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Name: Diego Castañeda

Date: Tuesday,October 23 th, 2018

Topic: My Personal Blog

Hi reader, let me introduce myself .I´m Diego Castañeda

and I graduated in Accounting and Administration at
High school J.J.C “Jacinto Jijón y Caamaño. I come
From Quito-Ecuador but live in Alangasí and I'm 19 years
old. I'm not girlfriend but I have a friend named Lisbeth and
she is very funny.

Here's a photo of Lisbeth in Sangolquí,on the famous University of Armed Forces ESPE. You can see that it's
nice.I'm student of second level in Accounting and Auditing.
Here's another photo of my Administration teacher, Edy. The other person is his wife.

I am on Accountant.It´s very important to know the Administration in my studies, so I read and study the
Administrative Process.
I'm not very good Math, but I'm interested in Accounting and Administration

I want to practice Accounting to apply in my working life. I want to learn English to travel to the United States and
be successful entrepreneur.

Thanks for Reading!