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MR. FERDINAND BULUSAN holds an Assistant Professor III

position, teaching English and professional education subjects
at Batanes State College, Basco. He finished his Bachelor of
Secondary Education (Major in English) as Magna Cum Laude
at Cagayan State University (CSU). He was proclaimed as
Outstanding Student Leader with the highest grade weighted
average in the university system composed of almost 36, 000
students then. He was named as one of the Ten Outstanding
Students of the Philippines in Region 02. He obtained his
Master of Arts in Education (Major in English) from CSU
Andrews (Caritan, Tuguegarao City) with an average grade
equivalent to Magna Cum Laude and was awarded “Outstanding Researcher.” He earned
units in Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric and Linguistics at Saint Paul University Philippines,
and he is now finishing his Doctor of Philosophy in Language Education (Major in English) at
Saint Louis University-Baguio as a CHED scholar.

Sir Ferdz, as he is fondly called, has been a perennial trainer in instructional materials
development, particularly on textbook writing, in various universities and colleges in Luzon. A
winning coach in Regional and Luzonwide Press Conferences for college, he is also one of
the most sought-after lecturer-judges in press conferences in Luzon. Prior to his job in
Batanes, he taught in Cagayan State University for three years. Our young trainer was a
columnist at the Northern Forum and was a community radio broadcaster at D-W-R-L 95.1

In 2016, he was probably the youngest author who wrote and published the latest book
in Campus Journalism in the entire Philippines. In just six months, almost 5, 000 copies of his
book have been sold in the country. In terms of book editing and writing projects, he has been
appointed as editor-consultant of various agencies like DepEd Region 2, DepEd Batanes,
Local Government Units, and local newspapers, to name a few. To date, he is involved in
writing one textbook for Senior High School, one textbook for BSEd English Majors, and one
textbook for General Education subject, all with various established publishing companies in
the Philippines. He is about to publish his international textbook on Feature Writing under a
Russian-based publisher, which will be available on Amazon.com next year.

Belonging in the academe, he is one of the 20 professors in the country, chosen to be

consultants in crafting the DepEd curriculum for the gifted—secondary level—for the entire
Philippines. Just this year, he received two national awards as Most Outstanding Educator
and Writer in the Philippines conferred by Dangal ng Bayan and as one of the Filipino
Achievers of the Year, along with Jessica Soho and General Bato Dela Rosa, by the Golden
Globe Awards.

Also a language researcher, Sir Ferdz has published and presented his studies in
various international fora here and abroad like in Malaysia, Singapore, and China.