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I speak, read, and write in English, Persian

(Farsi), Arabic & Urdu

Curriculum & Instruction supports
student learning through the
development of district curriculum

If kids come to us from strong,

healthy functioning families, it
makes our job easier. If they do
not come to us from strong,
healthy, functioning families, it
makes our job more important.

Barbara Colorose

Teaching is the one profession

that creates all other
My Family’s picture in Persian New Year, the first day
of Spring, March 2018

Each time we face our fear, we gain

strength, courage, and confidence in
the doing.- Theodore Roosevelt Don’t tell me how educated you are.
Tell me how much you’ve traveled.
~Prophet Mohammed

My Collage
1. Insert images I choose my pictures from the personal files.

2. WordArt I created Heading for handouts

3. Insert toolbar I selected the shapes to create in the


4. Word Processing I selected a Header and Footer. Created page


5. Picture tool bar I selected the images from clip art and my
own files and edited them in word.

6. Images by grouping I used text box several times

7. ClipArt I did right click and copy and dragged it into


8. Images tab I typed in the prompt for the search of

images and used clip art

Five ways to use Pic Collage for the Elementary level in
my classroom

1. I will use the Pic Collage to share daily goals for the students in
my classroom.
2. Students will write their prediction regarding the Pic Collage
project in the classroom.
3. I will teach the students to use the App pic collage from the iPad.
4. I will use the Pic Collage app for the vocabulary, math, geometry,
reading, writing, science, art and music.
5. Students will be able to brainstorm from the Pic Collage related
to each lesson and subject.