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Angela P.


12 – Magnesium

I. Look at the tables below. Provide three to five-sentence analysis based on the
title and the data given.

Interpretation of the data:

From the information shown in the pie chart, the large dark blue area resembles
those who used the social media the most which is the Adolescents with 42.1%.
Followed by the red area which is composed of adults with 39.6%. Lastly, the
orange area which is composed of Senior Citizens with 18.3%.

Interpretation of the Data:

Turon with the selling price of 15 Php is the most sold item in Pinoy Dessert Café
with 8,541 number of items sold and have collected a total profit of Php 128, 115
rather than the rest item like Halo-halo, Mais con Yelo, Saba con Yelo, and
Sorbetes. The grand total profit of the Pinoy Desserts Café Monthly Sales in
December 2015 is Php 265, 865 with 12, 839 items sold.

During the year of 2011, 2012 and 2013, North University got the highest average
final exam among East and West University with 84.7 in 2011, 87 in 2012 and 80.4
in 2013. While in 2014, the West University got the highest average final exam with

II. Determine the diagram which would best present the data in each box. Then,
draw the diagram in the space provided to present the data. Make sure to add a
title and a legend in each diagram.
1. Students in Hiraya School were surveyed about the social networking sites
they use. The following data was generated :
 Out of 500 students surveyed, 95% have Facebook accounts, 87%have
Twitter accounts and 95.7%use Instagram.

Social Networking Sites that Students

of Hiraya School used


2. According to literacy report in the country of Oz, youth literacy went up 7%

since 2000. Here is the data :
 In 2000, only 43% of the youth population was literate. In the next
census at 2005, it went up to 2%. After 5 years, the literacy rate was
47%. During the most recent survey on 2015, the rate is already at 50%.


Population Youth
44 Population Youth
2000 2005 2010 2015

3. The recruitment agency adapted a new process in terms of receiving


Receiving Applicants

If the applicant comes in/walk-in application, the receptionist

has to ask if he/she has an appointment or is a walk-in

The receptionist has to take his/her resume

The receptionist have him/her fill out the basic information.

The receptionist will ask him/her to wait while the form and
resume are received by the interviewers.

When given the go signal, the receptionist must then inform

the applicant on how to proceed next.

4. Oz has a complex form of government, it is governed by a King and Queen.

Directly reporting to these monarchs is the Chief Minister, who supervises the
lay of the Land, and the Crown Prince and Princess, who are training in politics
and economics. The Chief Minister primarily convenes the different minister of
various agencies :the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Housing, Minister of
Rights, Minister of Laws, Minister of Health, Minister of Education and the
Minister of Budget.
King and Queen

Chief Minister

Minister of
Minister of Minister of Minister of Minister of Minister of
Rights and
Agriculture Housing Health Education Budget

5. Psychologists in Oz conducted an experiment which aimed to measure and

compare the learning rate of children when taught using different teaching
styles. They had three groups of students who were taught the same subject
of creative writing, but with different teaching styles, and their grades were
measured from week 1 to week4. The first group, which was taught using an
activity styles, had the following average scores : 78, 84, 86,92, from the first
week to four, respectively. The second group, which was taught via lecture
styles, averaged 79, 80,84,86 from the first to last week respectively. The last
group was taught using a group styles and got the following weekly scored:
80, 85,89,93.
Different Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Teaching Style
Activity Style 78 84 86 92
Lecture Style 79 80 84 86
Group Style 80 85 89 93



Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4