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krones LavaClassic

Reliable cleaning in extreme conditions

Low-priced, robust technology krones LavaClassic

High air humidity, heat, sand, poor

bottle or label quality: Challenges
such as these are often an endur-
ance test for bottle washing systems.
Where other machines reach their
limits, the LavaClassic is at its peak
performance. For the structure, tech-
nology and operation of this com-
pact cleaning system are purposely
designed to easily master the most
difficult working conditions. Yet
for itself the LavaClassic demands
very little. For it is economical with
resources and operates without com-
plex automation – this modesty
makes the LavaClassic as likeable as it
is cost-efficient.
Facts and Figures krones LavaClassic

Bottle Washing Technology

KRONES Bottle washing machine LAVATEC D4.AT3.EQE

Output Method of operation

15,000 to 66,000 bottles per hour Once they are fed into the machines,
the bottles pass through a number
Applications of different treatment zones: They
Food-grade cleaning of returnable are first heated in the pre-jetting and
glass containers freed of coarse impurities. Afterwards
they pass through the caustic immer-
Characteristics sion tanks to completely wash away
■■ Freely combinable modular system any dirt and label residues. The first
■■ Small installation surface caustic immersion bath can also be
■■ Clean design post-treatment zones used multifunctionally as a single
■■ Easy to maintain universal joint loop. So that the bottles leave the
shaft drives machine without caustic or other res-
■■ Central piping system for easy idue, they are rinsed several times
accessibility and finally hosed off with fresh water.
■■ Dirt removal from the pre-jetting To keep consumption low here, the
via sieving conveyor amount of water flowing in is con-
■■ Double dirt removal from the post- trolled according to requirements and
treatment section using detacha- then used again in other areas of the
ble sieves and pressure filters machine. Infeed and discharge of the Technical changes reserved! 1 Residual drain 3 Caustic bath 1 6 Post-caustic

■■ Easy keypad operation LavaClassic are located, in accord- Special equipment with additional price! 2 Pre-spray 4 Caustic bath 2 7 Warm water
All rights reserved for this drawing.

■■ Optimum accessibility to all areas ance with the double-end principle, Cold water
Prior our previous approval it is prohibited to duplicate 5 Caustic bath 3 8
this drawing or make accessible to third parties.
KRONES AG, Factory Flensburg 9 Fresh water
of the machine on opposite sides of the machine. Its DV-y27-1107-0 04/12 VT-Flen/CU

“clean-design” configuration guaran-

tees a high level of microbiological
Optional additional equipment krones LavaClassic

Perfectly equipped for every task

The LavaClassic can be individually

equipped for the area of application.
This includes ...

... for the main treatment system:

■■ System for removing labels and
■■ Press for removing water and
reducing the volume of labels
■■ H2 extraction system for bottles
with foil or aluminium labels
■■ Sedimentation tank for the
cleaning of caustic after end of H2 extraction
■■ PSL package for washing bottles
with self-adhesive plastic labels
■■ Caustic subsurge
■■ Heat recovery
■■ Label removal system Label removal system

... for the post-treatment system:

■■ Fume extraction system
■■ Interface for pre-heating of beer
■■ Neck finish inspection unit
■■ Conductivity controlled post-
caustic tank
Water management krones LavaClassic

Every drop counts

Efficient water control

The water enters the machine in the
opposite direction to the bottle flow:
The fresh water is only used for rins-
ing the bottles. It then flows in a cas-
cade-like fashion through the individ-
ual post-treatment zones.

Needs-based fresh water supply

To keep consumption as low as possi-
ble, the supplying of fresh water can
be adjusted to the current demand.
If the machine stops, a control valve
immediately shuts off the supply.
Using an optionally available control
system, the quantity of fresh water
can also be adapted to different ma-
chine speeds.
Hygienic highlights krones LavaClassic

High level of safety with low operator attention

Clean Design
■■ The tank shape has no blind spots
thus preventing the formation of
dirt deposits
■■ Front doors across the entire
machine width allow the machine
to be dried quickly
■■ Open, easily accessible discharge
area keeps cleaning times short

Pump filter in the water zones

■■ Detachable sieves and pressure
filters in the post-treatment area
for coarse and fine dirt particles

Quick dirt removal

Filter systems ensure that dirt is
quickly removed from the LavaClassic.
This extends the service life of the
caustic and noticeably reduces the
machine operating costs. The dirt is
removed using: Open bottle chute
■■ Automatic dirt removal in the made of plastic sections
pre-jetting via sieving conveyor
■■ Dirt removal with sieving convey-
ors from the caustic baths
■■ Special cyclone in the pre-treat-
ment system in the event of
extremely large amounts of sand
Spraying nozzle systems krones LavaClassic

Giving each bottle type a sparkling clean appearance

Interior cleaning
Rotating spraying nozzles clean the
bottle from different angles of inci-
dence. This guarantees that the com-
plete interior is evenly cleaned.
■■ The bottle is cleaned from differ-
ent angles of incidence
■■ Self-cleaning jetting units
■■ Feeding of the jetting units from
both sides

Exterior cleaning
The exterior is cleaned from above: Self-cleaning rotary jetting unit
Special jetting units deluge the bot-
tles with water and rinse away any
dirt and caustic residues.

Optional systems
Depending on the label decoration
for the bottle, LavaClassic can be
equipped with a further spraying
nozzle system:
■■ Jetting units for removing neck
ring labels
Bottle infeed and discharge krones LavaClassic

Reliable and noisless

The bottles enter the machine on a
conveyor belt. At the transfer point, a
so-called “infeed finger” raises them
and pushes them precisely into the
bottle pocket.

Special discharge fingers transport
CC-de27-1006-0 07/09 MS

bottles of all shapes and sizes with-

out allowing them to fall and with lit-
tle noise onto the conveyor.

Mechanical components
at the discharge

CC-de27-1007-0 07/09 MS
Your benefits krones LavaClassic

■■ A low-priced cleaning expert ■■ Easy operation

The LavaClassic iis designed to Its open construction and central
operate without complex automa- pipe system make the LavaClassic
tion and instead rely on simple yet easily accessible for cleaning and
proven universal joint shaft drives. maintenance work. With sturdy
As a result, it combines high qual- components and an easy-to-under-
ity Krones technology with low stand keypad, the machine proves
investment costs. itself to be an uncomplicated and
low-maintenance working device
■■ Microbiological safety for everyday operation.
Clean Design water zones create
optimum hygiene conditions from ■■ Individual machine design
start to finish – entirely without The Krones LavaClassic has a
prolonged cleaning operations. modular structure and can there-
fore be easily adapted to suit
■■ Low operating costs your requirements, from the bot-
The bottle washer is economical tle types to label materials to the
with resources and, as a result, space on your premises.
keeps operating costs low. For ex-
ample, by automatically filtering ■■ High parts availability
contamination out of the pre- Regardless of where the LavaClassic
jetting, thus enabling the caustic is used: Our global service is quick
to be used for a long time. and reliable when supplying your
spare parts. The large number of
identical parts also simplifies your
stock-keeping and saves you a lot
of money here as well.
Subject to technical changes · The illustrations can contain optional auxiliary equipment · PDF_en · 09/13

IT solutions Lifecycle Service krones Service Line

The SitePilot modular system Your company is unique – why be sat- You need support with a techni-
includes IT solutions which we devel- isfied with conventional solutions? cal problem? Or you have an urgent
oped especially for the beverage and The krones Lifecycle Service will sup- question about you line? No problem:
food industry. Whether you want to port you and your production also We are just a call away from you. Dial
increase the utilisation of your line after the purchase of new machines. +49 9401 708090 to get quick and
capacity, monitor product quality, or These are services which are individu- straightforward assistance – in sever-
make spare parts handling more effi- ally tailor-made to suit your products al languages around the clock!
cient: With SitePilot, you will always and location.
get the best result.

enviro krones Academy

High-performance technology with Make your colleagues high perform-

low consumption of resources offer- ers: The training of krones Academy
ing safety for humans and the envi- provides first-hand trade information
ronment – this is all guaranteed proven in field. You will find the suit-
by the enviro sign. TÜV SÜD (tech- able know-how package for almost
nical control board) as an impar- any field and hierachy level ranging
tial assessor has confirmed, that from technical courses to manage-
the enviro method leads to ener- ment training.
gy- and media-efficient and environ-
ment-compatible machines and lines.

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