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ED 345 Calvin College Teacher Intern Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Intern: Katie Fasse Date: 11/27/18

Grade Level: 1st Subject/ Topic: History
Approx. time spent planning this lesson: 45 minutes *The template will expand as text is added.*
Main Focus/Essential Questions: Post assessment
Brief Context: We are putting everything together now! We will do a brief review on the different topics and review the
questions and what I want from them.
Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills: life in the past and present, past, present, and future
Lesson Objectives/Learning Targets Aligned Assessments
Consider formative & summative tools
Please number objectives and the aligned assessment measures.
The learner will: I will assess learning by:
1. Fill out their post-assessment 1. Their post assessment

Standards Addressed in Lesson: (Include full standard.)

1 – H2.0.1 Demonstrate chronological thinking by distinguishing among past, present, and future using family or school
1 – H2.0.2 Use a calendar to distinguish among days, weeks, and months.
1 – H2.0.3 Investigate a family history for at least two generations, identifying various members and their connections in
order to tell a narrative about family life.
1 – H2.0.4 Retell in sequence important ideas and details from stories about families or schools.
1 – H2.0.5 Use historical records and artifacts (e.g., photos, diaries, oral histories, and videos) to draw possible
conclusions about family or school life in the past.
1 – H2.0.6 Compare life today with life in the past using the criteria of family, school, jobs, or communication.
Instructional Resources:
Post assessment
Consideration of Learners:
How have you responded to your diverse learners? Consider UDL (Multiple means of Engagement, Representation,
Action & Expression) & principles of differentiation. If appropriate, identify individual accommodations you will make
in response to needs or interests of students.

I have responded to my diverse learners. We will start with a review of the different topics that will be on the test. Then
we will go through each question and make sure that students understand what I’m asking them. We will go through the
test one question at a time so that everyone is one the same page and I will answer any questions.


COVENANT MANAGEMENT: Relationship & community building questioning, positivity

CONDUCT MANAGEMENT: (Behavioral expectations, strategies to encourage self- regulation, etc.)

Identify at least 2 ways you will gain whole group attention: clapping, counting, “knock knock”
Strategies you intend to use to redirect individual students: saying name, taking chips, sending back

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: writing at their desks

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: part of the flopping and part of the lesson at desks

Motivation/Opening/Intro: ( 10 minutes)
- Say that we will be having a redo of the social studies
- I looked at the paper and changed some things on it
- Lets do a quick review!
- What is the past, present, and future? – what you did, what you are doing, and what you will do!
- Perfect! What about the month, the date, and a week? – a month is the word or the whole thing, a week
seven days, and the date is a day of the month
- Excellent! What about school life in the past and present? What are some differences? – one room, different
hours, toilets, clothes, etc.
- Boo ti ful! Do you think your grandparents grew up like you are or different? – different
- Why? – things are different!
- Yup! Finally, is it easier to call someone or write someone a letter? – call!
- So good 😊
- Put the questions on the overhead
- Read through the questions
- Ask if there are any questions
- Answer them but otherwise get started
Development: (20 minutes)
- You may flop again
- But remember that you do need colored pencils or crayons!
- Go and get a clipboard
- After students have flopped start
- Read through the questions and help as needed

Closure: (3 minutes)
- Students can put their tests in the in bin
- Then put their clipboards away
- Finally, students should sit at their desks with their hands folded and get ready for the next activity!


EVIDENCE OF PROFESSIONALISM: changing my post assessment