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Work and careers Education Children

to subsidise curriculum foster parents

work/life balance pedagogical (experts) guardians

pay increments syllabus role models

perks formal examinations ground rules

financial rewards continuous assessment codes of conduct

target-related teacher-led lessons (bullying, truancy,

on the job training autonomous learning delinquency)

day release programmes study skills abduction

superficial to synthesise sources peer pressure

performance reviews/ rote-learning breadwinner

appraisals assimilate knowledge after-school childcare

redundancy distance learning viable

to restructure to sift information

to downsize to marshal facts

Nature, environment, energy culture, art & tradition healthcare, health & sport

Contamination to preserve, rituals, parades, to stem from,

Biosphere, emission & social memes, cultural tradition, sedentary lifestyle, a regime,

pollutant particle, water cycle, to evoke, medieval, ceremonies ameliorating,

aquifers, filteration ,tainted, cultural norms, heritage,

soil erosion, logging, dumping, the fabric of society, legends,

wastes, landfills, waste processing, folklore, shanties & dirges

poaching, habitat loss, food chain,

dwindling numbers, extinction,

famine, drought, catastrophe,

Global challenges Cities and infra Agriculture

Social unrest, pressing matters, commuters, congestion, a backwater, rural-depopulation

Social mobility, demographics, conurbations, facilities, country dwellers, water bodies,

Brain- drain , an outbreak, amenities, a bottleneck, subsistence, animal-husbandry,

Civil war overcrowding & hinterland remote viewing, far-flung

Urban sprawl, civic pride,

Suburbs, communal car-pooling

Government and the authorities

Trustworthy, paramount,

Devious, minutiae, grievance,

Deterrent, rehabillitation,

To enforce laws, unequitable,

Law-abiding, to transcend