meant the clouds, because when
attempts to make readers look at there is mist, there is thick fog and it
the familiar in fresh, illuminating looks like fog.”
ways. Move to your respective “Very well said! How about the
groups and I’ll assign you all parts rain? How did the Martian
of the poem to read aloud.” describe rain?”
(students will read the poem) “Sir the Martian said that rain is when
“Let’s figure out what things are the earth is television, for it has the
the speaker describing in the property of making colors darker.”
poem. Again, what is a caxton?” “Why do you think did the
“A book.” Martian compare the rain to a
“Okay, so the Martian is referring television?”
to a book. How did the Martian “Because just like a television, the rain
describe the book?” can change the color of the
“The Martian described the book as a surroundings once it starts pouring.”
“Very good! When we’re looking described the ringing object a
at a car from the top view, what ‘haunted apparatus’. But what do
letter does it look like?” you think is the Martian talking
“The letter T.” about?”
“Very good, so in these next lines, “Sir, I think it’s referring to a phone.”
when the Martian described “What lines in the poem makes
Model T, it was referring to?” you think it’s referring to a
“A car.” phone?”
“Right you are. What other details “Sir, the Martian said that the ‘haunted
did the Martian said that apparatus’ snores when you pick it up,
confirmed that it’s a car?” and then when it wakes up, people
“The Martian described it as a world bring it to their ears and they speak to
that needs a key to free the movement, it, as if soothing it to sleep.”
and a car needs a key to start.” “How is that related to a phone?”
“Very good! What other things “Sir, a phone, it rings when someone
did the Martian describe?” is calling, so the Martian thought it’s
“A wristwatch, Sir!” haunted because it’s ringing on its
“What lines in the poem did the own. Then people pick it up and talk
Martian describe a wristwatch?” to the person at the other end of the
“The Martian said that time is tied to line, and the Martian thought the
the wrist, or kept in a box. It also said person is talking to the phone itself.”
that time is ticking with impatience.” “Very well said! Now who here
“That’s right! Now imagine you has a baby brother/sister?”
were the Martian, and while you (answers may vary)
were watching a house, something “Isn’t it that babies who wear
started ringing and vibrating? diapers cry when their diapers are
What will be our first reaction, full?”
having no knowledge about the “Yes, sir.”
ringing object?” “They also cry when they need to
“I would get scared.” do their business and the adults
“You would get scared, yes. have to clean up for them. Now,
That’s probably the reaction of imagine if you’re the Martian and
the Martian too, since he you saw a baby cry because the
baby’s diapers are full, what wings.”
would you think?” “Very good! Now, what two
“I would think that the baby is forms of weather are mentioned in
suffering, or is in pain.” the poem?”
“Yes, because the baby is crying, “The mist, and the rain, sir.”
that’s why the Martian thought it “Very good! In the poem, the
was in pain. In these lines of the Martian tried to be very
poem, the Martian said that only descriptive and detailed as
children are allowed to suffer possible, tell me, how different
alone, and the adults have to go to does the Marian see the objects?
a ‘punishment room’. What do Is it really different compared to
you think is that punishment our perspective?”
room?” “Sir, it’s describing a toilet.”
“Sir, it’s really different because the
“Very good! Now the last lines Martian described the objects with an
said that when all colors die, ignorant perspective, while we see
humans hide in pairs and read those objects as something common, it
about themselves with their eyes saw the objects as unusual things.”
shut. What could the Martian be “Very well said!”
describing?” “Sir, it’s describing the humans as 6. Generalization
they sleep. Mostly couples sleep “Now, I have here some pictures,
together and they dream during their these are the things that the
sleep.” Martian described in the poem, I
want you to put the objects
“Very good! Do you have any alongside the part of the poem
questions about the poem?” that described them, understood?”
“None so far, Sir.” “Yes, Sir!”
“Oh, but I do. Listen. What is the “Okay! Who wants to start?”
first object that the Martian is able (the students will do the activity)
to describe?” 7. Application
“The book, sir.” “Very good, class! Now let’s see
“How did he describe the book?” if you can stand alone, apart from
“A mechanical bird with many your group. I have here a bank of
objects, and someone will come 5. Has the film influenced your thinking in terms of overcoming
up here, pick an object, and differences? Explain your answer.
describe it, Martian-style. Got it?”
“Yes, Sir!”
“Okay! Who wants to be our first Prepared by:
(Students will do the activity)
Student Teacher

Checked by:
The teacher will split the class into 4 groups: Musical, Linguistic,
Cooperating Teacher
Artistic, and Dramatic groups. Each group will be instructed to do
a task.
Musical Group – Compose a 2-stanza poem with 12 syllables Approved by:
per line about the Martian’s experiences on Earth. After that.
Head Teacher III – English
Linguistic Group – Correctly describe the things that the
Martian described in the poem.
Artistic Group – Draw an object that the Martian described
OIC – Head Teacher IV - Mathematics
the way the Martian saw it. Ex. Draw a mechanical bird as a book
Dramatic Group – Re-enact the experience of the Martian on
Earth as he describes things

Watch the 2009 American science film Planet 51 directed by Jorge
Blanco and, in your groups, answer the following questions.
Communicate wisely.

1. Choose one word to describe your reaction to the movie.

2. What image from the movie lingers in your mind?
3. How would you describe the film to someone who hasn’t seen
4. What do you think is the message of the film?