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Further readings

There are several books covering some, most, all, or much more of the course material.

• Baez, Muniain, Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity, World Scientific 1994

• Choquet-Bruhat, DeWitt-Morette, Analysis, manifolds, and physics, Part I: Basics

(Revised edition), North-Holland 1982

• Choquet-Bruhat, DeWitt-Morette, Analysis, manifolds, and physics, Part II (Revised

and enlarged edition), North-Holland 2000

• Fecko, Differential geometry and Lie groups for physicists, Cambridge University Press

• Frankel, The Geometry of Physics: An Introduction (Third edition), Cambridge Uni-

versity Press 2011

• Hamilton, Mathematical Gauge Theory: With Applications to the Standard Model of

Particle Physics, Springer 2017
(preliminary version http://www.mathematik.uni-muenchen.de/~hamilton/gaugetheory.

• Hassani, Mathematical Physics: A Modern Introduction to Its Foundations (Second

edition), Springer 2013

• Lam, Topics in Contemporary Mathematical Physics (Second edition), World Scientific


• Naber, Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields: Foundations (Second edition), Springer

• Nakahara, Geometry, Topology and Physics (Second edition), Institute of Physics

Publishing 2003

• Rudolph, Schmidt, Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Part I. Mani-

folds, Lie Groups and Hamiltonian Systems, Springer 2012

• Rudolph, Schmidt, Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics: Part II. Fibre
Bundles, Topology and Gauge Fields, Springer 2017

• Schutz, Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics, Cambridge University Press


• Szekeres, A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Dif-
ferential Geometry, Cambridge University Press 2004

• Westenholz, Differential Forms in Mathematical Physics (Revised edition), North

Holland 1978

Topic-specific references follow.

– 206 –
• Chiswell, Wilfrid, Mathematical Logic, Oxford University Press 2007

• Hammack, Book of Proof, Virginia Commonwealth University


• Mendelson, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, CRC Press 2015

Set theory
• Adamson, A Set Theory Workbook, Birkhäuser 1997

• Smullyan, Fitting, Set theory and the continuum problem, Oxford University Press

• Takeuti, Zaring, Introduction to Axiomatic Set Theory, Springer 1981

• Adamson, A General Topology Workbook, Birkhäuser 1995

• Kalajdzievski, An Illustrated Introduction to Topology and Homotopy, CRC Press 2015

• Munkres, Topology (Second edition), Pearson 2014

Topological manifolds
• Lee, Introduction to Topological Manifolds (Second edition), Springer 2011

Linear algebra
• Jänich, Linear algebra, Springer 1994

• Lang, Linear Algebra (Third edition), Springer 1987

• Shakarchi, Solutions Manual for Lang’s Linear Algebra, Springer 1996

Differentiable manifolds
• Gadea, Masqué, Mykytyuk, Analysis and Algebra on Differentiable Manifolds: A
Workbook for Students and Teachers (Second Edition), Springer 2013

• Jänich, Vector Analysis, Springer 2001

• Lang, Fundamentals of Differential Geometry, Springer 1999

• Lee, Introduction to Smooth Manifolds (Second edition), Springer 2012

• Warner, Foundations of Differentiable Manifolds and Lie Groups, Springer 1983

– 207 –
Lie groups and Lie algebras
• Das, Okubo, Lie Groups and Lie Algebras for Physicists, World Scientific 2014

• Erdmann, Wildon, Introduction to Lie Algebras, Springer 2006

• Hall, Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, and Representations: An Elementary Introduction

(Second edition), Springer 2015

• Kirillov, An Introduction to Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Cambridge University Press

• Stillwell, Naive Lie Theory, Springer 2008

Representation theory
• Fuchs, Schweigert, Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations: A Graduate Course
for Physicists, Cambridge University Press 1997

• Fulton, Harris, Representation Theory: A First Course, Springer 2004

• Zee, Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists, Princeton University Press 2016

Principal bundles
• Sontz, Principal Bundles: The Classical Case, Springer 2015

• Sontz, Principal Bundles: The Quantum Case, Springer 2015

– 208 –