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WARRING: READ BEFORE USING YOUR PLAYSTATION® GAME CONSOLE, A very sll percentage of Individuals may experince epiantic seizures wlten exposed o certain ight patterns clashing lights Exposute t corte patterns or backgrounds on a television sorean or while saying video games, inclatng gars payac on the PlayStation geme corsole, may Induce an electicselzure in hese individuals. Geren condtions may inde orevicush; unde- tected eplepic symptoms ever in 2ersons who have ro history of prorseiutes o* epilepsy t you, or anyone in your family. res an eplep%c coniton, consult your ptysician prior o playing t you exnerience ary of te folowing symptoms while paying ‘ideo Gama dzaness, allered vision, ee cr muse tite, loss of anatenass, dsorentation, ary involuntary movsmert, ot conmisions ~ IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physieen before resuming ola WARNING TO OWNERS OF PROJECTION TELEVISIONS: a not sonnact your PlayStation game console to a projection TV without fst consulting te Unless itis ofthe LOD type, Otherwise, itmay permanently damage your TV sozen ion, 3 manual for your proe USE OF UNOFFICIAL PRODUCT: ‘Tho use of unotfeal pr ao and cetioherals my damage your PlaySaton game console and invaldete your conscls warrany, HANDLING YOUR PLAYSTATION DISC: “© This compact css Itardad for use only witn the PlayStation game console, “= Do-not bend crush itor submerge iin liquids + Do not ave it in erect sunight or near a radiator or other source of heat + Be sure to tke an occasional rest brook string extended ae, 4+ Keep tie compe: dlc clean. Always hod tha dso oy the edges end keg tn is prcectve case when not in use. lean tha ise wih int-t2e, so, dry cloth, wing in straight fies fram canter to outer eg, Never use solvents cr abrasive cleaners Serious Fun™ ATSUMI Harvest Moon) and Matsume ae register trademarks of Natsume in, Sorious Fun is a rademark ct Nateum ‘©2000 Natsumo Ine, ©2000 Vitor iterative Sotwara. | Fights Reserved RE. CONTENTS GETTING STARTED. «6. eee eens 3 STORE: fied oie «2etede ioe, tne dtye serie eles cvice 4 SETTING! CPE Nie ales ohh she Goes sete S, GAME SCREENS ..... 6b vee essen 7 FARM MAP ccc ccc cence ene 9 YOUR HOUSE, citer tenes 1 PLANTING & HARVESTING.......... 13. RAISING LIVESTOCK... 2... ee seae 7S) TOOLS OF YOUR TRADE ........4.. 7 TALE VILLAGE ae ce eed fe i6ee nie 76 oy Me eee 13 YOUR STAMINA. 2.0 ccc ce cccvues 19 ISISHES FORCIOU? hE Xcess eo aes ZO SEASONS) 17s be apt sin te saat aetrie®s eee ae 21 WARRANTY i. Pe 5 Mais sald ahe bela sho 30 @