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J eff L ow Y ouzhi

267 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 +65 8121 0317

#05-204, Singapore 650267 jefflowyz@gmail.com

Q ualifi cations
Proactive Leader  Persuasive Communicator  Synergetic Team-Player

Scrupulous attention to details, deadlines and the bottom-line; targeting long-term association with Ministry of Foreign
Affairs that will benefit from an analytical and proactive individual.

S kills S ummary
 Persuasive Communicator: Made formal multimedia presentations to government ministers and academics on
socio-political issues; engaged ministers in debates during a prestigious seminar. Served as an interpreter for
German-speaking delegates and athletes during Singapore Youth Olympics Games 2010.
 Leadership Capabilities: Appointed cadet leader over uniformed group in the district. Elected vice-president of
a music society; revitalized a foundering society; led team to a gold medal for a prestigious festival; organized a
highly successful sold-out concert.
 Event Planning: Organized well-received special events and activities in academic and social community
capacities. Served on team that conducted strategic planning and ensured compliance for school site serving
500+ students.
 Background as Educator: Able to provide client-centered interactive discussions, emphasizing innovative,
value-added approaches and solutions for customer education.
 Writing / Verbal Skills: Excellent communication skills for customer communication, proposals,
correspondence, reports, newsletters, internal communications and public speaking.
 Team Orientation: Characterized as the consummate team player, with an innate desire to establish solid
rapport and build strong relationships.

A cademic C redentials
B.A., Psychology [2007-2010] Foreign Language Proficiency, German [2007-2010]
 National University of Singapore  National University of Singapore
 University of Konstanz, Germany  University of Stuttgart, Germany

Professional Experience
Gallery Administrator  Collectors Contemporary Pte. Ltd.  [Aug 2010 – Apr 2013]

T estimonials
Exceeded performance criteria and assumed added responsibilities in virtually every assignment, with excellent record
with supervisors, clients, educators, professors, and staff.
Excerpts from testimonials include: “proven his leadership abilities”; “highly valued in whatever work he chooses to take
up”; “creativity and calm approach to problems”; “enjoyable [and] impressive presentation”; “focused individual with a
strong moral compass”; “valuable asset.”

A ccomplishments
 Self-financed 90% of university and travelling expenses through concurrent employment
 Completed degree while working 2-3 concurrent part-time positions
 Challenged myself with graduate-level electives that would provide a strong foundation in management and
organizational psychology
 Involved in multi-disciplinary activities during college that complemented studies and expanded interaction
with international ministers, delegates and students
 Gained fluency in German language and European culture during semester abroad at University of Stuttgart
and University of Konstanz, Germany