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Digital Workforce Platform

Today’s workforce

Do Think Analyze Coffee

The world is changing to a Digital Workforce

RPA Cognitive Business Insights Digital Workforce

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What is a Digital Workforce?

Robotic Process Cognitive Analytics

Automation Think like a person Analyze like a person
Behave like a person

• Rules based Robotics • Algorithm-based • Provides real time

• Front-end automation decision making business insights
• Multi system integration • Self learning ability • Bot Analytics
• ‘Democratize’ automation • Subject Matter Expert • Derive business value
• Structured data Bots – Vision, NLP etc
• Enterprise scale • Semi-structured data
Automation Anywhere Today

The world’s largest organizations depend on us to provide

the new Digital Workforce Platform.

500+ 26+ 10,000+ 450,000+ 13+

Enterprise Big 4, largest People trained Digital Workforce Years of

Customers BPO’s and SI’s on our in production innovation
are our products today and
partners. experience
Automation Anywhere – Mission

By 2020, we will be the world’s largest employer with 3m

Digital Workers augmenting the global workforce.

In the new digital economy, we will be to labor what Uber is to

transportation, AirBnB is to accommodations and what
Facebook and Google are to media.
Path to Digital Processes

Data Validation / Analyze and

Data Capture Data Enrichment Process Reconcile
QA Report

Cognitive (IQ Bots)

Robotic Process Automation (Task Bots / Meta Bots)

Real-Time Analytics (Bot Insight)

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Product Demonstrations

RPA Cognitive Business Insights Digital Workforce

1. Bots that Think, Do and Analyze

2. How to manage a secure and scalable infrastructure
3. How to truly scale

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Product Architecture

RPA Engine Cognitive Engine Analytics Engine

Bot Creator Bot Runner Metabots AI / Predictive Operational Business

PLATFORM Modeler Analytics Insights

Digital Workforce

On Premise Cloud

DELIVERY Control Room Server Bot farm

Mortgage Bot Claims Bot AR Bot Returns Bot


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Automated Bot Creation

• Fast & Easy Task Bots

• SMART, script-less, quick ROI Variables

• Intelligent bot program creation

• Acquire data from input files or other systems
• Setup the variables and loop through the data Data Inputs

• Add some decision making

• Build in error controls and reporting
• Deploy & run! Loops

• Enhanced Meta-Bots
• Extend the product command set Logic

• Reusable objects, logic and screen repository

• Works at user interface or at data layer / API / DLL
• Publish best automation practice across the business Controls
Control Room: Enterprise-ready Management & Control

Hyper-V VMware
Management HR Domain
• Real-time visibility
• Role-based Access Control
• Queue & Launch Azure Amazon
• Exception Handling FA Domain

• Audit, granular events

• Version Control
• Web-based

Enterprise-Class Management Consistently Applied Across Cloud,

and Orchestration Data Center and Desktop

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IQ Bots: Cognitive Platform Units
• Better than the Human Eye
• Distinguishes and categorizes document types & formats Bill
• Uses machine learning techniques to recognize patterns to
• Semantically compares fields for improved data
• It Learns! Gets smarter with each transaction
• Grades itself on tests to measure reliability
• Learns with every validation to improve continuously

• Fully integrated into our RPA platform TYPICAL RESULTS

• Leverages existing automation platform WITH COGNITIVE
• Variety of triggers – Email inboxes, file folders, LEARNING
workflows etc. • Month 1: 50-75%
• IQ Bots feed data to Task Bots • Month 2: 65-85%
• Month 3: 75–95%
Bot Insight: Real Time RPA Analytics

• Instant, demonstrable, smart insight

into the business value captured by
digital workforce

• Most comprehensive and actionable

RPA analytics. Business insights +
operational intelligence

• Most advanced RPA analytics

Real-time, interactive, data-driven

• RPA analytics: Out-of-the-box, pre-

built, native

Confidential – do not distribute.

BotFarm: On demand scaling of the Digital Workforce

Spontaneity: Respond to unforeseen

workload spikes without an outage

Flexibility: Utilize bots in any

technology environment—on the
desktop, a server, or in a public or
private cloud—in multiple applications

Cost-effectiveness: Reduce processing

and cloud computing costs by only
using the precise number of bots
required to complete a given process.
Reduced IT complexity: Reduce BotFarm Preview
demand on IT time and budget—no
manual installations, no need to write
Game Changers

• Digital Business -> Digital Operations -> Digital Processes -> Digital Workforce

• Anything that can be automated will finally be automated as with Automation

Anywhere its technically feasible and economically viable to automate any process.

• Digital workforce will allow you to automate processes end-to-end.

• Deploy hundreds of digital workforce at scale with speed and enterprise grade
security and governance.

• Bot Insight will enable you to derive larger business value from the transactions.

• Unparalleled ability to scale up & down depending on demand using BotFarm

Confidential – do not distribute.

Agnostic to use cases

Insurance Banking HR/Payroll F&A

• Claims Processing and • Verification / Auditing • Maintain Master Data • Order to Cash / AR
Administration Process • Offer Letter Process  Credit Analysis and
• Report Automation Processing
• Bank Reconciliation • Onboarding and Exit  Sales Order Processing
• Updating User Info • Compliance Processing • Appraisal-updating  Customer Master Data
• Prioritize and Assign
• Customer Account process / Change Management
Claims  Order Entry
• Adjudication Process Management Payroll Status
 Reports by segments
• Audit Management • New Application • Position Management (performance,
• Enrolment & Eligibility processing – • Reporting Line Change geography, inventory
• Data Integration Billing Bank/Credit Cards • Superannuation network integration)
• Medicare Billing & • Data Migration between • Payment Summaries • Procure to Pay / AP
Compliance apps • Employment Type  3 Way Match
• Data Transfer Claims  Purchase Order Issuance
• Audit Trail Updates and Invoice Receipt
• Processing Eligibility • Statement & Reporting • Service Desk Reports  Vendor Master
• Verification Mass Data • Loan Processing • Distribution  Payment Process
• P&C Claims  Duplicate Payment
• Provider Updates
• Payment Cancellations • Leave Amendments
• Insurance Coverage & • Credit Decisioning • Financial claim
Policies processing
• Reconciliation • Financial Planning &
• New Premium Processes Analysis
• Record to Report
• Tax Services
Agnostic to use cases

F&A F&A Network & IT Supply Chain

• Order to Cash / AR • Record to Report • Active Directory • Order Prioritization

 Monthly close process • File Systems • Master data
 Credit Analysis and  Financial consolidations management
• FTP Management
Processing  Financial statements

• Automated Installations • Invoice verification
 Sales Order Processing General ledger functions
  Journal entry processing • Server / Application • Receipt confirmation
Customer Master Data
Management  Inter-company accounting Monitoring and Alert • Scheduling processes
 Order Entry and account Management • Reporting
 Reports by segments reconciliations • Service Desk • Production information
(performance,  Fixed assets and project capture
geography, inventory  Cost and inventory
• Notification & • Inbound processing
network integration) accounting
Escalation • Inventory management
• Financial claim • VMware Integration processes
• Procure to Pay / AP • Pricing management
processing • Data Movement
 • Financial Planning & • Provisioning • Billing
3 Way Match
 Purchase Order Analysis • Config Management • Freight costing
Issuance and Invoice • Tax Services • Routine Maintenance
 Vendor Master
 Payment Process
 Duplicate Payment
Business Transformation with Digital Workforce

 Reduce operational cost

=  Create low cost fungible capacity

People Cost
DW Transactions  Maximize human intelligence
Before 5,000 $75m 10m
 Improve workforce morale

After 3,500 2,500 $50m 20m  Improve customer experience

 Compete…

Confidential – do not distribute.

Customer Deployments – at Speed & Scale

• Sites: Multiple organizations in • Sites: 77 organizations within

the bank AT&T
• Bots: >920 and rising • Bots: >430 in 18 months
• ROI: Undisclosed, but millions • ROI: $20M savings
USD per year
• Processes: Multiple across entire
• Use Cases: Multiple retail and
institutional banking processes

Confidential – do not distribute.

Enterprise Customers

• Leading BFSI Companies

Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, ANZ Bank, UBS, MasterCard, Capital One, Travelers
Insurance, BBVA, Societe Generale, Santander, ING, USAA, AMP
• All the biggest brands in high-tech industry
Google, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Dell/EMC
• Largest telcos
AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Telstra
• Leading pharmaceutical and healthcare customers
Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boston Scientific, BD, Cerner, Mercy Medical Center,
Medtronic, Anthem
• Largest industrials
Koch, Pepsico, Bridgestone, Caterpillar, SONY, Whirlpool, Johnson Controls
• Others
Maersk, Keuhne + Nagel, Bosch, Henkel, Australia Post, Boots
Confidential – do not distribute.
Global Partners

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Digital Workforce Journey

INSTITUTIONALIZE (9 months to 2 years)

Goals: Up to 2500 DW augmenting the human workforce.
2500 DW
On demand operations. Value delivered to business through
real time content analytics.

300 DW
PROGRAM (3 to 9 months)
Goals: Up to 300 DW. Adoption models, strategic levers defined,
accelerate programs on Bot velocity
50 DW

GET STARTED (1 to 3 months)

Goals: Up to 50 DW, Training, CoE, quick wins, choose an adoption model.
Go be great.