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Modi discusses visa CBI, ED oicials reach Donald Trump willing India goes down to
rule changes with London to get Vijay to meet Kim Jong-un if Australia in Azlan Shah
Australian counterpart Mallya extradited the conditions are right Cup hockey tournament
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Beheading inhuman: Army EC cancels
Pakistan rejects charges of killing, mutilation; seeks ‘actionable evidence’ byelection
Special Correspondent Special correspondent
A day after two soldiers were The Election Commission
Nitish and I strongly killed and beheaded by the on Tuesday cancelled the
united, says Lalu Pakistan Army near the Line Anantnag Lok Sabha
PATNA of Control (LoC), the Indian byelection, scheduled for
Amid growing speculation of Army’s Director-General of May 25, till further notifica-
a widening rift between the Military Operations (DGMO) tion, because of the law
two ruling alliance parties in Lt. Gen. A.K. Bhatt ex- and order situation in
Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal pressed “grave concern Jammu and Kashmir and
(RJD) chief Lalu Prasad on about the incident” in the the Union Home Ministry’s
Tuesday stressed that he and weekly conversation with his inability to make available
Janata Dal (United) president Pakistani counterpart Maj. the required number of se-
Nitish Kumar were “strongly
united”. He was speaking at
the party’s three-day training
Gen. Shahir Shamshad
Mirza, who rejected the
charges as “baseless” and
curity personnel.
The EC said in its order
that it had sought 687 com-
Infosys plans to hire
camp in Rajgir.
for “actionable

“The DGMO has conveyed

panies, based on the report
from the police.
However, through an
10,000 Americans
concern about the presence April 28 letter, the Home
No invasion of body for
of Border Action Team (BAT) Ministry replied that only Will set up four technology hubs in U.S.
training camps in the close 250 companies could be
UID, says govt
vicinity of the LoC in provided, apart from the Special Correspondent overhaul of the visa system.
Pakistan-occupied Kashmir 54 companies retained for BENGALURU Democrat Senator Zoe Lof-
Taking ingerprints and iris
(PoK). The DGMO conveyed Final farewell: A BSF oicer arranges lowers on the coin of Head Constable Prem Sagar the pre-election arrange- Infosys, India’s second gren tabled a Bill to raise the
impressions for Aadhaar is
that such a dastardly and in- at Palam airport in New Delhi on Tuesday. V. V. KRISHNAN * ments. largest software company, minimum salary of an H-1B
not an invasion of the body as
human act is beyond any In March, the State gov- said it plans to hire 10,000 worker to $1,30,000 from
the right of a person to his or
norms of civility and merits team of the Army-Border Se- two jawans were killed and These charges were ernment said in its reports American workers over the the current $60,000.
her body is not absolute, the
unequivocal condemnation curity Force (BSF) was am- their bodies mutilated. promptly rejected by the that certain elements had next two years. As part of According to the U.S. Cit-
government told the
and response,” the Army bushed by Pakistan Army- Lt. Gen. Bhatt also stated Pakistan DGMO. started a campaign against the initiative, Infosys will izenship and Immigration
Supreme Court on Tuesday.
said in a statement on BAT personnel in the that full fire support was the byelection. open four technology and Services (USCIS), H-1B ap-
NEWS 쑺 PAGE 11 Tuesday. Krishna Ghati sector, 200 provided by the Pakistan CONTINUED ON 쑺 PAGE 10 innovation hubs across the plications for 2017 fell below
On Monday, a joint patrol metres inside the LoC, and Army post in the vicinity. MORE REPORTS ON 쑺 PAGE 10 CONTINUED ON 쑺 PAGE 10 country. 2,00,000 for the first time
The firm said these hubs in five years. The USCIS re-
Karnan issues warrant would focus on cutting-edge ceived 1,99,000 applications
against CJI, six judges technology areas such as ar- in 2017, compared with
Calcutta High Court judge
C.S. Karnan on Tuesday
HC grants ₹55 lakh to MiG-21 Kejriwal reaches out tificial intelligence, cloud
computing and big data.
These centres would also
2,36,000 in 2016 — about
85,000 visas are granted an-
nually through a lottery
issued a non-bailable warrant
against Chief Justice of India pilot injured in 2005 crash to angry Vishwas serve clients in key indus-
tries such as financial ser-

J.S. Khehar and six Supreme vices, manufacturing, Indiana hub

Court judges. The seven healthcare, retail and Infosys said the first hub,
judges were on the Bench Court gives relief for being exposed to ‘unreasonable risk’ AAP founder hits out at party energy. which will open in Indiana
which had issued a contempt “Having lived in the U.S. in August 2017, is expected
Soumya Pillai were held following a com-
of court notice against him. for nearly 30 years, and be- to create 2,000 jobs by 2021
Press Trust of India that putting the officers of New Delhi bative Mr Vishwas, defying
ing a part of the incredible for American workers and
NEWS 쑺 PAGE 10 New Delhi the armed forces above what Delhi Chief Minister Arvind the party's gag order, ap-
innovation here, I truly be- will help boost Indiana’s
DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD A serving Indian Air Force was “expected to be normal Kejriwal and his deputy, peared to hit out at the lead-
lieve Infosys can help clients economy.
pilot who was injured in a risk” was against the funda- Manish Sisodia, were ership at a press conference.
bring innovation more dir- “Our higher education in-
More hotels in Haryana MiG-21 crash in 2005 was mental right to life, espe- huddled with embittered
No action ectly into their businesses,” stitutions are producing a
allowed to serve liquor awarded ₹55 lakh as com- cially the right to work in a party leader Kumar Vishwas
Vishal Sikka, chief executive world-class workforce, es-
pensation by the Delhi High safe environment guaran- till late on Tuesday night Mr Vishwas said he was up-
GURUGRAM officer of Infosys, said in a tablishing Indiana as the in-
Five more premises, including Court on Tuesday for being teed by the Constitution. after the rift in the Aam set that no action was taken
statement. novation hub of the Midw-
The Leela, The Oberoi and exposed to “unreasonable The Bench said the HAL Aadmi Party appeared to against Okhla MLA Aman-
The move assumes signi- est,” Indiana Governor Eric
The Trident, have got the risk”. was liable to compensate widen. atullah Khan for levelling
ficance in the wake of an in- J. Holcomb said in a state-
Haryana Excise Holding that manufactur- him for “exposing him to In a damage control grave allegations against
creasingly loud anti-offshor- ment.
Commissioner’s nod for ing defects and faulty work- more than reasonable risk”. measure, Mr Kejriwal and him. He said he would take
ing campaign in the U.S. In filling these jobs, In-
renewal of their liquor manship of the fighter jet Mr Sisodia joned senior some “big decision” by
Flight exercise that has sought preference fosys will hire experienced
licences. had led to the crash, a Bench leaders Sanjay Singh, Kapil Tuesday evening, but re-
for locals in jobs than for im- professionals and recent
of Justices S. Ravindra Bhat ‘Flying coin’: A MiG-21 that It was the first time a crash Mishra and Ashutosh at Mr fused to give details.
DELHI METRO 쑺 PAGE 1 migrants. Following up on graduates from major uni-
and Deepa Sharma asked crashed in J&K on August 24, survivor has taken on the Vishwas's residence in the On Sunday, Mr Khan had
his electoral promise, Pres- versities and local and com-
the government to pay ₹5 2015. NISSAR AHMAD
* government seeking redress. evening to sort out any dif- alleged that Mr Vishwas had
ident Donald Trump signed munity colleges to create
lakh and Hindustan Aero- A regular flight exercise in ferences. “Kumar is our old taken money from the BJP
an executive order for an talent pools for the future.
nautics Ltd. ₹50 lakh to Article 21. 2005 went awry, leaving Mr. associate. He is a little angry to wean away MLAs from
Wing Commander Sanjeet Kaila with debilitating neck now, but I am sure we will the AAP. He also claimed the
Singh Kaila, 46, within four
Through his counsel
Seeks apology
He moved the High Court in
2013, seeking a direction to
and back pain that has
rendered him unfit for flying
and even day-to-day
convince him,” Mr. Kejriwal
said after the meeting.
From there, Mr Kejriwal
BJP was offering ₹30crore to
each MLA joining them.
Mr. Vishwas rubbished
Haryana orders probe
Bharat S. Kumar, Mr. Kaila, the Centre and the HAL to is- activities. and Mr Sisodia, along with the allegations and dis- Special Correspondent was sexually harassed and
now posted at Nasik, had sue a formal apology. He Making him fly a MiG-21, Mr Vishwas and the other missed speculation that he forced to strip by male po-
sought compensation on ac- sought guidelines for the which crashed in Rajasthan leaders, went to the CM's was plotting to overthrow A day after the Punjab and lice officials, the State gov-
count of “violation of his company to avoid such in- on January 4, 2005, amoun- residence at 6-Flagstaff Mr Kejriwal as the AAP Haryana High Court issued a ernment has ordered an in-
fundamental right to life, es- cidents in future. ted to “violation of his fun- Road, where the meeting convenor. notice to the Haryana DGP quiry into the episode.
pecially the right to work in Allowing his plea for com- damental right to life”, he continued till late at night. CONTINUED ON 쑺 PAGE 10 on a petition by a 14 year-old
a safe environment” under pensation, the court noted had told the court earlier. The emergency meetings SEE ALSO 쑺 DELHI METRO rape victim alleging that she DETAILS ON 쑺 PAGE 3

Youth elopes with girl; relative beaten to death

Victim’s family alleges Hindu Yuva Vahini behind killing, incident triggers tension in area
incident. The police, how- According to Additional Suspecting that Mr Mo- identified some suspects. We
Staff Reporter
Bulandshahr ever, have not named District Magistrate Arvind hammad had helped Yusuf, are conducting raids to nab
anyone. Kumar Mishra, 19-year-old the culprits reached his them,” Mr. Chauhan said.
A 45-year-old man, Ghulam Vivek Singh, the Meerut Yusuf of Sohi village had al- house on Tuesday after- The SP said the body
Mohammad, was allegedly range in charge of the Hindu legedly eloped with a Hindu noon, dragged him to a se- would be handed over to the
beaten to death by members Yuva Vahini, denied that girl of Fazalpur village on cluded spot and beat him to family after the post-mortem
of a right-wing group here on members of his outfit were April 27. death. examination. “To avoid any
Tuesday for allegedly help- involved. Bulandshahr SP Man untoward incident, we have
ing a relative elope with a girl “Seven persons re- Kidnapping case Singh Chauhan said an FIR deployed a strong police
of a different community. portedly attacked the de- The girl’s family had lodged a had been lodged against un- force in the area,” he said.
Mr Mohammad’s family ceased but not a single per- case of kidnapping against known persons. The incident triggered
members accused the Hindu son belonged to the Hindu Yusuf at the Pahasu police “We have formed teams to communal tension in the
Yuva Vahini to be behind the Yuva Vahini,” he said. station. nab the culprits. We have area.


The most heavyweight museum in India

In the heart of Karnataka, one man’s obsession has resulted in the irst collection of weights and measures
Pradeepkumar Kadkol The museum is the years later, in 2014, he set up
Davangere creation of a family which the Chennaveerappa
The first museum of weights makes its living in the trade. Yalamalli Memorial Trust to
and measures in the country Chennaveerappa run and grow the museum.
sits in the Chamarajpeth Yalamalli had been in the The museum entered the
market area of Davangere, business of selling weights Limca Book of Records in
Karnataka. Called Tula and measures for 45 years. 2016, and in January this
Bhavan, its exhibits include His son Basavaraj joined the year, the Department of
more than 3,000 varieties of family business in 1982. In Posts declared it the ‘first of
weighing and measuring 1997, he decided he wanted its kind’ in the country in its
devices, some dating back at to set up a museum to create in-house magazine.
least three centuries. awareness of varieties of Mr. Yalamalli told The
A visitor can see, for measuring devices. He Hindu that he is sad that he
example, wire gauges and a A measure of history: The museum in Davangere has 3,000 began travelling across the has had little help from local
depth-measuring tape made varieties of weighing scales and measures. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT * country to collect authorities or the
in Germany and folding information and models for government, but he is happy
scales from America and every part of the country, Among the prize pieces are his project. In 2006, he had that his son, Sriraj, has
England. The bulk of the including from the times of wooden beam scales from enough to start the museum. joined him, not just in the
collection, though, the Nizams of Hyderabad, Mysore, and weighing stones When his father died in business but also in the
originates in India, and the Mysore Wadiyars, the used during the Adil Shah 2012, he took over the mission of developing the
includes devices from almost Adil Shahis, and the Keladis. period. running of the business; two museum.



No talks with rebels: Meghalaya DGP

‘GNLA cornered; counter insurgency operations in Garo Hills will continue’
Press Trust of India have been driven out of (than fencing) if Bangladesh counter insurgency opera- Durama Hills in 2013 and in
Shillong Durama Hills and they are on takes effective actions tions against GNLA militants. 2015.
There will be no negotiations the run,” he said adding against the militants. He said the ultra leader, The Meghalaya police had
with rebel outfits in there would be no negoti- “It will also help if there one of the staunchest sup- in the past maintained that
Meghalaya and counter in- ation with the outlawed mil- are more interactions at the porters and ally of ULFA(I) Rajkhowa had himself as-
surgency operations in the itant outfits responsible for level of the deputy commis- chief Paresh Barua, was in sisted GNLA in procuring
Garo Hills against outlawed killing, kidnapping and ter- sioners and superintendents the jungles in Garo Hills arms, provided it with train-
GNLA would continue, Dir- rorizing the western parts of of police,” he said. when his aide - a Garo tribal ing in bomb making and
ector-General of Police S. B. the State since late 2010. from Bangladesh, was killed helped ULFA(I)’s safe cross-
Singh said on Tuesday. ULFA(I) commander in an encounter in South ing to Bangladesh.
“Our stand is that there Effective action Mr. Singh said ULFA(I) com- Garo Hills district in The GNLA in turn allowed
will be no negotiations with The DGP lauded the effective mander Dhrishti Rajkhowa, February. ULFA(I) to keep their kid-
any group as also made clear action taken by Bangladesh who is wanted by Assam and Last year police arrested a napped victims at ITS
by the Ministry of Home Af- in preventing militants from had made the jungles of linkman from Dalu in West Durama hills camp till the
fairs joint secretary in charge making that country a safe Meghalaya his home until Garo Hills who aided the visit money demanded was paid,
of North East,” he said. haven. last year, has fled to of the elusive Rajkhowa to a according to inputs received
“GNLA are cornered. They “It will be more effective Bangladesh following major GNLA camp in the from the Assam Police.

Curtain comes down on Thakurani Jatra festival

Reigning deity’s return journey to the temple marks the end of month-long celebrations
Staff Reporter was followed by eight other votees in the garb of mytho-
BERHAMPUR ghatams as part of the ritual. logical or funny characters.
The month-long biennial Thousands of married Inhabitants of the city
Thakurani Jatra festival of women took part in the large lament that the State tour-
Berhampur, which is famous procession carrying ghatams ism department has not
for its carnival spirit, ended on their head. These taken any major steps to
in the early hours of ghatams were worshipped in publicise the unique carni-
Tuesday. their homes during the dur- val spirit of the festival.
The festival started on ation of the festival. When Former Ganjam Bar Associ-
April 2 night with the trans- the procession reached the ation general secretary
portation of Shasrakshi permanent temple, all the Manoj Patnaik said it was
ghatam, representing the earthen ghatam carried in time for the Odisha govern-
reigning deity of Berham- the procession were crushed ment to market this unique
pur, goddess Budhi Thakur- outside the temple except participatory carnival. Like
ani, from her temple to the Return journey: Budhi Thakurani being taken to her temple the main ghatam represent- the Goa carnival it can also
temporary abode on Desibe- after a month-long stay at a temporary shrine in Berhampur on ing the deity. Women contin- attract tourists from outside
hera street. The conclusion Monday night. LINGARAJ PANDA
* ued to reach the temple till the State.
of the festival marked the re- 10 a.m. on Tuesday to break Social activist Bibhu
turn journey of the deity to the festivities related to the from Desibehera street the ghatams. Prasad Sahu said the State
the temple. return journey of the deity. around 12.45 a.m. and The colourful procession culture department should
More than two-and-a-half A colourful procession reached the temple around for the return journey in- first get the festival organ-
lakh devotees took part in with the ghatam started 3.45 a.m. The main ghatam cluded hundreds of de- ised.

328 left wing

rebels laid
down arms:
Special Correspondent

West Bengal Chief Minister

Mamata Banerjee said on
Tuesday that 328 left wing
extremists had laid down
arms after the Trinamool
Congress government
came to power in 2011.
“So far, in West Bengal,
328 left wing extremists
have surrendered. They in-
clude 111 Maoists in 2017
[till date],” Ms. Banerjee
said on social media.
Of those who had laid
down their arms, 205 had
already been enrolled as
Special Home Guards.
“Apart from employ-
ment, surrendering
Maoists get financial in-
centives as well as assist-
ance for housing, medical
and child education, as per
norms,” she added.
Despite the Chief Minis-
ter’s claims of success in
her anti-left wing extrem-
ism strategy, activists claim
that she has gone back on
her promise of releasing
political prisoners who in-
clude Maoists.
“In 2011, the govern-
ment set up a committee
which recommended re-
lease of all political prison-
ers, including Maoists. But
the government has not
taken action on the recom-
mendations,” Sujato
Bhadra, who was part of
the committee, said.



Haryana govt orders probe into
rape victim’s sexual harassment
Raman Singh’s chopper Teenager alleges she was forced to strip by male police oicials and touched inappropriately
lands in wrong village

> Such
RAIGARH Special Additional Secretary an incident is and touched her inappro- statement before a first
A chopper with Chhattisgarh Correspondent (Home) Ram Niwas said on unacceptable, priately on the pretext of class judicial magistrate in
Chief Minister Raman Singh Chandigarh
Tuesday. whosoever is checking whether she was Kaithal, the petition said.
on board landed in a different A day after the Punjab and “Such an incident is un- raped.
found guilty will
village on Tuesday whereas it Haryana High Court issued acceptable and whosoever No action taken
was to arrive at another a notice to the Haryana is found guilty will be pun- be punished. The ‘Threatened’ Pardeep Rapria, the law-
village with the same name in Director General of Police ished. The guilty won’t be guilty won’t be “One CIA policeman asked yer representing the girl,
Raigarh district, the police on a petition by a 14 year- spared,” he said. spared me to unbuttonmy shirt said even after submitting
said. The pilot probably old rape victim from the Ram Niwas and then he put his hand a complaint to the DGP
mistook the venue where the State alleging that she was Petition filed Additional Secretary (Home) on my thighs. One police- and other authorities, no
CM was to visit under his sexually harassed and The victim had filed a peti- man held on to my toes. action was taken or an FIR
government’s ‘Lok Suraaj forced to strip by male po- tion in the Punjab and 2016. Another told me not to dis- registered against the po-
Abhiyaan’ and landed in Linjir lice officials, the State gov- Haryana High Court, ask- close anything to anyone lice personnel.
village of Pusaur ernment has ordered an ing for registration of an ‘Taken to CIA office’ or the medical examina- On Monday, Justice
development block, a police inquiry into the episode. FIR under relevant provi- During investigation, the tion would not be done. Rekha Mittal of the Punjab
official said. PTI
Serious matter
sions of the Protection of
Children from Sexual Of-
police took her to the
Crime Investigation
Then they took me to the
woman police station and
and Haryana High Court is-
sued a notice to the Hary- Armed men loot ₹1.33 cr
2 judicial officials injured “This matter is extremely fences Act, 2012, and IPC Agency in Kaithal where, told me not to disclose that ana DGP, seeking a reply
in false ceiling collapse
serious, we have ordered
an inquiry into the allega-
against the officials.
The girl had filed a case
according to the petition,
the police personnel asked
I was raped,” the girl has
alleged in the petition.
on the issue before the
next hearing slated for July
from bank’s cash van
Two judicial officials, tion levelled by the girl,” of rape on November 20, her to unbutton her shirt She had recorded the 5.
including a district judge,
were injured when a portion
Accused ire shots at driver, injure him
of a false ceiling at the
district and sessions judge’s
office fell over them here on
Contract employees in Ex-JDA chairman Special Correspondent
to distribute cash to local
branches of the bank at Banur
Tuesday. District and Sessions
Judge Kedar Lal Gupta
Himachal to be regularised arrested by ACB Six armed men reportedly looted
₹1.33 crore on Tuesday from the
cash van of a private bank in Ba-
and Rajpura.
“Preliminary investigation
showed that they (the accused)
suffered a fracture in his left
hand while Chairman, Apex court stayed his bail order nur town of Patiala, after shoot- fired shots at the driver, leaving
ing at the driver and injuring him injured and then made away
Juvenile Justice Board,
Ganesharam, was injured in
Virbhadra govt announces a slew of populist measures Press Trust of India lanki for alleged irreg- him, the police said. with ₹1.33 crore,” said Mr.
Jodhpur ularities in various de- “The hunt for the culprits is Boopathi. The driver, who sus-
the head. PTI
be regularised as daily manpower of the Desert De- The Anti-Corruption velopmental works in on. An alert has been sounded tained serious injuries, has been
Staff Correspondent
SHIMLA wagers. The grant-in-aid to velopment Project and Wa- Bureau (ACB) on Tues- 2013, the SP said. across the State. We have also hospitalised and his condition is
Jawahar Bagh case With the Himachal Pradesh 3,226 watchmen in various tersheds. Hundreds of posts day arrested the Out of the four alerted Haryana and Uttar Pra- said to be critical.
hearing adjourned Assembly elections expected panchayats and honorarium in the Agriculture, Educa- former chairman of cases, Solanki has desh authorities as well,” Senior
to be held by the end of this of Anganwari workers in the tion, Excise and Taxation, the Jodhpur Develop- been arrested in the Superintendent of Police (SSP) S. Probe on
The hearing into the Jawahar year, the Virbhadra Singh- State will be enhanced. The and Health Departments are ment Authority ( JDA) case in which tenders Boopathi told The Hindu. “We are probing the matter from
Bagh violence case has been led government made a slew Cabinet also announced also expected to be filled up. in connection with al- were issued twice for According to the police around all angles. The police are scan-
adjourned till May 9 by a of populist announcements leave rules and benefits for leged irregularities in the construction of a six unidentified men robbed the ning the CCTV footage, and are
court here on the request of on Tuesday. all remaining contract work- Schools to be upgraded the tendering process community hall at the cash-loaded van after intercept- also trying to prepare sketches on
the CBI. District judge The State Cabinet decided ers in the State, including a The Cabinet also approved for a development same location, the of- ing it on the Patiala-Zirakpur the basis of information from
Ramesh Tewari on Tuesday to regularise all contract em- 135-day maternity leave. upgradation of various work. ficer said. Highway in Banur town. The van people who were witness to the
adjourned the case on the ployees here who completed primary and middle schools “Rajendra Singh So- was on its way from Chandigarh crime,” he added.
request of the second three years of service in Grant-in-aid increased in different districts, as lanki was arrested Tender issued twice
investigating officer of the March 2017. The Rogi Kalyan It approved an increase in promised by the Chief Minis- after the Supreme “A tender had been
CBI and district government Samiti paramedical staff will the grant-in-aid to ₹4,000 ter during his visits. Court stayed the anti- floated in 2012-13 for
counsel Gordhan Singh Yadav. be regularised after four from ₹3,000 per child per Approval for empanel- cipatory bail order is- the construction of a
“Our main investigating years of service instead of annum under the Mother ment of super-specialty sued by the High Court community hall in
officer would present the eight years. Pay scales of 4-9- Teresa Matri Asahaya Sam- private hospitals under the last month,” SP (ACB) Mansagar’s Adarsh
argument on some other date 14 will be applicable to all bal Yojna as per the Budget critical care facilities scheme Ajay Pal Lamba said. Colony at a cost of ₹25
set by the court,” the second medical officers and their announcement. also received a green signal. He was declared ar- lakh. However, the
IO said. Vivek, the son of the contract period will also be Another nod was granted These private hospitals will rested at the ACB office Jodhpur Development
main accused Ram Vriksha counted. to filling up of 200 posts of enter into an agreement in Jodhpur, where he Authority issued a
Yadav, was granted bail on panchayat sahayaks in the with the State Swasthaya was summoned for in- second tender for the
April 19 but had to stay in jail Leave rules announced Panchayati Raj Department Bima Yojna Society and terrogation on Tues- same work in 2013-14
as the family had expressed All other part-time workers and 174 posts of contractual provide critical care facilities day morning, he said. with its cost increasing
its inability to pay the bail who completed eight years forest guards in Forest De- on pre-defined package The ACB had filed to ₹70 lakh,” Mr
amount. PTI of service in March 2017 will partment from the existing rates. four cases against So- Lamba said.



Can MOOCs enable the start-up ecosystem?

As they allow employees to upgrade their skill sets without having to take a break, they beneit small enterprises immensely
Gopal Devanahalli function as well. The down- cation industry since 2011. can play a large role in en- lated to the generic areas. Hands-on learning memorandum for investment ganisational structures which
side of this is that very little at- They have brought quality abling the talent and business Quality courses in domains One additional advantage that and handling multiple will aid the business growth

unding, working capital, tention is paid to the learning educational content from the growth in start-ups and small such as data science, artificial MOOCs such as ProLearn stakeholders. as more employees join. The
delivery and fine-tuning needs of the employees which world’s leading educational enterprises. intelligence and digital mar- bring is instructor-led, hands- As the company grows and start-up will have the advant-
of products are the key can impact the business. So, institutions and enterprises to The primary challenge that keting are available in MOOCs on learning in popular areas a HR (L&D) function is in age of not having to invest in
challenges that an early-stage the quesriions are: Is this the people all over the world. a start-up or a small enterprise which will ensure that new such as digital marketing, pro- place, it will be wise to integ- developing or updating
enterprise struggles with on a best approach? Can it be im- It is noteworthy that in the has is ‘how can I hire the best hires will have the required ject management & data sci- rate MOOCs into the com- course content. This ap-
daily basis. Training or invest- proved upon? Can learning be last few years, MOOCs have talent? Can I spend minimum skills. Flipkart and Infosys ence and live projects. This is pany’s talent & development proach will allow companies
ing in employee skill develop- enabled in an environment moved away from being ‘free’ in training them to my re- both claim to hire graduates of a huge benefit for start-ups as strategy at the earliest. It to optimise talent develop-
ment is not a focus area for where job description is hazy? to ‘paid’. Private MOOCs such quirement?’ One simple way Udacity programmes. the employees can implement could be an enterprise rela- ment without incurring much
start-ups. In the early days, The answer, I believe, is yes. as ProLearn & Jigsaw Academy is to ask new hires to complete Training of existing employ- as they learn. More often than tionship with one or more cost.
founders play multiple roles Massive Open Online have also emerged in this a pre-determined set of MOOC ees puts small enterprises in a not, not all founders come MOOCs or a reimbursement As the world becomes flat-
and someone or the other in Courses (MOOCs) are leading space. Despite moving away courses before joining and catch-22 situation. Should em- with all necessary skills to es- on successful completion of ter, it makes complete sense
the team manages the HR a disruption in the global edu- from the free model, MOOCs save on the training cost re- ployees be put in productive tablish a company. programmes. to leverage various resources
work or should they be put in The founders need to build around the world — India’s IT
training to improve productiv- a company around the start- Distributed workforce industry being the classic
ity? up and play multiple roles Domestic MOOCs have the ad- case. It only makes sense that
The 24*7, anytime, any- amidst the pressure to get ded advantage of having con- world-class content from
where learning convenience funding. MOOCs provide an tent which is relevant to the MOOCs be leveraged by start-
that a MOOC provides is a excellent avenue to develop domestic market apart from ups to build a strong em-
huge plus in this regard. In the necessary skills — finance offering mobile-enabled learn- ployee base.
Bengaluru buses, it is not un- courses, digital marketing, ing for a distributed work- (Gopal Devanahalli is
common to see young profes- mobile app development, ana- force. The HR team can be senior vice-president at
sionals going through MOOC lytics, management, putting more focused on setting up Manipal Global Education
content during the commute. together an information processes and developing or- Services. )


Opposition protests sweep Khammam Govt. will reinstate
Parties block roads, want arrested farmers released, remunerative price for chilli growers Senkumar: Pinarayi
P Sridhar ploitative tactics of the ruling asked Nalmela Shankaraiah.
Stage cleared for KHAMMAM party-backed traders,” he The same variety fetched Says Chief Secretary has begun process
pooram ireworks The Khammam district of said. him ₹12,000 a quintal last
THRISSUR Telangana saw a wave of “Five of the 10 arrested year, he said. Special Correspondent
Confusion over Thrissur protests on Tuesday with farmers owe allegiance to Worse is the story of THIRUVANANTHAPURAM
Pooram fireworks has been activists of the Left parties — the ruling TRS. It implies that Tirupathi Rao who sold his Kerala Chief Minister Pin-
cleared with the Petroleum CPI (M), CPI and CPI (ML- resentment cuts across polit- 22 bags at ₹1,800 a quintal arayi Vijayan has said his
and Explosives Safety New Democracy) — and the ical affiliations,” he claimed. and left the market dejected. government is committed to
Organisation (PESO) giving Telugu Desam Party staging He demanded that the Tel- “I have nothing left but reinstating T.P. Senkumar as
conditional permission for road blockades on major angana government buy the tears,” he said. State Police Chief in conson-
them. Though it banned entry points. They deman- entire chilli produce lying Another farmer, Kothap- ance with the Supreme
dynamite, it allowed the use ded the unconditional re- with the farmers at a fair alli Raghupathi, said he Court order.
of ‘gundu,’ ‘kuzhiminnal,’ lease of arrested farmers and price of at least ₹10,000 per came with 22 bags of good Replying to a notice for an
‘olapadakkam,’ and ‘amittu’ remunerative price for the quintal and extend a bonus quality chilli. He was first adjournment motion by M.
with certain restrictions on distraught chilli growers reel- of ₹4,000 a quintal to mitig- offered ₹3,000 by a trader. Ummer in the Assembly on Pinarayi Vijayan
size and intensity. ing under a price crash. ate their woes. Another trader offered him Tuesday, Mr. Vijayan said
Ten farmers were arrested Boiling cauldron: Left party leaders staging a road blockade Chilli farmers, meanwhile, ₹3,500 a quintal and, finally, the government had set the and this had serious implica-
‘Ministers should be by the Khammam Three- at Teladarupalli on Tuesday. G.N.RAO * continued to feel despond- a trader offered him ₹4,000. process in motion even be- tions for law and order. The
present in Secretariat’ Town police in connection ent over the state of affairs. “That’s it. Not more than fore getting a certified copy delay in implementing the
VIJAYAWADA with Friday’s attack on the a case of rioting was re- fore letting them off. In Warangal, beleaguered ₹4,000 per quintal whatever of the order. Chief Secretary order was unjustified.
A.P. Chief Minister N. agriculture market yard. gistered along with the 10 Earlier, speaking to the farmers thronged the market the quality and variety. The Nalini Netto had initiated the Though the government
Chandrababu Naidu on The hour-long road block- farmers in connection with media, Mr. Venkata Veeraiah in large numbers bringing traders have ganged up and process for reinstating Mr. could easily reach out to the
Tuesday expressed ade disrupted vehicular Friday’s attack, led the reiterated his charge that with them their months of decided not to raise the Senkumar. The government Law Secretary and the Ad-
unhappiness over some movement on roads leading protest at Mudigonda man- false cases had been foisted toil in red chilli bags. price,” he said. got the legal opinion of the vocate General, it was delay-
Ministers being absent at the to Kothagudem, Kodad, and dal headquarters town. on him and the 10 farmers. At the Enumamula agri- Congress leader and Advocate-General on ing the decision, he said.
Secretariat in Velagapudi. Suryapet, among others, Leaders of the Left parties cultural market, farmers former chief whip Gandra Monday, he said. Leader of the Opposition
At a TDP meeting, he said leading to traffic snarls. and activists owing allegi- ‘Brewing anger’ were heard relating heart- Venkata Ramana Reddy said Ramesh Chennithala agreed
Ministers should henceforth Traffic was diverted on some ance to farmers’ organisa- “Friday’s incident was a fal- rending tales. “I harvested he would undertake a 24- ‘Force headless’ that the police force was
be present at the Secretariat vital roads connecting Bhad- tions took part in the joint lout of the brewing anger 22 bags of chilli and paid hour hunger strike at the Mr. Ummer alleged that headless. By delaying a de-
regularly, especially on rachalam and other towns. stir. The police detained the among chilli farmers against ₹22,000 for labour. Now, the Ekasila Park on Wednesday since the Supreme Court or- cision, the government was
Thursdays, to attend to TDP legislator Sandra Ven- protesters and shifted them the government’s indiffer- trader is offering ₹3,000 per to protest the indifferent atti- der on April 24, the State Po- setting a wrong precedent,
people’s grievances. kata Veeraiah, against whom to a nearby police station be- ence to their plight and ex- bag. What is left for me,” tude of the government. lice had remained headless he said.

Royals seek removal Karnataka Minister


of Kerala temple EO A festival of drums with a message deies beacon ban

600 exponents of instrumental music to highlight the Bharathapuzha’s distress
He has become a law unto himself: plea Let CM tell me to remove it: U.T. Khader
K.A. Shaji take the message of river ‘panchavadyam’ troupe with
Krishnadas Rajagopal committee, two of whom Palakkad protection and the diverse 33 performers, who till then Press Trust of India beacon light, not the Central
NEW DELHI were principal district and The banks of the cultures it fostered far and worked as daily-wage Mangaluru government, and he had no
The Travancore royal family sessions judges, Bharathapuzha at wide. labourers in farms. Sopanam A Karnataka Minister has re- right to alter it.
on Tuesday approached the Thiruvananthapuram, to Perumparamba, near The 35-year-old exponent, runs an all-women unit that fused to fall in line with the “I do not have power to
Supreme Court for the re- show that Mr. Satheesh’s be- Edappal, are set to who won a Limca Book makes and supplies Central government’s ban alter my car. It is left to the
moval of K.N. Satheesh as haviour gave rise to a large reverberate with the sounds entry with the largest traditional musical on red beacons on VIP Cabinet to decide,” he told
the Executive Officer of the number of complaints from of the largest traditional ‘panchavadyam’ instruments such as vehicles, saying he would re- reporters here on Monday.
Sree Padmanabhaswamy staffers and devotees. percussion ensemble in performance by 201 artists ‘chenda’, ‘idakka’, ‘thimila’, move it if Chief Minister Sid- Mr. Khader also said he
temple, citing instances of The application said it Kerala, on May 7. and the largest ‘thayambaka’ and ‘maddalam’. daramaiah instructs him to would not object to the ban
unbecoming conduct, mis- was affecting the serene at- At the six-day with 101 artists, is hosting do so. on red beacon lights on VIP
use of office and run-ins mosphere of the temple. “It crowdfunded event, over the event through his own A musical melange “If the Chief Minister asks vehicles but most import-
Santhosh Alamkode
with the temple’s adminis- was also pointed out that 600 instrumental music Sopanam School of Exponents of me to remove the red antly, the Centre should
trative committee and staff. the Executive Officer was exponents including tribal Malappuram districts. Panchavadyam. It has so far ‘panchavadyam’, beacon light, I will obey his bring in schemes which
The application filed in acting in a high-handed and Dalit artists will play 35 Santhosh Alamkode, a trained 850 boys and 55 girls ‘thayambaka’, instruction and remove it,” would feed the hungry and
the name of Sri Moolam manner, had become a law types of instruments, master of ‘panchavadyam’, in instrumental music. ‘melappadam’, ‘villinmel Food and Civil Supplies Min- provide education.
Thirunal Rama Varma re- unto himself and was riding watched by thousands of said he had long yearned to Santhosh, who took up thayambaka’, ‘mizhavu’ and ister U.T. Khader said. The aim of the govern-
produces several reports by roughshod over the instruc- enthusiasts and 30,000 organise such a festival on ‘panchavadyam’ at five, was ‘thudikottu’, besides other Mr. Khader said it was the ment should be to raise the
successive chairpersons of tions of the committee,” the students of 200 schools in the banks of the dying instrumental in starting the instruments will be there at State government that had people to the level of VIPs,
the temple administrative royal family said. Palakkad, Thrissur, and Bharathapuzha: that would first all-women the event. given him the car with a red he added.




Nitish, I strongly united: Lalu

Food for thought
RJD chief quells speculation of rift, vows to defeat BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha polls
Amarnath Tewary in Jammu and Kashmir.
Patna “Where is your [PM Modi]
Amid growing speculation of 56-inch chest?… What are
‘Need reverse-direction a widening rift between the you doing after these two at-
migration of students’ two ruling alliance parties in tacks… its seems Jammu and
PHAGWARA (PUNJAB) Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal Kashmir is slipping out of
Noting that Indians in large (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad on our hand", Mr. Prasad said.
numbers go abroad for higher Tuesday stressed that he and The RJD chief's Minister
studies, President Pranab Janata Dal (United) president sons Tej Pratap Yadav and
Mukherjee on Tuesday said Nitish Kumar were “strongly Tejashwi Yadav, and his elder
efforts should be made to united”. daughter Misa Bharti, who is
ensure migration of students Speaking to RJD leaders the party’s Rajya Sabha MP,
in the “reverse direction”. and workers at the party’s also attended the camp. "The
Delivering a convocation three-day national training grand alliance is strongly
address at a university here, camp in Rajgir, Lalu Prasad united and there is no rift
he also called for respecting said: “Nitish Kumar and I are between the RJD and the JD
freedom and equality to build strongly united… though, Taking a dig: Lalu Prasad slammed Prime Minister Narendra (U),” Deputy CM Tejashwi Ya-
a harmonious society. PTI there are some people who Modi over the killing of CRPF personnel in Sukma. FILE PHOTO *
dav reiterated.
want to create a rift between
us.” fight among yourselves,” Mr. in the next general election. Training for leaders
‘Demand for wheat to Prasad asked the leaders. “When Bihar, U.P., Bengal, Party leaders on Wednesday
reach 140 MT by 2050’ Appeal for harmony The RJD chief appealed Odisha and Punjab unite, the will reportedly be trained
CHANDIGARH In light of frequent reports of for a united front in the run BJP will be finished,” said Mr. and given tips at the camp on
The demand for wheat in the leaders of both parties ex- up to the 2019 Lok Sabha Prasad. The RJD chief also how to strengthen party or-
country will reach 140 million changing heated words, Mr. polls and said he was in launched an attack on Prime ganisation and use social me-
tonnes by 2050, the Indian Prasad asked his men to re- touch with Bengal Chief Min- Minister Narendra Modi over dia to send out positive mes-
Council of Agricultural frain from making irrespons- ister Mamata Banerjee, the killing of 26 CRPF per- sages about the RJD. Social
Research (ICAR) has said. I. S. ible statements. “How will Odisha CM Navin Patnaik sonnel in Sukma, Chhattis- scientists and professors will A light moment: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his Cabinet
Solanki, ADG, ICAR, said here you defeat the BJP if you and others to defeat the BJP garh, and two army jawans address the party workers. colleagues share their tiin at the State Mantralaya in Bhopal on Tuesday. PTI *

that the country has so far

recorded huge growth in
wheat production. PTI
‘More TMC leaders to be

Inefficient use of water in

Haryana paddy farming
held in chit fund scam’ Hope loats for residents of remote Odisha villages
Subsidised and unmetered BJP hits out at party ahead of rural polls Ambulance boat to cater to patients who otherwise ind it diicult to reach nearest community health centre
power supply to the farm
sector in Haryana is leading to Staff Reporter the Congress and the Com- Sib Kumar Das Shankar Mishra, said it is a medical unit did not have
“inefficient” utilisation of Kolkata munist Party of India-Marx- BERHAMPUR modern ambulance boat beds for patients and facility
groundwater and electricity Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ist (CPI-M) workers might A new floating medical unit with all required medical for examination and tests.
on paddy cultivation, a study State president Dilip Ghosh join the BJP before the with life saving equipment facilities. According to Pregnant women can be
has found. It said an on Tuesday said more Trin- elections. and beds for patients started government plans, two more delivered of their babies in
estimated amount of ₹844 amool Congress (TMC) lead- “They [Congress and operations in Balimela floating medical units will be the floating ambulance in
crore is being spent as power ers might get arrested in CPI-M] may not even be able reservoir in the Maoist- added to the fleet. case of need,” said the
subsidy on excess connection with the to field candidates,” said Mr. infested Malkangiri district CDMO.
consumption of electricity on Saradha chit fund scam Ghosh. on Tuesday. It will serve the Modern equipment The units can operate at
the crop in the State. PTI ahead of the panchayat inhabitants of 151 remote Apart from being a floating night as they are equipped
polls next year. Boosting security cut-off villages. ambulance, it will be used to with powerful
“If two or three TMC He further said that the provide medical services to headlights.The new
Leaders vow to support leaders end up behind the party would set up “booth Some respite inhabitants of cut-off areas ambulance will have an
newborn healthcare bars before the panchayat defence groups” to prevent The second floating medical Big boon:The boat will move around and hold medical camps in through regular health AYUSH doctor, an attendant,
SANCHI polls, then the party may “looting of votes” during the unit in the reservoir, the new the cut-of areas of Balimela reservoir. LINGARAJ PANDA *
camps. The ambulance, a pharmacist, an MBBS
Leaders of different faiths not be in a condition to con- polls. one is more advanced and made of fibre-reinforced doctor, a medical lab
here on Tuesday resolved to test the polls at all,” said Mr. The TMC leadership, has facilities for tests and away on the other side of the not have direct road link plastic polymer to increase technician and one auxiliary
extend support to newborn Ghosh. He was speaking to however, brushed aside the treatment during reservoir. It takes about with Chitrakonda, the place safety, has two beds for nurse and midwife. For 20
and maternal healthcare the media in Bardhaman remarks. “Forget about the transportation of patients three to four hours by boat where the nearest CHC is patients, a doctor’s chamber, days every month these
initiatives. Nearly 50 leaders district, where the party’s lotus blooming in Bengal. from remote cut-off villages to reach the farthest points located. staff nurse chamber, a boats will hold medical
had gathered as part of a State executive meeting con- Not even a petal will bloom to the nearest community like Jodamba and Panasput Speaking to The Hindu, laboratory for tests as well as camps at 70 places in the
programme organised by an cluded on Tuesday. Mr. here,” TMC secretary gen- health centre at panchayats in the cut-off Chief District Medical Officer all life-saving instruments. cut-off areas of Balimela
NGO. PTI Ghosh also said “most” of eral Partha Chatterjee said. Chitrakonda, about 30 km areas. The cut-off villages do (CDMO), Malkangiri, Uday “The earlier floating reservoir.



U.P. labourer forced

to carry son’s body
Institute to tap gut Railways suspends 3 oicials
Similar incident reported from Bengaluru microbes for drugs Action follows wrong RTI information on purchases
Vedika Chaubey
CR had bought 100 gm of
curd for ₹972 and refined oil
Taking note of the news
report, Railway Minister
Press Trust of India services of a hearse or an The Central Railway (CR) on for ₹1,253 a litre. Suresh Prabhu ordered the
Etawah ambulance, which are to be Chandigarh IMTech leans on growing interest in microbiome Tuesday suspended three of- Chairman Railway Board to
A labourer was forced to provided free of charge. ficials and transferred one Prabhu orders inquiry enquire and take action on
carry the body of his 15- Chief Medical Officer of Jacob Koshy beneficial bacteria) industry In 2016, IMTech research- official for giving out wrong The reply to the RTI, filed by any wrongdoing.
year-old son on his Etawah, Rajeev Yadav, said New Delhi has already started using ers reported in the Frontiers information in reply to an activist Ajay Bose, claimed Addressing a press confer-
shoulders after he was al- the boy was brought dead to Building on a growing, certain species of bacteria as of Immunology how drugs RTI plea, which showed that that commodities that were ence later in the day, Shai-
legedly denied help by the the hospital. “I am told the global scientific interest in healing or curative agents. used to treat tuberculosis the Railways had overpaid procured by the Railways in- lendra Kumar, Chief Com-
doctors at a government doctors were busy with an the human microbiome — Mother Dairy, Amul, Danone changed the gut microbial for certain purchases. cluded 58 litres of refined oil mercial Manager, CR,
hospital here on Monday. accident case and so they the colony of bacteria and Yakult, and Nestle India are profile in mice. This led This follows a report on for ₹72,034 in March 2016, clarified that the costs men-
The incident brought could not ask Udayveer if he microscopic forms that live among the leading produ- them to posit that “micro- Tuesday in the Mumbai edi- 150 packets of Tata Salt for tioned in the reply were in-
back memories of Odisha’s needed transport. Action in the gut, skin and other or- cers of probiotic functional bial therapy could help tion of The Hindu, which ₹2,670, or ₹49 a packet in- correct and that it was actu-
Dana Majhi, who was al- will be taken.” gans of the body — the CSIR- foods and beverages in In- people suffering from TB.” mentioned how an RTI ap- stead of its then MRP of ₹15, ally an error by the RTI staff
legedly denied a hearse by a Institute of Microbial Tech- dia. Their foods use lactoba- IMTech has a library of plication filed as a second and water bottles and soft and action had been taken
hospital and carried his Carried on two-wheeler nology, Chandigarh cilli and bifidobacteria to about 40,000 microbial cell appeal had revealed that the drinks for ₹59 a bottle. against them.
wife’s body on his back last In another incident in (IMTech), is working on a make yoghurt, curd, and cultures (not all of them rel-
year. Bengaluru, a man carried programme to tap its vast several dietary supplements. evant to humans) of varied
In a video which has gone the body of his three-year- collection of microbial provenance. According to
viral on the social and elec- old son on a two-wheeler samples and develop thera- Burgeoning evidence Anil Koul, Director, IMTech,
tronic media, 45-year-old from a government hospital peutic products or drugs. On the other hand, burgeon- their research programme
Udayveer says doctors at the to his home. The boy was The human body is estim- ing evidence suggests that aims to find out what com-
Etawah government hos- knocked down by a vehicle ated to have about 35 trillion atherosclerosis, obesity, in- binations of bacterial spe-
pital did not treat his son on Sunday. He was declared cells, and about two to three testinal problems, and many cies can be used for poten-
Pushpendra and turned him “brought dead” at the An- times as many microbial or- psychological disorders lead tial therapeutics.
away. “My son had a pain in ekal government hospital, ganisms. Most of them live to distinct changes in the “We have scanned gen-
his legs. The doctors spared police said. in the gastrointestinal tract, composition of bacteria in omes before, and have a lot
only a few minutes for my The hospital, however, which is home to around the gut. Restoring balance or of expertise. But now we are
child and said ‘take him denied any “insensitivity” 3,000-4,000 species of bac- teasing out how the by- looking at industry and re-
away, there is no life in the on its part. It said the par- teria, not including viruses products of these organisms search collaborations to see
boy’,” a weeping Udayveer ents of the boy had taken and other life forms. Some lead to chemical changes how these bacteria can be
told reporters here. He said the body without the man- are harmful and many, not. that cause disease, is at the combined in effective ways,”
the doctors did not offer the datory autopsy. The global probiotics (or heart of research. he said in an interview.

‘Walls of heroes’ planned on M.P. shifts iscal year Anup Dutta Now, the financial year will

campuses across country Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh will be the
first State to switch to the
start in January and end in
December,” CM Shivraj
Singh Chouhan said. The de-
January-December financial cision was announced to the
They will have portraits of all Param Vir Chakra awardees year from the present April- press by Public Relations
March cycle. Minister Narrotam Mishra.
Special Correspondent to know it. The entire coun- The change will mean the On April 23, Prime Minis-
NEW DELHI try is anguished,” Mr. financial year will coincide ter Narendra Modi made the
Colleges and university cam- Javadekar said. He reiterated with the calendar year. The proposal at the third govern-
puses across India will soon Finance Minister Arun Jait- decision was taken at a ing council meeting of the
see “walls of heroes” being ley’s statement that the sac- meeting of the Cabinet held NITI Aayog in New Delhi.
erected to reinforce respect rifice of the soldiers would at Mantralaya here on Tues- Mr. Modi said the switch
for war veterans and mar- not be in vain. “It is import- day. “The next budget ses- could have a significant im-
tyrs in young minds. ant that we have portraits of sion will start in January. pact on the economy.
Conceptualised by former such soldiers in our univer-
BJP member of Parliament sities to create passion and
Tarun Vijay, these walls with enthusiasm among the
photographs of all ParamVir youngsters,” he said.
Chakra awardees will come Prakash Javadekar Under the campaign, uni-
up on 1000 campuses across versities will set up walls
the country. the beheading of two Indian measuring 15X20 feet featur-
Launching the ‘Vidya- soldiers by Pakistan. ing portraits of the 21 sol-
Veerta Abhiyan’ (Knowledge- diers decorated with the
Valour Campaign) here, Min- ‘Country anguished’ Param Vir Chakra, the
ister for Human Resource “The condemnable and bar- highest wartime gallantry
Development Prakash baric act has been carried award. Minister of State for
Javadekar said donations out ignoring all principles of Defence Subhash Bhamre
from students and teachers humanity. Even war has also condemned the behead-
should fund these walls. some principles, but they do ing of the two Indian
The Minister condemned not have any or don’t want soldiers.




Winning back the Valley

Delhi must make an open appeal for peace in Kashmir accompanied by consultations with all segments
have for long been inured to viol- real insights into what is taking

Powering up food ence and ideas of a change in plan,

their sole concern having been en-
place. Delhi seems far removed
from the reality of the grim scen-
suring that Kashmir remains an in- ario unfolding in the Valley. Leav-
Augmenting foods with nutrients can improve tegral part of India. ing matters to intelligence and se-
overall health, but it must be regulated Today it is not so much the curity agencies, and the Army
dreaded foreign militants as the would be the least viable option.
M.K. Narayanan

ince a diversiied diet that meets all nutritional re- ‘unattached militants’ who are re- Where do we go from here? To
quirements is diicult to provide, fortiication of sponsible for the bulk of the cur- begin with, policymakers must
The deteriorating situation in rent wave of violence. They do not ponder deeply as to why ordinary
food is relied upon by many countries to prevent
Jammu and Kashmir, together with appear to have a direct link to pro- citizens are prepared to gravitate to
malnutrition. The World Health Organisation estimates strained relations among the Pakistan militant outits such as the areas where actual encounters are
that deiciency of key micronutrients such as iron, vit- Agenda for Alliance partners in the Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mo- taking place risking death and in-
amin A and iodine together afects a third of the world’s State, obviously prompted the hammad, though some linkages jury even though they are not in-

population; in general, insuicient consumption of vit- meeting between Chief Minister with the local Hizbul Mujahideen volved in the protests.
amins and minerals remains problematic. Viewed Mehbooba Mufti and Prime Minis- may exist. Resorting to pyrotechnics such
against the nutrition challenge India faces, processed ter Narendra Modi. The April 24 The leaders are unrecognisable, as the novel idea of tying a pro-
meeting covered various measures and speciic causes undecipher- tester to the bonnet of a security
foods with standards-based fortiication can help ad-
to deal with the violent protests able. Pakistan has not moved away vehicle and driving it through a
vance overall health goals, starting with maternal that have rocked the Valley lately, and continues to instigate viol- crowd of agitators are best
health. It is imperative, for a start, to make iron-fortiied but the main outcome seemed to ence, the latest attack being on an avoided. Today’s agitators are
food widely available, since iron deiciency contributes have been that the Bharatiya Janata Army camp in Kupwara (in which seen as India’s hope in the battle tegic falsehood’. Social media angry and reckless, but it is they
to 20% of maternal deaths and is associated with nearly Party-Peoples Democratic Party al- three Army men were killed), pat- for normalcy in Kashmir, and were tweets and retweets are altering who are redeining the nature of
half of all maternal deaths. The shadow of malnutrition liance would continue. terned on earlier attacks in Uri and willing to stake their future in In- ground realities. Hyperbole is mak- protests and reshaping the con-
extends to the children that women with anaemia give The BJP-PDP ‘soft alliance’ may Pathankot. The new threat comes dia. ing a mockery of truth and provid- tours of the movement.
have survived another rough from an entirely diferent source. Since 2008, the Valley has wit- ing scope for still more lies. The
birth to. They often have low birth weight, are pre-term,
patch. Kashmir, however, does not Consequently, the refrain of ex- nessed several waves of unrest. In only realities are: the dead, the Back to the drawing board
and sufer from poor development and lower cognitive seem to be going anywhere. This ternal instigation and Pakistan’s 2008 and 2010 Kashmir went wounded, the martyr and, of The situation thus demands a com-
abilities. Low intake of vitamins, zinc and folate also may be par for the course as far as role is inadequate to explain the through a particularly diicult course, the authorities who are the plete makeover. There is a need to
causes a variety of health issues, particularly when J&K is concerned, for in the evalu- current imbroglio. Urging the se- period, but the main instigators villains. go back to the drawing board and
growing children are deprived. Fortiication is a low- ation of sceptics the future of Kash- curity forces to exercise restraint then were those who were trained The authorities are losing the efect changes in Kashmir’s Consti-
cost solution. The beneit is maximised when there is a mir is almost always more of the and avoid collateral damage during by Pakistan, and the bulk of those propaganda war. Social media is tution that were introduced post
focus also on adequate intake of oils and fats, which are same. The argument is that Delhi operations also makes little sense. involved were inspired by putting out its own account of the 1960s. This would help estab-
is, by and large, uninterested in The issues are far deeper than ur- Pakistan. Since 2016, however, it is events and encounters, aided and lish a measure of credibility to In-
necessary for the absorption of micronutrients and changing its course, and is content ging all stakeholders to allay the the ‘unattached militant’ who has abetted by several thousands of so- dia’s claims that it is not seeking to
something poorer households often miss in their diet. with providing puerile explana- apprehensions and misgivings of been in the forefront of the cial media accounts operating undermine the autonomy that
The eicacy of the fortiication standards introduced tions for the lives lost and the re- the Kashmir youth. Something struggle. What could be the ex- from across the border. This is Kashmir prizes so much. What
by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India curring crises that alict the State. very diferent has occurred and planation for this? what is providing oxygen to the these are will need to be carefully
(FSSAI) will depend on enforcement. It is important to For alliance partner PDP, having something new needs to be at- As in many other areas, truth ‘unattached militant’, and more worked out by teams of constitu-
ensure that all sections of producers meet the norms, lost its way as far as governance is tempted. tends to be sporadic here, and real- signiicantly, leading to a ‘rainbow tional and other experts.
concerned, it is currently more in- The unorganised – and even di- ity obscure. It would seem that coalition’ between the ‘unattached Immediately, however, what is
since the FSSAI plans to get local lour mills to add pre-
tent on clinging to the Alliance and vided – nature of the protest move- after the dangerous 1990s, milit- militant’ and the ‘Deep State’ in most crucial is to make an open
mixed nutrients. Making afordable, good quality forti- the Srinagar gaddi. The future of ment carries the danger that it ancy has once again regained so- Pakistan. and impassioned appeal for peace
ied foods widely available is the key. Only such stand- Kashmir, hence, is nobody’s could turn into an Intifada, a kind cial acceptance. To an ever increas- Counsels of despair are not of in the Valley accompanied by
ardised processes can provide micronutrients to concern. of people’s uprising with no known ing number of youth, the proile of any use. Putting the blame on the meetings and consultations at sev-
women, and in turn to breastfed children in the irst six leaders, and increasing numbers of violence stands in contrast to the ruling coalition for the present eral levels. No segment should be
months after birth. A well-functioning public distribu- More complex yet trouble-makers, all portraying hypocritical utterances of the au- morass in Kashmir, as former Chief excluded, including separatists
tion system is the best channel to reach precisely those If, during the latter part of 2016, themselves as leaders of the move- thorities in Srinagar and Delhi. Minister Farooq Abdullah has and the Hurriyat. Some of the ideas
Kashmir was portrayed as con- ment. It carries deep risks for both As of today, the Agenda for Alli- done recently, hardly helps. His as- set out in the ‘backchannel’ pro-
sections that need fortiied food the most. In the case of
fronting one of its gravest crises domestic and international reas- ance, the PDP, Hurriyat leaders like sertion that India is heading to- posals (2005-2008) should be re-
children, recent studies show that adding zinc to food ever, the situation in the Valley ons. It is something that India must Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz wards disaster is again of little use. vived. Jobs for Kashmiri youth
during the six months to 12 years growth period re- today is to all intents and purposes prevent before it actually takes Umar Farooq, the erstwhile seces- The suggestions that he has to ofer must be a priority and a massive
duced the risk of death from infectious diseases and all far more complex. The violent shape, and ‘martyrdom’ becomes sionist leaders like Yasin Malik all are a repeat of what has previously job-oriented programme
causes put together. Fortiied food, therefore, provides protests, with a high number of the new normal. stand marginalised. Anger is the been said and tried. launched. India could consider
near to medium-term gains, and addresses micronutri- killed and injured, have hardly The moot question is whether dominant sentiment, as epitom- Restraining and restricting swallowing its pride and reopen
ent malnutrition concerns at the population level. Yet, come down; the patterns set fol- India can, and is willing, to handle ised by the violent protests and the Pakistan’s ability to ish in troubled talks with Pakistan, not so much
lowing the death of Burhan Wani in the truth — bite the bullet in other near total boycott of the recent waters will not be easy. Any expect- hoping that Pakistan would co-
as the WHO points out, in the long term, public health
an encounter in July 2016 also con- words. India could continue to ac- Srinagar poll. The message sent ation that the U.S. would lean sui- operate but to assuage the ‘hard-
goals on prevention and elimination of nutritional dei- tinue. knowledge that those responsible out is clear. Peace cannot be en- ciently on Pakistan to impel the lat- liners’ in Kashmir. Detaching from
ciencies should aim at encouraging people to adopt a di- No one in the Establishment, for the past violence have not aban- forced by authoritarian means or ter to avoid meddling in Kashmir a muscular policy to a more
versiied and wholesome diet. Children, including either in Srinagar or in Delhi, doned the scene, but will need to by iat. needs to be given up. Pakistan is reasoned one has become
those in school, should get a wholesome cooked meal seems to know why the violence is admit at the same time that a Episode upon episode, Kashmir crucial for the U.S. to sort out its essential.
that is naturally rich, and augmented with vegetables, continuing. The unchanging change is taking place behind the is steadily unravelling. Normalcy is Afghan imbroglio. Within Kashmir,
fruits, dairy and other foods of choice. Fortiied foods nature of the Kashmir scene since scene. New faces of militancy had tending to be episodic. Over and the Hurriyat has, today, lost much
M.K. Narayanan is a former National
late 2016 and extending into 2017 is emerged. Amongst these are a above this is the emergence of of its relevance. The PDP-BJP alli- Security Adviser and a former Governor
can help ill the gaps, particularly in areas that are in
beginning to worry even those who large number who were previously what can only be termed as ‘stra- ance is loundering and has few of West Bengal
need of speedy remedial nutrition. It is also vital that
food regulation views the issue of afordability as a cent-

Refuge from the sinking islands

ral concern, because unafordable fortiied food would
defeat the very purpose of fortiication.

Turkish detour We need an international forum to help small island nations threatened by rising sea levels
Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit highlights Armin Rosencranz vironmental degradation such as The cost of adaptation is bound mediately require, they are hardly tity of the displaced in the destina-
the need to refresh bilateral ties Pratheek Reddy inundation, desertiication, soil to be exorbitant. The capital cost of exhaustive. There is a need for a tion country. The United Nations
Tuvalu is a small island nation in erosion and changing coastlines sea level rise in the Caribbean Com- wide range of varied remedies, Framework Convention on Climate

here is usually a heightened exchange of diplo-
the South Paciic and home to than sudden-onset events like munity countries alone is estim- mostly adaptive, such as coastal Change (1992) obligates countries
matic niceties between two countries just before
about 10,000 people. It is likely to storms and cyclones. ated at $187 billion by 2080. The Pa- protection, population consolida- to provide inance to resist global
a high-level bilateral visit. However, the optics be under water in less than 70 The total population in the South ciic Possible programme of the tion, rainwater harvesting and stor- warming. By extending such exist-
and the statements issued by India and Turkey just years. Due to the rising sea level Sea region is projected to reach in World Bank predicts the cost of ad- age, alternative methods of grow- ing obligations through political
ahead of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit were caused by global warming, other excess of 18 million by mid-century, aptation to be $18,500 per person ing fruits and vegetables, human pressure and diplomacy, the forum
distinctly undiplomatic. Just ahead of his trip to India, low-lying island nations such as which could result in between for Marshall Islands and $11,000 for resource development and re- could ensure compensation to the
his irst bilateral visit since 2008 when he was Prime Kiribati, Fiji, Marshall Islands, 665,000 and 1,750,000 people mi- Solomon Islands over a period of 30 search and observation. However, island nations in the form of contri-
Vanuatu, Micronesia and Nauru are grating to other regions of the years from 2012. Legal analysts are in any remedial adaptive mechan- butions from party countries by
Minister, Mr. Erdogan chose to make comments guar-
destined to sufer the same fate. world. A sea level rise of 0.5 to 2 m considering the possibility of an in- ism employed, high costs are managing a fund created in this
anteed to strike a discordant note in New Delhi. He said could leave between 1.2 and 2.2 mil- ternational compensation commis- unavoidable. regard.
The 52 low-lying vulnerable is-
the Kashmir issue could be resolved through “multilat- lion people displaced from the sion which could address the bur- Lastly, the forum would require
land nations sustain 62 million
eral negotiations”, and ofered himself as an intermedi- people and emit less than 1% of Caribbean Sea and the Indian and den of adaptation expenses on the A single-purpose forum a tribunal to assess the case presen-
ary with Pakistan. Mr. Erdogan knows the region well, global greenhouse gases (GHGs), Paciic Oceans. This will set of do- island nations through an interna- The only practical way to attain ted by each island nation and to de-
and is aware of India’s consistent position on resolving yet are among the irst victims of cli- mestic as well as cross-border tional fund. these remedies seems to be to rein- cide whether help from the interna-
mate disruption. High sea levels migration. With the policies in force today, vigorate political pressure and ne- tional community is required. The
the Kashmir dispute bilaterally. That his comments
have already resulted in displace- The international community GHG emissions are projected to gotiate globally to arrive at a forum tribunal could then invoke appro-
came on the heels of his visit to Pakistan last year where does not yet realise its responsibil- grow by 50% by 2050. Any amount that could deal with the issue. priate measures such as multilat-
ment of people in several small is-
he pledged Turkey’s support to the host’s position on ity to enable such migration. For ex- of decrease in GHG emissions can- The primary focus of the forum eral negotiations or directions that
land nations. These island nations
Kashmir made them more pointed. New Delhi also require immediate remedies, in- ample, on request from Tuvalu’s not save the islands from sinking, so created must be to ensure ad- enable migration, compensation
made what could well be considered as a provocative cluding migration, compensation Prime Minister, New Zealand but a signiicant decrease in emis- equate and appropriate remedies and other remedies that could save
gesture by inviting Cyprus President Nicos Anastasi- and reduction in GHG emissions. agreed to allow a meagre 75 Tuvalu- sions could delay the island nations as discussed above. The forum the people of the sinking small is-
ades just days before Mr. Erdogan was due, while Vice ans to relocate annually to their from becoming uninhabitable, must enable negotiations regarding land nations.
Broad but urgent remedies country, a migration that should thereby postponing the burden of the legal status of migrants and de-
President Hamid Ansari made a previously unan-
More people are likely to migrate stretch over 140 years. Australia re- accommodating mass migration. velop adaptive strategies in the des- Armin Rosencranz is professor of law at
nounced visit to Armenia. The decision on the visits re- fused to make any ofers when ap- While these are broad remedies tination country to guarantee and Jindal Global University, Sonipat, where
due to slow-onset processes of en-
lated to two countries that Turkey doesn’t maintain dip- proached similarly. that the sinking island nations im- to protect dignity and cultural iden- Pratheek Reddy is a law student
lomatic ties with was described by India as a
Given this backdrop, Mr. Erdogan’s visit did manage
to meet the somewhat lowered expectations. His rap-
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters emailed to must carry the full postal address and the full name or the name with initials.

port with Narendra Modi is strong, and much bon- Soldier deaths proportionate, that by itself We should ponder over communal violence in the become a democracy that serious war crime for which
homie was on display. Both countries pledged to revive The gruesome act of killing will neither restore whether this would actually name of the cow, beef and provides unequal treatment it was never held
bilateral trade, which has been declining, besides im- of our jawans, committed normality along the LoC nor result in a solution to the cattle since 2014, when the to diferent communities. accountable.
proving air connectivity and increasing tourist arrivals. allegedly by Pakistani deter the rogue Pakistan hostility between the two Bharatiya Janata Party Imtiyaz Shamim, A solution should involve
troops, was an act of Army from repeating such nations. Keeping away from (BJP)-led government came Aligarh de-escalation from both
Mr. Erdogan’s comments on supporting India’s bid for
the UN Security Council membership came with the extreme savagery and acts. Unfortunately, Prime the discussion table has to power (“Two suspected sides. North Korea should
barbarism (“Pakistani Minister Narendra Modi only intensiied the mistrust ‘cattle thieves’ lynched in Korean Peninsula boils be forced to freeze its
rider on other countries being included, and for the
troops kill, mutilate two does not seem to have a and hence avenues for Assam’s Nagaon,” May 2). Noam Chomsky reminded nuclear programme and, as
Nuclear Suppliers Group with the caveat of support for jawans,” May 2). Having credible action plan to dialogue need to be kept No strong action is taken recently in an interview that a quid pro quo, the U.S.
Pakistan. But it is certainly a start that could lead to coming out of its ‘silence either rein in Pakistan or open at all times. China against the vigilantes, an attack on North Korea should halt its joint
deeper engagement on the two issues. Signiicantly, mode’, India now believes calm the Valley. The footage stands irmly with Pakistan making the common man would unleash massive operations with South
while condemning terrorism he mentioned only Naxal in retaliatory action. That its of young girls in school and and recently even Russia feel that by normalising the artillery bombardment of Korea and gradually
violence and did not refer to terrorism emanating from condemnation is not empty college uniforms hurling has sent signals that it is not violence of non-state actors, the South where 28,500 withdraw its troops from
Pakistan. India-Turkey ties date back centuries: Mughal rhetoric was demonstrated stones at our security averse to a good the ruling party is American troops are the Korean Peninsula and
last year through surgical personnel should be a relationship. The U.S., sponsoring an assault on the stationed. Japan. There is universal
rulers and the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire ex- strikes across the Line of wake-up call for our leaders. though it reprimands the Indian state itself. It has The U.S.’s military revulsion for the North
changed diplomatic missions. The poet Rumi and the Control. We hope the Mr. Modi must listen to country time and again, become very easy for some manoeuvres near the North Korean leadership but its
Sui movement there found easy synergy with the sacriice of these soldiers, saner voices and resume continues its inancial aid. of the so-called ‘cow are highly provocative and basic instinct for survival is
Bhakti and Sui movements here. In the 20th century who died in service of the meaningful political Under the circumstances, protectors’ to kill Muslims have exacerbated an understandable. It must be
India’s freedom ighters supported the Turkish inde- nation, does not go in vain initiatives to defuse the isolating Pakistan is not and later justify it, knowing already explosive situation. having in mind the fate of
pendence movement. Turkey under Mr. Erdogan has in and that our forces show situation. going to be an easy task. that the law enforcement North Koreans have much Muammar Qadhai of Libya
determination in avenging S.K. Choudhury, Only uninterrupted machinery will back them to fear. We must keep in who paid the ultimate price
recent years turned away from the old equation, as he Bengaluru
the deaths. diplomatic eforts will bring and will take action not mind that U.S. aircraft after he gave up his nuclear
sought to bolster his image as a leader of the Islamic N. Visveswaran, in sanity in its behaviour. against them but, on the carpet-bombed North Korea programme.
world. It is to New Delhi’s credit that it chose to persist Chennai Such incidents are always V. Subramanian, contrary, against the in June 1952 and then Tejinder Uberoi,
in its diplomacy with this important West Asian coun- followed by a demand that Chennai victims. proceeded to destroy the Los Altos, California

try, with the hope that sustained contact will refresh the It looks like the Pakistan India sever all diplomatic If this lirtation of the state Sui-ho Dam, releasing a
relationship in a way that relects shared concerns and Army’s barbarity knows no relations with Pakistan and In the name of cows machinery with vigilantism huge quantity of water that
is not hyphenated with ties with Pakistan — as India has bounds. While India’s use pressure to isolate the India has been witness to continues, India, like Israel destroyed villages and more letters online:
response should be neighbour internationally. several incidents of and Pakistan, could soon crops. Destroying a dam is a
been able to do with the UAE and Saudi Arabia.



‘India should have its own policy on Afghanistan’

The former Afghan President on U.S. doublespeak on Af-Pak, elusive peace, and why India must stay invested in his country
Suhasini Haidar the Pakistani Air Force has “eye to eye”. This Russian Afghan government and
For years, former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has been violated our borders several stand continued from 2002 people.
outspoken in his criticism of U.S. action in the war on terror. But times, their troops have to 2012, when finally they
in the aftermath of American forces dropping a massive 22,000- entered Afghanistan, and the began to ask questions. For India is a stronger partner
tonne ‘MOAB’ — its biggest non-nuclear bomb — in the country U.S. has done nothing. The example, how come the U.S. of the U.S. today, and the
on April 13, he has criticised the Ashraf Ghani government too, country has become more in- keeps announcing more and U.S. has publicly called for
the first time he has been this vocally critical of his successor. In secure than ever before. And more aid for the war in Afgh- it to have a greater role in
an interview to The Hindu during a visit to Delhi, he explains his to now bomb an ally like us anistan, there’s more fight- Afghan security. What is
comments, as well as his hopes for Indian engagement in Afgh- with the excuse of Daesh is ing, more casualties, more your view on what India
anistan in the future. Excerpts: simply not acceptable, and terrorism there? should do?
in my view the Afghan gov- Why was the war moving
You have come out very Should they not know who is ernment should have stood in a negative way, as if its The U.S. has done the right
strongly against the U.S. the enemy? And then, hun- up to the U.S. on this. Where purpose was to create more thing in asking India to do
bombing in Nangarhar dreds of thousands of people was the need to support it terrorists? So I ask, how more in Afghanistan. This is
province. Given that the were driven away from their anyway, when it appears come, compared to the solid- something I had asked the In-
GBU/43B MOAB (Massive villages; almost all the tribal they were not consulted be- arity from the world in 2002, dian leadership when I was
Ordnance Air Blast) was chiefs I knew had been fore? And within hours, the the U.S. lost all its allies on President, and I know Presid-
claimed to have been used driven out of their villages Health Ministry put out a no- Afghanistan? ent Ghani has done the
to target ISIS Khorasan, with their people. Then the tification saying there were Russia’s move to bring same. My view is that while it
that everyone seems to U.S. comes and hits Afgh- no unhealthy side effects to peace and stability to Afgh- is okay for the U.S. to ask this
agree is a major threat to anistan in the name of the [MOAB] bomb. How do anistan is certainly a wel- of India, India should do
Afghanistan, why are you Daesh, and that too with the they know? come step. The Taliban are more on its own initiative,
objecting? deadliest bomb they have Afghans. Those who are have its own foreign policy
short of a nuclear weapon. In the past few weeks, U.S. Afghans and want to give up on Afghanistan.
I am objecting for two reas- This isn’t hurting Daesh. The National Security Advisor violence must be encouraged Today, the U.S. may ask In-
ons. One, that the Americans motive for the U.S. is clearly H.R. McMaster and and supported to do so. The dia to do more, tomorrow it
waited two and a half to to test its bomb in Afgh- Defence Secretary James Russians aren’t the only ones may ask India not to do
three years for Daesh (the Is- anistan, and to send tough Mattis have both visited to talk to the Taliban. The more. Will India pull back
lamic State) to entrench itself signals to its rivals at the the region, travelling to U.S. held talks with the then? India should have its
in Nangarhar province’s same time. So I condemn it Kabul, Islamabad and Taliban, both directly and own policy on Afghanistan,
Shinwar district, and to use in the strongest possible New Delhi, and the Trump through Pakistan. They met based on its own view of the
those caves, and to abuse our terms, and I see it as a viola- administration seems to them in Qatar, I know that, region, its own interests in
people, to evacuate villages tion of Afghan sovereignty be considering its options and so have other countries. the region, and the interests
of their inhabitants, and ba- and an attack on our soil, on on its future course in The Germans have held of peace and stability in
sically allowed Daesh to do Afghan lives and on Afghan Afghanistan. What do you *
FILE PHOTO: REUTERS talks. The Norwegians con- Afghanistan. Yes, India
all of this, without stopping environment. think the U.S.’s priorities ducted meetings between should do more on Afgh-
them. They had all the
means to stop Daesh from in- You’ve even accused
should be, and how do
you think India can be a
> The Americans
waited two and a
Asia, also includes
reaching out to the
between them. I remember
in 2008, for the first time at
Taliban and Afghan civil soci-
ety representatives in Oslo.
anistan, but it should do
more on its own terms, not
filtrating into Afghanistan President Ghani’s part of its plans? half to three years Taliban and Pakistan. the Shanghai Cooperation So why single out only on requests from America.
across the Durand Line all government of “treason” for Daesh to Given that you are visiting Organisation conference, I Russia?
this time. They monitor this for allowing the bombing. We have heard of the U.S.’s entrench itself in Delhi after visits to Beijing complained to Russian Pres- What does this “do more”
line at all times. So, having al- Won’t such allegations to-and-fro diplomacy since and Moscow, what do you ident [Vladimir] Putin about India hasn’t stopped mean? Does it mean boots
lowed them to cross into weaken the National Unity 2002. They come one day see as the purpose of this American actions in others from talking to the on the ground?
Afghanistan, to allow them to Government at this time? and say that terrorists are be- province’s Shinwar initiative, and how do you Afghanistan. Taliban, but believes this
carry supplies and ammuni- ing kept and trained inside district, without justify its decision to will not lead to peace, as No, it doesn’t mean boots on
tion in... that is a very moun- I don’t want to weaken the sanctuaries inside Pakistan. stopping them protect the Taliban in Complained? the latest April 21 attack in the ground, we don’t need
tainous area and those National Unity Government, And then they provide particular? Mazar-e-Sharif has shown, that. The “do more” means
passes could have been eas- but at the same time I want Pakistan with hundreds of way and walk another way. I said that the way the U.S. in which over 140 soldiers provide Afghanistan what it
ily stopped with just a few the government to defend thousands of dollars in aid. So for me, U.S. NSA McMas- Yes, well, Russia, India, forces were implementing were killed by the needs to stand on its own
people. None of that was Afghanistan. The American You heard, about five years ter’s visit is just a repetition China, even Iran, all suppor- their war on terror, carrying Taliban. Do you still feel feet, to enable Afghanistan
done. And then when the bomb was a violation of ago, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of of what I saw during my gov- ted U.S. presence and its ac- out operations — the manner including the Taliban will [Army] to defend the coun-
local people rose against Afghanistan, it was an attack Staff Admiral [Mike] Mullen ernment, and all that has fol- tions in Afghanistan from of the operations, the aerial work? try, to enable Afghanistan to
Daesh, instead of helping on Afghanistan. And the U.S. called the Haqqani network a lowed with the next 2002 onwards. bombardment, arrests, tor- fight extremism and the viol-
local people there, the U.S. is supposed to be our ally. “veritable arm of the ISI”. government. They were all part of the ture, and the lack of action I have made it very clear that ation of our sovereignty from
Air Force planes targeted They have signed a bilateral They made a statement that Bonn Conference [in 2001] against sanctuaries on the I can no longer call the across the Durand Line, to
their village defence lines security agreement with us. was so strong five years ago, You’re accusing the U.S. of and continued to support the Pakistani side — was causing Taliban my brothers. Their help Afghanistan back to nor-
against Daesh. According to the agreement, and subsequently continued doublespeak, yet some U.S. aims in Afghanistan: more extremism and viol- outrages against the Afghan malcy as a strong state. And
they are supposed to to supply Pakistan with may say Russia is doing fight terrorism, bring stabil- ence in Afghanistan and people are horrendous, and I do it all as an India-Afgh-
By mistake, they said… strengthen Afghanistan, de- weapons, aircraft and the same thing. Its latest ity to Afghanistan, and ad- adding to the ranks of the say every attack they commit anistan initiative, not be-
feat terrorism, and protect money. Just recently, they initiative on Afghanistan, dress the issues in Pakistan Taliban. At that time Presid- now is helping continue the cause any third country re-
Yes, but we don’t know our borders. After the sign- have announced another bringing together what as well. But look what ent Putin told me he had U.S. presence in Afghanistan. quests India. I am sure it
about this. It looks like a mis- ing of the BSA [U.S.-Afgh- $350 million to Pakistan [un- you have called a happened. After all these many differences with the If they truly want the U.S. to already has such a policy,
take, but how do they keep anistan Bilateral Security der the Coalition Support “strategic arc” of Iran, years, that cooperation has U.S.’s conduct in the world, leave, they must engage in a and I hope we will see more
making mistakes like this? Agreement, signed in 2014], Fund]. They can’t talk one China, India and Central given way to competition but on Afghanistan they saw peace process with the of it.



Targeted treatment FIFTY YEARS AGO MAY 3, 1967

U.S. gift of vaccine jet-guns

Lakhs of HIV deaths can be averted as
The Union Health Minister, Dr. Chandrasekhar, took a vaccine
India follows WHO’s recommendations gun from an American diplomat and fired the first “shot” at
him to-day [May 2]. Dr. Chandrasekhar thanking the U.S. Gov-
R. PRASAD ernment for the automatic jet injector, looked at the diplomat
Two years after the World Health with the gun in hand. Mr. Joseph N. Greene promptly rolled up
Organisation (WHO) recommen- his sleeves and let himself be immunised by one of the four
ded that antiretroviral therapy guns that could vaccinate 700 people an hour. Along with the
(ART) be initiated in people living guns has come, in response to an Indian request a fortnight
with HIV irrespective of the CD4 ago, a token consignment representing 10 million emergency
(a type of white-blood cell) doses of freeze-dried small-pox vaccine for droughtstricken Bi-
counts, India has aligned its har and other areas. A gift of 650 million doses has been sup-
policy with the guideline. In a ma- plied by the Soviet Union for the national small-pox eradica-
jor shift, Union Health Minister tion programme.
J.P. Nadda had recently said that A HUNDRED YEARS AGO MAY 3, 1917
any person who tests positive for
HIV will be provided ART “as soon Sir S. Sinha’s speech

as possible and irrespective of the Mr. McLeod, Chairman of the East Indian Section of the Lon-
CD count or clinical stage”. Nearly don Chamber of Commerce, served a luncheon to the Indian
4.5 lakh deaths can be averted delegates to the War Conference. Sir S. Sinha said that the
through this move. problems between India and the rest of the Empire were being
In the absence of AIDS-deining illnesses, the WHO set CD4 that spirit continued the difficulties would vanish. He believed
count less than 200 cells per cubic millimetre as the threshold CONCEPTUAL NOTEBOOK that any fear with regard to the security of British supremacy
to begin ART treatment. Over time, it changed its guidelines Imagined
and, in 2013, increased the threshold to CD4 count less than
New homes for Sri Lankan tuskers in India would shortly disappear, because the loyalty of India
in the war would convince Britons that India desired to remain
500 cells per cu. mm. always an integral part of the Empire. He believed that the war
Change in WHO guidelines
Political science The decision last week overturning a ban on elephant would also bring about mutual trust and confidence between
the different sections of the people of India. India wanted
The recommendation was based on the evidence that an A concept developed by adoption came as a surprise more autonomous power in regard to finance and more equit-
earlier initiation of ART will help people with HIV live longer, political scientist Benedict able adjustment of the burden devolving on India. Each part of
remain healthier and “substantially reduce” the risk of them Anderson to define na- Meera Srinivasan
at Pinnawala and the con- the Empire must contribute according to its resources and
transmitting the virus to others. The availability of safer, af- tionalism. Rather than You don’t have a Sri Lanka sequent pressure on re- power to the defence of the Empire. Referring to the expan-
fordable and easy-to-manage medicines that could help to looking at a nation as one souvenir until you have sources, the government sion of industry and commerce of India.
lower the amount of virus in the blood played a key role in the bound by physical bound- one sporting an elephant. said. Elephants in the CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC
WHO’s decision. Earlier initiation could avert an “additional aries, Anderson defined it The Asian tusker has made orphanage are now avail-
three million deaths and prevent 3.5 million more new HIV in- as a community bound by it to nearly all memorabilia able to individuals or insti- DATA POINT
fections between 2013 and 2025,” noted the WHO in 2013. people who imagine — from t-shirts to tea pack- tutions for adoption. The
In 2015, the WHO once again changed its guidelines. Based themselves to be part of ets and stationery. Traders move came as a surprise,
on evidence from clinical trials and observational studies the group. The Tomb of possibly believe that you especially at a time when
since 2013, it became clear that an earlier use of ART, irrespect- the Unknown Soldier is an can’t sell a souvenir President Maithripala Siris-
ive of the CD4 count, results in better clinical outcomes. Ac- example of nationalism. without the elephant valid- ena has signed a major gaz-
cordingly, it recommended that ART be initiated in HIV-posit- These tombs are either ating its ‘Sri Lankan-ness’. ette notification on wildlife
ive people at any CD4 cell count. empty or hold unidenti- My first encounter with conservation.
As per 2015 estimates, India has 2.1 million HIV-positive fied remains, but nations a Sri Lankan elephant was While temples will get
people, of which only 1.6 million have been diagnosed and with these memorials four summers ago at an them for free, individuals
about a million are on treatment. But over half a million people claim the soldiers as their elephant orphanage — one Some time later, my will have to pay about
are not even aware of their HIV status. own, in their own ima- that had 88 of them — in friends pointed to baby $66,000 for each tusker.
With the government changing its treatment guidelines, the gined communities. Pinnawala, some 100 km elephants being chained Elephants were a part of
0.6 million who have been diagnosed but not been on treat- northeast of Colombo. I there, instantly guilt-trip- temple traditions and pro-
ment are now eligible for treatment. Of the 0.6 million, about went up a raised wooden ping me. I felt bad but only cessions since the time of
0.25 million have been enrolled for pre-ART care and can be platform to feed a piece of till I saw the elephants the ancient Kandyan king-
started on treatment almost immediately. But the biggest chal- watermelon to one of again. The sight of so many dom, and the decision is in
lenge will be to identify the 0.35 million who have been dia- them. The elevation was to elephants — their back line with that, explained a
gnosed but not on treatment and the 0.5 million who have help us look the beast in shining after a long bath — senior Minister, adding
been infected but have not been diagnosed. Also, nearly CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC the eye. The orphanage- parading on a narrow lane that “even if the elephants
80,000 people get infected each year. cum-captive breeding was captivating. I have are given away, we will
Even as eforts are on to expand the 1,600 treatment deliv- MORE ON centre fascinated me, with been there thrice since, monitor them”.
ery sites that are currently operational, there should be
greater focus now on identifying people with HIV. The govern-
ment has plans to start community-based testing to bring it
THE WEB 3 its milieu consisting of a
big herd of elephants, once
the charm remaining alive.
Last week, the country
I don’t know if an ele-
phant will get a better
abandoned, now living in a suddenly overturned an home, but what if the
closer to those in need, and target special groups that are more Seventy years of India at shared open space, the earlier ban on adopting move ends up separating
vulnerable to infection such as partners of people who are Cannes centre supported by the baby elephants. It was a re- some elephants from their
HIV-positive. tourism it spawned. sponse to “overcrowding” families?





Beheading inhuman,
We’ll choose when to pay back, says Army
‘Pakistani forces have done the killing and mutilation, they have to take responsibility and face the consequences’
says Army Dinakar Peri
The Inter-Services Public the situation within the val- New Delhi
Relations (ISPR) said in a ley,” the ISPR said. The Army said on Tuesday
statement that the DGMO Also, Maj. Gen. Mirza that it would retaliate against
“rejected the baseless and asked for “actionable evid- the Pakistani forces at a time
unfounded Indian allega- ence” and said the Indian and place of its choosing for
tions of beheading” of In- Army should look “inwards the killing and beheading of
dian soldiers by the Pakistan to probe the incident”. two jawans along the Line of
Army. The ISPR statement said Control on Monday.
Maj. Gen. Mirza said no Maj. Gen. Mirza also told his Many in the establish-
ceasefire violations oc- Indian counterpart that ment, however, hoped for an
curred in the alleged sector, Pakistan was committed to early political intervention to
nor was the LoC crossed by maintaining peace along the stem the downward spiral in
Pakistani troops. LoC. However, “any misad- India-Pakistan relations.
“The DGMO highlighted venture shall be appropri- Speaking at an event on
that the Pakistan Army is a ately responded [to] at a Tuesday, Vice-Chief of the
professional military outfit place and time of own Army Staff Lt. Gen. Sarath
and upholds the highest choosing.” Meanwhile, the Chand said what the Army
standards of conduct. Alleg- two sides on Tuesday con- would do could not be dis-
ations of mutilation are an tinued exchange of fire on cussed in public. “We will do Irreparable loss: Family and friends console the wife of Naik Subedar Paramjit Singh at Vein Poin
Indian attempt to divert the the border with small arms it at the time and place of village in Amritsar on Tuesday. AP *

attention of the world from and mortars. our choosing,” he said.

Pinning the onus of the at- Border Action Team squad. ical responses to ensure that

Poll panel cancels

tack on the Pakistan Army,
the Vice-Chief said, “They
said today their forces have
The two soldiers were part of
a patrol team.
Usually, the response after
Anti-Pak. slogans at last journey the situation did not go out
of hand.
A senior Army officer said
not done it. Then who has such incidents is an immedi- Press Trust of India the district headquarters cavalcade. Uttar Pradesh the government also needed
Anantnag byelection done it? They have done it
and they have to take re-
ate assault, using small arms
and concentrated mortar
Strong anti-Pakistan
here on Tuesday. Anti-
Pakistan slogans were
Minister Surya Pratap
Shahi and senior
to activate its political and
diplomatic influences to con-
sponsibility and face the fire, on the adversary’s posts sentiments marked the last raised as the IAF chopper, administrative officers tain such irresponsible ac-
The State government re- ted by large-scale violence. consequences.” that aided in the incident, journey of slain BSF Head carrying the soldier’s body, were present. People lined tions of Pakistan and to sta-
ports said terrorist activities Apprehending more viol- While exchange of fire while various broader op- Constable Prem Sagar as landed at the Police Lines the route to pay a tearful bilise the Kashmir situation.
had increased and posters ence, the Election Commis- continued through the day, tions are debated. In Novem- his body arrived in Uttar ground in the evening. farewell to the brave heart “Ultimately, we are losing
had come up in south Kash- sion sought a detailed re- officials said a major payback ber, after a similar incident, Pradesh and was taken to Placed in an ambulance who was beheaded by men unnecessarily,” he said.
mir threatening the people port on Anantnag, where would take some time. the Army launched a large- his native Takenpur of the district hospital, the Pakistani forces in the “If the summer situation
with dire consequences if the byelection was origin- “Local action will go on, a scale fire assault on Pakistan village, about 40 km from body was taken in a Poonch sector. should not get out of control,
they took part in the elec- ally scheduled on April 12. major retaliation will be a Army posts deemed respons- then the border and Kashmir
tions. The State government re- well-thought-out one. It will ible and pulverised them cannot be left to just the se-
The State initially sought quested that the election be take time,” a source said. with heavy mortar fire. A “What is needed is a syner- He said these were high- cident,” Lt. Gen. Bhatia curity forces,” an intelligence
300 companies of Central deferred because the dis- Naik Subedar Paramjit similar action could follow. gised and focussed action to visibility attacks and the stated, pointing to the up- officer said.
armed police forces. The EC tricts falling under the con- Singh from Tarn Taran in raise the cost for Pakistan in Pakistani Army was trying to coming summit of the Shang- Recently, an Army Com-
took up the matter with the stituency — Anantnag, Pul- Punjab and head constable Synergised action all domains,” said Lt. Gen. send a message both “intern- hai Cooperation Organisa- mander told The Hindu that
Home Ministry, which wama, Kulgam and Shopian Prem Singh of the BSF from While the cycle of strikes and Vinod Bhatia, former Dir- ally and also to us”. tion in June. While anger while the immediate re-
provided the forces. — were the worst-affected. Deoria in U.P. were killed counter-strikes continues, ector-General of Military Op- “There is an established dominated discussions, sponse should be by the mil-
The Srinagar byelection, Hence, it was postponed to and their bodies mutilated experts and veterans called erations and Director, Centre pattern. Every time there is a many in the security estab- itary, the broader action
held on April 9, was disrup- May 25. on Monday by a Pakistani for a synergised action. for Joint Warfare Studies. political move, there is an in- lishment are calling for polit- must be political.

Kejriwal reaches out Poll panel’s credibility Rawat meets troops on

to angry Vishwas
“I don’t want to be the chief
minister or the deputy chief
“I have also been ques-
hit, say Congress, NC LoC, calls for vigilance
minister or even the party tioned for making public re-
convenor. This is not the
reason why I joined the
marks and releasing videos,
but if my nation's pride is at
Oppn. says Anantnag bypoll cancelled to save State govt. Army chief briefed on border security situation
movement. I do not know stake I will speak up. I won’t Peerzada Ashiq
Peerzada Ashiq went ahead and later the
why other people joined it, stay silent,” he added. Srinagar Srinagar
but I am not here for any po- Half an hour later, Mr Sis- PDP’s candidate urged the
The National Conference Commission to postpone The Chief of the Army Staff,
sition,” he said trying to con- odia hit back saying if Mr General Bipin Rawat, on
trol his tears. Vishwas had any issues he and the Congress on Tues- the election, which was
day alleged that the Election agreed to by the EC,” Mr. Tuesday visited the frontier
He said Mr Khan was just should have attended the areas in north Kashmir and
a pawn in the hands of big- political affairs committee Commission had decided to Sagar alleged.
cancel the Anantnag Lok Meanwhile, former Chief interacted with commanders
ger players who were trying meeting on Monday. and troops deployed along
to defame him. Mr. Sisodia said the AAP Sabha byelection to saving Minister and NC working
the BJP-PDP coalition gov- president Omar Abdullah, the Line of Control.
“Around seven years ago, was not anybody’s personal Gen. Rawat’s visit comes
three friends — Arvind, Man- property. ernment in the State from blamed Chief Minister Me-
embarrassment. hbooba Mufti for the EC’s just a day after two soldiers
ish and I — had dreamt of “It is a party of lakhs of were killed in a Pakistani
forming this party out of our workers in India and abroad J&K Pradesh Congress decision. “This is your leg-
Committee president G.A. acy Ms. Mufti. Your ‘5% of ceasefire violation in the
movement. Amanatullah who have dedicated their Krishna Ghati Sector of Forward defence: General Bipin Rawat visiting the frontier
made such serious allega- lives for the movement,” Mr Mir, the joint candidate of Omar Abdullah the people’ have brought
the two parties for the seat, J&K back to the early 1990s; Poonch. areas in north Kashmir on Tuesday. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

tions against me and I know Sisodia said, adding that Mr The Army chief called for
he is just a pawn in the Vishwas had turned this into said the failure of the Union right to remain in power,” he yet shamelessly you cling
and the State governments said. on to power! It’s depressing “vigilance” on the LoC to Suspected militants day after five policemen and
hands of someone else,” he a personal fight. thwart any misadventure looted a bank in south Kash- two bank employees were
to conduct the elections National Conference gen- to see how far we have re-
showed “how grim and out eral secretary Ali gressed in Kashmir from the from across the border, es- mir’s Kulgam district on killed by militants in Kulgan

‘TMC MPs misused of control the situation in

Kashmir is”. The Congress
candidate alleged that the
Muhammad Sagar said the
cancellation had “put a ques-
tion mark on EC’s
highs of the Assembly polls
of 2014 to the cancelled
election of 2017,” he said.
pecially as the summer sets
in. He was accompanied by
the Northern Army and
Tuesday afternoon. A police
official said a masked gun-
man barged into the Ellaquai
after attacking a bank van.

Kulgam attack

their oicial positions’ Centre could not provide the

security required and adop-

At PDP’s bidding
He said that in many
ways, this was similar to the
Chinar Corps Commanders.
The Army Chief was
briefed by formation com-
Dehati Bank, Kader, and de-
camped with ₹65,000.
A bank employee said the
According to the police in-
quiry, the militant outfit
Hizbul Mujahideen was be-
ted dilly-dallying tactics “to symbolic victory against In-
Staff Reporter Paul. save the already dented im- “The EC has taken this de- dia scored by the release of manders on the security militants were carrying pis- hind the Kulgam attack.
BHUBANESWAR situation on the border and tol. “The incident occurred “Militant Umar Majid, a
As per the charge-sheets age of the PDP-BJP govern- cision on the recommenda- militants for Ms. Mufti’s sis-
The CBI, probing the Rose filed against the two last ment in the State”. tion of the coalition govern- ter in 1990. “The only measures instituted to when employees were busy resident of Souch, and two
Valley Group scam, has said week, Mr. Bandyopadhyay “Scrapping of the byelec- ment in the State. Earlier, things keeping Ms. Mufti in strengthen the security pos- in public dealings,” said the others had attacked the cash
that it has uncovered in- had full knowledge of and tions is a blot on the face of everybody urged the EC to office are her shameless- ture, besides overall opera- bank official. A major comb- delivery vehicle of Jammu
stances of gross misuse of was conscious of the illegal both the State and the Cent- postpone the bypolls keep- ness and a misplaced sense tional and logistical pre- ing operation was launched and Kashmir Bank at Kul-
official positions by Trin- money collection business ral governments. The PDP- ing in view of the unfavour- of pride in Delhi preventing paredness, a defence in the area. gam’s Pumbai,” said the
amool Congress MPs Sudip of the Group through the BJP alliance has no moral able atmosphere but they admission of mistake.” spokesman said. The incident comes just a police.
Bandyopadhyay and Tapas media.

Serve warrant on Govt. quizzed

on insurance
Money laundering case Modi expresses concern
judges: Karnan against Dhinakaran
for farmers
Legal Correspondent ED action based on bribery case
at Australia visa policy
SC had ordered medical test for him NEW DELHI
The Supreme Court on Special Correspondent Raises issue during talk with Prime Minister Turnbull
Staff Reporter Tuesday questioned the NEW DELHI
Kolkata government policy on the The Enforcement Director- Special Correspondent Economic Cooperation
Calcutta High Court judge fate of insurance schemes ate has registered a money NEW DELHI Agreement],” Ministry of Ex-
C.S. Karnan on Tuesday is- provided to farmers, ask- laundering case against AI- Australia’s newly introduced ternal Affairs spokesperson
sued a non-bailable warrant ing whether the entire ADMK (Amma) leader T.T.V. visa restrictions are likely to Gopal Baglay had said ex-
against Chief Justice of India claim money would be for- Dhinakaran and his associ- impact India. plaining the ambit of the
J.S. Khehar and six Supreme feited, with the farmers ates, based on an FIR re- The issue of the visas possible impact of the new
Court judges. The seven getting nothing, in case he gistered by the Delhi police came up when Australian visa policy.
judges were on the Bench is unable to pay an in connection with the Elec- Prime Minister Malcolm
which had issued a con- instalment. tion Commission bribery Turnbull called up Prime To keep in touch
tempt of court notice “If the insurance claim is case. He is currently in judi- Minister Narendra Modi on However, on Tuesday, both
against him. not paid, does the money cial custody. T.T.V. Dhinakaran Tuesday. Prime Ministers decided that
The development comes get forfeited? Does it lapse? The police probe is into “Prime Minister Modi ex- they would be in touch
a day after the Supreme C.S. Karnan Who gets it? Does it go the alleged conspiracy for more persons are under the pressed concern about the through officials to discuss
Court ordered a medical ex- back to the farmer? What bribing a senior EC official scanner. possible impact of the recent the emerging issues.
amination to be conducted the medical examination, happens? We want to to get the AIADMK’s “Two changes in Australian regula- “The two Prime Ministers
on Justice Karnan to confirm Justice Karnan issued an or- know,” a Bench led by Leaves” election symbol for Money trail tions for the skilled profes- Narendra Modi also discussed the follow-up
if he was “feigning mental der instructing the Director- Chief Justice J.S. Khehar Mr. Dhinakaran’s faction for On its part, the ED will pur- sionals’ visa programme. action taken after the visit of
imbalance”. General of Police, New asked the Centre. the R.K. Nagar Assembly sue the money trail as it is The two Prime Ministers years. The notification also Mr. Turnbull to India last
“The Registrar General Delhi, to produce the seven The query came after byelection in Chennai. alleged that the first instal- agreed that officials from announced an increase of month, and the steps re-
[of ], High Court at Calcutta judges before a psychiatric Additional Solicitor Gen- The poll body had later ment of ₹10 crore had both sides will remain in visa fees. quired to further strengthen
is directed to issue the non- board. eral P.S. Narasimha submit- cancelled the election based already been paid to close touch on the issue,” Soon after the announce- the bilateral relationship,”
bailable warrant to the ted that the insurance on evidence that huge sums Chandrasekhar for the ₹50- said a government release. ment, India had indicated the government statement
above-named accused ‘Harassment order’ provided to farmers has of cash and gifts had been crore deal. The police have that the move which came said.
[seven Supreme Court Also refusing to undergo seen a “sea change” at the distributed to influence so far recovered ₹1.3 crore 457 policy almost simultaneously with Prime Minister Turnbull
judges] to be executed medical tests as directed by ground level. voters. in cash that was transported This was the first telephone a similar step by the U.S. gov- thanked Prime Minister
through the Director-Gen- the Supreme Court, he said The court was looking The police have arrested from Chennai to Delhi by conversation since Mr. Turn- ernment on the H-1B visas, Modi for making his visit to
eral of Police or Commis- the Supreme Court order into farmers' suicides, the Mr. Dhinakaran, his associ- cars, it is alleged. bull’s visit to Delhi in the first would impact talks on a India “highly successful”.
sioner of Police of New was a “harassment order” various reasons behind the ate Mallikarjuna, alleged Mr. Dhinakaran was ar- fortnight of April after which trade pact. Mr. Modi and Mr. Turn-
Delhi,” Justice Karnan said and an “insult” to a Dalit tragedy, including bad middleman Sukesh rested here on April 25 after he announced the scrapping “The government is ex- bull also discussed the fol-
in his order. judge like him. debts and vagaries of Chandrasekhar and “hawala several rounds of question- of the “457” visa policy that amining consequences of low-up action taken after the
He also described the In April, Justice Karnan nature. operator” Naresh. ing. benefited skilled Indian IT the new policy in consulta- visit of the Australian Prime
seven judges as “absent” in directed the Supreme Court Mr. Narasimha said the They claim to have estab- He was also taken to workers. tion with all stakeholders. Minister and the steps re-
his latest order. judges to appear before him budgetary allocation de- lished the link between him Chennai for reconstruction As part of the new policy, This is also a matter we will quired to further strengthen
On Monday, soon after on May 28 and later “repos- voted to protect the farmer and Chandrasekhar based of the sequence of events the tenure of the visas was to be looking at in the context the bilateral ties.
the Supreme Court ordered ted” the matter to May 1. is like “never before”. on phone records. Three and recoveries. be reduced from four to two of CECA [Comprehensive (With inputs from ANI)



No invasion of body for UID: Centre New IT rules to
Says the right of a person to his or her body is not absolute, State has the power to take the life of a person beef up Aadhaar
Krishnadas Rajagopal there who want to be re-
NEW DELHI membered and included in
Taking fingerprints and iris the welfare schemes of the Oicial promises end to security fears
Modi to remain in charge impressions for Aadhaar is state,” Mr. Rohatgi
till 2024, says Paswan not an invasion of the body submitted. Vikas Dhoot
NEW DELHI as the right of a person to his NEW DELHI
Union Minister and LJP or her body is not absolute, Surveillance fear To address privacy and se-
president Ram Vilas Paswan the government told the Su- Countering arguments made curity concerns over
on Tuesday took a dig at preme Court on Tuesday. that fingerprint and iris im- Aadhaar, the Centre is in the
Opposition parties over their Attorney-General Mukul pressions would be used to process of educating gov-
attempts at unity, saying they Rohatgi referred to the mount a state surveillance ernment agencies that sens-
should not waste their time power of the state to take the and the “nation would turn itive data must not be made
as there is no vacancy for the life of a person, at which the into a large concentration public, and is drafting
PM’s post till 2024. Briefing Bench of Justices A.K. Sikri camp”, Mr. Rohatgi submit- amendments to the Inform-
reporters following his party and Ashok Bhushan inter- ted that the mandatory link- ation Technology (IT) Act to
meeting on April 29 and 30 in vened to point out that the age of PAN with Aadhaar was strengthen provisions for Data will be used for the
Dadra and Nagar Haveli, he state can extinguish a per- a step towards a “more or- data protection and purpose it was collected,
heaped praise on the PM for son’s life only after following derly world”. security. says Aruna Sundararajan
his “pro-Dalit” measures. He the due process of law. “It is to ensure that tax Apart from privacy is-
expressed confidence that “The state has the duty to card, saying that to live in a kinds of photos. We take fin- fringe upon the citizens’ fun- money goes to serve the sues, the new IT law will ment agencies are making
Mr. Modi would remain in maintain the liberty of an in- collective called the “state”, gerprints even before exer- damental rights,” Justice poor and will create a better quell security concerns re- available all this sensitive
charge till 2024. PTI dividual. The state has, more one has to submit to its laws. cising our fundamental Sikri countered. world. Not because Uncle lated to digital payments, data. So now, the process is
importantly, the obligation He was replying to argu- rights to travel abroad. We Mr. Rohatgi said the criti- Sam wants to snoop on you,” Aruna Sundararajan, Secret- to educate them so that they
Army test-fires Brahmos to maintain the dignity of an ments made earlier by coun- part with all kinds of data cism against the biometric he said. The AG added that ary, Union Electronics and become aware that Aadhaar
land-attack cruise missile individual. Dignity is an indi- sel Shyam Divan that the through our mobile phones. system of identification used there was nothing wrong in Information Technology data is not meant to be pub-
NEW DELHI vidual right,” Justice Sikri state did not have the right to We part with our biometrics in Aadhaar enrolment was the state collecting finger- Ministry, told The Hindu. lished like this freely,” she
The Army on Tuesday told the Attorney-General. force a citizen to part with even before flying abroad. based on the “myopic view- prints to help prevent or to Her comments assume sig- said.
successfully test fired an biometric details without How is an iris scan more in- point of the rich who do not aid solving a crime. “But is it nificance as Aadhaar’s ori- “No Aadhaar data can be
advanced version of the Submission to laws free, informed and voluntary trusive than photos? The ar- anyway use the public distri- alright to treat everyone as a ginal architect and former shared with anybody or be
Brahmos land-attack cruise Mr. Rohatgi defended the consent. gument of so-called privacy bution system”. suspect?” Justice Sikri asked. Infosys CEO, Nandan used for any purpose other
missile in the Andaman and legality of the newly in- “Can you say I have a right and bodily integrity is “These are people who He said Section 139AA was Nilekani, recently mooted than for which it was collec-
Nicobar Islands, revalidating cluded Section 139AA of the to abuse my body because it bogus,” Mr. Rohatgi respon- say they have a right to be nothing but a repetition of the need for strong data ted. There are several limita-
the weapon’s strike capability. Income Tax Act making is my body and I will pick up ded. “We are not against forgotten. But the state can- PAN. “The only difference is protection and privacy laws tions imposed by the Act,”
The land-to-land Aadhaar mandatory for filing weed from the road and state regulations, but these not forget you. There are a one of single ‘A’ and double to ensure citizen data in the she said.
configuration of the Brahmos income tax returns and PAN smoke it? People take all regulations should not in- large number of people out ‘A’,” Mr. Rohatgi said. Unique Identification (UID) As per the CIS report, the
missile was launched from a database was not misused. data in question has not
mobile autonomous launcher been treated as confidential

Team in U.K. to get Mallya extradited

and it met all flight Plugging data leakage at all in several cases and
parameters in a ‘copybook’ Close to 135 million Aadhaar the government agencies in
manner. PTI numbers and 100 million question have, in fact, taken
bank account numbers pains to publish them.
Outfit admits its role could have leaked from offi- “These are wilful and inten-
in Manipur ambushes CBI, ED sleuths tasked with putting up arguments against him during court hearing on May 17 cial portals dealing with gov- tional instances of treating
IMPHAL ernment programmes of Aadhaar numbers and other
People's War Group of the Special Correspondent in accordance with the rules, moved a formal request for on the ED’s request, follow- pensions and rural employ- personally identifiable in-
Kangleipak Communist Party NEW DELHI after a preliminary hearing. Mr. Mallya’s extradition on ing which a request for his ment, according to a report formation (PII) as publicly
has owned responsibility for A team of senior Central Bur- The court fixed May 17 as February 8, after the CBI deportation was made. by the Centre for Internet shareable data by the cus-
the ambushes on oil tankers eau of Investigation and En- the next date of hearing, ex- filed a charge sheet against However, the U.K. turned and Society (CIS) published todians of the data,” the CIS
along NH 2 last month and forcement Directorate offi- tending an opportunity to him and his now-defunct down the request stating on Monday. With Aadhaar report noted.
for the planting of bomb in cials has reached London to the prosecution wing to company Kingfisher Airlines that he had entered the being used to authenticate
the house of an IOC official brief the British Crown Pro- prima facie prove his involve- on January 24 in connection country on valid travel and authorise transactions, Legal changes
on April 27. The outfit secution Service on the crim- ment in the cases against with the ₹900-crore IDBI papers. the financial risks presented “Some of the amendments
expressed regret over the inal cases pending against in- him in India, as per the pro- Bank loan default. Several The issue of pending ex- by the disclosure of such we are bringing to the IT Act
injuries caused to some dustrialist Vijay Mallya. visions of the Extradition bank officials have also been tradition requests were data are greatly exacer- should take care of the rest
drivers, but warned the Act, 2003. named in the case. earlier taken up during a bi- bated, it said. of the (privacy and data pro-
drivers they will be treated as Prosecution’s turn The four-member team is lateral meeting between “Actually, Aadhaar has tection) concerns relating to
anti- revolutionaries if they Mr. Mallya, who has been de- led by CBI Additional Dir- Extradition requests Prime Minister Narendra very strong privacy regula- Aadhaar,” Ms. Sundararajan
go against the restrictions clared a proclaimed offender ector Rakesh Asthana. Mr. Mallya had flown out of Modi and U.K. Prime Minis- tion built into it... But the said. The key focus of these
imposed on the IOC. The oil by a Mumbai court in a The CBI has filed two FIRs Vijay Mallya the country on March 2 last ter Theresa May last Novem- area we are working on is amendments being drafted,
tanker drivers are on a cease- money-laundering case against Mr. Mallya for alleged year using his diplomatic ber. Union Finance Minister enforcement,” Ms. Sundara- she said, is strengthening
work strike from Monday, against him, was arrested by wilful default of loans, while attached assets worth over passport. Arun Jaitley had also raised rajan said. data protection provisions
demanding adequate security the U.K. police in April and the ED has registered a ₹9,600 crore. The External Affairs Min- the issue during his U.K. visit “People are not aware. So and security, particularly in
for them along the highways. released by a court on bail, money laundering case and The Indian agencies istry cancelled the passport in March. a large number of govern- relation to digital payments.

Bajrang Dal
Promoting tourism leader held
Press Trust of India
Bhadrak (Odisha)
A senior Bajrang Dal leader
was on Tuesday arrested in
connection with the viol-
ence in Bhadrak town,
triggered allegedly by abus-
ive remarks against Hindu
deities posted on social
Manas Mohanty, Bajrang
Dal’s State secretary, was
arrested here for his al-
leged role in the violence
that took place in the town
on April 6 and 7, Inspector
In-Charge of Bhadrak town
police station Manoja Rout
The arrest was made
after his role in inciting vi-
olence came to notice after
a thorough scrutiny of a
video footage, he said.

Water sport:Kashmiris row their boats during the Shikara Festival at the Dal Lake in Srinagar on Tuesday. * NISSAR AHMAD

Ola cab driver arrested for Three bodies

found in a
molesting woman passenger parked car
He was also working under an assumed identity Press Trust of India
Special Correspondent the Ola office and tampered a friend approached the jur- The bodies of three per-
Bengaluru with Ravikumar’s docu- isdictional Bommanahalli sons, including two wo-
A driver working with a cab ments,” said Additional police to file a complaint. men, were recovered on
aggregator under an as- Commissioner of Police At the time, she noted Tuesday from a car parked
sumed identity was arrested Hemanth Nimbalkar. that the driver’s name was in front of the famous Sikh
on Tuesday on the charge of “The involvement of Ola Ravikumar, which matched shrine of Paonta Sahib in
assaulting a woman passen- is being investigated,” he the company’s records, said Sirmaur district of Hi-
ger near Begur on April 28. added. the police. The police arres- machal Pradesh, the police
The suspect, Imran Khan, Khan has been charged ted Ravikumar, but what said.
is from Madhya Pradesh. Po- with molestation and also seemed like a simple case
lice said the vehicle owner, booked for forgery and im- soon started to unravel after ‘Suicide likely’
Naveen Rajput, had em- personation. Rajput has the woman, during the iden- “It appears to be a case of
ployed a driver named been arrested for abetting tification parade, said the suicide and all the victims
Ravikumar. When Raviku- the impersonation. man arrested was not the are residents of Dehradun
mar quit in February 2017, Ola was not available for one who had driven her. adjoining Uttarakhand
Rajput hired Imran but did comment. “We then picked up the State. All the deceased are
not update the company The city police initially ar- owner of the cab, Navneet members of one family,”
about the change. rested Ravikumar, who used Rajput, who confessed to DSP Paonta Sahib Pramod
The police claim that to work with Ola, following having taken on a new Chauhan said.
Khan does not have a valid the complaint. driver, Imran Khan, under The names of the de-
licence. According to the woman, Ravikumar’s name,” said a ceased would be disclosed
When the woman passen- a professional singer, the senior police officer. after some more verifica-
ger lodged a complaint, she driver picked her up from According to Mr Nim- tion, he added.
gave the driver’s name as Koramangala around 2 a.m. balkar, Rajput had Khan use As soon as police re-
Ravikumar. Police picked up on April 28 to drop her at the login details of Raviku- ceived the information
Ravikumar, only to be told Begur. On Begur Road, un- mar. When Rajput realised about bodies laying in the
by the woman that he was der the pretext of taking a U- that the police were investig- car in the municipal park-
not the perpetrator. turn, he allegedly turned ating the case, he and Khan, ing, it rushed to the spot
“We suspect that when around and molested her. fearing that their forgery and immediately opened
the two accused realised She managed to escape and would be exposed, attemp- the car to recover the bod-
that the passenger had filed took shelter in a nearby ted to erase Ravikumar’s de- ies of a man and two wo-
a complaint, they broke into health clinic. Later, she and tails from the database. men, the DSP said.




Trump would be ‘honoured’ Hamas accepts Maduro
seeks new
pre-1967 border Constitution
to meet North Korea’s Kim It has softened its stance on Israel Associated Press
Venezuela’s embattled
Merkel meets with Putin But White House says there won’t be any meeting until circumstances are right Agence France-Presse cepts for the first time President Nicolas Maduro
on rare Russia visit Jerusalem pre-1967 armistice lines as a issued a decree on Monday
SOCHI Associated Press Tasked with explaining Hamas has softened its matter of “national con- for writing a new Constitu-
German Chancellor Angela Washington Mr. Trump’s flattery, White stance on Israel after long sensus” — in what many in- tion, ratcheting up a polit-
Merkel held talks on Tuesday President Donald Trump House spokesman Sean calling for its destruction, terpreted as implicitly ac- ical crisis that has drawn
with President Vladimir Putin opened the door to a future Spicer said there would be but the Palestinian move- cepting the existence of hundreds of thousands of
on Ukraine and Syria in a meeting with North Korea’s no meeting until circum- ment must do more to con- Israel. Hamas officials, how- anti-government protesters
signal of renewed dialogue Kim Jong-un, offering un- stances were right and con- vince the world to end its ever, said that it did not into the streets.
despite profound rifts on her usual praise for the globally ditions met. isolation, analysts and diplo- amount to a recognition of President Maduro gave
irst visit to Russia since 2015. ostracised leader at a time of mats said on Tuesday. Israel as demanded by the no details on how mem-
The Russian and German surging nuclear tensions. ‘Signs of good faith’ The Islamist movement, international community. bers would be chosen for a
leaders scaled back links as Although the White House He said Mr. Kim would have which runs the Gaza Strip, planned citizen assembly
Moscow’s ties with the played down near-term pro- to “show signs of good unveiled a new policy docu- Not against Jews to produce a new charter,
European Union worsened spects for such a meeting, faith”. But echoing Mr. ment on Monday night The document also says its though he hinted some
over the crisis in Ukraine. AFP Mr. Trump’s conciliatory Trump’s gentler tone, Mr. ahead of a first face-to-face struggle is not against Jews would selected by voters.
comments on Monday Spicer said Mr. Kim had meeting between U.S. Pres- because of their religion but Many observers expect the
Sajjan under fire for marked a departure from his “managed to lead a country ident Donald Trump and against Israel as an occupier, socialist administration to
inflating military record more unforgiving tone to- Not quite there yet: A South Korean soldier at the Military forward” from a young age. Palestinian President Mah- with Hamas officials stress- give itself the power to pick
OTTAWA ward the North in recent Armistice Committee meeting room at the border village of Meanwhile, a U.S. missile- mud Abbas, whose Fatah ing it was a shift. a majority of delegates to
Canada’s Opposition called weeks. “If it would be appro- Panmunjom, which separates the two Koreas. FILE PHOTO: AP * defence system deployed to party remains at logger- One Hamas leader, the convention.
for Defence Minister Harjit priate for me to meet with counter growing threats heads with Hamas. Ahmed Yusef, told AFP that Opposition leaders im-
Sajjan to resign or be sacked him, I would absolutely, I Mr. Trump’s latest state- ising a brutal dictator. “This from North Korea has gone Some analysts see the the updated charter was mediately objected, char-
for overstating his military would be honoured to do it,” ments on Pyongyang, includ- is a dramatic departure from into operation in South move as an attempt by “more moderate, more ging that writing a new
record in Afghanistan. Mr. Mr. Trump told Bloomberg ing that Mr. Kim was a the kind of approach to for- Korea, officials said on Tues- Hamas to ease tension with measured and would help Constitution would give
Sajjan, a decorated former News. Clearly aware of the “smart cookie”, have be- eign policy and human day. The installation of the regional allies and assuage protect us against accusa- Mr. Maduro an excuse to
military intelligence officer, power of his declaration, he wildered South Korea and rights that I admired Ronald Terminal High Altitude Area hostilities with global tions of racism, anti-Semit- put off regional elections
erroneously claimed last added: “We have breaking stunned lawmakers who say Reagan so much for,” said Defence battery has drawn powers. While still attacking ism and breaches of interna- scheduled for this year and
month that he was the news.” the administration is legitim- Senator John McCain. objections from China. Israel, the document ac- tional law”. a presidential election that
“architect” of ‘Medusa’, the was to be held in 2018.
country’s largest military Polling has suggested

Sikh victim of hate crime in 2013 recalls assault

operation since the 1950s. AFP the socialists would lose
both those elections badly
Nepal party quits amid widespread anger
coalition government over Venezuela’s economic
Nepal’s Rastriya Prajatantra There is no such thing as a ‘mistaken’ hate crime, Prabhjot Singh, who was mistaken for a Muslim, tells Senate committee
Party on Tuesday quit the Need for charter
Prachanda-led government, a Varghese K. George Franken pointed out that the context of prejudice against live in the U.S. According to a tacked in New York City; on Speaking hours after an-
day after withdrawing its Washington White House has not sent a Muslims and immigrants, Dr. Stanford University survey, March 3, a Sikh American other big march demand-
support to it over an Politicians must hold each clear signal on preventing Singh recalled: “None of the 70% of Americans mistake man was shot in his drive- ing his ouster ended in
impeachment motion against other accountable for put- hate crimes. headlines during that time turban-wearers as Muslim, way outside Seattle by a gun- clashes between police and
the country’s first woman ting people in danger as mentioned that a recent Hindu, Buddhist or Shinto, man who told him to “go protesters, Mr. Maduro
Chief Justice Sushila Karki. many among them find it No leniency Somali immigrant, a Muslim and nearly half of Americans back to your own country”. said a new Constitution is
The party termed the fashionable to scapegoat im- Mr. Franken repeatedly who wore a hijab, was also think of Sikhism as part of Is- Last year, on September 25, needed to restore peace
impeachment motion migrants and Muslims, a asked Eric Treene, who rep- attacked by the same group lam. Sikhs were victims of ra- Maan Singh Khalsa, an IT and stop the opposition
immature, irresponsible and Sikh victim of hate crime in resented the Justice Depart- of young men that evening. cial violence in America professional in California, from trying to carry out a
ill-intentioned. PTI the U.S. told a Senate com- ment at the Senate Judiciary They threw a bottle of urine even a century ago, but last was attacked and his turban coup.
mittee on Tuesday. committee’s hearing on re- at her face, cutting her nose. year’s Presidential election knocked off by a group of “This will be a citizens
Hollywood writers, Dr. Prabhjot Singh, a sponses to increase in reli- I knew this because she was campaign has unleashed a assailants. assembly made up of work-
producers reach deal physician and teacher at gious hate crimes, whether in the stretcher next to me in new wave of violence against Dr. Singh said he was at- ers,” Mr. Maduro said.
LOS ANGELES Columbia University, who President Donald Trump’s Dr. Prabhjot Singh the emergency room. When the community. tacked by a group of 20-30 “The day has come broth-
A tentative deal was reached was mistaken for a Muslim statements on Muslims and I asked reporters why they people. “I heard ‘terrorist’ ers. Don’t fail me now.
between screenwriters and and attacked by goons in immigrants have encouraged by Muslims. Dr. Singh told didn’t mention it, they said it Cruel times and ‘Osama’ from behind as Don’t fail [Hugo] Chavez
producers on Tuesday, 2013, said the notion of be- hate crimes. the committee: “I was horri- would complicate the story, “I am an optimist by nature, I felt my beard forcefully and don’t fail your mother-
averting a strike that could ing mistakenly attacked was Mr. Treene said Attorney- fied to hear our President which was about a professor but the last months have felt pulled.” land.”
have crippled TV and film misplaced. “We cannot ac- General Jeff Sessions was last weekend telling thou- and doctor who was mis- particularly cruel as stories But the support that he re-
production and inflicted harm cept this premise. There is clear that hate crimes must sands of people at a rally that takenly attacked in his own of pain and hardship have ceived from Christian, Jew-
on the wider California no such thing as a mistaken be prosecuted without any immigrants are snakes wait- neighbourhood.” rippled across the Sikh com- ish and Muslim population
economy. The three-year hate crime. No one should leniency, but avoided com- ing to bite America.” Dr. Singh said he was at- munity,” Dr. Singh told the of America was overwhelm-
pact, which still has to be ever be targeted. The only menting on Mr. Trump’s Placing the personal viol- tacked or abused twice Senate Committee, listing a ing, he recalled. He also
ratified by the Writers Guild, mistake is thinking statements. Mr. Treene said ence that he suffered — jaw earlier, in the immediate af- series of recent attacks. thanked the New York po-
centres on compensation and otherwise.” Jews faced the largest num- broken, he spent several termath of September 11. An On April 16, Sikh cab lice’s professional investiga-
healthcare for the writers. AP Democratic Senator Alan ber of hate crimes, followed days in the hospital — in the estimated 2,50,000 Sikhs driver Harkirat Singh was at- tion into the hate crime.

Message from Sri Lanka rallies

Leaders use May Day platforms to reach out to their support bases
Meera Srinivasan sources estimated the crowd remesinghe, he said. “Also,
Colombo at over 1 lakh. NEWS ANALYSIS the nationalists see this gov-
One would have thought that Simultaneously, the SLFP ernment as having made Sri
political parties here would faction that President Maith- Modi’s upcoming visit, be- Lanka a playground for geo-
use this year’s May Day plat- ripala Sirisena leads culmin- cause “they [the Sri Lankan politics of countries like In-
form to reach out to agitating ated in the scenic town of government] are trying to dia and China.”
contractual workers or gov- Kandy in the island’s Central sell Sri Lanka to India”. Victor Ivan, former editor
ernment doctors. But Tues- Province. The crowd was of Sinhala newspaper
day’s rallies turned out be al- smaller in comparison, ob- Comeback moment? Ravaya, however, did not
most entirely about political servers said, attributing it to The content of the rally think much of the crowd. “It
messaging by leaders to their the rain there and the limits aside, the crowd at Mr. Ra- does not necessarily reflect
electorates, preoccupying of the ground that was japaksa’s meeting became popularity, it only reflects
observers with which lead- chosen as venue. the talking point in Colombo the kind of money these
er’s rally drew the largest Describing his rally as a circles, with many reading it parties have. It is all about
crowd. boost to the victorious for- as a strong sign of his pos- how much you can spend,”
Much of this was centred ward march of the “SLFP-led sible comeback. However, he said, adding that in reality
on the rally organised by the leftist progressive forces in analysts were sceptical. Sri Lankans were tired of all
Joint Opposition, a faction of the country”, President Siris- The rally must be seen in the current leaders in power
the Sri Lanka Freedom Party ena, who was a leftist in his the backdrop of the coun- and opposition.
(SLFP) that supports former younger days, vowed to try’s complicated political Wary of disregarding the
President Mahinda Ra- transform the SLFP into a reality, said Kumudu crowd, Dr. Kumara said Pres-
japaksa, at Galle Face, corruption-free, democratic Kusuma Kumara, a senior ident Sirisena should use the
Colombo’s iconic seafront. political force. lecturer at Colombo opportunity to convince PM
Mr. Rajapaksa, on the University. Wickremesinghe to rethink
Big crowd other hand, resolved to pro- While at one level the Ra- his “neoliberal economic re-
Compared to Mr. Rajapaksa’s tect Sri Lanka, especially japaksa camp showed its form agenda” and shift to a
earlier attempts to gather from foreigners whom he ac- strength in organising, it is moderate, centrist social-
supporters in a public rally, cused of taking over the also capitalising on the grow- democratic programme in-
Tuesday’s meeting saw a far people’s land. His supporter ing dissatisfaction among the stead. Only that can help re-
bigger crowd, with people and parliamentarian Wimal common people on the gov- vive a mass support base
from the southern and cent- Weerawansa even called for ernment’s economic pro- crucial to defeat chauvinist
ral parts of the island flock- a black flag protest to oppose gramme taken forward by forces, which are threaten-
ing to the venue. Police Prime Minister Narendra Prime Minister Ranil Wick- ing to re-emerge, he added.

IS attack in
Syria leaves
Plagiarism or a ‘wink’? Le
32 dead
Pen’s speech sparks row
Her May 1 address had lines straight from a speech by Fillon
An Islamic State attack in
an area held by the U.S.-
backed Syrian Democratic Associated Press nomy and culture. Three
Paris separate spokesmen for Le
Forces (SDF) in northeast
Syria killed at least 32 Marine Le Pen deliberately Pen used the word “wink” to
people on Tuesday, the plagiarised verbatim parts of describe the extracts copied
Syrian Observatory for Hu- an address from a former word for word from Mr. Fil-
man Rights said. presidential candidate, as a lon. At no point in the
The attack on Rajm al- “wink” to him and the speech did she cite Mr. Fil-
Salibi, the location of a voters she hopes to peel lon or acknowledge the
checkpoint and refugee away in a runoff, her spokes- source of the extracts.
camp near the border with men said on Tuesday. “I think with part of the
Iraq, led to fierce clashes, Francois Fillon, the right, we have exactly the
injuring dozens, the Bri- former Republicans candid- same vision on the national
tain-based war monitor ate, first delivered the identity and independence,”
said. speech on France’s role in Marine Le Pen Louis Aliot, Front National
The SDF has been bat- Europe and the world on vice-president, said. Imme-
tling Islamic State since April 15 just two weeks be- France out of the European diately after being elimin-
dawn in nearby areas of fore Ms. Le Pen’s discourse Union and return to the ated in the first-round vote,
Hasaka province, which on Monday. The subject is at franc currency, and has de- Mr. Fillon called for his sup-
Kurdish forces largely con- the heart of Le Pen’s cam- nounced globalisation’s ef- porters to back her centrist
trol, it said. paign. She promises to pull fects on the French eco- rival, Emmanuel Macron.



market watch
Sensex dddddddddddddddddddddd 29,921 ddddddddddddddd0.01
US Dollar dddddddddddddddddddd 64.21 ddddddddddddddd0.05
Start-up irms may get Factory
Liberty House to create
Gold ddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 29,350 ddddddddddddd -0.34
Brent oil ddddddddddddddddddddd 51.27 ddddddddddddd -0.45
idle land from PSUs expands
Special Correspondent
300 jobs at steel unit
New Delhi
PRICE CHANGE It will ‘create a landscape for ready-to-move-in businesses’ The country’s manufactur- It had bought Tata’s Speciality Steel arm in U.K. for £100 mn
ACC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1593.05. . . . . . -33.50 ing activity improved for
Adani Ports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330.60. . . . . . . . . 2.90 Somesh Jha the fourth straight month Vidya Ram products business to Grey-
Ambuja Cements. . . .. . . . . . 241.80. . . . . . . . -4.10
Asian Paints. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1112.10. . . . . . . . -8.35
NEW DELHI in April on stronger growth LONDON bull Capital last year as it
Aurobindo Pharma . . . . . . 596.80. . . . . . . . -9.95 The Heavy Industries Min- of new orders and buoyant Liberty House, Sanjeev seeks to transform and re-
Axis Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 505.55. . . . . . . . -4.10 istry is deliberating on a pro- domestic demand, but the Gupta’s U.K. steel business, structure its European
Bajaj Auto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2898.00. . . . . . . 34.00 posal to use large tracts of reading remained un- is to create an additional operations.
Bank of Baroda . . . . . .. . . . . . 188.65. . . . . . . . . 1.10
Bharti Airtel . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 347.60. . . . . . . . -7.90 unutilised land owned by changed from March. 300 jobs at the Speciality Liberty House has made a
Bosch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23112.30. . . . . 120.70 central public sector com- The headline Nikkei In- Steel unit it has acquired string of purchases in the
BPCL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 739.85. . . . . . . 20.60 panies, which government dia Manufacturing Pur- from Tata Steel, for £100 mil- U.K. steel sector over the
Cipla . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 555.35. . . . . . . . -2.10
Coal India . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 274.55. . . . . . . . -2.10
plans to divest or sell, as chasing Managers’ Index — lion and said it would invest past couple of years, now
Dr Reddys Lab . . . . . . . .. . . . 2582.65. . . . . . -16.50 ready-to-move-in industrial an indicator of the sector’s £20 million in the business employing around 4,500
Eicher Motors. . . . . . . . .. 25790.75. . . -277.25 space for start-up performance — showed in the first year alone. workers in the country, and
GAIL (India). . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 429.50. . . . . . . . . 5.55 companies. that the performance in “By investing in acquiring last week announced plans
Grasim Ind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1153.15. . . . . . . . -1.90
HCL Tech. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 822.05. . . . . . . . . 7.95 “Various companies un- April matched March’s speciality steels we are cast- to buy Arcelor Mittal’s Geor-
HDFC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1584.75. . . . . . . 47.60 der the government of India reading of 52.5. An index ing a big vote of confidence getown steel plant in South
HDFC Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1540.60. . . . . . . . -5.90 are sitting over huge tracts of reading above 50 indicates in the future of British in- Caroline, in the U.S.
Hero MotoCorp . . . . . .. . . . 3352.95. . . . . . . 34.35
land. Instead of transferring an overall increase (or ex- dustry,” said Mr. Gupta in a Tuesday’s developments
Hindalco . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200.25. . . . . . . . . 0.90
Hind Unilever . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 928.10. . . . . . . . -6.85 land to other public sector pansion), below 50 an statement, calling for Britain The investment is a vote of were welcomed by the Unite
Indiabulls HFL . . . . . . . .. . . . 1072.55. . . . . . . 55.60 units and state governments, overall decrease (or con- to put steelmaking at the conidence in U.K.’s indsutry, union, who said it ended
ICICI Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 275.60. . . . . . . . -2.90 it could be utilised to create traction). heart of its post-Brexit indus- says Sanjeev Gupta. REUTERS * months of “agonising uncer-
IndusInd Bank . . . . . . . .. . . . 1445.80. . . . . . . . . 0.85
Bharti Infratel . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 354.20. . . . . . . . -0.50
industrial space for start-up “Manufacturing jobs trial strategy. tainty” for its members who
Infosys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 922.60. . . . . . . . . 3.65 companies,” said a senior of- rose for the second consec- The company hopes to the business will be re- had “done everything asked
Indian OilCorp . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 443.05. . . . . . . . . 3.00 ficial of Ministry of Heavy In- utive month in April, raise production from its arc launched as Liberty Special- of them over the last few
ITC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 279.20. . . . . . . . . 1.20
dustries and Public which panelists related to a furnaces to over 1 million ity Steels. years to give speciality steel-
Kotak Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 917.90. . . . . . . 15.95
L&T . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1732.05. . . . . . -17.75 Enterprises. combination of greater tonnes a year, and for its bar making a fighting chance in
Lupin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1303.80. . . . . . -34.55 In a concept paper, the production needs and ex- mill to roll over 400,000 Drive expansion the U.K.”
M&M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1340.95. . . . . . . . . 5.40 Ministry said that the idea is Leg-up: The Heavy Industry Ministry’s proposal may help pectations of a pick-up in tonnes a year. “The speciality steels busi- Tata Steel said it had in-
Maurti Suzuki . . . . . . . . .. . . . 6705.50. . . . . 180.65
NTPC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 162.10. . . . . . . . -2.40
to “create a landscape for start-ups to to begin work immediately. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCK
* demand. Nonetheless, the Liberty House completed ness is a global leader in its vested £1.5 billion in its U.K.
ONGC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 192.40. . . . . . . . . 5.85 ready-to-move-in busi- pace of employment the acquisition of Tata’s Spe- field, with a highly skilled business since 2007, and
PowerGrid Corp . . . . .. . . . . . 206.00. . . . . . . . -2.00 nesses” so that start-up com- which around 125 acres are- also have the problem of growth remained slight ciality Steel business on and well-motivated work- that it would continue to
Reliance Ind . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 1370.55. . . . . . -24.65 panies do not have to face unutilised. “It is located in land acquisition for setting overall,” according to a Tuesday, following an agree- force and we are eager to in- transform its U.K. business
State Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 288.30. . . . . . . . -1.45
Sun Pharma . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 632.80. . . . . . . . -9.15 hurdles for setting up busi- one block on the side of Kan- up enterprises. Leasing out statement from Nikkei IHS ment struck earlier this year. vest so it can grow and to create a viable future for
Tata Motors . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . 451.25. . . . . . . . -7.65 ness and they can start work pur-Lucknow highway. Land land to start-up companies is Markit. It covers assets in Yorkshire achieve its full potential,” its strip business, which em-
Tata Motors DVR. . . .. . . . . . 272.75. . . . . . . . -7.25 “immediately on the busi- could be used for manufac- a good way of monetising Pollyanna De Lima, an and service centres in Bri- said Mr. Gupta. “We are tak- ploys around 8,500 people.
Tata Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83.70. . . . . . . . -0.60
Tata Steel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 445.05. . . . . . . . -4.20
ness opportunity without turing and pushing employ- land. This way the govern- economist at IHS Markit tain and China and focuses ing on strategically import- Discussions with the British
TCS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2289.90. . . . . . . 16.75 lag.” ment opportunity without ment will get a higher value and author of the report, on steel in the automotive, ant capacity that will drive Steel Pension Scheme trust-
Tech Mahindra . . . . . . .. . . . . . 418.15. . . . . . . . . 1.20 lag time,” the official added. for the land. Most of the said: “Buoyant domestic aerospace, industrial ma- expansion in the years ees and the Pensions regu-
UltraTech Cement . .. . . . 4206.00. . . . . . -42.95 Construction time According to the pro- PSUs are located in places demand coupled with the chinery and oil and gas in- ahead.” lator over finding a struc-
Wipro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 494.90. . . . . . . . . 0.65
YES Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1633.90. . . . . . . . . 3.65 Till recently, the average posal, Scooters India’s 125- where land was acquired a sustained growth of new dustries, currently employ- The deal leaves Tata Steel tural solution to its U.K.
Zee Entertainment . . . . . . 534.20. . . . . . . . . 7.35 time for getting construction acre unutilised land can be long time ago so the appreci- orders from abroad boos- ing 1,700 workers. Those with its strip products busi- pension scheme continued,
permits for businesses was valued at the market rate, ation would be substantial.” ted the upturn in total new jobs are now secured and ness, after selling its long the statement added.
372 days, the Ministry said. converted into equity shares The SPV will be mandated business received by In-
EXCHANGE RATES “There are many problems of ₹1 each and 51% of such to provide modern industrial dian manufacturers in
Indicative direct rates in rupees a unit
except yen at 4 p.m. on May 02
US Dollar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 64.01. . . . . . . 64.33
that manufacturing units
face such as site selection
and land acquisition.
shares offloaded to “consor-
tium or single partner to set
up a Special Purpose Vehicle
infrastructure in compliance
with required regulations
and construct industrial
April. Having recovered at
the beginning of the year
from December’s demonet-
Jaitley defends demonetisation
Euro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 69.84. . . . . . . 70.19 “The PSU land will be (SPV). sheds to match the require- isation-related contraction,
British Pound . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 82.68. . . . . . . 83.10
Japanese Yen (100) . .. . 57.07. . . . . . . 57.35
readily available to compan- “This will not only in- ments of different manufac- a growth of order books ‘There was no disappearance of demand... or agrarian crisis’
ies looking to set up quickly,” crease valuation of Scooters turing or industrial units of has gathered pace in each
Chinese Yuan . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . 9.28. . . . . . . . . 9.33
Swiss Franc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 64.35. . . . . . . 64.67 said another Ministry India but also provide a man- less than 100 employees. month since.” Special Correspondent mohan Singh who had ex- went up. And suddenly, you
Singapore Dollar . . . . . . .. . 45.89. . . . . . . 46.13 official. ufacturing eco-system con- “Start-up companies are Ms. De Lima said job NEW DELHI pected the economy’s found the whole debate in
Canadian Dollar . . . . . . . . .. . 46.83. . . . . . . 47.06 In the concept paper, the ducive to job creation,” the attracting young profes- seekers in the sector were Union Finance, Defence and growth rate to shrink by 2%. this country taking a new
Malaysian Ringitt . . . . . .. . 14.78. . . . . . . 14.88
Ministy cited the example of concept note said. sional entrepreneurs to or- presented with further em- Corporate Affairs Minister “There was no 2% dip in turn. One great advantage of
Source:Indian Bank
the government’s loss-mak- ganise products and services ployment opportunities, Arun Jaitley took on critics GDP… no disappearance of this whole exercise of de-
ing auto company Scooters ‘Commendable idea’ for the market. This SPV will while firms also continued of the Centre’s demonetisa- demand,” Mr. Jaitley, speak- monetisation was the move-
India Limited which it plans “This is a commendable idea fill up this gap of providing to engage in purchasing tion move and said there has ing after inaugurating an ment towards digitisation.”
to divest soon. because PSUs have huge un- the space for incumbent activity and scaled up pro- been no adverse impact on ICICI Bank initiative for di- And that had “created newer
May 02 rates in rupees with previous
rates in parentheses The public sector com- utilised land area,” said ideas to be immediately im- duction again. Consumer the economy as was pre- gital villages. “There was no technologies, a newer form
Retail Silver (1g) . . . . . . . . . . . 42.00. . . . . (42.80) pany has land assets of Madan Sabnavis, chief eco- plemented,” the official goods producers registered dicted by many, including agrarian crisis. In fact, sow- of electronic modes of pay-
22 ct gold (1 g) . .. . . . . . . . . . . 2,760. . . . . (2,791) around 147 acres, out of nomist at CARE Ratings. “We added. the steepest expansion. former prime minister Man- ing in the agricultural sector ments,” he said.

India to Amazon India to ramp No decision

unveil new on Snapdeal
IIP series
up storage capacity sale yet
PRESS TRUST OF INDIA Set to add 14 fulilment centres PRESS TRUST OF INDIA
India will unveil a new Special Correspondent Japanese firm SoftBank
series of Index of Industrial HYDERABAD today could not manage a
Production with a base E-commerce player Amazon crucial nod from co-in-
year 2011-12 on May 9 with India will add 14 fulfilment vestor Nexus Venture Part-
an aim to map economic centres this calender year ners (NVP) for the sale of
activities more accurately. that will give a boost to its Snapdeal, possibly to
The new series for Index of storage capacity as well as Flipkart.
Industrial Production (IIP), create about 5,000 jobs. The board meeting of
which captures industrial Seven of them, to be set Snapdeal, where SoftBank
activities on monthly basis, up in Telangana, Haryana, and Nexus have represent-
will be launched by Chief Maharashtra, Madhya Pra- atives, did not reach an
Statistician and MOSPI Sec- desh, Uttar Pradesh and The fulilment centres will agreement on the sale,
retary T. C. A. Anant, an of- Andhra Pradesh will sup- create close to 5,000 jobs in sources privy to the devel-
ficial said. port its regular business the country. REUTERS
* opment said.
A high-level panel had while the rest will be spe- The meeting, they said,
firmed up the methodo- cialised facilities for large digit growth the company remained inconclusive as
logy for the IIP with new appliances and furniture. continues to see,” according NVP — an early investor in
base year of 2011-12. Cur- Telangana, which hosts to a statement from Amazon Snapdeal — has still not
rently, the IIP is calculated one fulfilment centre near on Tuesday. agreed to the valuation
on base year of 2004-05. Hyderabad, will get two Post their commission- given by SoftBank. The ap-
The change in baseline more, a spokesperson said. ing, the firm would have a proval is crucial for the
for the IIP is expected to total of 41 fulfilment centres proposed sale of Snapdeal
bring in more accuracy in To support growth and a cumulative storage ca- to larger rival Flipkart. The
mapping the level of eco- All the 14 facilities will be pacity of over 13 million cu- sources said NVP continues
nomic activity and calcu- fully operational by the end bic feet. As of 2016, the ca- to seek higher valuation for
lating other numbers like of this quarter “to support pacity was 7.5 million cubic its over 10% stake in
national accounts. the remarkable high double- feet, the spokesperson said. Snapdeal.

‘Skill councils have conlict of interests’

They are a ‘hotbed of crony capitalism,’ says a government-constituted panel
VIKAS DHOOT “In many cases, the NSDC
NEW DELHI itself has promoted them as
A board member of a gov- the governance mechanism
ernment-funded apex of NSDC fosters such func-
skilling agency is also a train- tioning…,” according to the
ing partner and a promoter committee, led by former
of a skill council. Director General For Em-
The son of the chairman ployment and Training
of a sectoral skill council is a Sharada Prasad said, adding
co-promoter of a training that it appears that NSDC has
firm as well as an assessment failed to discharge its re-
agency that oversees the out- sponsibilities and deviated
comes achieved on job from its original role.
placements by such firms in
the same domain. Comprehensive review
These are just two in- “The Committee, therefore,
stances of conflict of interest Start afresh: The oicial panel recommended that the Centre recommends that the Gov-
among a dozen highlighted scrap all existing skill councils. ernment should review the
in a damning report on In- NSDC’s role and functioning
dia’s recent skill develop- these councils a ‘hotbed of roles and introduce an over- comprehensively with refer-
ment initiatives through 40 crony capitalism’ that have sight mechanism on the ence to its Memorandum of
sectoral skill councils set up tried to ‘extract maximum NSDC, preferably from the Association and create a
under the aegis of the Na- benefit from public funds.’ central bank, as it is re- strong oversight mechanism
tional Skills Development Citing several instances of gistered as a non-banking to ensure that such conflicts
Corporation (NSDC). conflict of interest in the finance company. of interest do not arise in fu-
The Sharada Prasad Com- councils’ membership base, “All these public funds ture,” it said, stressing that
mittee constituted by the including those involving have been used without the situation arose because
Skill Development and En- three NSDC board members, serving the two basic object- NSDC is 100% government-
trepreneurship Ministry to the panel has recommended ives of meeting the exact skill funded but accountable to a
review, rationalise and op- that the Centre scrap all ex- needs of the industry and board that consists of a ma-
timise the functioning of sec- isting skill councils, many of providing employment to jority of private sector in-
tor skill councils has termed which have overlapping youth,” it noted. dustry associations.




Eclectic FPI mix drives Indian equities Rel Infratel
tower unit
Foreign institutional investors from Republic of Malta, Cook Islands, Liechtenstein and Guernsey igure in the list
sale gets nod
Special Correspondent
ASHISH RUKHAIYAR Not surprisingly, U.S. leads leading domestic brokerage. has been quite consistent in MUMBAI
MUMBAI the pack with more than “Even if you adjust for volat- generating returns even The shareholders of Reli-
What do Trinidad & Tobago, 2,700 registered FPIs, fol- ility and currency fluctu- when viewed over a longer ance Infratel Ltd. (RITL), a
Russia, Brazil, Greece, Cook lowed by Luxembourg (946), ations, we are better than time frame. In the last 17 subsidiary of Reliance
Islands, Israel, New Zealand Canada (622) and Mauritius any other emerging market.” years since 2000, the Sensex Communications Ltd.
and Republic of Malta have (572). In all, there are 14 “China is a faster growing has ended with losses only (RCom), have approved the
TVS Motor posts 8% in common? countries from where more economy but its stock mar- on five occasions (2000, demerger of the tower divi-
growth in April sales One institutional investor than 100 FPIs have re- ket has disappointed. In- 2001, 2008, 2011 and 2015). sion of RITL into Brook-
from each of these countries gistered in India. donesia comes closest to In- Further, the current calen- field Infrastructure Group.
TVS Motor Company posted
has registered as a foreign Incidentally, the number dia but there is a heavy dar year has seen the bench- Rapid Holdings 2 Pte.
an 8% growth in its two-
portfolio investor (FPI) with of FPIs domiciled in Mauri- dependence on natural re- mark Sensex gain more than Ltd., part of the Brookfield
wheeler sales for April 2017
the Securities and Exchange tius was much higher and sources. Indian markets have 12% till date while touching group, will acquire 100% of
at 2.41 lakh units against
Board of India (SEBI), aiming began to fall only after the generated good returns con- an all-time record high of the demerged entity
2.22 lakh units for the
to reap gains from the Indian benefits of double tax avoid- sistently and that attracts the 30,184 on April 27. Towercom Infrastructure,
corresponding year-ago
equity market. ance started to wean away. large number of foreign in- Foreign investors have his- creating the second-largest
period. Three-wheeler sales
But, while these countries Simply put, FPIs from Mauri- vestors,” he said. torically been the prime independent towers com-
rose 12% to 5,303 units
have seen just one entity tius were not required to pay drivers of the various bull pany in India.
from 4,746 units. During
coming to the Indian stock any tax in India before the Liechtenstein, Guernsey runs seen in the Indian “RCom will receive an
the period under review,
market, there are many geo- rules were changed. Interestingly, the returns equity market. Data from Na- upfront cash payment of
domestic two-wheeler sales
graphies from where institu- Market participants say have attracted foreign in- tional Securities Depository ₹11,000 crore...,” according
increased 4% to 2.05 lakh
tional investors arrive in that an increasing number of vestors from the most unex- Ltd. (NSDL) shows that FPIs to a company statement.
units from 1.98 lakh units.
large numbers to cash in on foreign investors are attrac- pected of places. For in- have been net buyers of In- “The already announced
Two-wheeler exports grew
returns generated in the In- ted to India because of the stance, SEBI data shows that dian equity at ₹40,911 crore combination of RCom’s
44% from 24,658 units to
dian stock market. higher returns when com- there are investors from or more than $6 billion. wireless business with Air-
35,485 units.
pared with some of the other countries like Bahamas, In 2012, when the Sensex cel, and the monetisation
Indian Bank mulls issue 8,000 FPIs leading markets, including Liechtenstein, Republic of gained more than 25% in a of the tower business, will
of long-term bonds According to SEBI data, the emerging markets pack. Slovenia, Brunei, Bermuda, single year, FPIs bought together reduce RCom’s
there are nearly 8,000 re- “India is the best country Guernsey and Jersey. Both shares worth close to₹1.29 overall debt by ₹31,000
Indian Bank plans to issue gistered FPIs in India coming in terms of historical re- Guernsey and Jersey are is- lakh crore. In 2014, they crore, or nearly 70% of ex-
long-term bonds for from almost 60 different turns,” said Saurabh Mukher- lands in the English Channel. were net buyers at ₹97,054 isting debt,” statement
inancing infrastructure and countries across the world. jea, CEO, Ambit Capital, a The Indian equity market crore. added.
afordable housing projects.
The issue size will be up to
₹5,000 crore. The board will
take up the proposal for
discussion at its meeting on
UberEATS app Portal to
bust tower
Reliance Defence CDR exit okayed
Friday, according to an
oicial. The coupon rate will unveiled in Mumbai signal myths Empowered group gives approval for reinancing, shares surge
be market-driven as also the
amount to be allocated for
infrastructure and housing Eyes race with Zomato, Swiggy, Areo Special Correspondent Piyush Pandey refinancing scheme of RDEL’s CDR exit plan and re-
New Delhi MUMBAI RDEL,” a company official financing scheme.
special correspondent bers will grow ‘exponen- The Telecom Department Reliance Defence, a part of said. Both proposals were
Tata Teleservices ires MUMBAI tially’ in the future, he said. opened a web portal — the Anil Ambani-led Reliance presented to the CDR Em- Future defence contracts
around 500 employees Online food delivery plat- Delivery will be com- ‘tarang sanchar’ — on Tues- Group, has received ap- powered Group’s (EG) meet- The confirmation from IDBI
NEW DELHI form UberEATS unveiled its pleted in 35 minutes and ₹15 day to allay misconcep- proval from the CDR Em- ing on March 29, 2017, and to the Defence Ministry
Tata Teleservices has ired standalone app here to will be charged per delivery. tions and fear of health is- powered Group (CDR-EG) for were approved by the requis- makes RDEL eligible to parti-
between 500 and 600 make a foray into the $15-bil- There is no mandated sues due to exiting from the corporate ite majority of CDR lenders. cipate in all future contracts
employees, in sales and lion market to take on play- minimum delivery amount. Electro-Magnetic Fields debt restructuring scheme. “Shareholders of RDEL by of the Navy. RDEL and L&T
related functions, to tide ers such as Zomato, Swiggy The customers will have to (EMF) emissions from mo- RDEL shares rose 4.86% on an overwhelming majority of are the only two private sec-
over diicult times in the and Areo from Google. use mobile wallet Paytm for bile phone towers. the BSE to close at ₹67.90. 100% had already approved tor shipyards who will com-
competitive telecom market, Uber appointed Bhavik payments. Le 15 Patisserie, Telecom Minister Manoj Anil Ambani the said issue of equity pete with government-
two people familiar with the Rathod as its India head for The Bohri Kitchen, The Sinha said, “some people Tenure extended shares to lenders by conver- owned shipyards for con-
matter said. The lay-ofs are the food delivery business. Bombay Canteen, Pi have been propagating As part of the refinancing equity share, according to a sion of debt, at the ex- tracts to make submarines,
across locations, they said, “The opportunity is the $15- Pizzeria and Chaayos are myths and misconcep- scheme approved by company statement. “The traordinary general meeting landing platform dock and
adding that the severance billion un-organised food in- some of the eateries that tions” about EMF emis- lenders, the door-to-door consortium of lenders led by held on March 20, 2017,” ac- corvette.
package ofered to staf dustry,” Mr. Rathod said. UberEATS has tied up with. sions, adding that the tenure of RDEL’s term loans IDBI has given its approval to cording to the statement. Exiting the CDR may also
impacted by the decision is UberEATS has tied up with “The introduction of Centre had been making ef- stands extended to 18 years the CDR exit plan of RDEL, a The lead lender of the provide increased financial
one month’s salary for every more than 200 restaurants UberEATS, with Mumbai as forts to dispel such myths. and RDEL’s existing debt of subsidiary of Reliance Infra- consortium, IDBI, has also flexibility to the company.
year of service. An e-mail and ‘hundreds’ of delivery the first city, is a major step One can check any tower about ₹650 crore will also be structure. The lenders have written to the Ministry of De- Significantly, Reliance Infra-
sent to Tata Teleservices did partners who will use two- in our global expansion,” and its EMF signal compli- converted into equity shares also given their go-ahead for fence confirming the ap- structure has increased its
not elicit a response. PTI wheelers, and these num- Mr. Rathod said. ance status, he said. at a price of ₹59.35 per the implementation of the proval granted by CDR-EG to stake in RDEL to about 31%.



Daredevils batsmen inally ire ‘IPL’s been a great ride’

de Villiers hopes to return to
Chase down 186 to beat Sunrisers by six wickets Test cricket later this year
UTHRA GANESAN made amends. risers off to a positive start,
NEW DELHI Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant adding 53 runs before the G. Viswanath
A collective batting effort and Samson, all scored skipper was bowled by Mo-
helped Delhi Daredevils briskly, dealing in fours and hammed Shami who, playing It’s hard to believe that A.B.
trump the brilliance of Yuv- sixes, but every time a part- only his third game of the de Villiers could have been
raj Singh as the team de- nership appeared to be de- competition, uprooted the dismissed for zero in three
feated Sunrisers Hyderabad veloping, a wicket fell. It did off-stump with a perfect consecutive Test innings.
at the Ferozeshah Kotla here not matter, though. yorker. The face of South African
on Tuesday, to mark a vic- SRH was in the game all cricket and a modern bats-
torious return home. the way till the last few overs SCOREBOARD man who has introduced
Chasing 186, Delhi over- but DD was never out of it new elements to the art of
hauled the target in 19.1 overs either. Sunrisers Hyderabad: David batting, de Villiers returned
to win by six wickets — only The pace trio of Warner b Shami 30 (21b, 4x4, to the pavilion without
its third victory of the Bhuvneshwar, Mohammed 1x6), Shikhar Dhawan c Shreyas opening his account in the
season. Siraj and Siddarth Kaul b Mishra 28 (17b, 4x4, 1x6), second innings of the third
The result also helped picked up wickets, and Kane Williamson c Morris b ( Johannesburg) and fourth
Daredevils lift themselves Rashid Khan attempted to Shami 24 (24b, 1x4, 1x6), Yuvraj Test (Centurion) against
from the bottom of the table slow the scoring but the Singh (not out) 70 (41b, 11x4, England in January 2016. He
into sixth spot. While every Afghan teenager went wick- 1x6), Moises Henriques (not has not played a Test after A.B. de Villiers. *
out) 25 (18b, 2x4); Extras (lb-5,
one of its matches has been etless for only the second that.
w-2, nb-1): 8; Total (for three
billed as a battle between its time in 10 games this season; The 33-year-old, who to play for. They are a very
wkts. in 20 overs): 185.
bowlers and the opposition interestingly the previous oc- plans to return to Test professional unit.
Fall of wickets: 1-53 (Warner,
batsmen, Tuesday saw the casion was against DD too. 5.2 overs), 2-75 (Dhawan, 8.2),
cricket at home against In- “Unfortunately, this year
young batting unit finally In the absence of Ashish 3-92 (Williamson, 11.4). dia and Australia at the end we haven’t played as well as
come good despite stuttering Nehra, the lack of a fifth Delhi Daredevils bowling: Jay- of the year, is committed to we wanted to and I think
occasionally and faltering in bowler hurt SRH, who had to ant Yadav 4-0-26-0, Kagiso Ra- playing for his country in there are some valuable les-
the middle. divide that share between bada 4-0-59-0, Chris Morris 4- the shorter forms of the sons we have learnt
Like in every match so far, Yuvraj and Moises Hen- 0-36-0, Mohammed Shami 4- game, most importantly the throughout the season.
the Daredevils batsmen got riques. Between them, they 0-36-2, Amit Mishra 4-0-23-1. Champions Trophy in June. “We have a few more
starts but failed to convert conceded 52 runs from their Delhi Daredevils: Sanju Samson At the ‘Montblanc Sup- games left and hopefully we
them into big scores. The dif- 19 deliveries. c Dhawan b Siraj 24 (19b, 2x4, ports UNICEF’ event on will finish the season with
ference on Tuesday was that Ironically, it was the part- 1x6), Karun Nair c Bhuvneshwar Tuesday, de Villiers said: dignity.
every batsman managed to nership of Henriques and b Kaul 39 (20b, 5x4, 2x6), R. “The last 10 years (of the “I have some great
get quick runs and, despite Yuvraj with the bat earlier in Pant b Siraj 34 (20b, 4x4, 1x6), IPL) has been a great ride. It memories over the last 10
the wickets, DD did not allow the day that had put SRH in Shreyas Iyer c Siraj b Bhuvnesh- has certainly been life-chan- years. The fans, the electric
the asking rate to climb out control, as the duo helped war 33 (25b, 1x4, 2x6), Corey ging for me. vibes at the grounds we
of control. propel the score to an above- Anderson (not out) 41 (24b, “I started my IPL career have played in, the fran-
Every batsman had a par 185. 2x4, 3x6), Chris Morris (not out) at Delhi Daredevils (first chise, the people in and
strike-rate over 125, and that The two added 93 runs off 15 (7b, 1x4, 1x6); Extras (lb-1, three years), and then around the team, the people
made all the difference. 51 balls, slamming 52 of w-2): 3; Total (for four wkts. in moved to Royal Challengers who support us... those are
Promoting himself up to those in the last three overs. 19.1 overs): 189. Bangalore. I could not have the kind of things that stand
open with Sanju Samson, Yuvraj’s brutal assault saw Fall of wickets: 1-40 (Samson, asked for a better franchise out for me.”
4.1), 2-72 (Karun, 7.4), 3-109
captain Karun Nair finally him score 70 in just 41 balls,
(Pant, 11.4), 4-148 (Shreyas, POINTS TABLE
got some runs under his belt with Kagiso Rabada suffering
after a disappointing season the most. TEAM M W L NR PTS NRR
Sunrisers Hyderabad bowling:
so far, making 39 off just 20 Dropped by Samson at Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-0-33-1, Mumbai Indians 10 8 2 0 16 +0.427
balls. deep square-leg while trying Mohammed Siraj 4-0-41-2, Sid-
to pull a bouncer from Chris Kolkata Knight Riders 10 7 3 0 14 +0.849
darth Kaul 4-0-38-1, Moises
Reprieve Morris in the 17th over when Sunrisers Hyderabad 11 6 4 1 13 +0.659
Henriques 2.1-0-36-0, Rashid
He got a ‘life’ on 21, when he he was on 29, Yuvraj went all Khan 4-0-24-0, Yuvraj Singh Rising Pune Supergiant 10 6 4 0 12 -0.179
was dropped by Bhuvnesh- out smashing the bowlers to 1-0-16-0. Kings XI Punjab 9 4 5 0 8 +0.228
war Kumar at short fine-leg, all corners of the ground. Toss: Delhi Daredevils. Delhi Daredevils 9 3 6 0 6 -0.094
but could not add too many Earlier, fresh off a compre- Man-of-the-match: Mo-
runs after that; he departed hensive win in its previous Seeing things through: On a day when the batting unit collectively came good, Corey Anderson Gujarat Lions 10 3 7 0 6 -0.323
hammed Shami.
top-edging to deep extra- outing, David Warner and Daredevils won by six wickets top-scored with an unbeaten 41 — including the winning boundary — of just 24 balls. Royal Challengers Bangalore 11 2 8 1 5 -1.441
cover where Bhuvneshwar Shikhar Dhawan got Sun- with five balls to spare. * R.V. MOORTHY *After the DD-SRH match

‘Stokes does not put pressure on himself’ Pune will look pull of an ambush at Eden
Skipper Smith delighted at teammates’ response to match situations This close to the play-ofs, Kolkata wary of losing momentum
Nandakumar Marar few games but guys stepped Y.B. Sarangi strong and, hopefully, get
PUNE up and did a good job. You KOLKATA him out early.”
Rising Pune Supergiant skip- obviously tell him his role After being blown away by RPS, with five wins in its
per Steve Smith has ex- and how he’s going to fit into David Warner’s breathtaking last six outings, has primarily
pressed delight at his team- the team. Ben has always hundred in Hyderabad, Kolk- gained from its bowlers’
mates’ response to match said that he judges himself ata Knight Riders faces a sim- parsimony. Seven of them
situations so far in this sea- on how he plays and is not ilar danger from Ben Stokes have an economy of less than
son. going to put any extra pres- when it meets Rising Pune eight runs per over. Even
“For us it’s about getting sure on himself just because Supergiant in the Indian young off-spinner Washing-
to know each other for six or of a big price tag next to his Premier League at the Eden ton Sundar and pace-bowling
eight weeks, try to get the name.” Gardens on Wednesday. all-rounder Dan Christian
best out of each other and Smith felt all-rounders KKR has closed in on may not have picked up
learn a bit about one an- had a value in this format. booking a berth in the play- many wickets, but have
other. “All-rounders are so valuable offs, and will be wary of los- served their team by being
“We’ve got some really in T20 cricket. Stokes is a ing momentum at this stage miserly.
good characters in the shed perfect fit for our team. of the tournament. Leg-spinner Imran Tahir
there. It’s nice to be playing “He’s done a terrific job After the setback against Time for change? With Sunil Narine’s impact at the top waning has bowled with a lot of fire
some good cricket at the for us and hopefully can con- Sunrisers, KKR will look to in the last three matches, Knight Riders might be tempted to too. With a tally of 16, he is in
same time.” Happy captain: Smith, who feels all-rounders have value in the tinue to perform and get us regroup, especially its bowl- rejig their batting order. AFP *
second place on the table of
Ben Stokes is a character IPL, believes Ben Stokes is a perfect it in RPS’s plans. AFP * into the qualifiers and the fi- ing unit. The batting, though, wicket-takers, indicating
Smith chased during the auc- nal.” should be no worry for cap- new opening combination, ence on Tuesday, said; “Lynn how much responsibility he
tion and the all-rounder is know he is a quality player. nerships as well. We’re very tain Gautam Gambhir, espe- with Sunil Narine’s impact at is trying to get back as fast as shoulders. Pacers Stokes, Jay-
getting closer to justifying We paid a big amount to get happy with where he’s at PLAYING TODAY cially with Robin Uthappa the top of the order waning he can. He is training today.” dev Unadkat and Christian
the ₹14.5 crore spent on se- him. He certainly earned his and how he’s played.” DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD going through a dream run in the last three matches. Asked about KKR’s plans provide variety too.
curing his services. cash.” Asked about how he and Manish Pandey rediscov- Opener Chris Lynn, how- for Stokes, de Grandhomme Having lost its home
“I had said before the auc- “He’s been hitting the ball handled guys like Stokes, the KKR vs RPS ering his touch. ever, remains out of action. said: “We just got to execute match to KKR, RPS will be
tion to the guys, just do what really well. He’s been in- RPS captain pointed out: Sony Six, Sony ESPN & Sony It will be interesting to see Colin de Grandhomme, who our plans and try to bowl to determined to return the fa-
Max (SD & HD), 8 p.m.
you have to get him. We volved in some good part- “We missed him in the last DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD whether Gambhir tries out a addressed the press-confer- areas where he is not as vour at the Eden Gardens.

Magnanimity is the call of the hour for BCCI CoA thwarts BCCI move
Good time for it to look beyond the money and restore sanity to the way cricket is governed Mumbai
B Board speaks to its
their approval to send a no-
The Committee of Adminis- tice to the ICC.
members to see if it can
cricket lover who has written some as meaningless. sponsible for the death of Test trators (CoA) has interrupted serve notice on the ICC People in the know said
of the finest books on the game, It is the lesser, non-Test countries, cricket? a BCCI move that could have 19 State units have already
tweets: “Speaking in my personal ca- struggling to make ends meet, who led to a damaging confronta- B Move a consequence of acceded to the request.
pacity, as a cricket fan, I believe the will pay the price. India’s argument is No selfish interests tion with the International Dubai meetings which CoA chairman Vinod Rai
Indian cricket team absolutely must that they have to look after their own Ego might be the player’s friend on Cricket Council (ICC). reduced India’s inluence is reported to have told
take part in the Champions Trophy… interests, and get as big a slice of the the field of play, fuelling competition, The Indian Board ar- DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD joint-secretary Amitabh
boycotting a prestigious tournament cake as possible, leaving the crumbs in the boardrooms, ego is not neces- ranged a conference call this in a covert manner? A Choudhary that he would
BETWEEN WICKETS does not become a great cricketing to those who cannot survive sarily the administrator’s friend. For with its members on Tues- couple of them got discon- like to see all 31 signatures
suresh menon nation.” otherwise. it is not just the individual country or day to see if it could serve a nected midway. First of all, (full members) for the BCCI
Two responses are representative: the international council that will be notice on the ICC. they did not even issue a no- to decide on the Members’
“How much they paid you to sell ur India is international cricket! threatened, but the game itself. Ad- This was in response to tice specifying the agenda so Participation Agreement
Over the years it had become a mother (@BCCI)?” Someone calling There is no doubt that as things ministrators (unfortunately) take no the decisions taken at the that each member could (MPA), which is at the heart
cliché: cricket unites India like few himself Yogi Adityanath (possibly be- stand, without India, there can be no oath of allegiance to the sport they ICC Board meeting in Dubai, have placed it before its of the issue.
things do. So how did we reach this cause that might be his name) says: international cricket. The Ashes serve, nor do they promise to do where the Big Three model committee.” The original MPA came
stage when cricket seems to be divid- “As a cricket fan, I am asking what alone is likely to survive as a bilateral everything that is in the game’s best was cast aside, threatening into existence in 2014 when
ing the nation? the hell are you doing in @BCCI? competition. Television money, interests. India’s influence on the Thakur’s initiative Srinivasan was at the helm
In the left corner, wearing a smile Resign.” which drives the sport, will be What is in the game’s interests world game. Former BCCI president N. of the ICC.
and carrying a placard with the This is disturbing, and not just be- slashed; sponsors will find other in- now is that India remain within its The BCCI plan, had it Srinivasan is learnt to have Two years later, the ICC,
definition of ‘cricket’ on it, stands the cause of the language used by the terests — India have the biggest audi- fold, and the ICC itself works for the gone ahead, could have cul- been part of the conference under its first independent
Indian who thinks we should not pull trolls. Black-and-white has replaced ence for both. Perhaps after an initial game rather than its individual minated in Team India’s ab- call. According to sources, chairman Shashank Mano-
out of the Champions Trophy, nor nuanced argument in our national dip, things might improve, but would boards. Somehow the whole has sence from all ICC events Anurag Thakur, removed by har, opted for a model based
should the BCCI work so hard to en- discourse, and now its cricket’s turn any country like to take that chance? been less than the sum of its parts. between 2017 and 2023. the Supreme Court from the on equity, which appears to
dorse its reputation as the bully of to bear the burden. Suddenly the Unlikely. In its May 7 meeting to decide on When the CoA learnt of post of BCCI president, and have rankled Srinivasan and
world cricket. Champions Trophy is the test of In the last cycle, when up against the next step, the BCCI should look the move, it reminded the his secretary called up mem- those loyal to him.
In the right corner, wearing a nationalism! it, the members of the ICC decided beyond the money and focus on BCCI of the Supreme Court
bandana and carrying a placard with India’s original hijacking of the ICC that it was better to have a bullying what is best for the sport. Already, as order of January 2 that stated
a definition of “nationalism” on it
stands the Indian who wants to tell
the world that if you’ve got it, then
along with England and Australia
based on figures plucked from thin
air was wrong. Now the others (in-
India within its folds bringing in the
money rather than outside diverting
funds away. That was a practical de-
the voting in Dubai showed, they
have no friends in the international
fold; now is a good time to be the
its authority to “supervise
the management and admin-
istration of the BCCI”; the
CoA sets agenda
flaunt it (and vice versa). cluding England and Australia), cision; something similar might be leader and restore sanity to the way CoA further said that the Special Correspondent informed the members that
The middle ground — as in so thinking India are at their weakest, the guiding force once again. cricket is governed. BCCI can communicate with Mumbai the meeting will also deal
many other debates — is gradually see a chance to strike. But the growth of the IPL and the Otherwise the BCCI v the Rest fight the ICC only with its The CoA will meet the 31 with matters related to the
disappearing. Where India might have got $570 possibilities of top players focusing will go on; one round here, another approval. full members of the BCCI in BCCI Special General
Those directly affected: the play- million over an eight-year cycle, they on T20 leagues around the world round there, and instability all A member who particip- New Delhi on May 5 and 6 Meeting (SGM) to be held
ers, for example, have no voice. are now offered $293 million, al- raises another scenario: with just ten around as egos rather than hearts ated in the conference call to discuss the on May 7. The SGM has
Those who see everything as patriot- though an extra $100 million is still countries playing Test match cricket, and heads decide on both sides. Mag- said, “Not many joined in. implementation of the been convened to consider
ism in different hues have found yet available if India want it. this form of the game will be directly nanimity, not boom-lowering is the And many who were part of Justice Lodha Committee’s the outcome of the ICC
another subject matter for Thin air, which supplied the under threat. call of the hour. And let’s leave the hurriedly arranged call reforms. meetings in Dubai from
breast-beating. earlier justification, supplied the one India can argue about best deals, Guha’s mother out of this; in any did not give their opinion. On Tuesday, the CoA April 22 to 26.
Ramachandra Guha, a passionate for this one too, and is therefore just but would they like to be held re- case, she is not the BCCI. Why should the BCCI do all




Novel approach helped Soumyajit Cavaliers, Rockets
romp in second round
His Scandinavian coach advises rest and only light training before big events
James scores 35, grabs 10 rebounds
A. JOSEPH ANTONY perfect mentor, not just as a when compared to the
HYDERABAD fantastic coach but a great Chinese, robotic almost in Agence France-Presse
Subrata Paul to skip “Stay humble, stay groun- human being as well. Both their pursuit of physical Washington
‘B’ sample test ded,” a teacher told his stu- weren't good at studies. perfection. LeBron James sparked de-
NEW DELHI: dent. Quoting his father, he The spark for table tennis Thanks to Karlsson, fending NBA champion
India goalkeeper Subrata Paul continued, “The way you had to be fanned into a Ghosh met the greats and Cleveland over Toronto
has decided to skip a treat people when you are flame, for it was the only op- even played with them, a while James Harden
confirmatory ‘B’ sample test on your way up will be how tion open to them. “I am privilege other paddlers can powered the Houston Rock-
after he returned positive for they treat you on your way what I am only because of only dream of, viz; Jan Ove ets to an epic rout of San
a banned substance and down !” The pedagogue was Peter,” acknowledges Ghosh, Waldner, Erik Lindh, Jorgen Antonio in second round
instead requested the NADA Peter Karlsson, his awe- who under Karlsson not only Persson and Mikael Appel- playoff openers on Monday.
to arrange for early hearing struck pupil, Soumyajit bloomed but even peaked in gren. When Karlsson James scored 35 points
of his case in view of national Ghosh. short training stints from quizzed Waldner on Ghosh's and grabbed 10 rebounds
team’s matches next month. At 19 years, India's young- 2012 to 16. game, the living legend hon- while Kyrie Irving added 24
est national champion, the oured with a postal stamp by points and 10 assists and
India slips to No. 4 double Olympian (London Bringing dividends China said, “He has to im- Kevin Love had 18 points
in T20 rankings 2012, Rio 2016) was in Hy- Karlsson’s approach was un- prove his fitness and move and nine rebounds as the
DUBAI derabad to assist 'big conventional but brought di- much more.” Cavaliers ripped the visiting LeBron James *
India has lost six points to brother' Soumyadeep Roy's vidends for the Bengal pad- So has Ghosh locked Raptors 116-105 in their best-
slip to fourth position in the coaching camp at the Dun- dler. Unlike others who horns with some of the of-seven Eastern Conference
latest ICC T20I team rankings digal-based Marri Laxman pushed their wards to the ex- game's big names such as matchup. NBA
released on Tuesday. The Reddy Sports Academy in treme, the strapping Scand- Timo Boll, Dimitrij Four-time NBA Most Valu-
Virat Kohli-led team is now Secunderabad's suburbs. inavian advised rest and only Ovtcharov (currently world able Player James hit 13- Conference series.
on 118 points, three behind The Siliguri slammer spoke light training before the big no. 5 of Germany) and the of-23 shots from the floor In Cleveland, the Cava-
Pakistan, which has joined to The Hindu enroute to the events such as the Olympics numero uno himself, Ma and 7-of-8 from the free liers scored 10 consecutive
second-placed England after Chile Open, which he won in and World Championships. Long. “He probes your weak- throw line while Tristan points to grab a 22-11 edge
gaining five points but is Santiago on Sunday. The towering Viking regret- nesses and relentlessly at- Thompson contributed 11 and stretched it to 38-20
ranked behind the latter by a There were more words of ted pushing his own physical tacks those, never allowing points and 14 rebounds for early in the second quarter.
fraction of a point. New wisdom. “Table tennis is a prowess to the extremes be- opponents to play to their the Cavaliers, who James Up 62-48 at half-time, they
Zealand is on top with 125 part of your life, not your fore the high profile events. strengths,” said Ghosh of warned will be better in led by as many as 25 points
points. ANI life. It should be the most im- “There should be no TT's 'Great Wall of China.' game two. on the way to victory.
portant aspect of the less im- stress on the muscles as Looking back on the Harden had 20 points Irving scored 16 first-half
portant in your life,” said physical fatigue would find mostly ups and fewer downs and 14 assists while Trevor points while James had 13
Karlsson, a member of reflection in mental exhaus- in his career, the 23-year-old Ariza scored 23 points and and Love 11.
Sweden's stupendous six, tion,” Karlsson explained. says, “There's fun only when Clint Capela contributed 20 The results:
who for about a decade, This tip seemed singularly you do something tough. points and 13 rebounds as Western Conference: Houston
ended China's hegemony suited to Ghosh, given that Success is sweeter after all Grateful pupil: Soumyajit Ghosh acknowledges that he is what the Rockets dumped the 126 bt San Antonio 99.
over the game. he is not particularly famous the pressure and tension,” he is because of his coach Peter Karlsson who he said is a host Spurs 126-99 to start Eastern Conference: Cleveland
Ghosh saw in Karlsson the for his fitness, especially he concludes. perfect mentor and a great human being. their best-of-seven Western 116 bt Toronto 105.

Fury taunts Joshua

Tyson Fury taunted Anthony
Joshua by insisting he could
Bembem and Jeje Vijay targets July Bagan to rest Another
good day
beat the world heavyweight
champion with “one arm tied
for Arjuna award comeback Sony and Dufy Press Trust of India
behind my back”. Shortly
after his 11th-round stoppage
of Wladimir Klitschko at IGU nominates Chawrasia and Aditi S. Dinakar Shiva Thapa (60kg) led the
London, Joshua ‘called out’
Chennai Takes on Maziya in away ixture charge as four more Indian
fellow British heavyweight
PRESS TRUST OF INDIA S.S.P. Chawrasia and Aditi Time spent away from the boxers advanced to the
Fury by saying: “Fury, where
NEW DELHI Ashok, the reigning men’s cricketing arena is enabling Press Trust of India sumi Yusa and India interna- Asian Championship
are you at, baby?” AFP Legendary women foot- and women’s Hero Indian M. Vijay freshen his mind Male tional Jeje Lalphekhlua in its quarterfinals here on Tues-
baller Oinam Bembem Devi, Open champions, have been before he attempts a A depleted Mohun Bagan bid to stay in the second tier day. Shiva edged past
Bangladesh bowler Jeje Lalpekhlua and Gur- recommended for the comeback from a ‘forced’ will look to put up a strong of the continental Kyrgyzstan’s Omurbek
banned for 10 years preet Sandhu have been award by the Indian Golf injury break. performance when it takes championship. Malabekov in a split verdict
DHAKA nominated for this year’s Ar- Union (IGU). The ‘stage-by-stage’ re- on Maziya Sports and Recre- Bagan is third in Group to make the last-eight.
Bangladesh, on Tuesday, juna Award by the All India The IGU has also nomin- covery from a major fitness ation Club in an away AFC ‘E’ with one win over Aba- Also advancing were
imposed a 10-year ban on a Football Federation (AIFF). ated top coach Vijay Di- concern can be rather frus- Cup fixture on Wednesday. hani Limited of Bangladesh Sumit Sangwan (91kg),
bowler who deliberately lost AIFF Player of the Year vecha for the Dronacharya trating but the Indian Bagan coach Sanjoy Sen, and losses to Bengaluru FC Manish Panwar (81kg) and
a match recently by Jeje Lalpekhlua has been a Award and Mukesh Kumar opener wants to look at the who is unwell, is not travel- and Maziya. Kavinder Singh Bisht
conceding 92 runs off just key member of the National for the Lifetime Achieve- brighter side. ling with the team and his The host has won two (49kg). Sumit defeated
four legal deliveries in protest team. ment Award. Vijay, who was operated assistant Shankarlal games and is second in the Mongolia’s Erdenebayar
at umpiring decisions. Sujon on his wrist in London dur- Chakraborty will be in group. Bagan needs to win Sandagsuren, Manish got
Mahmud of Lalmatia Club was ing April, says he has been M. Vijay. * R. RAGU charge. its remaining three matches the better of Sri Lanka’s
found guilty by the BCB for
bringing the game into
disrepute. AFP
Rajput in last-16 able to spend quality time
with his family.
He said, “I have been able
be able to play a few TNCA
first division matches. I have
With an eye on the Feder-
ation Cup, Bagan has also
decided to rest its top goal-
as only one team will qualify
for the next stage from each
group. BFC is sitting pretty
G.R. Gunarathna and
Kavinder prevailed over In-
donesia’s Aldoms Suguro.
Sports Bureau Jagtar Arora 6-2, 6-7(2), 6-1; to be a better father, see my not started batting yet.” poachers Sony Norde and at the top with nine points Vikas Krishan (75kg),
Mairaj misses inal Ajay Malik bt Gaurav Kumar
CHANDIGARH son and daughter grow up, Vijay has targeted a re- Darryl Duffy. Brazilian de- from three games. Gaurav Bidhuri (56kg) and
Top seed Shashikant Rajput 6-0, 6-1; Subham Saini bt and be at home a lot more.” turn to the Indian Test team fender Eduardo and senior After the game against Amit Phangal (49kg) are
Olympian Mairaj Ahmad Khan Bhavnish Sangwan 6-3, 6-1;
struggled past Deepender Of course, cricket re- for the campaign in Sri striker Balwant Singh are Maziya, Bagan will play BFC the other Indians to have
shot 120 out of 125 and Dhruv Tangri bt Karthik Singh
Grewal, advancing to the mains his primary focus. “I Lanka, beginning late July. also not available. at home on May 17 followed advanced so far.
missed the men’s skeet final Panwar 6-1, 6-3; Divesh Gahlot
last-16 with a 7-6(5), 6-7(6), want to be back practising “I should be alright by then, Bagan will depend on its by an away encounter Satish Kumar (+91kg) got
by two points in the shotgun bt Sourabh Sehrawat 6-0, 6-1.
6-2 win in the second round in June and hopefully I will the doctors are optimistic.” Japanese midfielder Kat- against Abahani. an opening-round bye.
World Cup in Larnaca, Cyprus,
of the Zenlabs Ethica AITA Girls: Prinkle Singh bt Ashpreet
on Monday.
National Series (u-16) tennis Kaur Bajwa 6-1, 6-4; Sandeepti
Mairaj was on way to the

Hockey Rajasthan in semiinals Radical athletics plan

tournament on Tuesday. Singh Rao bt Renee Singh 6-2,
final, following rounds of 24, 6-0; Kashish Bhatia bt Rahat
25, 24 and 25, but missed The results:
Mangat 6-4, 6-3; Ishita Singh
three in the last round to Second round: Boys: Shashik- bt Rupal Kharab 7-5, 6-2; Press Trust of India “has been subject to an
finish 21st in a field of 94 ant Rajput bt Deepender Gre-
shooters. Angad Vir Singh wal 7-6(5), 6-7(6), 6-2; Kriish
Smriti Singh bt Priyanka Jakhar
6-1, 3-6, 6-0; Sanya Singh bt
Will take on Mumbai School Sports Association Paris agreed number of doping
The European Athletics control tests in the months
Bajwa shot a series of 24, 24, Patel bt Aakarshit Mahajan Simran Pritam 6-4, 6-2; Bela Council has come up with a
Principal phred 4, 7, 18, 19, 54, 63, 69, Gaurav Tripathi 33, 60, Abdul leading up to the perform-
23, 23 and 24 for the 30th 6-2, 6-7(5), 7-6(3); Sushant Tamhankar bt Renne Singla Correspondent Manish Sahani 9, 11, 27, 36, 64, Rahman 67, Shadan Khan 70) bt radical plan that would wipe ance”, a statement said.
place with a total of 118. Dabas bt Ajay Singh 6-1, 6-0; 6-3, 6-2; Sarah Dev bt Chhavi BENGALURU Hockey Jammu & Kashmir 1
Ankit Kumar 22, 39, 48, Pranjit out existing European and All records set before a
The results: Men’s skeet: 1. Aaryan Pandit bt Yash Dabas Rathi 6-0, 6-0; Harleen Kaur (Gagandeep Singh Sr. 2).
Mumbai School Sports Asso- Chetia 47, Mojammil Hoque 66) World records and set a date that has yet to be
Federico Gil (Arg) 56 (122)2; 6-2, 6-4; Naresh Badgujar bt bt Sharanya Milan Naik 6-2,
ciation (MSSA) will take on bt Hockey Gujarat 1 (Kashyap Hockey HIM 3 (Dhananjay clean slate as part of the defined will remain but only
2. Georgios Achilleos (Cyp) Shrut Mohan Nargeta 6-2, 7-6 6-3; Srishti Dhir bt Asmita Kaur
Hockey Rajasthan and Nam- Sawant 60). Hockey Mizoram 8 Prajapati 34, Neeraj Thakur 58, fight against doping. on a list of old records.
55 (122)1,2, 3. Alexander (6); Uddayvir Singh bt Bhu- 6-4, 6-0; Ameek Kiran Batth bt
dhari XI will clash with (Lalruatdika 12, 31, Lalruat- Jagjot Singh 60) bt Hockey The proposal was adop- The plan will be put for-
Zemlin (Rus) 44 (123)7; 22. pender Dhaiya 6-0, 2-6, 6-3; Shardha Chhabra 6-1, 6-1;
Bengal Hockey Association sanga 16, Hmangaisanga 17, 46, Bengaluru 2 (Prem 11, Ganesh ted during the Council’s ward to the council meeting
Mairaj Ahmad Khan 120; 31. Drona Walia bt Lokender Pun Kaavya Sawhney bt Atrey
in the semifinals of the sev- 52, 67, Zothanpuia 49) bt Majji 18). meeting in Paris over the of world governing body the
Angad Vir Singh Bajwa 118; 6-0, 6-2; Nitin Jaipal Singh bt Kuhoo 6-1, 6-0; Vanshika
enth HI men's sub-junior Na- Hockey Uttarakhand 3 (Keshav weekend. The project pro- IAAF in August.
77. Sheeraz Sheikh 109. Anish Lal 6-1, 6-4; Kushan Choudhary bt Jigyasa Sharma Hockey Rajasthan 10
5, Prakhar Gunwant 37, Pradeep poses that World and
Women’s skeet: 1. Wei Meng Shah bt Sonu Khan 6-1, 6-1; 6-0, 6-1; Chandrika Joshi bt tional championship (‘B’ (Vijendra Singh Rathore 3, 28, IAAF president Sebastian
Singh Bisht 54).
(Chn) 54 (71) 13, 10; 2. Jaishvin Singh Sidana bt Aman Sukhmani Singh 7-5, 6-1; Yana division). 42, Danish 17, Aniket Rawat 24, European records only be Coe, who attended the
Kimberly Rhode (US) 52 (73); Dahiya 6-4, 6-7(2), 7-5; Krishan Dhamija bt Banita Azad 6-2, The results: Pool A: Assam Pool D: Hockey Madhya Pra- Sachin 46, 61, 67, Pankaj recognised if achieved at ap- Council meeting in Paris, in-
3. Sutiya Jewchaloemmit Hooda bt Siddarth Nijhawan 6-2; Prerna Vichare bt Sania Hockey 21 (Mrinal Roy 1, 14, 49, desh 9 (Shwetank James 4, 11, Godara 48) bt Hockey Kerala proved international events dicated that he was in fa-
(Tha) 41 (71)21. 6-1, 6-0; Nishant Dabas bt Manoj Masand 6-0, 6-2. Madhujya Boruah 3, Chris G.Al- 38, Aditya Chhatri 13, 54, 10-1 (Ajeesh Reji 13). and if the athlete concerned vour of the proposal.


THE HINDU CROSSWORD 11997 (set by Incognito)


1 2 3

4 5 6 7 12 Warnings seen at harbour
limits (8)
3 Cricket player, without
directions, becomes a crime
Reality and unreality
14 Convulsive patients drop ighter (6)
Is the world in which we live real? On what grounds is its
regressive volunteers in arch 4 Mother has two post graduate reality established? Is it because of the worldly objectsor is it
10 11 (6) degrees (4) because of the experiences it affords to the individual?
16 Drinks and traps (4) 5 Perhaps, persons solving your The Mandukya Upanishad analyses the experiences in
crosswords having intricate one’s waking and dream states to show that the tendency to
17 Makes announcements calling
12 13 14 15
clueing supernaturally, for regard dream as unreal and waking as real is only a partial
servants (5)
starters (8) understanding of the whole truth, pointed out Sri Goda Ven-
18 Troubles cartoon character kateswara Sastrigal in a discourse. An impartial study,
16 17 18 after losing the rabbit (4) 6 Spouse rewrote books (6) without prejudice to either the dream or waking state , can
19 Large spinner is seen at the 7 Further, the dal soup contains reveal a striking truth which is very pertinent and important
circus (3,3) it, too (4) to all beings. Normally, the dream world appears to be un-
19 20 21 22 real in comparison with the waking world. The objects of
21 After a Los Angeles cocktail, 13 Greek character, depending
cater as ordered from the upon the case, signiies the waking world appear to be of more practical value than
menu (1,2,5) summation or standard the dream objects, again, by a comparison of the two states.
23 24 25 26 To the waking mind, the dream world is unreal while the
23 Derogated, gave up tea, and deviation (5)
immediate world is very much real. Likewise it is possible
became shabby (3-5) 15 The last hole before the bar? that the dreaming mind can also assert the validity of the
27 28
26 Thank Letitia for hiding a bit of (10) dream world and experiences. When dreaming, one experi-
jewellery (6) 17 Where a plumber might store ences joy, sorrow or pain as one would in the waking state.
27 A detective followed a criminal his smoking equipment, But when one passes from the dream to the waking state,
enthusiastically to Indian perhaps (4,4) Solution to puzzle 11996 Solution to yesterday’s Sudoku one easily concludes that the waking world is certainly more
cook-house, initially, and D R E A D S S T A L WA R T
real than the dream.
■ ACROSS 18 Switching lights off during air
found vinegar (6,4) A P A A R O R U The Upanishad extends this argument further to show
raid sounds like a racist order
8 Ajeet lew backwards in M A S S M E D I A C OM E T that a realised soul is able to intuitively perceive the waking
28 Occupied with something, (8) O I N V N U E O
Tanganyika (4) C O L L A G E S E M I N A R
world and its experiences as equally false as the dream
state tax officer? (2,2) 20 Score? XX! (6) world experiences.
9 Violently, Ma slapped a L O T R C I S
protruding part of the neck ■ DOWN 22 Publicity pieces about combat E N N U I T H E S P I A N When one understands the truth of the Brahman and its
(5,5) medals (6) A G O N I S E D R A L L Y
myriad manifestations, the apparent reality of the world is
1 Ann had nothing before getting accepted. The individual learns to sift the true from the false
10 Little Thomas was called twice the party car in this year, for 24 At one time, cone was A N T O N YM N E E D L E S and the illusory as when one recognises the mirage as only a
to drum (3-3) example (4,6) modiied (4) U L E E T V T I
false appearance of water. The purpose of the investigation
11 You left dancing courtesan for 2 Laws about presence of tritium 25 Bird often seen on cricket E S A T L R N H is to realise the self and this is fortunately possible because
family elder (8) in igurines (8) scoreboards (4) D I S C L O S E H E I G H T of human birth.



Free-scoring Monaco Can’s stunner dumps Watford
Sevilla’s CL hopes dented as Malaga wins Andalusian derby
faces Juventus wall Agencies
Liverpool’s Emre Can pro-
duced a goal of stunning bril-
Klopp’s message The visitor has never been eliminated by liance to earn a crucial 1-0
to his players victory at Watford on
a French team in 11 previous meetings Monday that boosts the
Liverpool manager Jurgen Reds’ push for a top-four fin-
Klopp told his players to gird Paris
ish in the Premier League.
their loins for the Premier A game that had been me-
Monaco has scored plenty of
League run-in after they andering along amid much
goals this season and boasts
retained control of their mediocrity came to life on
one of European soccer’s
top-four destiny with victory the stroke of halftime when
most exciting newcomers in
at Watford. “We need to stay Can’s extraordinary over-
striker Kylian Mbappe but
focused. We have pressure head scissors kick from Lu-
that might not be enough to
until the end of the season. It cas’s chipped through ball
break down the defensive
means we are fighting for rocketed into the top corner.
wall of Juventus in the
something. So we’ll do The strike illuminated a Yes he Can! Emre Can produced a piece of individual brilliance that might just secure Liverpool
Champions League
everything for the points we dull first-half which had just Champions League qualiication. REUTERS
semifinals. *

can get, but it won’t be easy,” been enlivened by substitute

Mbappe, 18, has scored 18 Adam Lallana’s dipping vol- points clear of fourth-placed pions League qualification Watford 0 lost to Liverpool 1
Klopp said. AFP
goals in his last 18 competit- ley for the visitor that struck Manchester City and four suffered a huge blow on (Can 45+2).
Best goal I have ever ive games, including three in the bar. ahead of Manchester United, Monday as Malaga edged a La Liga: Malaga 4 (Fornals 38,
scored, says Can the 6-3 aggregate win over The victory strengthened which is fifth. six-goal Andalusian derby Ramirez 51, llorente 77, Carlos
WATFORD Borussia Dortmund in the Liverpool’s hold on third In La Liga, Sevilla’s 4-2. 90+3) bt Sevilla 2 (Vazquez 30,
Emre Can has said his last eight. place with 69 points, three chances of automatic Cham- The results: Premier League: 57).
sensational bicycle kick that The pacy forward
secured Liverpool a crucial provides a symbol for the
1-0 win over Watford was his rise of a fine counter-attack- CRICKET HOCKEY
best ever goal. “I have never ing team featuring other
scored a goal like that
—maybe when I was younger.
That is the best goal I’ve ever
dangerous players such as
Colombian marksman Ra-
damel Falcao.
Pakistan makes Australia beats India
scored,” Can said. AFP

Chhetri, Jamil get

It takes more than that,
however, to impress Ju- steady progress Agencies Australia pumped in three
ventus, the tightest defence IPOH (Malaysia) field goals to maintain its
AIFF top awards in Europe’s top club compet- Agence France-Presse bounce. West Indies captain India put up a spirited show position at the top. Eddie
ition with just two goals con- Bridgetown Jason Holder summoned the before squandering the Ockenden (30th minute),
Bengaluru FC striker Sunil ceded in this campaign. Azhar Ali crawled to within second new ball after the early lead to go down 3-1 Tom Craig (34th) and Tom
Chhetri was named as the “Even Barcelona could Juventus, meanwhile, is six runs of a hundred as 81st over, and while Shan- against defending champion Wickham (51st) scored.
best player of the I-League not score in two games CHAMPIONS LEAGUE closing in on a record sixth Pakistan reached 226 for non Gabriel appeared to Australia in a league match The results:
while Khalid Jamil, who against them so it will be straight Serie A title and can three at lunch on the third have sorted out the no-ball of the Sultan Azlan Shah Australia 3 (Eddie Ockenden
guided Aizawl FC to a historic complicated for us,” that does not mean it will be turn to its European history day of the second Test at problem which plagued his Cup hockey tournament, 30, Tom Craig 34, Tom Wick-
title win, was expectedly Monaco’s Poland defender easy for us to make it to the for inspiration, having won Kensington Oval in Barba- efforts on the second day, here on Tuesday. ham 51) bt India 1 (Harman-
chosen as the coach of the Kamil Glik said ahead of final,” he added. the showcase club competi- dos on Tuesday. neither he nor the other After managing to hold preet Singh 26).
year. Other awards: Best Wednesday first leg in the While Allegri can rely on a tion twice, in 1985 and 1996. Misbah-ul-Haq was also at faster bowlers were able to the world champion in the
Goalkeeper: Debjit Majumder; New Zealand 3 (Kane Rus-
principality. fully-fit squad, his Monaco his most obdurate as a tedi- separate the fourth-wicket first quarter, India took the
Best Defender: Anas Monaco, by contrast, sell 18, 32; Same Lane 35) bt
Juventus, which has ad- counterpart Leonardo ous morning’s play saw the pair. lead in the 25th minute Japan 2 (Shota Yamada 9, 50);
Edathodika; Best Midfielder: reached the Champions
Alfred Kemah Jaryan; Best
vanced to the last four with Jardim, criticised for fielding tourists progress by 54 runs through a field goal from Great Britain 1 (Alan Forsyth
League final only once, in
Emerging Player: Jerry an aggregate 3-0 win over
Barca, was held to a 2-2 draw
a B-team in a 5-0 French Cup 2004, losing 3-0 to a Porto
off 26 overs from their
overnight position without
SCOREBOARD Harmanpreet Singh. But 26) bt Malaysia 0.
Lalrinzuala. semifinal thrashing by Paris side coached by Jose Mour-
at Atalanta in a rare defens- St Germain last week, has a losing a wicket. West Indies — 1st innings: 312.
inho after a great run featur-
ive mix-up in Serie A on Fri- defensive worry with mid- Ali added 11 runs to his
TV PICKS day. field dynamo Tiemoue
ing wins over Real Madrid
and Chelsea. total and will resume in the
Pakistan — 1st innings: Azhar
Ali (batting) 94, A. Shehzad c
Its pedigree and record Bakayoko doubtful due to a afternoon session on 94 Hope b Bishoo 70, B. Azam c &
Hockey: Sultan Azlan Shah The sides have faced each
for being impregnable when broken nose. alongside his captain who b Gabriel 0, Younis Khan c Gab-
Cup, India vs Japan, STAR
it matters, however, suggests Monaco has shone in other twice before on the reached the interval un-
Sports 2 & HD 2, 1.30 p.m. riel b Bishoo 0, Misbah ul Haq
Juventus should be regarded Europe and at home this Champions League stage beaten on 40 as Pakistan la- (batting) 40; Extras (b-6, lb-6,
West Indies vs Pakistan:
as the favourite. season and its domestic title with Juventus winning both boured hard in reply to the nb-10): 22; Total (for three
2nd Test, TEN 3 & TEN 1 HD,
“Monaco have technical hopes received a welcome ties, in the 1998 semifinals West Indies first innings wkts., in 95 overs): 226.
7.30 p.m.
and tactical qualities as well boost when a nervous PSG and the 2015 quarters. total of 312.
Europa League: TEN 1, 10.15 Fall of wickets: 1-155, 2-156,
p.m. as talented young players,” side lost 3-1 at Nice on Juventus has never been Both batsmen found run- 3-161.
Champions League: TEN 2, Juventus coach Massimiliano Sunday, leaving the club eliminated by a French team scoring extremely difficult West Indies bowling: Gabriel
12.15 a.m. (Thursday) Allegri said. from the French Riviera in 11 previous meetings in on a pitch showing greater 26-5-69-1, Joseph 17-5-36-0,
NBA: Sony Six & Sony Six HD, “They do not have the three points clear at the top European club signs of wear and offering Chase 12-1-42-0, Holder 15-9- First strike: Harmanpreet Singh celebrates with Mandeep
5.30 a.m. (Thursday) same history as Juventus but with a game in hand. competitions. increasingly variable 10-0, Bishoo 25-9-57-2. Singh after putting India ahead against Australia. PTI *


Selby retains title

Fourth in the past 40 years to do so

One for the album: Mark Selby poses with daughter Soia
Maria and wife Vikki after his triumph. AFP *

Reuters at the table and was staring

Sheffield at defeat in the 35-frame
England’s Mark Selby pro- showpiece against Scot-
duced a magnificent land’s four-time winner
comeback to beat John Hig- Higgins.
gins 18-15 in the final of the Selby became only the
World snooker champion- fourth player after Steve
ship at Crucible Theatre on Davis, Stephen Hendry and
Monday and win the global Ronnie O’Sullivan to win
crown for the third time. back-to-back titles since the
The defending champion event was first held at The
from Leicester had found Crucible in 1977.
himself 10-4 down at one He collected a record
point on Sunday after an un- £375,000 cheque for his stu-
characteristically poor day pendous effort.


Bhambri advances
Sports Bureau
Gimcheon (Korea)

Yuki Bhambri got past wild card Hong Seong-

Chan 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 in the first round of the
$50,000 Challenger tennis tournament in
Korea on Tuesday.
In the $25,000 ITF Futures in Nigeria,
Haadin Bava knocked out seventh seed
Fernando Romboli in straight sets. He was
joined in the pre-quarterfinals by Sasi Kumar
Mukund who beat compatriot Anvit Bendre.
The results (all first round):
$50,000 Challenger, Gimcheon, Korea: Yuki
Bhambri bt Hong Seong-Chan (Kor) 6-3, 3-6, 6-4.
$25,000 Futures, Abuja: Sasi Kumar Mukund bt
Anvit Bendre 6-2, 6-4; Ivan Marrero Curbelo
(Esp) bt Rishabdev Raman 6-2, 6-0; Haadin Bava
bt Fernando Romboli (Bra) 6-3, 6-4.
$15,000 ITF women, Cairo: Anastasia Gevel (Ukr)
& Anastasia Sukhotina (Rus) bt Yusra Hegy (Egy)
& Swara Kulkarni 6-0, 6-3.
$15,000 ITF women, Antalya, Turkey: Barbara
Gatica (Chi) bt Mahak Jain 7-5, 6-2.