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 Asian millennial has highest spending power than previous generation, with estimated
US $6 TRILLION in disposable income by 2020, 60% of world’s millennial in Asia by
 Malls such as Capitaland’s JCube factor in how “Instagrammable” a concept is Gucci at
Ion Orchard with first DIY section in SEA

 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting, 17 dead

 Teenagers emerged as passionate advocates for reform, speaking openly of
 March For Our Lives protest, youthful marchers
 biggest youth demonstrations in decades, more than 800 in US and overseas
 India: Prevention of Atrocities Act
 Caste system; arrest in crimes against Dalits, 17% Indian
 Bhim Army, Dalit rights organisation
 300 Bhim Schools
 USA millennial in cities contribute 30% houseplant sales 2016
 Politics: PM Theresa May failed to win a large parliamentary majority 2017 due to youth
backlash; youth are mobilizing because lives depend on it.
 New South Wales consider ban smartphone use in school; France, Malaysia
o concerns on increase in cyber-bullying
o should focus on educating more responsible use
 E-commerce brand Alibaba and lifestyle brand Guess, new artificial intelligence concept
for fashion stores; incorporate offline technology into offline shopping
o Alibaba: 30 Hema supermarkets with smart tech, online shopping,
o : new retail supermarkets with smart carts
 China: 415m millennial, put greater premium on looking good; good physique associated
with virtues such as perseverance, self-discipline; gym memberships doubled since
 increase in 100% subscription of millennials paying for credible news (NYT)
 Nuseir Yassin – 7.6 million followers (Facebook)
o 1 video every day for 1000 days
o Experiences countries, positive vide; believe 99% positivity in the world
 YouTube prankster jailed for fatally shooting boyfriend in a botched video stunt
 Logan Paul vs. KSI hyped YouTube boxing match
o 20,000 people at Manchester Arena
o Millions of online views
o Cultivating drama of feuds through social media
 German Military taps social media to attract young people
 Lily Singh
o #GirlLove challenge – encourage, compliment women that they look up to
o 6 million female subscribers;
o Raise funds for Malala Fund; girls education
 Felix Kjellberg
o Charity: Water campaign; Save the Children campaign; Red campaign
o Time “The World’s 100 Most Influential People” 2016
SG Youth
 Youth Conversations - series of dialogues
o take voices of youth into account; jobs as top concern of youth
o To inform the young about important national issues, work out differences in
opinion by listening. Negotiating and finding solutions together with the
 Gather views concerns, Youth Conversations; schools to develop civic education, sense
of social justice, weak political participation
o Harvard Study: better understanding, citizen engagement
o National Youth Council, volunteers
o Eg, US, Illinois, young can experience working with local governance to pass
 4th of 16th prevalence of anxiety by youths
o stress with finding right job, what they are passionate about
o Age of Affluence/ Self-actualization
o Expect instant gratification
o in the past focus on security and stability, now wanting success
 ‘text neck’ ‘pain in the neck’
o healthcare practitioners see 20 to 50% increase in young ones for help
o 12 years old spend more than 6.5 hours on electronic devices a day,
recommended is less than 2
 Eco-conscious, Youth Activism , social responsibility
o Awareness of youth about environmental issues, protecting, take lead, green
o social media as primary mode of advocacy @strawfreesingapore
o Straw-Free Singapore movement founded by HCI student Ang Zyn Yee
o 27 local eateries decreased use of disposable straws
o Also, Wipe Out Waste zero-waste program for primary school
o Singapore Youth for Climate Action
 Hub Quarters, co-working space for youth;
 $350 thousand revamp; workshops to equip youth; for project and brainstorming
 Singapore 1st in Asia for readying youth for future globally
 by Economist Intelligence Unit
 More visible on social media hence more comments, criticisms on looks
o Lower prices in SK, Taiwan
 Trend of emotional maturity
 psychologists believe that long-term confidence is unlikely
o 10-30% increase in teens requesting procedures over 5 years, mostly girls