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Would You Demand It?

o c
i n f e r i o r
g m
s p
f h l
u i i
t f m
s u b s t i t u t e s
r n
p r i c e q u a n t i t y
a d
i n c r e a s e s
y c
n o r m a l
d e m a n d

Across Down
3. As income increases, the demand for this type of good 1. Movements __________ the demand curve illustrate
decreases. the law of demand.
6. Goods that can replace one another, such as butter 2. Goods that go together, like tennis rackets and tennis
and margarine. balls.
7. The law of demand states that quantity demanded 4. A ___________ in the demand curve can result from
increases as ______decreases. changes in consumer preference, income, prices of
8. ________________ demanded is the amount of a related goods, number of buyers, and beliefs about the
good or service demanded at a particular price . future.
10. Expanding into foreign markets ___________ both 5. _________ expectations of price and income can
the number of buyers and the demand for goods and affect the present demand for goods and services.
services. 9. An outbreak of mad cow disease ___________ the
11. As income increases, the demand for this type of demand for beef, because consumers bought less meat.
good increases.
12. Being able and willing to buy a good or service.

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