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Do you know how to make an application letter?

In composing an application
letter, usually you will enclose some important information about you and
your skills, education backgrounds, and all your previous achievements
related to the job. All of them can be summarized in curriculum vitae (CV).

In this chapter, you are going to learn about how to understand and compose CV, so
that you can understand well about composing CV and able to use it well if you want to
apply for a job.

 Look at the illustration below:

You have some skills in programming computer. One day, there is someone who knows
about your skills and wants you to join his company because he needs some good
software programmers. Before you join to his company, he wants to know about your
backgrounds. So he asks you to make a CV first.
There are various models in composing CV. It depends on the creativity of the writer in
composing a good cv. But there are some common structures in how to compose a
good CV, those are:

 Your Name
You can put you name as the title of your CV or put it in personal information
 Recent photograph
Most CVs put recent photograph on the top of the CV.
 Contact details (including: telephone, mobile, email, address, fax)
This is the important part of your CV. Make sure you put your contact details
correctly. You can put information like your marital status, religion, etc.
 Educational Backgrounds (including: formal, informal, seminars, training,
awards/ achievement)
Give information about your educational backgrounds that support to your
application and make sure they are related to the job you want to apply.
 Professional Experiences
Mention the position of your work experiences and the name of the company.
Don’t forget to tell what year you joined to your past experience.
In Indonesian culture, sometimes the applicants add the closing statement that the
information given is true. Then it is added by the date and the applicant’s name. But
this is optional and can only be used if you apply for the local company.

The format will be like this (OPTIONAL):

There are some tips you should follow if you want to success in attracting the job
finders’ attention in composing your CV:
1. Give your full contact details, to make them easier to call you.
2. In your work experiences, give information on your past experience for a few
3. Use short words and sentences.
4. Use formal language only.
5. Create your CV in 1 – 2 pages.
6. For certain job or position (such designer or illustrator), use attractive design and


 Curriculum Vitae (CV) is used to provide your personal information in applying a

 There are some common structures in composing CV, those are: the applicant’s
name, recent photograph, contact details (telephone, mobile, email, address,
fax), educational backgrounds (formal, informal, seminars, training, awards/
achievement) and professional experiences.
 There are some tips you should follow to compose CV, those are: give full
contact details, give information on your past experience for a few years, use
short words and sentences, use formal language, create your CV in 1 – 2 pages
and use attractive design and format.