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LYve nation November 28%, 2018 ‘ear Alderman Hopkins, \We have heard your concerns about our role inthe Lincoln Yards development and wanted to lif some things. We want tobe @ great neighbor and always want ro work with independent venues. These venues are of vital importance tothe c's musi scene, \We have also heard concerns about Live Nation “blocking” artists from playing certain venues in Chicago. Thats alse. The way the booking process works seach venue makes a proposal based on ‘economics, marketing, and physical eapabiltes. The artist then selects where they want to perform. if the artist wants to play The Hideout, they play The Hideout. If they want to play Subterranean; they play Subterranean. We would nat have any reason to block The Hideout. At Live Nation, our primary busines is booking national touring attractions, Typical, a national touring att provides exclusivity to whoever they ae paying for in a market, so band tat playing the Metro i not going to show up at the Houte of Blues the next night. Furthermore, | want to make sure you are aware that Live Nation is ‘0n pace to promate 1240 shows in 142 independently owned club venues ser0ss the country in 2018, ‘This narrative that Live Nation does not support Independent Clubs is simply untrue. ‘The vision for Lincoln Yards iste have a vibrant arts and entertainment district and that would not be ‘complete without The Hideout. The Hideout is sucha unique and special place, and Lincoln Yards will be ‘2 better entertainment destination because of The Hideout. And in our view, a true arts and ‘entertainment eistriet has venues that feed off eachother, nat cannibalize each other. [Asa resident ofthe neighborhood, want to see the Hideout successful. believe we can help Independent venues secure more shows. For example, when we book stadium shows and festivals, ‘here are often after shows at smaller venues ie The iv and The Vie and, if the venue interested, we ‘would gladly help secure acts and drve attendance. Finaly, specifically to The Hideout, the Block Party has been a neighborhood staple and we hope it continues. In fac, Steving Bay ha already offered The Hideout land forthe Block Party and, in our role, ‘we working on design for staging, sound, nd infrastructure for these types of events and we would love their input. ‘We al lve musi and Chicago's unique music scene. At Lincoln Yards, our goal isto add to the scene and complement the established independent music venues. We have no interest in changing the vibe or jetting The Hideout to conform toa plan rm avalable to discuss further at your convenience Mark Campana £00, US Concerts