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Resume (CV)

Personal Information

Name : Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Al-abbadi

Date of birth : 17/6/1987 Sanaa-Yemen
Nationality : Yemeni
Sex : Male
Marital status : Married
Occupation : Junior lecturer at faculty of Education, Department of English
language, University of Aden.
Address : Chunglun, Kedah, Malaysia
Mobile : +60182090409
Email Add. :ahmedal.abbadi36@gmail.com

Personal Profile

I am an outgoing, self-motivated and articulate individual who throughout training and

previous work experience, fast gained a number of skills and present the ability to learn from
experience and progress further within an organization. communication skills, youth
organization management, customer service and people skills I can demonstrate the ability to
build excellent relationships with children, adults, staff and colleagues, advance good
relations and foster any prospective company’s objectives and targets.


 2007-2010 Bachelor's degree in English Language from University of Aden, Faculty of

 In the process of studying the Masters digree at University Utara Malaysia.

Training Courses

 Course in methodology to qualify lecturers in Aden University with excellent degree,

Academic Development center, University of Aden.
 Course in elementary level of English language with a grade of excellent, The
University of Aden Institute of Languages.
 Course in Pre- Intermediate level of English language with a grade of good, The
University of Aden Institute of languages.
 Training course in Win Word in training center on Copmputer scinse and Information
technology, Egypt.
 Training course in Windows with a grade of very good, Bin Sanad Center for
Computer and Languages.
 Training course in Microsoft Word with a grade of excellent, Balfakih Center for
Computer and Languages.
 Participated in the STEM RSEARCH OPPRTUNINTY orgnized by Institute of
Excellent Teachers & Leaders in Education {IETLE}

 2010-2012 Students affairs office, University of Aden.

 2012-2015 Junior lecturer at the Department of English language,Faculty of
Education, University of Aden.
 Certified Trainer at The YEMEN EDUCATION FOR EMPLOYMENT foundation.


 Social person.
 Highly motivated.
 Ability of adminstration.
 Ability to work in a team work.
 Good and friendly personality.
 High capability on speech and convincing.
 Pragmatic & good decision making ability.
 Small projects management & leading.
 Verey good computer user “App. Prog. Word – Power point "


Arabic language : Mother tongue.

 English language: Excellent.

Hobbies & social activities:

 Able to acquire new skills.
 The ability to work well under pressure& special conditions.
 A flexible, self-motivating really professional with good communication skills.
 Reading daily newspapers.
 Playing tennis, volley ball.
 Participating in any social activities or occasions

 Note:
 If being hired I will be up to your expectation, doing my best for the favor of my

References: Available upon request