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1. What is Baptism?

Baptism is the sacrament by which

1) We become members of the Church/Christian Community
2) We are freed from the power of Original Sin
3) We are called to share in Jesus’ ministry & mission.
4) We become children of God
5) We are given a share in God’s Life

2. What does the word “Baptism” mean?

“Baptism” means to plunge into water. Baptism may be celebrated by plunging the person in
water, or by pouring water upon the head of the person.

3. What does Baptism do?

Baptism washes away original sin & gives us grace.

4. Who administers Baptism?

Usually a priest or deacon, but in danger of death, anyone can baptize.

5. How would you give Baptism?

Pouring ordinary water over a person's forehead & saying at the same time,
''Name. I baptize you in the name of the Father, & of the Son & of the Holy
Spirit. Amen."

6. How does the church Baptize?

Water is poured & the priest or deacon says: "I Baptize you in the name of the Father, & of the
Son, & of the Holy Spirit."

7. Does Baptism impart an indelible mark on our soul?

Yes, Baptism marks or seals the New Christian with an indelible spiritual
mark that no sin can erase.

8. How do we become members of the Church?

We become members of the Church i.e. the Body of Christ, by Baptism.

9. What is Original sin?

Original sin for us is the lack of grace with which we are born with. It is a result of the sin of
our first parents, Adam & Eve. It is not a sin we ourselves commit.

10. How is original sin taken away?

Original sin is taken away by receiving the Sacrament of Baptism.
11. What did the sacrament of Baptism do for you?
Through Baptism, Jesus cleanses us of all sin. We are born again as a child of God & become
members of the Church.

12. How many times can you receive Baptism?


13. Once you are Baptised, does that mean for sure that you will go to heaven?
No, not if you die in a state of unrepented mortal sin.

14. How many types of Sacramental Oils are used by the Catholic Church?
There are 3 types of Sacramental Oils used by the Catholic Church
1) The Oil of Catechumens
2) The Oil of the Sick
3) Sacred Chrism

15. Name the Sacramental Oils used during Baptism?

1) The Oil of Catechumens: It is pure Olive oil which is used to anoint infants & adults
prior to Baptism. This anointing is to help the child ward off evil, avoid temptations, &
posses the Faith necessary to carry the cross of Christ throughout life.
2) Sacred Chrism Oil: It is Olive Oil mixed with balsam. This oil symbolizes strength, &
the fragrant balsam represents Aroma of Christ. Anointing with this oil signifies the gift
of Holy Spirit. During the Baptismal rite, the cross with Chrism oil is traced on the crown
of the child’s head, marking him as a Christian.

16. Does the new testament tell us about Baptism?

Yes! The Gospels tell us that many people were baptised by John
the Baptist & also by the Apostles.

17. What graces are received in Baptism?

Baptism confers the following graces on those who receive this sacrament
1. We are washed clean of all sin, original as well as personal
2. We are made new creatures becoming adopted sons or daughters of God the father, members
of Christ & his church
3. Partakers in the divine nature & Temples of the Holy Spirit
4. We are given the gift of sanctifying grace, the grace of justification making us heirs to
5. God bestows on us the Theological virtues of Faith hope & charity.

18. What does plunging & rising up again from the water symbolize?
The symbolic plunging & rising up again from the water reminds us that a new Catholic enters
into Christ’s death & then rises to a new life of grace.
19. Who instituted the Sacrament of Baptism?
Baptism was instituted by the Lord Jesus by His Baptism in the River Jordan & by His words to
Nicodemus saying.
1) -“ Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of
God …. Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water & the Spirit, he
cannot enter the Kingdom of God” (John 3).
2) & by saying to the Apostles, “Go therefore & make disciples of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

20. When you are Baptised what roles do you take on?
When we are baptised, we take on three Christ-like roles:
1) A Priest
2) A Prophet &
3) A King

• There are two different types of priesthood, that which is celebrated through the Sacrament of
Holy Orders, & the common priesthood of the people.
• All who are Baptised & Confirmed are called to live out the common priesthood.
• We live the common priesthood by building up the Church & by living lives of faith, hope, &

• A prophet in the Old Testament was someone who proclaimed the coming of the Messiah &
called for repentance.
• There were many prophets, & the last prophet was John the Baptist.
• We are all called to be prophets & to proclaim the Good News of Christ in our world today.

• Jesus Christ came as our King not to be served but to serve.
• We are called to participate in the kingly role of Christ by imitating him in his love & service
to others.
• We live for the Kingdom of Heaven where we will live in eternal happiness with the Great
21. How can we live out our role in the common Priesthood?
We can do this through prayer. We can pray & ask God to increase the virtues in us. At the
beginning of the rosary on the three beads before the decades start, we ask for an increase in
faith, hope, & charity. We can also live these out by doing acts. We can act in faith by choosing
to believe in God & all that He has shown us through Jesus Christ. We can do this by fully
participating at Mass & actively listening & responding. We can read the Gospels & share what
we learn about Christ with others. The virtue of hope gives us a desire for eternal life & the
happiness of heaven. We can act in hope by doing things in our lives that are worthy of heaven,
by avoiding sin, & frequenting the Sacrament of Reconciliation. In charity, we love God above
all else & love our neighbor. We can live out this aspect of our common priesthood by loving
God first, then those around us, in our family & our community.

22. How are we to be modern day Prophets?

We can do this by talking to our friends & family about Jesus & what He has done in our lives.
We can do this by inviting our friends to Mass. We can also be prophets through our actions by
avoiding sin & putting our hope in Christ & not in things of this world. Simply through loving
others, treating them well, & being kind to those around us we can shine the light of Christ into
the world around us.

23. How can we practically participate in the Kingship of Jesus Today?

We are all called to participate in the kingship of Jesus by imitating Him in acts of charity. We
can exercise our kingly role by serving the poor & the suffering around us. We can help those
who are physically poor by donating clothes, food, or money to those in need. We can serve
those who are spiritually poor by praying for them, praying with them, & inviting them to
Church. There could people in your life who are suffering from loneliness. You can be a friend
to someone in need at school, you can smile at someone who seems to be sad, or you can spend
time with an elderly relative who is lonely.

24. What are the Sacramentals/Symbols/Signs of Baptism?

➢ Water – Water represents cleansing.
➢ Oil – in ancient world, oil was used to anoint kings & queens to show they were set apart.
➢ White garment – Purity, means putting on Christ, similar to a bride.
➢ Candle – Christ is the light of the world & so we should be as well.