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The HP Standard Pricing Viewer

Quick Reference Card for HP Partners

The Standard Price Viewer: HP Partner Standard Pricing
Pulling content from several databases, The Standard Pricing Viewer eliminates the need to search multiple sites for
pricing data. Access The Viewer via the Pre-Sales section in the Partner Portal.

3 Ways to retrieve pricing data!

2. Download 1. Run a Query
1. Run a
a Pricelist
Query • Step 1: Enter Product Number(s)
– Enter or copy/paste the part numbers in the window
– Query your data by Product Hierarchy; select HP
Product Line, Family, Series, Model or Category.
• Step 2: Select Your Report Fields
Select the fields to appear in your query results. A
glossary is available to assist with term definitions/
• Step 3: Select Your Contract
– Select the contract to be queried and price descriptor
– Select timeframe:
• None = current data
• Effective = enter specific effective date
• Price Change = enter date range for changes
• Step 4: Click Search
Output will be presented in HTML. You will then have the
option to download an Excel file or pipe delimited file.

Saving Queries
• If you frequently run the same query (same criteria), you
may save it for future use.
• Once you have run the query, click on “Save Query” and
give it a name. The next time you use the query
functionality, simply click on the “User Defined Queries”
drop down list and select as appropriate.
General Controls
• Multiple fields may be selected by holding down the shift
or control button while clicking on fields.
• The query tool is available in multiple languages in some
countries, driven by your preferred language in the Portal.

2. Download a Pricelist
• Select desired pricelist, using contract, price descriptor,
and file format. Click on link to download.
• Top Config (TC, TC., HY), Top Value (TV), and Supplies
(SU) products are identified via the Marketing Program
code (where applicable). These codes can be filtered
using an Auto Filter in Excel.
• Compatibility matrix is no longer part of the standard
pricelist package. This document can be found on the Pre-
Sales section of the Partner Portal.
• Downloadable pricelists are only available in your default
communication language.
3. Create a Pricelist Subscription
3. Create a Pricelist • Daily Changes and Formatted pricelists can be sent via
Subscription eMail subscription and are available to all partners:
– Click on the Subscribe to Pricing Files link in the top left
corner of The Standard Pricing Viewer.
– Click Sign Up under New Subscriptions.
– When selecting PLs to be included, move values from the
right-hand to the left-hand box
– Once on the New Subscriptions page, specify the format,
filters, file type and products lines for your report.
– After clicking the Add button, you should receive
confirmation of your subscription.

Summary of Key Aspects:

Feature Good to Know

Special Program Pricelist Standard Pricelists:

• All products included on standard pricelists
Where applicable • Products indicated with Marketing Program Flag
− Top Config: TC, TC., HY
− Top Value: TV
− Supplies: SU
− Remarketed: RM

Product Lifecycle Codes Replacement Codes:

• SA (Select Availability) (1st Tier only)
• GA (General Availability)
• ES (End of Sales)

Availability Information • Only SRT Information with Nr. of days available

1st Tier partners only • Available only on Net-pricelists

Multiple Currency • Only 1 currency available on a given pricelist.

• If you need to see > 1 currency, it will require > 1 pricelist
Where applicable • Get hints about valid Contract / Country + Price descriptor combinations from
SPV Left Hand navigation pricelist section headers !

Subscriptions • Select type of pricelist requested, Coverage scope (e.g. PL), Format,…
• Receive via e-mail

Query-Tool vs. price lists • Query Tool gives real time results
• Query Tool is standard reference for std price & product offer
• Pricelists are refreshed work-daily shortly after Midnight
• Target availability : 09:00 am local time

Out of scope • Flexible Care Pack pricing and supplies Quantity Break pricing are out of scope

Support • Available via “Contact HP”, and Telefon:

English UK/Ireland: +44 20 302 767 15 Spanish: +34 91 275 498 8
German: +49 69 517 099 04 Italian: +39 02 914 834 71
French: +33 15 732 360 6 International (English): +44 20 302 767 16

• Key info needed for efficient ticket routing and resolution:

a) Partner Name, Partner Pro-ID, Country, Price Descriptor and Contract Nr (if applicable)
b) description of issue, when observed and with what e.g. downloadable price file vs. Query Tool
c) Screen-shots if and where applicable help to visualize the problem
d) in case of „partial‟ data available – pull from query tool what is available per product involved
keep preselected items add data fields of particular interest for your request
and attach Excel result to support ticket – helps with issue reproduction, routing and troubleshooting