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10th Class Computer Science

Important MCQs

Chapter # 1 Problem Solving

Chapter # 2 Data types, I/O statements
Chapter # 3 Control Structure
Chapter # 4 Arrays
Chapter # 5 Subprogram and File
Chapter # 6 Graphics in BASIC
Chapter # 7 Microsoft WORD

Chapter # 1

1. _______ is grammatical rules of programming language.

a) Semantics b) Syntax c) Both d) None of these
2. Memory over flow is type of __________error.
a) Syntax b) Logical c) Runtime d) all of above
3. ________ is a sequence of ordered steps.
a) Logarithm b) Algorithm c) Matrix d) None of these
4. _________ Symbol is used for processing.
a) Oval b) Rectangle c) diamond d) connector
5. Pictorial representation of algorithm is called___________.
a) Logarithm b) Flow control c) Flow chart d) none of these
6. Program crashes when __________ error occurs.
a) Syntax b) Logical c) Run time d) All of above
7. Errors in a program are called __________.
a) Bug b) Debug c) Fault d) None of these
8. Flow chart is part of _________ document.
a) Requirement b) Design c) Test d) b & c

Chapter # 2
1. GW BASIC was designed in _______.
a) 1960 b) 1963 c) 1970 d) None of these
2. Commands are lost in __________ mode.
a) Indirect b) Direct c) Graphics d) All of above
3.________ key is used to LIST the program.
a) F4 b) F3 c) F1 d) F5


4.__________ has predefined meanings in BASIC.

a) Keyword b) Special word c) Variables d) none of these
5. 37.4! is example of __________ type number.
a) Integer b) String c) Single precision d) double precision
6.__________ Command is used to rename a file in BASIC.
a) NAME b) RENAME c) RENUM d) None of these
7.__________ operator has lowest precedence.
a) * b) ^ c) + d) None of these
8._________ is example of non executable statement.
a) END b) STOP c) REM d) All of above

Chapter # 3
1._______ is example of unconditional control transfer.
a) ON…GOTO b) GO...SUB c) GOTO d) None of these
2.________is example of repetition control structure.
a) FOR-NEXT b) WHILE-WEND c) BOTH d) None of these
3. IF-THEN_ELSE is example of__________control structure.
a) Sequence b) Repetition c) Selection d) All of above
4. In _________ loop, variable is incremented inside body of loop.
a) FOR b) WHILE c) Nested d) None of these
5. Loop inside body of other loop is called___________Loop.
a) FOR b) DO c) Nested d) All of above
6.__________is multiple branching statement.
a) GOTO b) ON N...GOTO c) GO…SUB d) IF- ELSE
7.__________ is not a logical operator.
a) NEITHER b) NOT c) OR d) All of above
8._________ is used to repeat a set of instructions for specific time.
a) IF-ELSE b) LOOP c) GOTO d) None of these


Chapter # 4

1._______ is a collection of elements of same type.

a) Variable b) Array c) Loop d) All of above
2. Array is also called __________ variable.
a) Subscripted b) Simple c) Complex d) None of these
3. Marks (6) is example of __________array.
a) 1-D b) 2-D c) dynamic d) All of above
4. Arr (5, 2) has ___________ elements.
a) 52 b) 10 c) 7 d) 20
5. To declare array of 20 elements___________ is used.
a) LET b) DIM c) DO d) None of these
6. 2-D array is also called__________.
a) Vector b) Matrix c) Linear d) None of these
7. By default array index starts from__________.
a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) None of these
8. 2-D array is filled with ___________ loop.
a) Single b) FOR c) nested d) all of above

Chapter # 5
1. Standard functions are also called_______ functions.
a) user defined b) Intrinsic c) Both d) None
2.__________ function is used to drop fractional part of a number.
a) ABS b) INT c) FIX d) All of these
3. _________ is not given a name in a program.
a) Function b) procedure c) Subroutine d) none of above


4. ___________ is used to define a user function.

a) LET b) DIM c) DEF FN d) SUB
5. ___________ is a collection of related fields.
a) table b) Record c) File d) none of these
6.__________ means data will be added to the end of the file.
a) Input b) Output c) append d) all of above
7. The __________ function is used to check for end of file.
a) ERR b) EOF ( ) c) EOL ( ) d) EOF
8.__________ function is used to determine size of string.
a) Size b) length c) LEN d) LN

Chapter # 6
1._______ is the dot on the computer screen.
a) Picture b) resolution c) Pixel d) all of above
2. In________resolution mode, screen is divided into 320x200 pixels.
a) Text b) medium c) high d) None
3. We can draw a line with the help of ___________statement.
a) PSET b) LINE c) Circle d) a & b
4. ___________ statement is used to draw ellipse.
a) Line b) PSET c) CIRCLE d) all of above
5. Background colors available in BASIC is__________.
a) 4 b) 8 c) 12 d) 16
6.__________contains set of colors.


Chapter # 7

1.__________command is used to save file in WORD.

a) CTRL+S b) CTRL+V c) CTRL+X d) None
2.____________ command is used to REDO in WORD.
a) CTRL+Z b) CTRL+Y c) CTRL+ D d) CTRL+S
3. To move cursor at the start of current line__________ key used.
a) CTRL b) HOME c) DEL d) TAB
4. ___________ is available in insert menu.
a) FONT b) DROP CAP c) Hyperlink d) none
5. ____________ key is used for PASTE.
6. Paper size 8.5x11 inch is called__________.
a) Legal b) letter c) A4 d) A3
7.__________key is used for Replace.
8. MS word is ___________ software.
a) System b) application c) both d) None