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Fundamental Info Fill in the blanks below Remark

*Enterprise Name PT. Sarana Telindo Pratama

*Enterprise English Name PT. Sarana Telindo Pratama
Country Private
*City Jakarta
Jl. Paradise 23 Blok: J 2/18, Papango, Tanjung Priuk,
*Registered Address
Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No.11/12, RT/RW: 03/06,
*Mailing Address
Kelurahan Tebet Timur, Kec. Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
Office Tel +62-21-22837175
Post code 12820
Fax +62-21-22837157
Main Page on Internet

* Legal representative or shareholder's name Handra

(PIC Name that mention in business license Based on NEWEST SIUP)

*Legal representative or shareholder‘s email address Handra@saranatelindo.com

*Registered Capital IDR. 1,000,000,000
Certification of capital currency IDR
*Name of Authorized Person Handra
Email* Handra@saranatelindo.com
*Tel +62-81318334568
*Time of Registration 2005
* S/N of Registration
* Average amount of Latest 3 years’ Revenue IDR. 5,000,000,000
*Largest Amount of contract in latest 3 years IDR. 1,500,000,000
*Ever undertake machine room project No
*If you have any parent company please listed parent
PT. Lentera Agung Kencana
company name and ownership
*Please list the name and any subsidiary holdings
Business Contractor Info
please fill additional PIC below also
(Business contact)

*Name-1 Muhammad Fadli The settlement of PO

*Function / position Project Manager *Name Eka Novianti

*Tel +62-85890528309 *Function / position Finance/accounting
EMAIL* fadli.lpg@gmail.com *Tel +62-81381807777
*Name-2 Dega Suprayogi EMAIL* eka@saranatelindo.com
*Function / position Operational Director The invoice Administrator

*Tel +62-8161628888 *Name Eka Novianti

EMAIL* dega.suprayogi@gmail.com *Function / position Finance/accounting

Human Resource Name *Tel +62-81381807777

* Num of Total Staff 15 EMAIL* eka@saranatelindo.com

*Num of Project Manager 4 or can add other contact PIC if any, just add below:

* Num of Technician 10 *Name Sony Sugiharto

*Num of High Level Professional Qualification 4 *Function / position Bussiness Suport
*Num of Medium Level Professional Qualification 5 *Tel +62-81282087559
Area of Company EMAIL* sony@saranatelindo.com
* Area of Office Jakarta, Semarang, Sleman, Surabaya *Name
Agus Hamdani
Area of Plant *Function / position
Operational Manager

Area of Warehouse Cimanggis, Depok *Tel +62-82114569319

Quality System EMAIL* agus.h@saranatelindo.com

Guidance of Quality Management Yes *Name Yogi Riski Ruspendi
Num of Quality Control Staff 2 *Function / position Document Control
Business license information *Tel +62-8562249086
Business license SIUP EMAIL* yogiriskiki@gmail.com
License-issuing authority Jakarta *Name Akbar Hadi Permana
Business scope Telecomunication *Function / position Logistic
Validity 18 Feb 2017 *Tel +62-895602984986
Qualification information EMAIL* stroom.akbar@yahoo.com
Name of the qualification certificate-1 SIUJK
License-issuing authority Jakarta
Qualification grade of construction enterprise Menengah
Validity 22 Apr 2013 renewable process
Name of the qualification certificate-2
License-issuing authority
Qualification grade of construction enterprise
*Invoice Type 3% VAT invoice
Payment terms COD
*Whether is willing to cooperate with ZTE YES
*Any cooperation With ZTE Before? None
Main Clients
Client 1 PT. Telkom Tbk
Client 2 Samsung Telecommunication Indonesia
Client 3 PT. PMJ / Huawei