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Each adventurer chooses 4 Map Action: MAP ACTIONS Resolve each partyin MRL order (Choose one Map Stance forthe whole party. Foot Travel pessoa ee y Force March Be nael® Lake Port §2 F Finn va Lake Por 2 “Wen an aden py = ee cece inemintpuny tie River Port gy Balseatiat™ ctmsicidignadcnanns Riven Sai. 011 Map Action nse Void ave Basket Rest cs} vap Ai) slr Stone a a i at Draw a Danger card for each party, PRE onder PA The Dapger Levels increased in auamtitealy safe caine town aoe gles nol ave eepuer Lee first party's Danger card. ye theLaw ima Law Town. ‘or by monsters lurking in the Loot deck. the Danger car's value is — the Banger Level eee votre ‘ae ns Have evaded trouble ou Sgrote the ico ey on your card Yon ein random Encountars oP Monsters are drawn). he Encounter Phase se counter in your unter Reference} Skip your tur is ‘space. [see Large goto [6] Danger Phase 2000 [5] Danger Phase Danger Card Icon Reference ap Sem 504 aan Diego icone fen ae eee eee poeedt ere ne a %& Sn Renassiyionre te Dron Fpl Moter vith al 2 Itching our erent spe le pie Moser Lats 89) POUCA TOUR CONS If you are making camp or are in town, and have chosen to Rest in Mit onder, first resolve Recover then any numberof these Rest Actions each action only once). 7 EUS Wer ONsy Explore ® Improve Invest SR SESE eeAlzae nen Then, goto [4] Danger Phase. 1 may attempt to change, ‘hevaie of your Danger Card bussed on your stance: 6 Hunt: Each member of party Tollsa PER, if majority poss, fedure value of Bumgercard Byte sminimam of 1) Stealth: Each member of par folsaFER ALT pace, Increise value of anger card anger lffieyalusaf the, anger card's equal to oF less than He the Danger Level inyourcurrent space, you must deaw and resale cards "asindicated By scon hey TnDanger eat during (7) Encounter Phase: 4% ® Law Epic Monster counter i ate Voidgate counter Large Counter Reference POO TO OO eI Md Destroyed counter ® Epic Monster Counter Law Monste to avoid Fighting. may be Bribed (One Adventurer make a MRL Test Roll equal to or less than ‘your MRIon 246, If Fail, increase bounty level and fight bees Ca ea teal ke Sena tree If you do, discard each Law card in your space (do not gain any rewards), You may also choose tg surrender (see ‘capture it the mission book pg:3) ‘COMBAT DICE Defence: Roll 26 (gen) ~ AGL Test ‘Attack: oll 246 orange) = per attack Power Dice: at ews elo (puapie) Suffering Wounds Always reduced by your ARM value IFAGI Tea was Pasaet (ytaltoo les) Reshuce damage by Highest Defence Die Won Guard. tay reduce bby Highest Power die instead, Inflicting Wounds Pass (equal toc lover than Attribute) ‘deal damage eal to Highest tack Die, ron Assault may use Highest Power Die intend *Resuce damage by Monsters ARM, Note: Piercing ignores Monster's ARM. Goto [12] Encounter Phase, ‘Skip this phase if you ar ‘safe’ 040 [1] Mowe Action. i safe each party must resclve Encounters & Contiba against Monsters iFindicated by their Banger Card DANGER CARD ICONS Daw & resolve aca from your Region's Enconnter deck s Eee EDA cece Q Draw an Fie Monster with Lair utching Jour currenc space Ge Epic Novsters © Lars p28) Goto [8] Encounter Phase. Fight [1] Establish Tar 7 Petal earner Ae ca ea sens, Reolhle ia Brtaters cece emer, (9) Adventuers fightin PER order [4] Choose a Combat Stance 6 [5] Chooge one: CLtae kts (ool FLFR AS Rs) Attack & Target we round stihoon| of (ote [12 Encounter Phase) 2 eee are E Th aro ee te Ts 4, Dnt Pre Li there sat least one adventurer & monster sillinthetight start anew Contbat Round got0 [10] Encounter Phase Ione side has been destoyed ‘or has escapes the fight soto] Encounter Phase toreslve: Party Victory If your card mad ‘Resolve immediately’, resolve islets before drawing Monster cards Else, sett aside and resolve it only ater you ‘defeat the monster Otherwise’ you will discard it. Next draw a Nitstedby Checkif itis a Normal Monster Lave of Epic Ke @ Basic Combat Reference Unarmed Strike: ‘lac: AGI (MELEE) or STR (MELEE) Ip hit: damage — lowest attack die. Power dice are halved and ean be used for damage if in Assault Stance, lonster Cards Danger Card. Escape: ‘Combat Action: AGI Test Tf succeed, you flee If not engaged or targeted auto pass. End your turn. ‘You may choose to return to fight atany subsequent tun arty Victory ‘aye pr aren ep a aca ot ‘ie ean pty ‘Monster Vi tuna sues Danger ar nove fry pce yatacaped ced oper et eve. Si yg woe ‘Tice trimmed serie’ Ee, ‘ot Map Aton Pee