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● Summary/Overview: ​This activity is called “Musical Masterpiece.

” It lets
participants draw on paper with multiple colors what they hear coming from a
speaker. This gives them full range to draw what they want and what they see in their
mind without any restrictions to their creativity. If the age group is younger than
expected, the participants would listen to disney songs and just draw on white paper
without really any structure. So more structure would narrow the focus a little more
and could be possible. With older participants they would do what is presented in the
detailed process.
● Rationale: ​This experience would be meaningful to the population present by
showing them the similarities between music through expressive drawing and art. The
age group seems to be a range from 6-12 year olds and from my own experiences in
the classroom and babysitting I know most kids like to draw and to draw to music to
a kid that age might sound pretty enjoyable. It also gives them musical skills like
early aural skills where they are iconically notating the music and then finding
similarities so they are exposed to a multiple/variety of sounds.
● Standards:​​ Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
(MU:Cr1.1.K) (MU:Cr1.1.1)
Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
(MU:Cr2.1.K) (MU:Cr2.1.1)
Anchor Standard 3: Refine and complete artistic work. (MU:Cr3.1.K)
Anchor Standard 4: Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for
presentation. (MU:Cr4.1.1) (MU:Cr4.1.2)
● I Can Statements:
○ I can listen to songs I know and draw things related to that song.
○ I can draw patterns that relate to the music in the songs I listened to.
○ I can rewrite and complete artistic work related to music listening.
○ I can point out and understand artistic work to show others.
● Materials and Visual Aids​​: white computer paper, colored pencils, speaker, device
to play music (phone). Poster paper (instructions on them)
● Detailed process​​: (ideal detailed process, not actually what happened)
10min: have them draw with colored pencils on white paper what they hear
5min: have them break up into groups and talk about any similarities/differences
to the drawings.
5min: Have them make a consensus on different types of sounds that fit with
different types of drawings or shapes
10min: Have the groups do one last drawing to the songs then have them explain
it to everyone
● Assessment:

✅ Standards to fulfill.
With guidance, explore and experience music concepts (such as beat and melodic contour ).

With limited guidance, create musical ideas (such as answering a musical question) for a specific purpose .

With guidance, demonstrate and choose favorite musical ideas ​.

With limited guidance, demonstrate and discuss personal reasons for selecting musical ideas that represent
expressive intent.

With guidance,apply personal, peer, and teacher feedback in refining personal musical ideas.

Interpret and apply personal, peer, and teacher feedback to revise personal music .

With limited guidance, demonstrate and discuss personal interest in,knowledge about, and purpose of varied
musical selections.

Demonstrate and explain personal interest in, knowledge about, and purpose of varied musical selections.

● Extensions:​​ If I run out of things to do, I will most likely find more songs to draw to,
and ask them if they want to do it in groups or individually this time. And/or just do
the activity again. If the age group is different than expected I might limit the
standards to fulfill and narrow the focus of the activity
● Adaptations:​​ For adaptations I would change the songs to fit the age group. For
instance, I could try something from stomp or flight of the bumblebees but then if
they didn’t like those songs or get much out of them, I would change the song to
maybe a disney one or a kids bop pop song. I would also add some guidelines and
focus on a particular part of a song first to see what they would draw rather than just
drawing while the song is playing and not really identifying what goes on in the song.