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Level: 3AM

Next winter holidays Salim is going to Cherchell. His friend Karim invited him to spend three days with him.
The two friends have prepared a lot of activities to do, so they are going to be very busy. Salim is going on
December 25th in the morning. He is going by bus. The first day they are visiting the Roman ruins, the museum and
the old part of the city. There are a lot of Roman ruins in Cherchell. A long time ago, the Romans came to Cherchell
and stayed there for many years. They called it “Cesaree”. Today it is called Cherchell. The second day they are
going to the forest and they are organizing a picnic with some friends. The third and last day Salim is doing some
shopping in the old market. He is buying some presents for his family and some souvenirs of Cherchell. He is
coming back home on December 28th in the morning.

Section One: Reading Comprehension. (7pts)

A/ Read the text and answer these questions. (2pts)
1. What is Salim doing next holidays?
2. Are there Roman ruins in Cherchell?

B/ Write “True” or “False”. Correct the wrong statement. (3pts)

1. Salim was invited by Karim.
2. The two friends planned many things to do.
3. Salim is returning home on December 25th.

C/ Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to: (1pt)
many = returning =
Find in the text word that are opposite in meaning to: (1pt)
new ≠ last ≠

Section Two: Mastery of Language. (7pts)

A/ Match the sentences in column A with their functions in column B. (2pts)
column A column B
1. Would you please fill this form? a) Suggesting
2. Can I use your calculator? b) Requesting politely
3. Why don’t we go fishing this afternoon? c) Offering
4. May I get you a soda? d) Asking for permission

B/ Choose the right word to complete this short text. (2pts)

Julie is an air hostess. She always works (in – on – at) a plane. She helps the passengers, serves them and
asks them politely to fasten (their – them – they) seat belts and turn (of – off – on) their mobiles. Today she is
flying (at – in – to) Geneva.

C/ Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (3pts)

This weekend we are very busy at home. I (to clean) the garden. My two brothers (to do) the shopping. My
father (to repair) his car.

Section Three: Written Expression. (6pts)

Your classmate is travelling next holidays. You want to know where, when, how ... he/she is travelling. Imagine a
conversation between you and your classmate.
*Do not write names. Use A and B.