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100-01-3 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-3

2-CIRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction:

1. The way that all the components connected with each other in the circuit diagram is consistent
with the vehicle. But you should pay attention to it that the length of the harnesses in the
circuit diagram does not represent the true length in the vehicle. To facilitate understanding,
some complex components have been simplified.
2. In the circuit diagram, all the switches, sensors, relays are express “off “state.

3. It used the method that combines circuit sizes with colors to represent the circuit information
in the circuit diagram.

4. The flow of electric current in the circuit diagram is from top to bottom. It also means from
the power to the earth. The power is in the up of de circuit diagram, the earth is in the down of
the circuit diagram.
5. The connector’s number is make up by character“C” and number, fuse’s number is composed
of character“F” and number, relay’s number is composed of character“F” and number,
grounding connection’s number is composed of character“G” and number.
For example: C225------represent wiper motor;
F2------represent number 2 fuse
R1------represent wiper relay;
G2------represent number 2 grounding connection.
6. The cross walk between the connector’s number and the position in the vehicle.(see the form
on the next page)
100-01-4 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-4

7. All the connector’s name put on the left or right of the connector.
8. The connector terminal’s number:
a).Sort the connector terminal---make up the sequence according to from right to left, from
top to bottom on the wiring harness plug side.

b).Sort the connector which connected with different harness--- make up the sequence
according to from right to left, from top to bottom on the socked side.
100-01-5 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-5

9. Connectors information and description

Terminal number Wires number color size Distinguish conditions

1 G3e B 0.5 ZHAOCHAI
1 G3e W 0.75 YUCHAI
2 75e RY 0.5
10. The mapping table for the entire vehicle wire harness and part number

Wire harness type Part number for wire harness

ZHAOCHAI Cab harness 372430087B/372430087C(equip with parking aid)
YUCHAI Cab harness 372430076B/372430076C(equip with parking aid)
Instrument panel harness 372436008/372436008A(equip with parking aid)
Cargo body harness 374210007/374210008(equip with parking aid)
ZHAOCHAI front frame harness 374230075/374230075A(equip with parking aid)
YUCHAI front frame harness 374230082B/374230082C(equip with parking aid)
Rear frame harness 374280008/374280008A(equip with parking aid)
Left front door harness 374810005(luxury)/374810004(basic)
Right front door harness 374820005(luxury)/374810004(basic)
Room lamp harness 372470008D
Chaochai engine harness 4D47g.43.40
YUCHAI engine harness E2601-3823250(harness one) E2601-3823262(harness two)
100-01-6 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-6

11. Color code and stand for the true color

100-01-7 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-7

12. Circuit diagram’s examples and interpretation of them ( encoding information see page 2-6)
Xx system
100-01-8 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-8

Number describe
Number Name Describe
1 power supply Represent the fuse power supply
2 fuse Protect connected circuit and components
3 wires Connection of different components
4 form feed Represent circuits connected to the
Adjacent pages
5  components Represent the stitch number of components connectors

6 Harness Connectors Represent the stitch number of connected to different

terminals(stitch) harnesses connectors
7 Circuit color Represent the specific colors of circuit
8 Circuit size Re Present the dimensions of circuit
9 Component name Represent the specific name of component
10 Optional mark Represent the component’s selection request
11 Node Represent circuit’s connection point
12 ground Represent the wire’s grounding relationship and the
ground point
13 Twisted Pair Represent two wires twisted together
14 Form feed connect the Represent the system connecting the wires
system’s name
15 Form feed connect the Represent the page for the system connecting the wires
page for system
16 Pins connected with the Represent the pins on one dotted line belong to one
dotted line connector
17 Interface symbols connect
with different harnesses
18 Harness’s name Represent the harness’s type which include the
19 Connector bins distribution Represent the details distribution of bins
20 Information of the Represent the details information of used bins
100-01-9 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-9

13. Connector information

33-instrument harness connector information

CAV Circuit Color Size Option

CAV Circuit Color Size Option 1 F29 YE-GN 0.5

1 28 BU-RD 3 3 75 RD-YE 0.5

2 31 BU-BK 3.0 4 F22 VT-YE 40.75

3 BR01 OG 4.0 5 G2h BK 0.5

4 29 BK-OG 3.0 7 33 BU-YE 0.5

5 27 WH 2.0 10 A10 YE-BU 0.5

6 26 BU-WH 2 12 A12 WH-BU 0.5

CAV Circuit Color Size Option

CAV Circuit Color Size Option
1 G2e BK 0.85
1 75k RD-YE 0.5
2 F30 BN-YE 0.85

CAV Circuit Color Size Option

1 L-B YE-BK 0.5

2 L-A YE 0.5 CAV Circuit Color Size Option

3 L-12 RD 0.85 1 F8a RD 0.5
4 L-G YE-WH 0.5 2 F30a BN-YE 0.85
5 L-F YE-BU 0.5 3 75i RD-YE 0.5
6 L-E SR 0.5 4 G2g BK 0.85
7 L-D YE-RD 0.5

8 L-C YE-GN 0.5

14. Harness Arrangement

100-01-10 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-10
100-01-11 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-11

Connectors’ site and names

Site Number Name
A3 C502,C503 Left door speaker
B3 C504 Left door power window
E5 C505 Left door power window switch
D5 C506 Left door starter
E1 C507 To Cab harness
100-01-12 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-12

15. Modules and main connectors’ drawing of site

100-01-13 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-13

3-signs for connectors

100-01-14 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-14

4-Drawing of ground point’s site

100-01-15 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-15
100-01-16 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-16

5-FUSE BOX(more information see page 5-3)

100-01-17 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-17
100-01-18 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-18

F1 10A Central locking control box
F2 5A Charging relay, haring indicator lamp
F3 10A Warning lamp switch
F4 5A Central locking control box
F5 10A Tuner plug
F6 10A Left /right front fog lamp, fog lamp switch
F7 10A Left /right front width lamp, lincense plate lamp
F8 10A Front dome light
F11 5A Horn
F12 5A Brake switch
F14 5A Exhaust brake solenoid valve
F15 10A Back-up switch, vacuum buzzer, preheating controller
F16 10A Alternator
F18 10A Brake switch
F19 15A Wipers combination switch,wipers relay
F20 5A Warning lamp switch
F21 20A Left/right front door power window switch
F23 10A Preheating controller
F25 10A Left/right head lamp
F26 10A Left/right head lamp
F28 10A Preheating controller
F30 15A Cigar lighter
Wiper relay —— Wiper motor
Condenser relay —— Condenser fan
Heating relay —— Blower, A/C panel switch
Master relay(Chaoyang Diesel) —— ECU module
Compressor relay —— Compressor
Horn relay —— Horn
Main-beam relay —— Left/right head lamp, main-beam tell-tale
Dipped-beam relay —— Left/right head lamp, dipped-beam tell-tale
Clearance lamp relay —— License plate lamp, outline marker lamp, position lamp
Fog lamp relay —— Fog switch, fog indicator lamp
Charging relay(Chaoyang —— Charging indicator lamp
Exhaust brake relay(Yulin —— Exhaust brake solenoid valve
A/C relay (Yulin Diesel) —— AC SW
100-01-19 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-19

6-ECU electrically controlled system (Chaoyang Diesel)

100-01-20 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-20
100-01-21 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-21
100-01-22 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-22
100-01-23 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-23

7-ECU electrically controlled system (Yulin Diesel)

100-01-24 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-24
100-01-25 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-25
100-01-26 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-26

8-Charing System (Chaoyang Diesel)

100-01-27 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-27

9-Charing System (Yulin Diesel)

100-01-28 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-28

10-Starting system (Chaoyang Diesel)

100-01-29 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-29

11-Starting system (Yulin Diesel)

100-01-30 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-30

100-01-31 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-31

Chaoyang Diesel
100-01-32 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-32

Yulin Diesel
100-01-33 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-33
100-01-34 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-34
100-01-35 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-35

13-A/C System
100-01-36 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-36

Chaoyang Diesel
100-01-37 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-37

Yulin Diesel
100-01-38 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-38

100-01-39 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-39

15-fog lamp
100-01-40 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-40

16-Direction Indicator Lamp/Hazard Lamp

100-01-41 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-41

Chaoyang Diesel
100-01-42 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-42

Yulin Diesel
100-01-43 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-43

18-EXHAUST BRAKING (Chaoyang Diesel)

100-01-44 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-44

19-EXHAUST BRAKING (Yulin Diesel)

100-01-45 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-45

100-01-46 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-46

21-Parking Aid System

100-01-47 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-47

22-License plate lamp

100-01-48 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-48

23-Exterior outline marker lamp

100-01-49 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-49

24-Room lamp
100-01-50 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-50

25-Instrument cluster illumination

100-01-51 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-51

26-Power Window System

100-01-52 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-52

27-Central locking control system

100-01-53 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-53

28-Wiper System
100-01-54 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-54

100-01-55 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-55

30-Cigar lighter
100-01-56 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-56

31-Audio System
100-01-57 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-57

32-Cab harness connector information

100-01-58 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-58
100-01-59 CRCUIT DIAGRAM introduction 100-01-59